tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove Comes Second Ch. 03

Love Comes Second Ch. 03


Thank you Timber078 & SupportMain420 for editing this story.

I am sorry in advance for any historically incorrect things in this story. Also, there may be a few factually incorrect things in this story, but I found them necessary for the plot.

A big thanks to the comments on my first and second chapters. Constructive criticism is strongly encouraged!

Also, I realize I took quite a while to create this chapter, but my life has been crazy recently. I don't know how many (if any at all) have been waiting for this chapter, but to those who have, I'm sorry it took so damn long. I have been working on it in pieces when I had the chance and then had to get the story edited and blah blah blah. So, without further ado...


Chapter III


I'm sitting on the bed, my ass still sore from the spanking I undertook last night. I hear someone walking towards the room and I still, a little scared it's him again. To my relief, it's Mary who steps into the room. When she catches sight of me, she hastens and I know I must look a mess. As she makes her way over to me I reach up and touch my matted hair with concern.

"My princess, are you alright?" she asks, her voice full of worry. She strokes my hair and lets her fingers trail over the hickey marks on my neck. I see a tear start to well in her eye.

"I'll live" I laugh softly, trying to fool both of us into thinking I really will be fine. But the relief from seeing her has made me so relaxed that I start to get teary-eyed as well. I try to remain composed but fail miserably.

"Mary, it was horrible" I cry, leaning into her as tears stream down my face.

"My poor princess. Let's go wash you off, shall we? Then you can talk all about last night if you need to" she says sweetly, wiping tears off my cheek. She rubs her hand up and down my back as we walk to the bathing room together. As I climb into the tub I feel the hot water burn away last night's events from my once-unmarked skin that is now covered in small purple bruises. Mary scrubs me thoroughly and I tell her what happened last night.

"Sady was right, men are sex driven. She advised not to fight it, which may be why it was as painful as it was." Mary says, finishing up her scrubbing. I sniffle and remember my sister's advice, then chastise myself for not listening to it. Then I wonder why she may have agreed with Sady.

I look at Mary, and am about to ask her about this when I see that she's anxious... like she's said too much. I'm sure she can sense that I want to question her about this matter because she quickly changes the subject.

"May I dress you?" she asks, not making eye contact with me. I simply smile weakly and nod, knowing that despite her asking, I really have no choice in the matter. I decide I should drop the subject for now, I can talk to her at some other time.

Taking a deep breath, I rose from the tub and allowed Mary to help dry my body. Covering myself in a robe, I followed her back to what was my new bedroom where she would aid me in dressing.

Mary picks out a beautiful emerald-green silk dress that my mother had her seamstress make for me for the day after my wedding. She assists me in putting it on, before sitting me down on a velvet seat facing a window to the kingdom my new husband and I would rule someday.

The dress is gorgeous. In the mirror I admire how perfectly it settles on my body; I feel like myself again. She adjusts the necklace my father gave me and then tightens the corset behind me, setting my dress in place before brushing the tangles out from my long hair. This, she knows, soothes me quite effectively, and I let my eyes close in an effort to relax as she braids my hair.

Putting a last pin in place, she moves in front of me and drops slowly to her knees so we're eye at level. "Jade, I know you can get through this. If Sady was telling the truth it won't be too long before he treats you how you should be treated; as his queen" she says softly, before smiling and caressing my cheek. She then stands to retrieve one of my pairs of black shoes, slipping them onto my feet before taking my hand to help me rise, then escorting me to where my prince should be waiting for me.

The walk down the long hall to the dining room was a quiet one, and I distracted myself from the worry of what had happened the night before by looking at the paintings hung on the stone walls as we passed them. Each canvas portrays a king who had once ruled, accompanied by a small plaque with their name, years of living and the cause of death. I find myself staring at the dates of each plaque until I come to the current king's portrait, where I pause. It reads "King Jeffery Lunarsoun 1362 - ".

I was startled away from my reading by a cough further down the corridor, which turned out to be the prince with his eyes carefully studying me. He's smiling wide at me and I force a smile back. I link my arm in his so we can enter the dining room for breakfast together, Luke and Mary not too far behind.



I step outside and follow Luke to the bathing room. He has already run my bath so I climb into the tub. He scrubs my body as I lean back, smiling.

"What's gotten you so happy today, my lord?" he asks curiously.

I look up at him and smile wider. "I had some of the best sex I've had, ever." I chuckle at the thought of being inside my beautiful new wife. "She is absolutely gorgeous."

"That she is, my lord," he replies.

"I hope I don't look too tired today; last night has made me incredibly sore. Doing all the work is hard."

"I understand that, I do all the work as well," he pauses awkwardly before continuing on, "You do look a little tired, but everyone will understand why. No one will judge you the day after your wedding night" he smiles. We both chuckle as he brings out the clothes he's already picked out for me to wear. A green shirt and black pants with matching black shoes.

He helps me dress as we talk about women and sex. Then once I'm ready, I go downstairs through the long hall I've always hated walking down. I don't like seeing each of my ancestors that had ruled and then died, especially when I get to the end and see my father. I've always thought that the description of how each died is especially disturbing. Except for my predecessor who had died of a heart attack during sex. I always thought it was funny that they would put something so crude on a plaque.

Luke and I get to the doors of the room to wait for Jade to arrive so that we could enter as man and wife.

When Jade gets to where I am waiting for her, she links her arm in mine and smiles strangely. We walk into the dining hall together with Luke and Mary trailing behind us.

Once we're sat down, I let my gaze settle on Jade and notice that she has more than a few hicks marks on her neck from last night, but they're hard to see if one's not looking for them.

Jade and I must make an appearance today so the kingdom can congratulate the happy couple. We excuse ourselves to go up to our room to rest before we have to get in the carriage.

When we get to the room I close the door behind us and turn to smile at Jade. "I'm excited to show everyone just how great we look together." I say, walking towards her. She takes a small step back and smiles at me. "Yes, I'm sure being out together will be fun. I'm glad we get to come to our room and rest first though, neither of us did get a good sleep."

I close the gap between us and pull her close to me. My chin rests on the top of her head and my hands find their way to the small of her back. I kiss her hair and hug her tightly. Feeling her body against mine is starting to get me horny again. I don't know if we'll have time for me to fuck her, but the thought is so tempting. I can feel myself getting harder at the thought of her naked.

I pull her away from me and look at her. She looks down at my pants and I know she's felt my erection through her dress.

"You're just so beautiful Jade, it's hard to not think about you naked. I think we may have some time before we have to leave."

"We, um, we came here to rest. Having sex will only tire us out more." she says quickly.

"That is true, but sex is a lot more rewarding. I would look happier after having sex than if I had just tortured myself with the thought of being inside you."

"Neither of us would look presentable afterwards. My hair would be matted again and you'd be sweaty." she counters.

"That is also true, but it doesn't take long to have a quick dip in the bath and to brush out your hair. I need to be inside you Jade, I can't help myself." I reply. She looks a little scared, maybe she is just trying to get out of it. But that doesn't really matter to me. "I'm the man in this relationship, therefore I get what I want."

She tries to say something else but I stop her by pressing my lips against hers. I bend my knees to pick her up by her waist and carry her to our bed. I stand her up by the bed and turn her to face away from me so I can undo her dress. I never really realized how hard it is to take off a nice dress. Her wedding dress was probably made to be easily taken off. After a minute or two I figure out how to take it off and it drops to the floor. She whimpers a little when the beautiful green fabric pools at her feet. My clothes come off next and I push her onto the bed face down so her ass is in the air. I look down and admire her little asshole and her newly devirginized pussy. I chuckle to myself at the thought of fucking her ass, but think better of it. It would be way too obvious if she came out of the room waddling.

I can tell she isn't wet so I spit onto two of my fingers and slowly push them into her entrance. I can hear Jade gasp as they enter her. I feel myself getting harder and I groan quietly with lust. I spit onto her slit to make sure there's enough lubrication then aim the tip of my dick towards her tight pussy. As I push myself in I grip her hips and thrust deep inside her depths. I moan and I can hear her whimper again. I don't think she particularly likes this, but frankly I don't care. I pull out almost all the way then ram myself back inside her with as much force as I can muster. She shoves her face into the mattress and screams a little, which turns me on more.

I pump myself in and out of her as fast and hard as I can, relishing in the whimpers and occasional moans she makes into our bedspread. When I feel myself getting close I pull myself out of her and push her onto the bed, causing her to awkwardly fall onto the bed. She wiggles so she's on her back, looking up at me and I smile devilishly. Her eyes widen slightly and I climb on top of her. I shove my cock back inside her pussy and start fucking her into the mattress. A few tears run down her cheeks as she tries not to make noises. I slow down and watch her face relax a little.

"Please Douglas, stop. It hurts a lot." she says. I reach my hand up to her neck and squeeze a bit at the base of it. "I will stop when I finish, which will most likely take a while." I grin and start fucking her hard again. She cries out and I put my other hand over her mouth so she can't make too much noise and squeeze her neck a little tighter. I watch her face to make sure she doesn't turn blue from lack of oxygen as I fuck her deeper than I have before. Tears are streaming down her face and I feel myself getting a little closer to finishing. Seeing her so helpless is so fucking hot, I'm surprised I never did this to any girl I've been with before.

When she starts to sob I pull away from her completely and then flip her over so her face is down in a pillow and her body is laying flat. Her sobs don't stop but they're more muffled. I lift her hips up slightly so I can push my dick into her and lean over her, my hands on either side of her shoulders. Once I get a rhythm going I put one of my hands on her head so it's shoved deeper into the pillow to muffle her cries more effectively.

I can still hear her begging me to stop as I pound her more ruthlessly than ever before. She lifts her hands up from behind her to try and soften how hard I shove myself inside her by putting her hands on my hips and pushing back. I slap her ass as hard as I can and she screams into her pillow. Her hands go back down to her sides and I smile triumphantly. I feel myself getting closer and closer, I'm almost there.

Finally I shoot my load deep inside her folds, thrusting as hard as I can into her each time a rope of my seed comes out. When I've cum as much as I can I fall down on the bed beside her shaking body.



Douglas and I must go to town today to make our first appearance as a couple. But first, we go to our room to rest before we must ride in a carriage.

I step inside the room first and Douglas closes the door behind us. I walk over to the window and look outside. It's a beautiful day today.

"I'm excited to show everyone just how great we look together." he says. I turn to him and see he's smiling at me. He takes a few steps toward me and I take a small step back. I don't want him touching me again, especially since I'm still sore from last night.

"Yes, I'm sure being out together will be fun. I'm glad we get to come to our room and rest first though, neither of us did get a good sleep." I reply. He walks the rest of the way up to me and pulls me close. My head is rested against his chest and he lays his chin on top of my head and he's holding me against him with his hands on my back. He kisses the top of my head and then squeezes me tightly. That's when I feel his dick start to get hard against my body. He pulls away from me and looks down into my eyes. I look down to keep from making eye contact and see that he's very hard.

"You're just so beautiful Jade, it's hard not to think about you naked. I think we may have some time before we have to leave." he says.

"We, um, we came here to rest. Having sex will only tire us out more." I say, trying to get him to rethink.

"That is true, but sex is a lot more rewarding. I would look happier after having sex than if I had just torture myself with the thought of being inside you."

"Neither of us would look presentable afterwards. My hair would be matted again and you'd be sweaty."

"That is also true, but it doesn't take long to have a quick dip in the bath and to brush out your hair. I need to be inside you Jade, I can't help myself." I reply. I'm a little scared, I don't want him to hurt me again. "I'm the man in this relationship, therefore I get what I want." he says.

Before I can say anything else he shoves his lips against mine. He bends to pick me up by my waist and carry me to our bed. He puts me down on my feet and turns me away from him to undo my dress. Because he's most likely never had to take a dress off a woman before, he fumbles around with the ties. This gives me time to try and prepare myself for the equivalent of what happened last night. When he finally figures out how to take it off, my beautiful dress sinks to the floor and I whimper. I hope this time is a little more gentle.

He then takes his clothes off and shoves me facedown into the bed with my hips still up. Strangely he doesn't touch me right away and I hear him chuckle to himself. Maybe he's come to his senses and realized we should rest?

My hopes are crushed when I feel his wet fingers intrude my still sore pussy. I gasp at the slight pain and hear him groan behind me. He leans down and spits onto my pussy and then I feel the tip of his cock poke my entrance. He starts to slowly push himself inside me, then he grabs my hips and shoves his dick deep inside me. I whimper again, this time a little louder as he moans. He slowly pulls himself most of the way out and I relax a little. Then he shoves himself inside me so hard that I have to bury my face into the mattress and scream quietly, a small moan escaping my lips after. It doesn't feel great but... I don't really hate it.

He fucks me hard and fast which makes me cry and whimper into the mattress. He fucks me like this for awhile until his moans start to get louder. When I think he's about to cum he lets go of my hips and pushes me so hard that I get fall onto the bed. I struggle to get on my back and look up at him. When our eyes meet he smiles evilly and my eyes widen in fear as he crawls above me. He pushes his cock back inside me and starts to fuck me hard, painfully hitting my cervix with each thrust. I cry, trying to hold back the noises that I know will only urge him on. He looks into my eyes and slows down, making me think I've had the worst of it.

I relax as he continues to push himself in and out of me tenderly. "Please Douglas, stop. It hurts a lot." I whine. I instantly regret what I said when I see the lusty look in his eyes return. His hand moves to squeeze the base of my throat.

"I will stop when I finish, which will most likely take awhile." he replies. He grins, and without any warning he starts to fuck me as hard as before. I cry loudly in pain for a second before his hand clamps over my mouth. He squeezes my throat tighter and it gets harder to breathe. He stares at my face intently and fucks me deeper. Maybe it's because of the lack of oxygen, but the sex is starting to feel kinda good.

He pulls away from me and flips me over. I'm laying completely flat until he raises my hips up slightly. He aims his cock back into my entrance then leans over me with his hands next to my shoulders. I keep begging him to stop, which I think only makes him want to keep going more. I can feel myself getting closer to passing out from the combination of pain and lack of oxygen so I lift my arms up to push against his hips, trying to get him to slow down. Instead of slowing down, he spanks me as hard as he can. I quickly put my hands back down and whimper slightly into the pillow from the stinging pain he left on my right asscheek.

I'm questioning if I can take any more of this torture when I feel him start to cum. He shoves himself inside me as hard as he can for a few thrusts as he finishes and then falls sideways onto the other part of the bed.

I quickly push myself up, gasping for air. I can feel my heartbeat go from barely there to dangerously high. The fear makes me cry harder. I crawl as far to one side of the bed as I can and lay there, trying to regain my normal breathing. I can feel my pussy burning and aching from the abuse, and then I feel his seed start to drip out of me. Hopefully when I'm pregnant with his child he won't treat me like this.

I sit up and wince from the pain shooting from my pussy. As much as it hurts, the pain feels good. If that makes sense. I get up to grab a robe so I can go to the bathroom to clean up. I put a silk robe on and am almost to our bedroom door, "Jade, where do you think you're going?" I hear Douglas ask.

"I was just going to clean up since we will need to leave in a little while." I reply, hoping he'll let me go.

He sits up to look at me, "Come here." he demands. I do as he says and stand a couple feet away from the edge of the bed. "I said, come here. When I say 'come here' I mean you better get your ass right next to me." he says, his tone dropping to serious.

"Douglas, we need to get ready now." I say quietly, trying to rationalize.

He reaches out and grabs my hand. He pulls me closer to him and reaches his hand up to cup my cheek. When his hand comes closer to my face I flinch slightly, but hope he doesn't notice. He pulls my face close to his with the hand that's on my cheek and kisses my lips lightly. "I'm so glad it's you I married. I don't think I'd be able to do this to- I mean with- anyone else. You relax me, I can be who I am around you and do what I want to you." he smiles. But this time, I don't smile back.

Before he can say anything about it we hear a knock on our door. "Your highnesses, I'm here to tell you that you must be at the carriage in about one hour." Luke says. Douglas looks me up and down and then pushes me away softly.

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