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Love Everlasting

byMary Riley©

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at the "Erotic Horror" section of Literotica. It was an idea I had been toying around with for a while but could not find a fitting category at the time. I think this story brings up two good points. 1) The past always catches up to you and 2) No matter how messed up you think you are, there is truly someone out there for each of us.

As always your votes and feedback are greatly appreciated and welcomed.


Liam heartily gulped the last of his ale as the gathering of regulars in the tavern started the thin.

“Ye are tryin’ tae kill me, lass.” He slurred as the barmaid tried to fill his tankard again. “Just take me damned money an’ let’s call it a night.”

The somber faced lady nodded and took the coins, though still she stayed near as if this was a nightly ritual and the drunkard changed his mind often. Clearly she cared not for the young man, as few did in these parts.

“May the devil cut off yer head an’ make a days work of yer neck.” She muttered under her breath in her thick Irish tongue.

The Irishman, though uncommonly easy on the eyes, once again appeared to be leaving alone. It was very rare that anyone accompanied him. A handful of ladies sat with their intended and never gave the handsome sable haired man more than a glance.

"Strange." He had heard them call him more than once.

Liam gathered his few belongings from the bar top and slowly he rose, staggering to the side a bit. The walk home would be slow and challenging, he knew this considering he felt like a slobbering fool and was not even to the entrance of the establishment.

Before the intoxicated man could reach the door entirely, a figure in the far corner of the room caught his eye. It was a woman sitting alone in a shrouding of partial darkness and shadow. She wore a deep hooded cloak of rich midnight velvet, and had no tankard or meal on the table in front of her.

Liam thought it odd indeed. In his drunken state he roused rare courage and slowly made his way towards the lone figure.

“Excuse me, lass. Why do ye sit alone here?” He asked her politely while trying not to slur.

The woman gave him no answer. Raising her head she glanced up at him, only offering a half smile in response.

Liam backed away slightly. There was something familiar about this woman, though he could not quite place her. The slight curve of her one sided smile struck a chord of discomfort deep within his belly. For a moment he could have almost mistaken this alcohol induced emotion as fear.

The eyes that met his own were like that of fiery emeralds in the sun, large and rounded with a feline quality. The few curly, ebony tendrils of hair that spilled against her pallid cheekbones were as dark and lustrous as the velvet cloak she wore.

This stranger was one of the most intriguing women he had ever had the pleasure of casting an eye upon. Even so Liam was growing increasingly uneasy.

“May I buy ye a drink, fair lady?” He offered, expecting fully to be shot down by the raven haired beauty.

“Aye. I would like that.” She said softly. “Forgive me fer being rude. Please, join me.” Two pale hands rose as her long, slender fingers pushed back the hood and it fell against her shoulders.

The barmaid rolled her eyes as Liam motioned for her and ordered two more ales.

“I am Liam. Thank ye fer letting me join ye this eve.” He reached for her hand in a gentlemanly fashion, pressing a feathered kiss against the back of it. “It is nae usual fer me tae approach a woman. I am a lil’ shy, lass. I fear that mi’ bravery is only the result of far too much ale.” The handsome young man chuckled lightly and shot her a nervous smile.

“I am nae offended, in fact I had been admiring you. I am glad ye gathered ‘nough courage tae approach. Ye can call me Maura.” She beamed at him with those radiant eyes.

With that brief introduction, the two proceeded to talk for hours. Liam gradually became more comfortable around Maura. Her beauty was almost hypnotic. The young Irishman found himself fascinated merely by the slender, graceful curve of her ivory neck. There was an unexpected stirring in his loins that began to flower into a brimming lust. Yet still, Liam was careful not to even touch her hand.

This woman was so different and special from all the other women he had met in past years. Besides being beautiful, she was kind and intelligent. He did not want to hurt her in any way, not now or in the future.

“Maura, you look familiar. Have ye been in this tavern before?” He finally got up enough courage to ask.

“Aye. I came tae this tavern only once before this night, though t’has been a long while back. I dunnae normally venture out tae such places.”

Liam simply nodded. It was possible that he could have been in one of his drunken stupors the particular night in question, admiring her though choosing to keep to himself. This was the only explanation for the feeling of deja vu that still hung over him like a thick cloud.

Only the two remained in the tavern now as the barmaid cleaned the tables and swept the floor around them. The ill tempered young woman, who Liam only knew as “Kate”, gave him a cold stare.

“If a fairy or a man or a woman hath overlooked thee, there are three greater in heaven who will cast all evil from the into the great and terrible sea. Pray to them and to the seven angels of God, and they will watch over thee. Amen.” Kate said aloud while walking past the two.

“I think we are being forced out, love.” He said with a disappointed smile.

“Tis alright. The hour is late. Will ye do me the honors of seeing me tae my door?” Maura asked hopefully.

Liam became uneasy once more with the request. The desire she incited within him was maddening. He could feel his anatomy growing against his thigh and throbbing in wait. The anticipation of what might lie ahead on this night both delighted and frightened him. He would not let himself treat her like the rest. Not this one.

Hesitantly Liam nodded and rose, pulling the lady’s chair out for her.

The two walked out into the damp night air, arm in arm as Maura continued to entice Liam in conversation. They headed down an overgrown trail, thick with vegetation and a lavish canopy of trees overhead. Pale moonlight streamed down through a scattering of the bare branches.

Liam shivered to himself while looking at his attractive companion. The moonlight kissed her waxen skin, making her, for a moment appear more apparitional.

The path was one he knew well. Shamefully, In years past he had taken more than one woman down this exact path. To his knowledge, there were no houses along this side of the forest. Liam’s steps came to a halt and he tugged at Maura’s hand.

“I...I cannae accompany you any further, love. I am sorry, lass.” His whole body shook as he tried to break the hold she had on his hand. “I have tae go now.”

“No. Liam, Please. Dunnae leave me alone here in the dark. I am afraid.” Maura pleaded desperately with him.

The woman’s grip on his hand tightened as she pulled him closer to her and wrapped her arms around him. The embrace surprised Liam, once again igniting the fires of lust that had consumed him earlier. He could feel her slender body pressing against his. Maura’s breasts were against his own chest, her heart hammering in time with his own. Liam felt unmistakably as her narrow hips pushed forward, teasing his manhood unmercifully.

“Stop...” He moaned quietly while trying to push her away from him.

It was as if she could not hear him, or possibly she chose not to hear. Maura covered Liam’s mouth with her own. The soft, full lips that met his own were his undoing. Quickly he fell into the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. She tasted sweeter than honey. A dizzying passion overcame his senses. Touching his hand softly, he felt her leading him towards the fleshy mounds of her breast. Liam worked the lacings of her dress effortlessly until his lover's milky white breasts were exposed. Liam knelt, taking one of her virginal pink nipples in his mouth as he cupped the fleshy mounds in his large hands. Maura's head rolled back in sheer extacy while her fingers traced lovingly through Liam's long, dark hair. Mindlessly he pulled the small woman to the ground, covering her body with his own.

Maura looked up at him, her eyes gleaming in the silver moonlight. There was no turning back now. Liam kissed her passionately, his erection pressing against her hipbone through the material of her dress. Savagely he ravished her slender white neck with his mouth, biting at the tender flesh as she first gasped, then moaned in pleasure. Growling with lust, Liam tore at the front of his slacks, freeing his throbbing erection. He felt the small stream of pre arousal dripping from his swollen head as he frantically pushed Maura’s skirt up.

Maura’s hand curled around his aching girth, positioning him against her. Immediately he dug the toes of his boots into the soft earth, driving his hips forward to greedily push every last inch of himself into her. He could hear her crying out in pleasure from beneath him, her hips rocking in time with his thrusts. The sounds of their intense love making drowned out the familiar nocturnal sounds of the forest.

Maura panted hotly against his earlobe, whispering a few inaudible words. He leaned back slightly and cupped her bottom while driving himself into her furiously. Liam could feel himself getting close as he marveled in the way her porcelain clevage bounced every time he pounded himself against her.

Liam felt her entire body tense underneath him, her nails clawing at his back. The look on her face when she cried out was the most beautiful sight he had ever witnessed. The lovely woman's dark brows knitted together, her plump, ruddy lips trembling.

Liam then reached slowly behind him, fumbling with his boot. His body began to tingle as his hand curled around the hilt of his dagger. He had tried so hard to warn her, but she would not listen. Liam had not wanted to hurt her. Maura was nothing like the other women that he had lead here. Only this time, it was this woman that had lead him here.

Maura had planned this the entire time. Only a whore would do such a thing.

The blade caught the moonlight with one brilliant gleam.

“Whore!” Liam growled while bringing the dagger from behind him. His thrusts quickened as he pulled at her raven tresses and slashed wildly at Maura’s throat. Liam’s eyes clamped together tightly as he shuddered and exploded inside of her. The hot pain that shot through his hand made him fully aware that in his rage he had slashed himself.

Liam collapsed on top of the motionless woman, still inside of her. Pressing his face against her ear, he cried pitifully. Between sobs he apologized over and over. As he finally sat up and lifted her small body while rocking her in his arms, Liam almost screamed.

At that instant Maura’s arms had wrapped around Liam, holding him firmly in an embrace. Horrified, Liam tried to leap to his feet but his lover held tightly to him. He looked down at her hysterically, trying to assess how she could have lived through his malevolence and still have that much strength. To his surprise there was no blood. There was only the deathly white of her skin in the moonlight as she smiled up at him.

“My dear, beautiful Liam. Twas three years ago on this night that I fell in love with ye. We sang and drank at the tavern. We walked along this trail...ye made love to me...” Maura’s brilliant green eyes glimmered.

Frozen with fear, Liam finally knew why the fair skinned woman had looked so familiar. He felt her hand touch his and free the dagger from his grip.

“Now...love...” She whispered softly against his trembling lips “Neither of us will be alone.”

Liam looked deep into Maura’s loving eyes. In an instant the icy blade slipped across his throat and the forest echoed with a low gurgling.

In the arms of death the tormented man had finally found love everlasting.

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