tagMatureLove Beyond All Bounds Ch. 10

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 10


(This chapter is told from a different point of view)

**When you are no longer afraid of yourself, you will no longer be afraid of the World**

Lorna Dane licked her lips in fear. She was unsure how she had ended up here in this predicament. She'd had sex with her doctor, which was bad, but it was a magnitude worse that the doctor had been a woman. She could make all kinds of excuses that she had been seduced and caught at an uncertain time in her life, but she knew that when she faced her husband's pitiless gaze she would crack.

She'd been curious since a sensual indiscretion in college that had been unfortunately interrupted and never repeated. She had buried those feelings and fallen into a loveless, childless marriage. She'd become an empty shell until Doctor Kathryn Carter had entered her life. The woman had touched her and she had instinctively responded. It had been electric.

Only later had she learned the price of her passion. Doctor Carter hadn't been as interested in Lorna Dane's needs, only her own. Little touches had become greater steps until Lorna found herself kneeling before the woman and lapping up her juices. Lorna had become a tool for another woman's lusts and the emptiness had returned.

When Ilene Cullen had come to her and warned her of a blackmail scheme involving both of them being exposed and humiliated, Lorna hadn't known what to do. By Special Delivery the next morning Lorna had received a DVD showing her sexual exploits. She'd been informed that the interested parties would be in touch with their demands.

Lorna met with Ilene a few days later and together a third younger woman had informed them what would be required. Lorna almost bolted there on the spot but Ilene pleaded with Lorna to not desert her. Against her better judgment, Lorna had sat back down. She'd agreed to make a simple non-pornographic video. She'd felt stupid agreeing to it. Lorna knew she would be horribly vulnerable if she went with this woman, but Ilene had looked so desperate.

A few nights later she was in the back of a van that was blacked out so that she couldn't see their final destination. Ilene had held her hand and squeezed it for support. When the van ride ended, they were inside a warehouse; the doors were opened and to masked men were there to lead them out. What was interesting was the nature of the masks. They were black, and ornate; decorations and expressions of some inner personality as much as something that protected the identity.

The mask delicate nature spoke against any use of force in Lorna's mind. She prayed she was right.

"Ms. Gossamer, Ms. Diaphanous please come with me," the taller of the two men said. The second man stood silently by observing more than moving things along.

Ilene went sheepishly along and Lorna felt compelled to act the same way. He led them into a dressing room with all kinds of revealing lingerie, stockings, and shoes. What was most notable to Lorna was the entire wall covered in ornate masks. Like the masks worn by their warders, they were eye masks, only covering the upper cheeks, eyebrows, around the eyes, and the nose. Different styles of bands or ties adheres the mask to the head.

A woman (smaller than the one who had convinced them to come here) asked Lorna and Ilene to choose a mask that best expressed their inner nature and clothing that they considered provocative and alluring. Failure to do so would be considered a breach of their agreement. Ilene instantly went to the wall of masks and began looking it over.

"I don't know," Ilene hesitated when reaching for one of the masks, "I know that we'll only wear this mask once, but I want to do this right." What do you think I should pick?" That got Lorna to thinking. She found herself looking Ilene over.

"Let's get dressed first," Lorna said. Lorna had a perverse motivation as well as a desire to learn.

Ilene was in very good shape for a woman of her age – which was Lorna's age as well. She was attractive and now that Lorna thought about it, had seemed to have grown younger in recent weeks. There was something going on with her, but what?

"Are you afraid?" Lorna asked Ilene.

"Yes, but only a little," Ilene said, looking embarrassed, "but I'm also excited. Do you think that makes me a slut?" Lorna felt it made her sound wanton, but ...

"I am excited," she responded in a conspiratorial whisper, "even though that makes me feel slutty."

"I'm going to wear this," Ilene said, picking out a lacy, nearly transparent black bodice and matching French cut panties. Even her shoes had heels that accentuated the calves and ass.

"Wow, I'd like to see you in that," Lorna blabbed before she could stop herself. Instead of being offended, Ilene smiled.

"I'll get dressed and be right back out and then you can tell me how it looks," Ilene told her. She moved behind one of the several Chinese folding screens tossing a look over her shoulder to Ilene before vanishing behind the silky barrier. Lorna forced herself to look over back to the racks of clothing. White would highlight her tan, beige would enhance her curves, and black was always sexy. Red and Purple weren't her colors.

Lorna had a sudden inspiration when she saw a unique bustier that was half black-half white. She went over the wall and found the domino mask that sang out to her. She'd alternate stockings, but her panties ... she would go for white, but was think about finding a pair that would match her new scheme. She was so lost in thought that Ilene snuck right up on her.

"Whoa," Lorna exclaimed then repeated the word when she saw how hot Ilene looked.

"Do you like it?" Ilene quizzed her.

"I think you are very attractive ... hot even."

"But do you like it?" Ilene asked shyly.

"I ..." Lorna reached out and brushed a stray hair back over her shoulder. She accidently touched Ilene's shoulder. Ilene didn't flinch so Lorna dispatched an imaginary strand.

"I think it is beautiful," Lorna said. She grabbed a mismatched pair of black and white calf boots because they felt so right.

"Your turn," Ilene slyly grinned. I want to see what you are hiding," Ilene taunted.

Lorna gathered up her stuff showing off her mask to Ilene. The other woman nodded. Lorna found herself eagerly changing clothes for the first time in a very long time. She wanted Ilene to see her in her choice of outfits. It was so easy to forget they were here under threat of blackmail she was so desperate for attention.

"Oh my God," Ilene gasped as Lorna came out and took a vampish pose. She had one hand reaching to the top of the screen while the other was cocked on her hip making her breasts bulge against their cups. One leg was straight and the other was bent in a way that accentuated her hips and waist. The footwear elevated the ass and highlighted the firmness of her thighs. The cocky grin on her face completed the package.

"I take it that you approve," Lorna teased her voice altered by some magic of the mask. Ilene's bosom rose and fell before she nodded. "Do you think we can keep the clothing?"

"I hope so," Ilene smiled. She pulled up a feathered black mask and put it on. "What do you suppose happens next?" Her voice was altered but in a different way.

"We move you to a private room," came a young man's voice. He walked into the room and nodded a greeting to both women. "First, is there a specific name you wished to be referred to by the staff? We assigned you names when you arrived, but I feel your taste in clothing warrants a possible change; suggestions?"

"Domino; Lady Domino," Lorna stated forcefully. She liked the way her voice sounded, all calm and confident.

"Raven; simply Raven," Ilene added.

Lady Domino, Raven you may keep the clothes you have chosen tonight, but the masks must remain. Now please come this way."

"Why can't we keep the masks?" the women asked together.

"They will be part of the personas that we will control and protect you with. No client can be sure who they are with. Only we will know."

"The men must wear masks too?" Lorna questioned.

"Yes. A factor of this club is trust and control. It will be interesting where you find both. Your hurdle for tonight is ..."

"Wait," Lorna declared, "this was to be a onetime thing."

"This is a matter of a onetime debt; not a debt with interest; or something you gamble on to increase of diminish. Something wrong has happened and accounts must be rebalanced."

"I don't like that," Lorna hesitated. "I want to leave." The young man nodded. You may leave here. I am sure you husband will have all those incriminating shots of you and Doctor Carter on his computer by the time you get home."

"Damn you," she spat.

"How you pay off that debt depends on what tasks you are willing to perform and with whom. Your task tonight shouldn't be too difficult. Remember you are on a soundproofed stage. The Rules are simple. All clients have a safe word. You are considered clients for this purpose. No permanent physical harm. No death. Otherwise express yourself."

"I don't understand; what is it that you want us to do?" Ilene said in frustration.

The occupant of Room Thirteen should make your case clear," he said politely as he opened. "If you need anything please call and we will provide anything in reason. Toys are already in the room."

The two ladies entered the room then the door shut behind them. Lorna turned and tried the doorknob which opened. The man turned and looked at her. He had been walking away.


"Why isn't the door locked?" she wondered aloud.

"The one person I'm worried about running away is strapped to the table in that room and if you want her to run away, so be it. In case you are wondering, the doors lock from the inside, not the outside. You are the ones in need of privacy."

Lorna stepped back into the room and locked the door.

"Come and see this," Ilene purred. Lorna could see Ilene standing over a gynecological surgical table. The person strapped to it had their shoes removed but every other article of clothing remained on. A large tray of strange items was beside the table.

Lorna walked catlike around the side of the table to look down as their strapped down and gagged victim for the night: Doctor Kathryn Carter. The woman looked both frightened and irate. She was trying to say something over the duct tape over her mouth. Lorna carefully took off the tape, Kathryn taking several deep breaths.

"Hello Kathryn," Ilene said. Lorna could see that Kathryn recognized her voice.

"It is good to see you," Lorna added.

"Lorna, Ilene, I've been kidnapped. You've got to get me out of here," she pleaded. "They could come back any minute."

"What so you think they might do to you?" Lorna inquired sedately.

"They told me that they were going to punish me for things they think I've done. Hurry!"

Kathryn squealed.

Lorna looked to Ilene and back again.

"Do you know why we are?" Lorna asked

"NO! Hurry, those men could be back any minute, Kathryn struggled unsuccessfully against her bonds.

Lorna wasn't sure what possessed her, but she leaned down into Kathryn's face and smiled a wicked grin as she said,

"Bitch, you raped me and made me your personal slut. I've come here for you." Kathryn looked stunned and fearful.

"Noooo ..." she whimpered.

"You took something from me and now I'm going to take something from you. I'm her for a little payback too," Raven growled.

"I ... I can make it up to you. I have money," Kathryn pleaded again.

"I don't want your money," Lorna said as she began to stroke Kathryn's hair. After a moment she continued, "You taped our sessions. Someone found them and is blackmailing – me – for what you did. So I'm dressed like some whore in an undisclosed location because you took advantage of my weakness and loneliness. How do you think that makes me feel?"

Kathryn started crying.

"Oh yes," purred Lorna, "I recall crying to you. You had me on my knees in your office while you belittled me and forced me to lick your pussy. Do you remember that?"

Kathryn didn't respond so Lorna hauled off and slapped her but not too hard.

"Do you remember?" Lorna repeated. She pulled her hand back but then Kathryn nodded.

"Oh, you do remember. Was I special, or were there others?" Lorna badgers the bound woman.

"Please," Kathryn said, "what I did was wrong, but you don't want to do this."

"Psychology?" Lorna sighed in disappointment. "I imagine you think you are good at mental manipulations. You certainly had me all twisted up."

"I'm ..." Kathryn started to say.

"I know, you are sorry; I imagine you will next tell me you will never do it again, you will make it up to me, maybe even that you have real affection for me. Let's move past that bullshit. I think you mentioned something about punishment."

"For things you have done," Ilene adds, breaking her silence. Kathryn shifted her gaze from woman to woman. She found no pity there and began to bawl and tug against your bonds. "I think that Kathryn is uncomfortable," Ilene told Lorna. Lorna looked curious so Ilene picked up a pair of scissors.

"I'll unbutton her blouse. You cut off her skirt," Loran tells Ilene.

"Of course, Lady Domino," Ilene grinned. Lorna gave Ilene a curious look then nods.

"Make sure you don't cut her Raven. I want Kathryn to last a long, long time." Raven began cutting away the skirt. Lady Domino was less patient. She ripped open Kathryn's shirt sending buttons flying everywhere. She felt a rush of adrenaline.

Kathryn started blubbering. She swiveled away from Lady Domino's hands which now roughly kneaded her breasts. Raven finished cutting the skirt and chuckled.

"The Bitch is only wearing hose. Should I tear them off?" Raven asks.

"Is she wet?" Lady Domino responds.

Kathryn moaned when Raven pressed into her crotch and massaged the area. She pulled up and licked her fingers before offering them to Lady Domino. The black and white seductress licked the extended fingers and smiled.

"Kathryn, you are soaked. How did that happen? Are you getting turned on by all this?" Domino said soothingly to her victim. Kathryn squeezed her eyes shut and turned away.

Raven ripped open the hose from the waist pulling Kathryn's hips off the bed. Lady Domino snaked her hand down Kathryn's stomach across her neatly trimmed bush and dipped into the woman's pussy with two fingers.

"Very nice Kathryn - tight; you must not get fucked too often," Lady Domino whispered into Kathryn's ear.

Kathryn sobbed. Raven kept ripping the hose down until she had to cut off the last few segments. Lady Domino grabbed the top of Kathryn's hair and pulled her head around. She brought up her hand dripping with Kathryn's juices and held it before her victim's face.

"Lick my fingers clean and if you bite you will pay for it," Lady Domino promised.

Kathryn struggled to avoid the fingers until they were pressed against her lips. She let them in.

"Start sucking, you Bitch," Lady Domino purred. Kathryn started doing so, first reluctantly then with a desperate effort to please her tormentor. Lady Domino let go of her tight grip on Kathryn's hair and stroked around the back of her ear to her neck.

Lady Domino pulled her fingers from Kathryn's mouth, noting the fearful yet lust-filled look Kathryn was giving her. Somehow, the fear wasn't fulfilling, but the hidden pleasure was.

"Raven, please give me the scissors," Lady Domino asked. Raven handed them up. Raven pushed Kathryn's legs farther apart and pulled a dimpled dildo from the tray.

Lady Domino leaned over Kathryn and kissed her. At first Kathryn kept her teeth together, but Lady Domino kept up a stead pressure with her lips while play with one of Kathryn's breasts. Suddenly Kathryn's mouth opened and their tongues met. Kathryn moaned and sobbed at the same time. Lady Domino kept stroking the breast and pulling on the nipple.

Raven inserted the dildo into Kathryn who twitched. Her groan was audible through her embrace with Lady Domino. Raven worked it in slowly. She was half way in then Raven pulled out a little bit only to push in a little farther with the next action.

"God, she's so juicy down here," Raven remarked. "She's sucking it in she's so hungry for it."

"She's pretty hungry up here to," Lady Domino replied. She playful slaps Kathryn across the face, confusing the woman. The Lady moves her mouth down to the nipple she's been playing with and sucks it in with one gulp nipping the breasts when she has taken in as much as she can. Kathryn spasms and she arches her back, almost chocking Lady Domino on the tit.

"She just came," Raven sounded astounded. "That didn't take long at all." Lady Domino raised her head.

"We are hardly done with you yet Kathryn," Lady Domino smirked down at her former doctor. Kathryn responded by moaning even louder.

"A moment, please," begged Kathryn.

"You don't like this," Raven replied, indicating the dildo deep in her pussy. She drew it out and Kathryn sighed. The sigh was immediately followed by a scream as Raven started pushing it into Kathryn's ass.

"I don't think she's had anal sex in a long time, if ever," Raven chortled.

"When you get in a little farther, I want you to help me with something," Lady Domino asked.

"Of course," Raven responded as she twisted and pushed the dildo deeper in. Once she was satisfied it wouldn't fall out she looked to Lady Domino.

"Help me get on top of dear Kathryn. Her tongue felt good in my mouth. I want to see if it feels better inside my pussy," Lady Domino smiled. Raven grinned and nodded in the affirmative. Raven helped Lady Domino up but the woman turned instead to face Raven.

"I want a piece of you too," Lady Domino explained. Raven's grin got wider.

As Lady Domino mounted Kathryn's face, she looked under herself and said,

"Kathryn, don't you shirk on that tongue-work. I know you like it and I like it the same way, with vigor," Lady Domino commanded. Kathryn stopped trying to turn away and patiently waited for the dominant woman's treasured place to come within reach.

"Oh," moaned Lady Domino, "Kathryn is trying very hard to make me happy, Raven. Makes sure she is reminded who is in command here. Raven pushed the dildo deeper into Kathryn's ass.

"That got a reaction out of her," Lady Domino declared. "Give it to her slowly but steady. She wants to be filled up."

"Let me help with that," Raven grinned. While still working the dildo in, she lowered her lips to Kathryn's clit and began to twirl it with her tongue. Kathryn and Domino moaned together. Raven marveled at what an indicator of sensuality Lady Domino had become. It didn't stop her from drinking deeper of Kathryn's cunt.

After Kathryn was driven upward toward her second orgasm, Lady Domino rose up enough for Kathryn's face for the woman to get some words out.

"Please," she gasped breathlessly, "please give me a second it hurts ... please." When it became clear that Raven would not relent form her clitoral stimulations, Lady Domino tapped Raven's head and motioned the woman up.

Raven moved her head up and Lady Domino pulled her into a kiss full of longing and desire.

"Mmmm ... you both taste so good," Lady Domino purred. "I don't know which I like best."

"We'll have to keep trying until you figure it out," grinned Raven wickedly. Lady Domino grinned back.

"It may take a while."

"I don't care if it takes all night," was Raven's impassioned reply.

The two women looked down on the woman they had sexually devastated and fulfilled at the same time. Kathryn had passed out with a variety of fluids on her body, her clothes wrecked, yet a smile on her sleeping lips.

"What do you think?" Lady Domino said as she held Raven's hand.

"I don't think she'll soon forget us," Raven sighed as he put a tired head on Lady Domino's shoulder.

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