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I bought this log cabin two years ago, I just could not resist it, The cabin itself, from the outside, looks just like one built by a couple of old pioneers over 150 years ago although it is more modern inside. It is situated in a very secluded spot, surrounded by woods and well away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it is my secret place. I love to come here and spend weekends whenever I get the chance. I had been thinking for sometime how nice it would be to invite you to pay a visit one evening and when I saw you recently I plucked up the courage to invite you.

I was a bit surprised when you readily agreed; in fact I could have jumped for joy.

I arrived at the cabin at about midday and chopped some logs and took them inside. Kneeling on the sheepskin rug in front of the hearth I placed the logs in the grate before lighting them.

I had brought a bottle of wine with me for later and began to tidy the place up. I checked the lighting and the dimmer switches to make sure there would be no problems and checked the sound level of the music centre. Everything was just perfect.

The only thing missing now is you; I am expecting you at about 7:30pm so I calculate that I have time for a quick shower.

I get showered and really enjoy soaping myself down watching the suds run down over my chest and firm stomach muscles. I wash my hair my body and legs and then lather my cock, sensuously massaging it with the soap before swilling myself and stepping out of the shower to get dried. I dry my hair first and as I am toweling myself down I hear a knock at the door. Quickly I wrapped my bathrobe around me tying it at the waist.

I go to the door and open it. You look fantastic as I invite you in and take your coat, hanging it behind the door before leading you to the couch in front of the fire and asking you if you would like something to drink.

I bring two glasses of wine and we sit together. I apologise and explain that I have just got out of the shower but do not offer to go and get dressed. Why should I, since I know what I want and there is no point getting dressed.

So that's how you come to be here as we sit chatting with the flicker of the log fire spreading across your face. I notice you glance down from time to time at my thigh as it protrudes from by bathrobe and I know that it is just a matter of timing as to when I move things on, I take the wine glasses and put them in the little kitchen and return.

The music is barely noticeable and it is accompanied by the crackling fire. I sit down again facing you I reach and touch your hair, looking into your eyes, you smile endearingly at me, my heart is beating faster, my mouth is becoming dry as we move closer together, my chest seems to constrict, I feel a rush of excitement as our lips move closer together. At last the moment I have dreamed of is here, wild, intoxicating thoughts pass through mind like a Burgundy brew.

Our lips meet, our tongues fall naturally together, and I feel your softness as I take your shoulders and draw you to me. Your hand runs inside my bathrobe and caresses my chest.

Imperceptibly I undo the buttons of your blouse and move my hands inside, sliding them up and onto your shoulders embracing as our kissing becomes more intense and passionate.

I know now that we are going to make love.


My friend Emmie at work told me a man she met and went out with was very forward and somewhat demanding. I listened intently because this sounded like the kind of man who I had decided I wanted, a gentleman who is polite but firm and controlling. The more I thought about it, the more engagingly erotic my thoughts became. I resolved to meet this man at any cost. The man, of course, was you.

I suggested to Emmie that we go on a double date. When I finally met you it was as I imagined, you are a man of respectful genteel manners and distinguished looks. I hoped, in spite of my friendship with Emmie, that you might be with me someday.

During our dinner date, I was able to make sure through unsubtle means that you would approach me if you wanted to. I flirted with you without regard for either of our two dates.

Later, when Emmie finally stopped seeing you, I secretly hoped that you would remember me and look me up. I found myself daydreaming about you taking charge with me and doing the very things that Emmie found so objectionable. I found myself thinking unladylike thoughts and becoming completely distracted.

When you saw me at the Art Museum and asked me to join you at your cabin, I knew I was taking a big risk, you a man with a reputation, and me with a friend to consider. Another side of me took over and I agreed to drive to your cabin for the evening.

I was so anxious about our date that I agonized what to wear for you. I finally decided on a just a thong, stay-up black stockings and heels, and a forest green halter dress that came down about mid-thigh. I chose a conservative and elegant look with my makeup. I hoped you would not be able to resist my charms.

When I knocked on the cabin door and you answered in a bath robe I was both surprised and shocked. I suppose "forward" was a good description for you.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I noticed the romantic fire and accept your offer of a glass of wine. Ever a sucker for romantic fires and rustic surroundings, I soon find myself relaxing and enjoying your company.

As I begin to notice the effect of the wine, you reach out and caress my hair and lean forward for a kiss. Your tongue explores my mouth and I readily accept it, finding myself suddenly flooded with wetness from weeks of pent up desire. I compulsively reach out and pass my hands under your robe to explore your chest as you continue to kiss me.

I wonder if you can tell how thoroughly turned on I am, and I wonder what is in store for me in front of this blazing fire with a man who seems determined to have his way with me.


Of course I noticed the way you looked at me during our double date and how outrageously you flirted with me. I found the illicitness of it very exotic neither your date nor mine knowing what was happening.

I have always believed that to make things happen you have to first imagine them happening. In my mind I was running my hand along your thighs feeling the soft curves wondering how long it would take for your legs to open for me, wondering what it would be like to slide your panties down.

I tried to transmit these thoughts to you telepathically, letting you see in my eyes what it would be like to have sex with me.

What would your pussy look like when I pushed your legs open I wondered?

"Yes, I am going to have you and you fucking know it," I said with my eyes during one of our short glancing interchanges. I saw the knowing look on your face.

As you chatted with your date I thought to myself, I wonder if he already knows what I am going to find out, but somehow he didn't quite look your type, I could see him trying for a year and getting nowhere. No, he was struggling to ignite any passion in you.

As I smiled at him courteously I thought to myself, I am going to fuck her before you do, Sunshine.

Now I have you here with me in my cabin, we are kissing with a passion that can only exist where the chemistry between two lovers is so overwhelming it consumes everything that gets in its path and subordinates caution to its will.

Feeling the palm of your hand and your extended fingers exploring my chest seems to urge me on, and I meet no resistance as my hand glides gently down from your shoulder and onto your bra cupping your breast and lifting it, caressing its fullness, feeling the suppleness and

hearing you draw a deep breath.

I break the kiss and look into your eyes slowly dropping my gaze to your lips and back to eyes again.

As we look at each other, speaking only with our eyes I move my hand from your breast and reach for your knee. My hand moves slowly along your thigh until I reach the top of your stockings. For a moment I sense a little trepidation as the female instinct of resistance kicks in, but I smile inwardly, I have overcome this obstacle many times before.

I retreat with my hand slightly maintaining our glazed eye contact before kissing you again with a feather-light touch, rolling my tongue to meet yours, feeling you relax again.

I can feel that you are bending to my will as my hand again advances above your stocking top, my finger tips just touching your panties.

Your instinct for resistance is evaporating as I press the palm of my hand against your pubic bone.

Our kissing intensifies and I try to press my hand between your thighs but they remain firmly closed together. Again I break our kiss and look into your eyes, we seem to look deep into each others thoughts and again my hand tries to open your thighs but you clench them together again barring my way.

I look into your eyes more earnestly expressing with my look that my patience has its bounds.

"Tanya, open your fucking legs," I say commandingly, raising my voice just the right amount, "come on open the fuckers."

I see the look of shock on your face but your thighs slacken and open enough for my hand to take a fist full of pussy through the wet gusset of your thong.

Pushing my fingers against your pussy lips I squeeze pussy juice into the palm of my hand.

"Now that's what I call a good a girl." I say assertively, "Now I hope you are going to be a very good girl."

As I work your pussy through the gusset of your thong I feel you slowly starting to fuck my fingers and I can hear you moaning gently but I withdraw my hand and look at you again.

"I undressed myself and I don't see why I should undress you," I say forcefully, "Now, stand up and take your fucking clothes off for me..... nice and slow ... nice and fucking slow.


I find myself completely overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty. In a rustic cabin in the middle of who but God knows where, a man I barely know is kissing me and touching my breasts. You thumb my stockings and slide your hand higher to touch my aching pussy. It horrifies me that this sends thrills through me like I've never known. I know you can tell how wet I am, how thoroughly sopping I am with anticipation.

Thinking that this is all going too fast, and hoping that we can go at a slower pace, I hold my legs together. I hope you will spend more time kissing me, fondling my breasts and romancing me before taking me.

You'll have none of it. You order me to open my legs. I'm not sure who is more surprised when I comply, exposing my moist shaven slit to you while looking deeply into your eyes. We both know what it means. Suddenly I feel a rush that floods my head and pussy, looking into your

eyes with a mix of anxiety and respect. I slowly spread my legs and you pull my thong to the side and touch my naked clit with an experienced hand. I melt against you, nearly cumming from your first touch alone. I try to press my pussy against your hand, revealing my hunger for your attention.

You gently work your fingers inside me, causing me to grow wetter and yearning for your kisses and caresses. It feels so good that I think I will climax immediately. When you suddenly lean back and order me to strip, I wonder how far you will take this, wonder how far I will go, knowing that it is an incredible turn-on to submit to a man I hardly know.

I carefully consider what I am going to do because I have never done a striptease for a man before and I feel very uncomfortable. I slowly stand and turn, feeling and look anxiously toward you, wanting to please you and feeling embarrassed and humiliated like a young girl getting her first ob-gyn exam.

I turn my back to you and throw my hair back sinuously behind me. I'm sure I want to do this, so I consider my memories of stripping I'd seen in movies.

From behind me you see me touch my breasts and react to the sensuality of the scene. Before you can object to my lingering too long, I lift the halter over my head and let it fall around my waist, my breasts swinging free. I touch my nipples again gently and squirm as the pleasure thrills me down to my pussy, causing me to wiggle my ass toward your face as you watch from behind me.

Sensing your impatience, I turn slowly around to face you, and push the green dress down my legs to the ground and step to the side. Now, standing before you in just a thong, stay-ups and heels, I close my eyes dreamily and hook my thong with my thumbs and begin to push down. To tease you, I turn away from you again and slowly pull the thong from my ass and let it drop to the ground. Lifting one foot and then the other, I completely remove the tiny thong and kick it away.

I turn slowly around to face, standing very close before you in just stockings and strappy high heels, trying not to betray my nervousness. I reach down to my thighs, slowly run my hands up grazing past my pussy, caress myself up toward my breasts, cross my hands to touch my nipples again and obviously squirm with pleasure. I look toward you expectantly, wondering if I have pleased you and trying to guess what you intend next.


I can see that you are very nervous about stripping in front of me and I see a look on face that almost appeals to me not to insist on you going through with it but you are wasting your time.

I look at you unsympathetically and nod my head in a gesture that says "take them fucking clothes off". As I do that my fingers slowly move towards the strap of my robe and with one hand I undo it but leave it closed. I notice your attention drawn to the bulge under my robe and you know now that you will not be disappointed as my hand stokes over my muscular shaft.

The sight of me doing this causes an impish look to roll over your face and you momentarily lick your lips. I can see that it makes you feel very naughty and I know now that the strip will be something special.

Watching as you turn your back to me wriggling your ass and swishing your dress you start to strip very erotically, my cock thickens and my plum-shaped bulbous head swells and expands as I stroke it. My throbbing cock-end starts leaking semen in anticipation of eventually cocking into your pussy.

Your swaying movements as you strip for me become ecstatically feminine and suddenly you are enjoying the wild feelings of being a sexy woman doing things in front of man that you would never have dreamed of doing until now.

As you turn towards me and drop your dress I signal for you to move closer and with your pussy only a few inches from my eyes you slowly slip your thong over your pubic bone and drop it down your thighs. Your breasts hang in front of me, your erect nipples pointing towards me.

For the first time a small part of your lovely, trimmed pussy is revealed as the top of your pussy slit just protrudes from between your closed thighs.

Opening my robe my cock throbs out into full view performing powerful, little jerks in front of you and I hear you gasp taking the most exotic intake of air.

Reaching out, placing my hands on your hips pulling you towards me, gently, slowly I lick the top of your pussy's crack with the tip of my tongue until your thighs submissively open to allow me full access.

Swirling my tongue around your clit I cause it to swell into my mouth and sweet tasting pussy juice drips onto my palette.

"Lovely," I say taking a deep breath and looking up at you, "now Tanya, squirt some juice for me to drink, I am very thirsty for some." Kneeling on the floor licking faster up at your pussy, sucking your swollen, sodden, pussy lips my tongue moves all along your slit tantalising your clitoris as the tip encircles it, I feel elated as I cause your body to tremble.

I feel you start to gyrate your hips and thrust your pussy into my mouth as I thrust my tongue into you.

Fleetingly I think back to your date, to the man you was with you at the dinner date, Cockily I feel certain he never made first base, but I will fuck your pussy to a stand still when I am good and ready and you are going to let me do it.

I gently slap the side of hips saying, "Come on Tanya fuck my tongue until you shoot your nectar."

You fuck faster as your excitement grows, as your moans become louder echoing around the cabin.

"Good girl Tanya .... That's a good girl," I say urging you to greater heights, "Come on girl empty your pussy for Ken."

Your thigh and ass muscles stiffen as your legs shake and tremble.

With my fingers and thumbs I part your pussy lips and suck hard on your clit then open my mouth to accept a cuntful of juice.

Roughly, as you let out a deep, guttural groan you grab my head and pull my face into your soft, tingling pussy lips.


When your tongue touches my clit I am flooded with pleasure from my head to my toes. I involuntarily reach for my breasts and touch my nipples. Time slows down. I can feel every nerve in my body tingling, from my toes to every hair on my head. I feel the weight of my body on my feet, and your hands holding the back of my legs. Your breath tickles my skin as you breathe out your nose. I feel my fingers gently touching my nipples, and I decide to pinch them, holding and then letting go.

I look down and see the top of your head as you pleasure me. I shake my head, disbelieving and slightly dizzy as I look around the room of the cabin, wondering what you have planned for me here. I close my eyes and let fantasies of the evening carry me away. My desire to have you inside me grows more intense by the minute as you mercilessly tease me with undeniable pleasure in my clit.

I begin to moan and you call me your "Good Girl," which turns me on even more. Suddenly a quaking starts from my core, and contractions start racking me from deep in my vagina and my bottom, deeper than I ever experienced before. My legs start shaking and I feel as though I can barely stand. I grab your head, partly from hunger for your tongue against my clit and partly to help me keep my balance.

"Oh, God Ken!" My orgasm subsides a little bit but you are not letting up. As I hold onto your head I can tell that I'm going to have another.


As your legs tremble my mouth is filled with a sudden flush of warm pussy juice that runs down onto my tongue.

Swallowing it all I say "My lovely Tanya, that was wonderful." and I plunge my tongue into your pussy has I sense another orgasm.

"Come on Tanya, all of it, let's have every drop," and after the second orgasm trickles from your pussy and I swallow the lovely, tasting honey again, I lick me lips and say, "Now that's what I call a good girl. I like good girls and you have been a very good girl, now let's see if you are a good girl when you fuck."

Your legs finally give way you slip to your knees and your breasts slide along my chest. I hold you close to me and we kiss passionately. I can feel your body close to mine and I know you are enjoying the feel of my manly torso. My rock hard erection is pressing against your stomach and I feel your hand take my shaft and caress its full length and girth.

I am pleased and self-satisfied, inwardly congratulating myself on the ease with which I extracted your orgasms. With a soft, subtle indication of a smile floating over my face I am thinking what it is going to be like when I sink a length of steak into you, when you slowly take my throbbing muscle as deep as I can get it.

I break the kiss and look at your face, adoringly examining your beauty until our eyes meet.

Pulling you to me I whisper in your ear "Time for you to take my cock now my lovely," and as I hear you draw an excited breath, "Just lie down on this sheepskin rug, spread your thighs as wide as you can so that I can see your wet, swollen, pussy then I am going to fill it full of cock.

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