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Love Can Conquer All, Even A Dragon!


Hey Literotica readers,

Hope you all are fine. Here i present my first story, so please be easy at comments and please vote, as it would encourage me write more stories. Let me know of my mistakes and i would make sure not to commit them next time.

Here is my first try at erotic horror. This is not a pure erotic horror, i think this is not an erotic horror but i didn't had better category option to choose from, so it's here. Rather it's about a young girl named aurora who does the unthinkable and heads into the wilderness in search of a fire dragon who attacked her town. She knows he is hiding somewhere in the windstone mountains, but finding him will be easy compared to what she must do next... convince him that fate has brought them together to prove that love can conquer all.

Read on to find out...

All characters involved in this story are above 18 years of age, even the dragon... LOL :P

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Love Can Conquer All, Even A Fire Dragon!

When Paragon woke up and saw that Silverwing still wasn't back from her morning hunt, he was a little surprised. It wasn't like her to stay out much past daybreak, and the sun was already well into the sky. Like most dragons, she preferred to hunt at first light, and bring the game back to their den to eat it. Paragon on the other claw, preferred to hunt in the afternoon which worked out well because if she didn't catch something, he usually did.

After lounging about for a little bit longer, he finally got up and went over to the entrance to see if he could see her. The lowlands were far off, but he could make out the hills near the coast where Silverwing had gone to hunt for wild boar. As he peered out over the horizon, he kept thinking he would see her majestic silhouette appear at any moment. When it didn't, he began to wonder what was keeping her. He knew she was an experienced hunter, but wild boars were not easy to kill, and they rarely went down without a fight. It was one of the reasons she liked to hunt them. The more he thought about, the more anxious he became as the thought that she might have been injured started to play upon his fears. When she still didn't appear after he had paced back and forth for a little while, he took to the sky to go look for her. The whole time he was heading towards the coast he kept hoping he would see her, but the pastel sky was vacant, except for a few adolescent ravens who were chasing each other around playfully.

When he finally reached the coast, he headed straight to the northern most portion of the hill country furthest from Durban. He knew she would not venture to close to the human's settlement, but the prime hunting grounds did extend all the way down to their town. After scouring the northern hills without seeing any trace of her, he headed south. As he passed over a large open field a few miles from the town, he noticed a blood-trail near the edge of it, and immediately dove down to investigate. Within minutes he located dragon prints and wild boar tracks scattered all about, but as he feared it appeared to have been a messy kill. From what he could tell, the boar either ran, or was dragged after Silverwing tried to kill it. As he followed the blood trail, he suddenly realized something had gone terribly wrong when he came across human footprints and a broken arrow. A moment later, his heart skipped a beat when he found one of Silverwing's iridescent scales lying in the grass. As he lifted it up in his trembling claw, his heart broke in two when he saw a hole where an arrow had pierced it. The barbarians had shot his beloved mate, and what he had assumed was wild boar's blood, was actually hers. Paralyzed by grief, his legs buckled, and he fell to the ground. Why they would have attacked an innocent dragon was beyond his comprehension, but whatever the reason, he would not rest until those who were responsible were brought to justice. Silverwing had never threatened a human, and he knew she would have never argued over a kill. If all they had wanted was the boar, she would have let them have it, and gone looking for another. The hills were overrun with them, and she loved the thrill of the hunt.

When Paragon felt his grief turn to rage, he took to the air, and followed the crimson trial south towards Durban, hoping he would find her before it was too late.

When he reached the north gate of the town, his worst fear was quickly realized when he saw Silverwing's lifeless body propped up on a large stone for all to see. It was an infuriating sight, not only had they murdered her, but they had had the audacity to put her on display as if she were a trophy. As hard as it was for him to do, he put his rage aside, and flew down to retrieve her body. She was a dragon, a creature of nobility, and she deserved a proper burial. When the townsfolk saw him approaching, they rushed to get their weapons, but he was already back in the air before they could mount a response. As he flew off, he could hear them cheering as if they had scared him away. Little did they know he would return to exact his revenge once Silverwing was laid to rest.

As he flew up the coast with Silverwing in his talons, he gently nuzzled her lifeless body. She was the one thing in his life that he loved more than anything, and he couldn't believe she was gone. Why the savages felt the need to kill her was beyond reason or explanation. The hill country was not even their land, and dragons had only tolerated their intrusion on it because there was plenty of game to go around. If this was how they were going to repay the favor, then Paragon felt it was time for them to see what the wrath of a Fire Dragon looked like. Then they would know that the penalty for killing a dragon is death by fire.

When Paragon spotted a secluded meadow with a view of the ocean, and the Windstone Mountains, he gently set Silverwing down in it. Then he went into the nearby woods and gathered up some wood for a pyre. Once he was done preparing it, he placed Silverwing's body on top of the tender, and lit it with his fire. As the flames consumed her, he said a few words to honor her memory. She was the one and only dragon that had ever understood him, and now that she was gone, all that remained was hatred and revenge for those who had done this. He had never killed a human before, but whatever tiny amount of respect or reverence he felt for them was in the past, erased the instant they had hurt his beloved mate.

After the wood had turned to ash, he rolled in the embers until his wings turned gray. It was a symbolic gesture meant to honor the departed, and to signify to other dragons that he was in mourning. He knew his kin wouldn't see him since they lived so far away, but he wanted to follow the tradition just the same.

Once he was done paying his respects, he took to the sky and headed straight towards Durban. If they thought he was afraid of them because they had slain a Fire Dragon, they were grossly mistaken. He knew they had taken Silverwing by surprise, and undoubtedly shot her before she could protect the small area near her rear legs where the scales were thin. It was the only place an arrow could penetrate a dragon's nearly impervious armor.

When the residents saw Paragon circling their town, they gathered in the streets and readied their weapons. Emboldened by their recent kill, they knocked their arrows and waited for him to come into range. The moment he dove from the sky, they released their bowstrings sending a volley of arrows towards him. Paragon immediately clinched his legs together and drew in a deep breath of air in preparation for the attack. When the arrows struck his armored hide, they shattered upon impact, and rained down from the sky. When the men saw their arrows disintegrate, they ran for cover, but it was too late, and he incinerated then in the streets. The few savages that survived his initial attack fled into their homes, certain that they would be safe behind their walls of brick and stone. Little did they know that the angrier the dragon, the hotter the flame, and he turned their shelters into pools of molten slag. As their cries for mercy echoed through the smoke filled air, he folded his ears back and continued the onslaught. Even though he did not consider himself to be a merciless killer, there would be no compassion or forgiveness for those who had killed his mate. His flames would punish them all.

Once Paragon had destroyed the heart of Durban, he headed towards the outskirt of the town to torch what was left. Anyone unlucky enough to get in his way was turned to ash. He was so intent on scorching every last inch of their wretched town, that when he saw a neglected ally lined with shanties he flew towards it, nostrils flared. Just as he was about to let loose with another round of fire, a young girl ran out into the street waving a dragon shaped doll high over her head. Stunned by what he saw, he flew past her, temporarily holding back his rage. He knew that humans sometimes offered animals as sacrifices to dragons and other creatures they feared, but this was unlike anything he had ever seen or heard before. Not only was the offering a silly dragon doll, but it was being offered to him by a young child, of all things. Unsure of what to make of strange event, he circled back around to take another look. As he flew towards the little girl, she tossed the dragon doll high into the air, intent on him catching it. Her aim was true, and the doll landed right in his talons as he sailed over her head. When he looked back, the girl waved at him and smiled. He had never seen anything like it. She actually seemed pleased that he had unwittingly accepted her offering. As he circled the street she was on several more times, she followed his every move across the sky, seemingly in awe of his presence. He didn't understand why she had no fear of him, but her act of bravery and the innocent look in her eyes touched a part of him that no arrow ever could. He had never felt empathy, or compassion for a human before, but for whatever reason, he could not ignore or explain what he felt, and he broke off his attack and headed home.

As he flew towards the Windstone Mountains, he couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. Why the little girl was unafraid of him was as perplexing as her actions. Her demeanor and the way she looked at him with such reverence didn't make sense either. It was almost as if she knew him even though they had never met. As he tried to figure out why she acted the way she did, he glanced down at the doll and noticed it was well-used, which seemed odd. He knew that children were taught to fear dragons, so it seemed unlikely that they would own or play with a toy that looked like one. Not only that, but an offering was meant to appease the recipient, and the giver would not risk offending a dragon with something that was used or defective. Yet the doll was worn, and looked like it had been played with for many years. As he tried to figure it out, he suddenly realized that what he had assumed was an offering to quell his rage, was actually a gift given to him not out of fear, but out of love. It didn't make any sense, but no other explanation seem to fit the girl's peculiar gift, or her unusual actions. She clearly wanted him to have the toy, and she had seemed happy once he had taken it. He had never considered the possibility that a human might actually like dragons, but why else would she have had a dragon doll in the first place? The more he thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. The one thing he couldn't reconcile was why the doll looked exactly like him right down to the gold-tips on his dark-blue wings. The only way she could have known what he looked like was if she was a seer, but that was the rarest of gifts and he doubted a human child would be graced with it. As he tried to come up with a more probable explanation, a shiver suddenly ran down to his tail. He knew that dragons often shared a connection with one another through the ethereal realm, but it was unheard of in lesser creatures. The unspoken and unseen force of nature allowed dragons glimpses of future companions or mates so they could bond with each other even before they met. The very notion that fate would connect two dissimilar creatures in such a way was absurd, and he immediately rejected the idea even though he could not come up with a better explanation for how she could have know what he looked like.

When he arrived back in his cave, he headed into the depths to soak in the hot spring that made his den so unique. Its warm effervescent waters filled the lower chambers of the cave creating a series of pools that he frequently basked in. It was his own private refuge, and even though he was a Fire Dragon he loved the water. Silverwing rarely went into the spring, but she had liked the warmth it provided and had always stayed close by when he went swimming in it. Now that she was gone, the hot spring was the only thing in the world that took some of his pain away. Its soothing waters relaxed his tired wings, but it did little to alleviate the emptiness he felt in his heart and soul. He was lost without his mate and he would have done anything to bring her back. 2

As the days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, the pain of losing Silvering slowly subsided. He loved her more than anything, but he knew a life filled with regret and sorrow would not have honored her wishes. She would have wanted him to go north and find a new mate. It sounded like a good idea at first, but the thought of starting over was not very appealing. It was hard enough going through the courtship process the first time. Having to compete with other males for the female's attention was exhausting. The females were very choosy, and only selected mates that met a long list of desirable traits. The most important of which was the strength of the bond or connection they felt for the male. Then there was the male's overall appearance; sleek lines, rare coloration, and a powerful physique where all prized attributes that were sought after. After that, the females would consider attitude and demeanor, favoring the more outgoing males above the others. Despite his eye-catching markings and coloration, the females considered him to be too shy and quiet, and therefore not a suitable mate. He thought it was ironic how the humans viewed him as a ferocious fire-breathing beast, while his own kind thought he was not aggressive enough to be a Fire Dragon. If they had seen what he had done to Durban, he wondered if that opinion of him would have changed.

After several years of being passed over by the other females, he met Silverwing. She loved him for what he was, rather than what others expected him to be and he finally felt like he belonged. She was a tender and loving dragon who appreciated his calm demeanor and felt that the bond they shared was deeper than most. The very qualities that the other female dragons turned their tails up at, were the very attributes Silverwing found most appealing about him. He knew they were a good match, and when she chose him, it was the happiest day of his life. Now that she was gone, he knew the odds were poor that he would ever be selected again. It just seemed easier to accept the loss, and fill his days basking in his hot spring or hunting in the forest near his home. It was a lonely life, but there was some joy in the simplicity of solitude.

One day when Paragon was looking for his favorite stone to sharpen his claws on, he ran across the dragon doll that he had all but forgotten about. Its dark blue color had faded, but it still reminded him of the little girl who had given it to him. She was a jewel in a crown of thorns, and he wondered if she were to see him circling her town if she would run out into the street to greet him. It was a silly daydream, and he knew his presence in their skies would only cause panic after what he had done to them. Not only that, but there was no way to know if she still lived there, and even if she did, she would have undoubtedly forgotten about him. Why he felt any connection to her was hard to explain, but seeing the doll made him happy and sad at the same time. He knew soft emotions were taboo, just as expressing feelings of remorse and regret were frowned upon. Why he had such a hard time suppressing his emotions when other dragons didn't even seem to feel them, was just one more trait that set him apart from his kin.

After he finished looking at the doll, he put it back in its hiding spot and proceeded to sharpen his claws. It had been a few days since his last meal, and he was ready for another hunt. He may not have been the most feared dragon back in Castle Crag, but in Windstone, he was the most lethal hunter the realm had ever seen. His own personal combination of patience and stealth proved to be a deadly combination, and when he went out in search of game, the odds were that he was coming home with something delicious.

Once his claws were sharp enough to cut through the toughest hide, he left his cave and headed out. It was an unseasonably warm winter day, and the sunlight warmed his wings as he glided along in search of game. When his shadow failed to flush out any tasty critters from their hiding spots, he head down the valley towards the Windstone River.

Much to his surprise, he spotted a young woman camped near the water's edge and he quickly ascended high into the azure sky to disguise his presence. After a few passes he could see that she had killed a small deer and was preparing to cook it. It looked like a lot of meat for one person, so he continued down the river to see if he could find her companions. Ever since the attack on Durban, it was rare to see humans hunting in his territory and he liked to keep track of their movements to make sure they weren't hunting him. As long as they kept their distance and stayed away from his cave, he left them alone.

After scouring both sides of the river without seeing anyone else, he decided to fly back to the young woman's camp to check on her. He wasn't sure why she would be by herself in the heart of dragon country, but he thought he should check on her. Despite all the legends of dragons attacking and killing humans, quite the opposite was true. Dragons only killed humans to protect themselves, or avenge their kin. In reality, the odds of being killed by a dragon were infinitesimally small compared to the odds of being killed by another human. Paragon never liked the idea of any creature taking advantage of another, and he felt protective of the young woman since she was in his territory.

When he made it back to the area near her camp, he landed on a large rocky outcrop that overlooked the river. It was far enough away that he didn't think she could see him, but he could keep watch over her.

As he looked on, she started a campfire, and then placed the deer on a roasting stick after sprinkling the meat with some kind of seasoning. Before long, the alluring aroma filled the air and made its way over to his hiding spot, causing his stomach to grumble with hunger.

As he sat there eyeing the savory meat, he noticed the young woman had a pale complexion and long flowing golden colored hair just like the little girl in Durban. Normally it wouldn't have caught his attention except that every other human in the region had darker skin and dark hair. Seeing the young woman with the same features as the little girl made him wonder if she was her sister, or some other relative since they looked so similar. As he looked on, he suddenly realized enough years had passed that the little girl would be an adult by now and his eyes lit up. She certainly seemed confident and unafraid despite being alone in the wilderness, just as the little girl had been unafraid of him. The more he watched her, the more likely it seemed that they were one and the same, but he was just too far away to be certain. He knew if he went down there and was mistaken about her identity, she would panic at the sight of a dragon. If there was one thing he knew about humans, it was that they were easily frightened. He didn't want to terrify her, especially since she was alone, so he just sat there, keeping an eye on things. He figured that if no one else came along by nightfall, she would be fine and he could help himself to the leftover meat as a reward for guarding her.

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