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Love in a Sunset


'Love in a Sunset' is the continuing journey of Carly, in her mid thirties, falling in love and discovering the magic of sex. It is the sequel to 'Journey to Love' the story which actually sets up the characters for 'Love in a Sunset.' While not necessary, I would suggest searching and reading 'Journey to Love' first. If you enjoy 'Journey to Love,' you should enjoy 'Love in a Sunset' also.

Happy reading.


Love in a Sunset

It was four months ago since we took our backpack adventure to the hot springs which overlooked Little Valley.

When Rick dropped me off at my apartment I felt lonely. We had connected big time beyond either one of our expectations. If someone were to ask me, I would say that yes, I was in love.

I threw my pack by the couch and looked for something to eat in the refrigerator. Nothing looked good. I went and sat on the couch remembering the great time we just shared. Loneliness was overcoming me, not being with Rick. I tried to hold back my tears.

Sitting a half hour on the couch was long enough. I sent him a text telling him I missed him. Two minutes later he called. "Hey, Carly. I just walked in the door. Perfect timing. I miss you too already. I can't believe tomorrow at work is too long a wait to see you again."

"I'm trying to hold back tears," I told him. "I can't believe how lonely I am without you. I wish you could come back."

Without hesitation he said, "I can come back. Let me grab some things. There's only a half hour drive between us. Hey we work at the same place. If you have a place for me to sleep, I'll give you a ride in the morning."

My smile returned. I was happy with his plan. I added, "How about you sleep right underneath me? I'm glad you're coming back."

I heard his laugh and he spoke, "That will be just fine. I thought I would have to sleep on the floor. I'm going to clean myself up first. See you in about an hour. Love you, Carly."

"I love you too, Rick."

My spirits were raised. And I happily got ready for his return with a hot shower too.

In about an hour he arrived with a small pack of belongings. His handsome ruggedness from the trip was cleaned up now. Now he was just plain handsome. I threw both my arms around his neck and jumped to straddle his waist with my legs. He threw his pack down and grabbed my butt to hold me from falling. I gave him a probing tongue kiss like I hadn't seen him in years. We had only been separated an hour and a half!

After our passionate greeting I got some cheese, crackers, wine, and leftover camping snacks and our discussion on living together began. Over several hours we both came to the same conclusion; we didn't want to live apart anymore. We were going to try living together, starting tonight.

We agreed right now we needed to get to sleep to be able to go to work tomorrow. I went to the bedroom to put on my pajamas. When I came back out I explained to him, "We should both fit in my bed. I think it's still bigger than our sleeping bags. And we slept comfortably in the tent."

"That sounds good to me, Carly. Let's give it a try," Rick replied.

We walked back to my bedroom. He took off all his clothes except for his boxers. "You're practically naked!" I told him. I just assumed he would have put on pajamas also.

He somewhat nervously explained that he didn't wear pajamas. "This is how I sleep... Unless of course I'm camping with you... and our clothes stink... and I've taken a soak in a hot springs, and then I'm clean... and I am now, because I took a shower before I came over... Then I'll sleep totally naked... like we did this past weekend."

I started laughing. We had slept naked together just one night ago while backpacking. Now we're each surprised to see what each other wears to bed. I pulled my top over my head and dropped my pajama bottoms. I was now completely naked standing before him. I wore my pajamas for a total of five minutes.

I told him, "If your sleeping like that, then I'm sleeping like this." I then quoted Monique. She was the person who magically opened the love between Rick and I. " Remember, there is no shame here," I said looking into his eyes.

Rick then pulled the waistband of his boxers over his manhood. He was getting erect as he let his boxers fall to the floor. Then he said, "If your sleeping like that, then I'm sleeping like this." I was happy he was back with me. He always made me happy.

We pulled the covers down and he laid down on the bed giving me room to lie next to him. Room didn't matter. I moved in close to him pushing my pelvis forward until I could feel his cock touching my clitoris. Lying on our sides, I put my forehead against his and curled my torso pushing my pelvis harder to rub up against his hard cock. He began massaging my breasts. We weren't going to go to sleep until we were done!

I could feel my orgasm building so I threw my leg over his hip to feel more pressure on my clit. But placing my leg over his hip just made it easy for him to slide right inside me. He began a slow rhythm which eventually climaxed that orgasm I was feeling. I threw my head back with moans of pleasure. He took advantage of that by alternately sucking on each of my nipples. Orgasm number two started.

Finally he stopped moving his hips back and forth stopping with his cock deep inside me. As we laid still for a moment, I began to feel his cock begin to pulsate inside me. When he finished, so did I, again. Orgasm number three, topped off one and two.

We just kept looking into each others eyes as he pulled out of me. Neither one of us said anything for a long while. It almost became an awkward silence.

He tried to change that by saying very quietly, "Making love in a bed is quite comfortable. Isn't it."

I started laughing. I fluffed my pillow and simply said, "I liked it too."

I scooted down a bit so I could rest my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I felt him reach for the covers and pull them over us. That's how I remember falling asleep the first night we lived together four months ago. When I awoke in the morning I was next to him with his arms around me. I didn't want to get up for work.

And so it began. Rick spent a week at my place. Then I would spend a week at his place. We each had sort of moved in to each other's place, slowly supplying what we would need where ever we chose to spend the night. Rick owned his condo. I had six months left on my lease. As it was we just went back and forth from each other's place living at both places together.

"Carly! Are you daydreaming again?" Ms. Johnson was talking sternly to me! "Carly, did you finish the financial report?"

Ms. Johnson has been putting a lot of pressure on us the last few months. I always spoke back to her feeling nervous and sometimes fearful.

I replied to her, "It's all done except for the numbers from R and D. They're late again. While I'm waiting for it, I added another column to the spreadsheet. It calculates a moving average of error based on percentages. That way you can evaluate the outcome based on estimates rather than recalculating each time the actuals change, even in small amounts. This way you will see percentage changes rather than recalculating the entire budget again and again. It will always show a change as a cost or gain in an amount next to the percentage. And each time you make the change the percent of error will continually get smaller."

I was proud of the formula and the way it would make reading the spreadsheet easier. I got upset when Ms. Johnson spoke up, "Did I ask you for that, Carly?"

I paused then answered, "No, mam."

"I wish you would just do what you were told."

Ms. Johnson looked disgusted at me then walked into her office. Anne made eye contact with me from behind her desk, but didn't say anything. Ms. Johnson could see us both from behind her desk with her office door open. I felt like crying and Anne could see me holding back the tears.

I looked at Anne and told her I needed to go for a walk. "I'll go to the R and D office and see when they can get me their budget estimates," I tried to tell Anne without crying.

The R and D office was in the next building over. Rick's office in engineering was near the exit I would have to use to go next door. Rick's office is where I really intended to go.

"Hi, Carly. You look tired," Rick said when he saw me.

I opened up to him telling him how I was getting in trouble trying to make my boss' job easier with my improvement to the spreadsheet. R and D passed their deadline to give me their budget and I had some time to make the improvements. Somehow I'm the one getting in trouble though. I now hate looking into Ms. Johnson's office and wondering what she's thinking of me. I've hated it for the last two months. My job was done and I'm miserable because of the incompetence of everyone else.

Rick always listened and seemed to know what to say to me. His reassurance began to make me feel better right away. He looked into my eyes and said with a smile, "I know exactly what will change your attitude and what you, or we, have to do."

I was smiling now just listening to him with a quizzical look back at him. He continued, "You and me need to make love on Ms. Johnson's desk!"

I started laughing.

He insisted, "Listen, Carly. This will work like magic. Every time you go in there you'll get a big smile knowing you had sex on her desk. It won't matter what she says about your work, good or bad. Knowing you had magical sex on her desk, and that means that I make sure you have a full pleasure experience... you will then beam with smiles every time you walk in there. You have to let me know when we can get in there!"

I couldn't stop laughing. But as I listened to him, I could tell he was dead serious! A full pleasure experience - that's code, which we learned from Monique, to mean "Orgasm!" I was beaming already!

I left his office thinking the hell with R and D getting me their budget late. That's their problem now. I went straight back to my desk attitude fixed. I was grinning from ear to ear.

As Ms. Johnson was working away at her computer I asked Anne when Ms. Johnson would be out of the office for an extended period of time. "She's leaving for the day at four o'clock today," Anne told me. I texted Rick the time. He responded right back, "See you at four fifteen."

I couldn't wipe the grin off my face and Anne knew something was up. So I tried to throw her off. "Anne, I'll need to use Ms. Johnson's office after she leaves to finish up this report. I'll need some privacy to make sure I enter no wrong numbers."

"Okay, Carly. Why are you smiling so big right now? It's like you won the lottery or something."

"It's nothing. Well, I just ran into Rick and he made my day. He'll be up later to help me."

Anne could read right through me. We'd been co-workers and friends too long for me to try and hide something from her and she began to question me. "Are you going to sabotage her office somehow?"

"Of course not, no!"

"Are you two going to have sex in there?"

My grin from ear to ear wouldn't go away and I couldn't force it away either. So Anne continued, "Oh my God. You are!"

I was getting frustrated. "Quiet Anne! We're not going to have sex." I lowered my voice to a whisper and tried to tell Anne, "We're going to make love and it's going to be magical. I'll need your help to keep guard."

"Carly, you're talking like you're a virgin. I thought you guys have been having sex since you got back from your backpack trip and started living together. What's this love and magic stuff?"

Ms. Johnson was standing in her doorway now. "Carly, when you get those numbers from R and D, enter them in the report and email them to me immediately. In the mean time you and Anne quit the chatting!"

Anne's desk was right outside Ms. Johnson's doorway. My cubical work area was right across from that. Anne put her head down and I turned around to find other work to do. Four o'clock was less than fifteen minutes away!

It wasn't long when I heard, "Ladies, I'm leaving." Ms. Johnson began to walk out of her office, but stopped by me. "And Carly, Mr. Luis will bring you the budget numbers from R and D anytime. I let him know he was late and you needed the numbers now to enter into the report. Do it, and email them to me as soon as you get them. I'll see you next week." And she walked down the hall to leave.

I was smiling from ear to ear with some nervous anticipation of Rick showing up. I looked over at Anne and she was coyly giving me glances with a grin.

On time at four fifteen, Rick was approaching my cubical. I got up to lead Rick into Ms. Johnson's office and nonchalantly told Anne, "We might need some privacy in order to make sure no mistakes are made on the report. We're going to use Ms. Johnson's office in the event anyone is looking for us. Would you let us know if anyone approaches, Anne?"

"Go for it Carly, and have fun," Anne said right back. Rick gave me a quizzical look.

I shut the door and locked it. I tried to put Rick at ease with Anne's statement. I told him, "Anne might know what we're doing but it's okay!"

He kept looking confused though. I grabbed his hand and led him to the end of Ms. Johnson's desk and began moving the piles of papers neatly to the center. She had a lot of stuff on her desk. I hopped onto it. "Looks like enough room, " I commented.

"Let's do this," was all Rick said. He was already untying his shoe laces and pulling his shoes off. I immediately grabbed my slip-on shoes and threw them to the side. He began undoing his belt so I stood up, took off my blazer, and tossed it over the chair behind me. I quickly pulled my pants and panties off at the same time and swooshed them to the side. As Rick pulled his pants and boxers down, I undid my blouse and hopped back up onto the desk. I thought I was ready.

I couldn't stretch my arms back to get comfortable to hold myself up right, so I sat up and took my blouse all the way off, throwing it to the other side. Rick took off his sport coat and was standing in front of me, cock erect. I spread my legs as I sat there bottomless, arms back holding me up, wearing just my bra.

He stood there gazing at me. Then he said, "I remember the first time I saw your breasts and now that's all that you have covered up. I see you naked practically every night and I've just realized that the rest of you is just as beautiful!"

He knew how to make me happy! I pushed myself back up again to a full upright sitting position. I reached behind me, undid my bra, pulled it off and threw it over his head behind him. I leaned back again looking into his eyes. I was totally nude!

He moved forward with his hand running up between my legs. He could tell I wasn't quite ready so he bent over to run his tongue up the same path. He went much slower with his tongue, continually pushing it inside me. As he reached my clitoris, my love juices began to flow.

Now I didn't want him to stop. The orgasm was building so I put one hand behind his head and pushed him in harder. This was how I wanted to feel the climax. In a matter of a couple minutes his French kiss with my clit made me melt with shallow moans of pleasure.

He stood up when I finally let go of his head. He pushed his manhood into the same spot his tongue just left. I immediately fell into that euphoric feeling as he slowly just kept going deeper inside me. He started a rhythmic in and out motion putting me in full pleasure.

The excitement made the pleasure for both of us build faster than usual. It was the same for him so he stopped. We remained motionless while he was all the way inside me. We waited in that pleasure position to come back to reality.

I decided to push myself up and throw my arms around his neck. He put his arms around my buttocks and lifted me off the desk. We started a passionate kiss in that position for what seemed like eternity. Finally he pulled his mouth away from me to tell me, "Carly, I think I'm about to cum. This has been so erotic that if I move a muscle I won't be able to hold back."

I begged him, "Please wait. This will mean even so much more if you get a turn to sit on the desk too. It will be complete with both of our asses getting to touch this desk."

He began to laugh, and with empathy agreed with my reasoning. He sat me back down so I could let go of him and he ever slowly pulled out of me. As we traded places I could see that he was on the verge. His cum was oozing out the tip of his cock.

I waited as long as I could then bent over to put my mouth over him. On about my fourth time going down I felt the first pulsing throb. He was cumming.

At the same time we also heard the door handle jiggle. I stopped in a frantic and felt his warm cum hit the side of my face as we both looked at the door. I immediately moved in on him mostly to cover up. The rest of his cum ended up ejaculating on to my chest.

When the door didn't open I reached down for my blouse. Rick jumped off the desk and began putting his clothes back on. All he had to do was step into his boxers and pants and pull them up. His shoes were right next to his clothes. He set them up the way a fireman's clothes are set up, ready for dress when there's a fire.

I didn't think of that. My blouse was on the front side of the desk. After I put it on I just buttoned the top and bottom buttons to hold it around me. I had to search for my other clothes. My pants and undies were on the opposite side of the desk. I threw my blazer over the chair behind me and my shoes were scattered. He was ready to go by the time I put my blazer on. I was missing one thing - "Rick I can't find my bra!"

He knew where I had thrown it and ran past me to go get it. He stuffed it inside his sport coat. In relief of our accomplishment, we stood facing each other smiling in readiness to leave. He took his hand and pushed my hair back over my ear a few times wiping his hand on his pants each time. "There, now no one can tell. You look beautiful, Carly."

Then I remembered, "We got to put the desk back!" We frantically and methodically arranged the papers and other items on the desk to look like we had never been there.

My nervousness was subsiding and being replaced with giddiness. I did a funny shoulder movement and told him, "I just felt your cum trickle down between my boobs."

We began laughing together. I opened the door to lead the way out and nonchalantly again tried to throw Anne off the trail of what we just did. "Thanks for all your help Rick. I think Ms. Johnson will be pleased," I proudly said.

Anne retorted back with a snicker, "I sure hope so you guys. You were in there for thirty-five minutes!"

Rick looked at me and continued walking down the hall to go back to his office. I just looked at Anne. She started saying, "Wow Carly, if that were me and my husband, we would have been done in five minutes. Maybe ten tops. What took you so long? You were in there thirty five minutes!"

I thought she might be mistaken. I told her, "We didn't even finish! Was that you who tried to come in?"

"No. It was Mr. Luis. He brought you his budget. Ms. Johnson gave him explicit instructions to put it on her desk. So he tried. I told him to leave it with me so I could give it to you." She reached over and handed the budget to me. "Mr. Luis was a little upset as Ms. Johnson wanted him to let her know when he delivered it. And when he couldn't open the door, he sent an email from his phone telling her that her office was closed and locked."

"Oh my gosh!" I got a panic attack. "You mean she knows I was in there now?"

"She does now," Anne said assuredly.

I felt like fainting now. I didn't want Rick to be in trouble. Anne could see the worry on my face start to overcome me. So she continued speaking, "There's no worries, Carly. I immediately emailed her and told her you wanted privacy to finish off the report and you were setting up your computer in there and accidentally locked the door. And that I made sure you got the report and you would email it has soon as you were done."

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