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Love, Eliot


My bed creaked underneath me as I shifted my position for the tenth time that minute. Waiting was torture and he knew that.

The computer screen glared at me. I remembered how my mother always lectured me about straining my eyes and found the glasses buried under my pillows.

I hovered the mouse over his name. The green light was on, meaning he was on. I was beginning to feel a bit like Jay Gatsby. Except Jay didn't rely on Daisy for permission to come.

The notification finally popped up on my screen. A new message waited in my inbox and I opened it before he could pretend to walk away.

"Quote of the day?"

I quickly typed out my response, "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

"T.S. Eliot, nice."

"I'm surprised you got that so fast. Usually you have to Google it first."

"All English Majors know Eliot."

"You're no English major."

"I could be."

"You're not."

Dots appeared beneath his username as he typed out something clever. Then erased it and came up with something else, "Do you want to come tonight or not?"

"You know I do." I shoved my textbooks onto the floor without consideration for the people dorming below me.

"What are you wearing?"


"Take them off."

I didn't waste time following orders, "Done. My legs are cold."

"Your own fault for going to school up north."

I scoffed, "I know."

"I promise to warm you up...eventually." I rolled my eyes.

"Can I touch myself now?"

"Yes, but only over your panties. Use your index finger to rub yourself. Small circles only."

His games kept me on edge for hours. Just once I wished he would tell me to go crazy and come as many times as I want.

I slowly roamed my body with my right hand before settling over my panties. A wet patch began to form as I circled my clit.

"I'm already getting wet."

"And we haven't even gotten to the fun part yet."

"Let's get there quickly, please."

I tried not to focus on the growing warmth between my legs.

"Take off your bra. You can fondle yourself but don't play with your nipples."

"And if I do?"

"I hope you're alone so no one will hear you screaming in frustration."

"Sounds like a threat."

"No, baby. That's a promise." I wiggled my hips against my own hand. "Go under your cute little panties and continue to rub yourself while lightly circling your nipples."

I let my fingers creep under the elastic and began to rub my clit quickly. My nipples were erect and begging for more attention than they were getting.

"Please can I finger myself?" I typed with my left hand.

"Not yet. Pinch your sensitive nipples and tell me how bad you want a finger in your cunt."

My hands shook as I typed out my plea, "Please, I want something inside of me so bad. My pussy is aching for something to fill it." I tweaked my nipples as I waited for my next command.

"Fine," He wrote, "Let your fingers travel all the way down to your poor little pussy and circle your entrance. Don't finger yourself."

I did as was told and bit my lip, "Please, I can't keep myself from moaning."

"You'll have to or else you'll have to be gagged." My heart raced at the idea. I pictured him coming to my room and tying me down.

"What if I want to be?"

"Then you're a very dirty girl."

"That's been established."

"Take the tie and put it in between you lips. Make it tight." I scrambled off my bed and dug through my drawers. Finally, I found the plaid tie at the very bottom. I bought it just for these moments.

I settled back into my spot with the gag wrapped snuggly around my head. "Gagged and at your disposal."

"That's been established ;)"

"Ha. Ha. Can I come now?"

"No. Count down from one hundred as you play with your clit. Each number is one motion."

"I'm gagged, remember?"

"In your head, slut."

I smiled to myself and laid down. I started at one hundred and ended a soaking wet mess. "You're so fucking evil."

"I take it that went over well, huh?"

"Don't make me wait anymore."

"You can finger yourself because you were such a good girl."

I pushed my panties down to my knees and moaned as the first finger entered me.

"Are you satisfied now?" The notification knocked me out of my trance.

"You know I'm not."

"Too bad, you'll have to wait for more."

"Wait, what?!"

"I said I'd make you come today. I didn't say when. Go out and get some breakfast. Maybe you'll even see me."

"You're an ass."

"Just for that you must make yourself edge three times before leaving your dorm, understood?"

I grumbled at my punishment, "Fine."

"Good girl. Oh, and smack that pussy really good for me will you?" The green light flickered off and suddenly I was alone in my frustration. I wanted to toss the computer but I knew that would do more damage than good.

Reluctantly, I began torturing myself.

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