Love Bites


"That depends. Tell me about what you did with Pam," Jill demanded as she nipped her fangs against my neck. "I heard her side of the story in college but I want to hear yours. If you get me hot, I just might give you a treat."

My cock was already hard, but thinking back made it ache for relief. "The first time I tied her up, nothing really happened. She asked me to tie her wrists and ankles at a party. She looked really turned on when I untied her, but she acted like it was just a joke. "

Jill had begun nipping my shoulders while running her hands across my back. She looked up at me and whispered. "You're not doing a very good job. Maybe I'll have to give you a trick first." I heard Pam gasp as Jill bit her fangs playfully around my nipple. When she released it with a gentle kiss, she added "I'm sure she was just embarrassed that it turned her on. I want to hear about how you made her cum."

I didn't know what Pam had told Jill, but Pam's smile told me that it was okay to share the details with my wife. "We were alone after a party at my place when she asked me to tie her up. She said that she wanted to be naked when I tied her up," I began. "Shy Pam knew what she wanted and wasn't shy about asking for it. She left her bra and panties on, tho. It really turned her on to have me take them off while she was helpless. She had me drip wax on her wrists, ass, and her beautiful tits."

Pam moved aside when Jill nipped her way down my belly. I lifted my ass off of the bed as she pulled my pants down to my knees. I felt a mixture of erotic pleasure and a little pain as she playfully bit her fangs through my briefs into my hardening cock. "That's it. Bite it.," Pam encouraged. Pam looked really hot with her creamy breasts contrasting the black bra. I got a really great face full of cleavage as she leaned over to grab my left arm, gently tying a scarf around my wrist. Her nipples were hard through the thin fabric of her bra.

I was a little confused. "Shouldn't we be tying up Jill?" I asked.

Jill playfully slid my briefs off. "Oh no. This is for you. In fact, let's move out to the balcony." It wasn't long before these sexy women had me helplessly tied spread eagle on a lounge chair, naked and very hard. My wife seductively slipped out of her bra. Her silver dollar areola were thick and her nipples stood out with arousal and the cool night air. "Enjoying the view?" Jill teased. It was surreal. The graveyard was dimly lit by the waning moon. Jill's breasts had a milky glow in the moonlight. Pam seemed transfixed by it all.

"Pam always liked the way you made her cum, but you're still not doing a very good job." My cock twitched in response. Jill knelt on the lounge and leaned over me, drawing her wonderful breasts across my body; her nipples erotically brushing my chest. She began again, gently biting her fangs into my neck and then nipping down my chest before taking a nipple again between her plastic teeth. Her breath betrayed her excitement. "I love the way that you make me cum too." My cock jumped against her belly. After a few more kisses and nips she was taking the swollen head of my cock between her fanged lips. "So, what happened?"

The way that Pam was encouraging Jill to nip at me told me that she already knew. "Pam likes love bites. She loves having her nipples bitten and she had me practically chew on her clit with my teeth." I paused to catch my breath. Jill's ministrations were really getting to me. "The first time she came she still had her panties on. I had my fingers in her cunt while I bit her clit through them."

"Fuck, that's hot," Pam breathed. I was too distracted to notice the gleam in her eye. The doorbell rang. Pam quickly slipped into shorts and a loose T shirt, then looked back longingly as she disappeared to take care of the trick-or-treaters. I heard their "thank you's" and soon returned with a fresh bottle of wine and glasses. Jill slipped my cock out of her mouth and reached for a glass. Pam seductively slipped out of her shorts and sat next to me on a chair, her legs splayed lewdly open in the light, stroking my chest gently as she held a glass to my lips. "It's so hot when you sink your fangs into his cock. Let me see his cock between your fangs again." Jill smiled, knowing how hot Pam was getting and made a show of stretching her mouth to take my cock. Pam tipped my glass just as Jill sunk her fangs into me. It was erotic. It was excruciating. I swallowed hard to avoid drowning in wine, and let out a deep moan of fear and pleasure. It felt good, but I wasn't into pain. "Do you mind?" Pam asked Jill as she took the nipple clamps and put them gently onto my nipples. They were loose at first, but she screwed each down in turn until I moaned my appreciation. She then slid her fingers beneath the waistband of her panties and began slowing stroking her clit under the dark fabric. I stared in rapt fascination as Pam's hand danced beneath her panties. Jill released my cock from her mouth, only to press her fangs into me again and again while Pam moaned her approval.

I was panting in frustration when she finally released me. "Did you like that?" Jill asked as she gently stroked her hand across my cock. I tore my eyes away from Pam's panties and nodded. "Good," she said as she lowered her teeth to my balls. I stared in terror, but her love nips were tender, loving, and powerfully erotic. Pam moaned into a shuddering orgasm. "Mmmm. That looked good.," Jill breathed as she slipped her fingers into her own waistband. She quickly slid her panties down her legs and onto the floor. She quickly offered her swollen pussy to my hungry mouth. I raised my head and kissed her clit. "Do you like my pussy?" My wife seemed to enjoy putting on a show for her old friend.

She smelled erotically of sex from our earlier fuck. Her scent had my cock straining for attention. Her scent and taste were thrilling. I felt my cock stiffen. I licked and kissed her pussy; telling her how beautiful she is, how hot her pussy always is, and what a treat it was to be between her legs when she still tasted of sex. I moaned as I was rewarded with the taste and feel of her slick juices. Jill started gently rolling her hips to meet my tongue."

"You can do better than that," Pam chided as she reached between us to release a clamp. The blood rushing into my nipples was excruciating. I didn't know if she was talking to me or Jill, only that the sight and scent of my wifes dripping cunt combined with the erotic pain radiating from my nipples were driving me wild. Pam pushed Jill down hard onto my face saying, "Fuck his face. Make him make you cum." My senses were overwhelmed. My wife used me as her toy, grinding her cunt into my face until she came in shuddering and panting orgasm.

As Jill relaxed, Pam poured another glass of wine. "I think that the trick-or-treaters are all done. Let's go out back." I was gently led to the back porch and out into the yard. The air was cool and refreshing on my cock, still stiff and throbbing. Jill's love bites hadn't broken the skin, but I could still feel each one. Pam disappeared back into the house, and emerged carrying my gift bag and a blanket. "Let's go into the graveyard!."

Jill shot Pam an embarrassed look. "I'm not going out there naked. What if there's a guard or something? At least you've still got your underwear on!"

"There's no guard. Anyway, you don't have to ask me twice!." Pam slipped out of her underthings, draped them over the side of the grill, and then opened the back gate. Jill didn't move, and I wasn't sure what to do since scarves still held my writes. "Come on. You have to try fucking in a cemetery, especially on Halloween. I'll bet that we're not even the only ones."

"I don't know. It's really kind of creepy," Jill replied.

Pam blindfolded each of us and lead us out into the graveyard. We walked slowly, feeling the cool grass under our feet. Pam had been right. The dead silence of the graveyard was broken by the panting and moaning of someone else getting fingered or fucked. "I know just the place," Pam said eagerly. "It's not far."

When she was satisfied that we were in a secluded place, Pam stopped and tied my scarves to something cold. A rusty creak and the feel of cold metal told me that it was the bars of a vault or fence around a grave. I heard Pam whisper something to Jill, and a moment later I was enjoying the warm silky feeling of my wife's warm wet cunt against my cock. I had been waiting for this all afternoon. We both moaned as she slid my hardness into her.

It was followed by an eerie, breathy moan.

Jill stopped, her body taught with the fear of being caught. Another eerie moan followed the first, and a throaty "Who dares defile my grave?" Jill, cold with terror, leaned down and grabbed my arms. "Whooo dares fuck with naked abandon while I sleep?" the voice demanded. Pam stammered apologies.

"Let me up," I whispered to Jill. There was something suspicious about the sound of this ghost.

"I can't. I'm terrified!" she replied hoarsely in my ear.

"I will take you into my grave, then. Each of you will serve my sexual whims forever.," the voice said with obvious pleasure.

"No!" Pam pleaded. "I lead them here. Take me and let them go!"

"I will have you here and now on my crypt, and if I enjoy your flesh I will let them go," the voice conceded. I heard the unmistakable sound of metal scraping across a wood deck. At that point I knew that something was up. I recognized that voice. I listened in the dark as Pam moaned deeply. I didn't know that ghosts could fuck, much less grunt with pleasure. My wife started giggling.

"Jill!" cried Pam. "You'll ruin everything!"

In spite of Pam's admonishment Jill slipped my blindfold off. Pam had led us back to Tom's backyard. What I had thought was a grave was just a fence around the flower garden. Tom had put up some decorations in the brief time that we were gone. Pam was bent over the patio table up on the deck. He was naked, fucking Pam from behind. A gas brazier glowed warmly nearby.

"Don't they look hot?" Jill whispered as she started moving above me. My cock had softened, but was quickly becoming hard again. Tom was fucking Pam with slow strokes. She encouraged Jill to fuck me.

"We couldn't get Jill to agree to fuck in the graveyard, so we had to trick you.," Tom offered. Pam was enjoying Tom's cock, and the sight of them fucking was a voyeuristic thrill.

"I'm getting cold. Let's move closer to the fire.," Jill said softly in my ear. She helped me up, and laid me down on a blanket in the glow of the brazier. "Happy Halloween. I know you're going to like this treat," she whispered as she lowered herself onto me again. Her hands caressed my chest.

She drew her nails across my nipples, and I moaned with pleasure. "Your pussy feels so amazing. It feels so beautiful to be inside of you again," I whispered in her ear. She shared a whispered sentiment with me as she slowly took me into her warmth. She moaned her appreciation. "Its so amazing to be inside of you after thinking about it all afternoon." With a delightful shudder she got really wet. It was difficult to keep from cumming, but I desperately wanted to enjoy her body a lot longer. The sight of Pam and Tom fucking in the dim light was very erotic. The ironic reversal of Pam free to suck Tom's cock while I was tied was sweet. I found myself pleading for little breaks as we fucked or it would have been over too soon.

Each time Jill would slip me back back inside of her she would moan deeply and her wetness overwhelmed me. She slowly, exquisitely, drew her cunt up and down the length of my cock. The sight of her breasts, moving erotically in the glow of the fire as she fucked me was captivating. She ground down hard, taking my cock deep inside of her. It was all too much, and I again had to beg for her to stop or I would fill her cunt with my cum before I could savor her charms.

Even in the dim glow of the fire I could see that Jill's pussy was swollen and glistening. Her lips were erotically splayed open as she slid my cock out of her. She mercifully untied my wrists, and I stretched my cramped arms.

"Amatuer," Pam called as she moved to take Tom into her mouth. Jill and I watched as she took Tom all the way to his balls, then let him slip out with a glistening pearl of pre-cum and spit trailing from his cock to her lips. "You're going to have to learn how to please Jill without having to be untied," she added.

I cupped my hands over Jill's sensuous ass and urged her up toward my mouth. She rewarded me with the fantastic thrill of watching her lower her wonderful pussy onto my face. The feeling of raw sex was overwhelming and powerful. My cock was hard and throbbing, aching to be inside of her but her cunt on my face was all that I could think of. My world became the taste of her exquisite cunt, the curve of her tummy above me, and her magnificent nipples standing out from the swell of her breasts. She reached back and teased my nipples as I tongued her cunt. Then she looked down at me with lust, and slipped her fingers over her clit and started to masturbate. The taste of her wetness and the way that she ground her hot cunt into my face brought my own excitement to a thrilling peak. When she came her thighs clasped my face, capturing me in the magic of her orgasm.

Jill finally slipped off of me, laying back on the blanket with her legs splayed lewdly open. "Oh, that was so hot!" Pam said as she pushed Tom down onto the blanket next to us. "I want you to eat me like that!" she moaned to Tom as she ground her cunt over his face.

Pam and Tom were enthusiastic and great fun to watch, but I desperately needed to fuck Jill's hot cunt. I slid my cock into her, moaning how amazing she felt. Each stroke of my cock into her wet cunt sent an exquisite wave of pleasure washing over me. I fucked her slowly, wanting to savor the pleasure, but the sight of Pam grinding herself over Tom's face, moaning in pleasure, was too much for me. I came and Jill's cunt milked spasm after spasm of hot cum from me. The feeling of pushing my cock into our slick mixture of hot cum was indescribable. Pam shuddered as she came to the sounds of my own lustful pleasure.

Jill and I lay in each other's arms as Pam slipped the plastic fangs over her teeth and moved to take Tom's cock in her mouth. Her hand slipped under his balls, and he sighed deeply as she massaged the root of his cock while nipping at the tip. His hips where thrusting to meet the sensuous kisses of her mouth against his cock. I knew that he was on the edge, and moments later he groaned in pleasure as she sucked his cock greedily into her throat. Tom's body tensed with pleasure and he came with erotic grunts of pleasure. Pam gently cleaned his cock, licking her fangs in satisfaction when she was done.

After relaxing in the afterglow of our fucking we finally moved back inside the house. The horror flick had ended. A busty redhead in a black corset was introducing another movie. "You give the best presents," I whispered to my wife as we settled down to watch the show.

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