tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove in an Elevator

Love in an Elevator


Friday night. It was late, and I was still at work. It was time to go home. I cleared off my desk, grabbed my coat, and left the office, locking the door behind me. I slipped out of my shoes on the way to the elevator, since I'd been in them all day, and my feet were tender. The tile floor felt cool as I walked to the elevator. I pushed the down button, and the elevator came up. I walked in, and pushed the button for the ground floor garage. Standing in the back of the car, I closed my eyes and sighed, thinking I'd be home soon, where a good dinner, a long t-shirt and a good movie were waiting for me. At the 30th floor, it stopped, and a young woman got on. I recognized her from the restaurant which was on that floor, and nodded to her. She nodded back, and pushed the button for the lobby. What a break, I thought. I've got her all to myself; maybe I should invite her to my house. I'd had feelings for her for some time, but she didn't know that. She looked tired from working all day, but still cute. She's about 30 years old, Latina, with juicy lips, big boobs, big hips, and long legs, just my kind of girl. Whenever I went to the restaurant for lunch, I made sure to sit in her section, just to watch her walk around. Those boobs just fascinated me. I'd never had the nerve to ask if she was seeing anyone, but I figured this was my chance, and I'd better take it while I had it.

We chatted amiably as the elevator continued descending. At the 17th floor, the elevator jerked to a halt and stopped. We almost fell over, and looked at each other. We were stuck between the 17th and 16th floors. I reached over and pressed the lobby button, hoping it would start again, but it didn't. I grabbed the emergency phone, only to find it didn't work. I stared at it, then threw it down in disgust. I tried my cell phone, but the battery had gone dead. "Great," I said, "now we're stuck until someone realizes we're in here." The younger woman sat down and looked a little ashen. I looked at her, and said, "Are you ok? You don't look so good."

She looked up at me with stricken eyes, and said, "I'm a little claustrophobic, and I'm trying not to freak out here." I was surprised to hear that from her; she always seemed like such a strong person to me. She sat there, breathing shallowly, and looked a little green, so I sat down next to her, and breathed with her. After a few moments, she looked better, and smiled at me. "Thanks for that," she said, "it was a big help."

"You're welcome, but what do we do now?" I said. I looked around, and there wasn't much to see. I didn't have a book on me, so there was nothing to read. No music was playing, so there was nothing to sing along to. She said, "I don't know, but I guess we could just talk, until someone comes to check on the elevator."

Time passed, and no one came to see about the elevator, or us. We chatted about anything and everything, in between pushing the alarm button. She introduced herself as Charlie, which was short for Charlotte, and asked about my job. I told her I was a corporate attorney, handling cases for big and small businesses. I asked about her job as the head waitress at the restaurant. She said, "It's hard work, but I love it. I get to meet really interesting people, and serve great food. I've noticed you coming in and sitting in my section, or near it." I blushed a little, and said, "I sit in your section because I like watching you move around. Your body fascinates me."

I decided to keep my feelings about her to myself for a little while longer, but she was curious as to why I thought her body was so fascinating. I said, "Well, I've always been fascinated by the female form, but most especially breasts, even as a little girl. I used to go out with my mom when she went shopping, and I'd find the underwear section and just feel the bras. Silly, isn't it? I stopped when I looked up and saw this lady was watching me, as if I would steal one."

She laughed. "How old were you?"

"About 9-10 maybe. I hadn't even started developing yet."

"No, I don't think that's silly," she said. "I like legs, myself. My mom had long legs, like mine, and I liked rubbing lotion on her legs and feet when I was little." She took off her shoes, and showed me her feet, with her painted toes, and smooth skin.

We talked a little longer, then we began to get sleepy. We made ourselves comfortable on the floor as best we could, and I let her lay her head in my lap. I was really nervous, being this close to her, but I stroked her hair so she wouldn't notice. It was warm in the elevator, so we dozed off quickly. The last thing I remembered was the scent of her perfume, all citrus-y, yet musky at the same time.

I woke up some time later, because I thought I felt something crawling on my leg. I opened one eye, and saw Charlie's left hand going up past my knee, and trailing one finger up under my skirt, and up my thigh. It tickled a little, and I thought about squirming away, but it also felt good too, so I let her continue. I was curious to see where she was going. She raised her head up, and looked to see if I was watching her. I was, but I made it look like I was still asleep. She sat up fully, and her hands began to massage my leg. I opened my eyes, and when she looked up at me again, she stopped, embarrassed at being caught. "Don't stop, that feels good," I said. She smiled, and continued.

"I liked it when you were stroking my hair," she said, as she moved higher up my leg. My skirt rode up my thighs, and she noticed that I was wearing a red thong. I smiled at her, laid back and spread my legs wider. I remembered our sex talk, and she did too. I was really nervous, and I guess she noticed, because she said, "Are you ok with me touching your leg?"

I nodded and said, "It's ok, I like the way it feels. It tickles a little, too."

She removed her sweater, since it was getting warmer in the elevator. I had taken off my jacket before we went to sleep, and she noticed that my nipples were hard against my blouse. She sat back, admiring the blouse, and asked where I'd gotten it. I mentioned a particular store, and she said she was familiar with it, but could never afford anything there. She asked what color underwear I had on, and I opened the blouse to reveal the lacy red bra that matched the thong. Her eyes rounded, as my breasts were straining against the bra, begging to be released. She reached up and pushed off the blouse, then reached behind me and unhooked the strap. My breasts bounced out into her waiting hands. She squeezed my breasts gently, emitting a low moan from me. She lowered her head and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking hungrily. I threw my head back, and relaxed against the wood paneling. I watched her nurse from me for a few minutes, and enjoyed the feeling of a mouth and hands loving me.

I could feel my pussy getting wet, and wanted to touch myself, but she was in the way, and I couldn't reach it. She sensed what I wanted, because she slid her hand under my skirt, spread my legs open, moved the thong out of the way, and pushed one finger into my sopping pussy. Her thumb bumped up against my clit, and I jumped, but she held on. She rubbed my clit with said thumb, making me want to cum so badly. All I could think of was the feeling of ecstasy that threatened to overwhelm me, and it felt really good! I could feel myself ready to explode, and when I did, the feeling of euphoria afterwards was indescribable.

She came up and kissed me slowly. I held my hands up to her face, and kissed her back. She lowered her kisses to my neck, back to my breasts, then slid lower, to my waiting pussy. Her lips and tongue slowly moved over my throbbing clit and inner lips, licking me clean, and making me cum all over again. I didn't think my legs could spread any further apart than they already were, but I tried. Her lips were so soft, like butterfly wings. My next orgasm was as astronom-ical as the first, and I wanted to scream. I actually took a few seconds to think about screaming, knowing that it might bring someone to help us out of this elevator, but then again, I'd be found in a compromising position that I wasn't sure I wanted to be found in. In the end, I managed to tell her that I wanted her to stop, even though it felt really good. She did stop, but asked, "Why? I thought you were enjoying this. I sure am."

I explained my dilemma to her, and added, "I am enjoying this very much, and I want to continue, just not here. We can continue at my house, if we ever get out of here." At that moment, the elevator jerked and started up again. We both jumped up, and dressed hurriedly. By the time the elevator reached the lobby, we were composed and fully dressed. She checked her watch, and realized she had long ago missed the last bus home, so I offered to drive her anywhere she wanted to go. We decided to take the stairs one floor lower to reach the garage, and we walked to my car. She was impressed with the make and model of my car, and especially the back seat, which was pretty wide. I saw the smile on her face, and I knew we would be continuing what we started in the elevator, real soon.

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