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Love in an Elevator Ch. 03


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This story is set in KMB's Harem universe and it is with KMB's kind permission that I am able to do this. So Thank You KMB, I do appreciate you letting me play in the Harem. If you aren't familiar with KMB's 'The Harem' you might want to check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to all the authors who spend so much of their time and effort to bring these stories to us all. Your efforts are much appreciated.

And now the story -

Love in an Elevator – Part 3

MFF - cons, oral, anal

* * * * * * * * *

I still wasn't the religious type, in spite of the direct evidence being displayed before me that miracles do indeed happen, but I was starting to feel like I had died and gone to heaven. Or at least what passes for heaven to a confirmed pervert such as myself. It did explain a lot of things. Or maybe, just maybe mind you, I was having the best day of my life. Best I ever had had. Best I ever would have. To some people that might be a depressing thought, thinking that every day from that point onward would somehow be less. But not to me. The day had been perfect. Nothing was ever going to surpass it. And I was okay with that. How many people could claim to know which day, of all the days they had lived, was the best day of their lives? Not many I'll bet. At least I knew the day for what it was.

Love's tongue didn't stay limited to my balls for long. In a very short time she was jockeying for position with Sarah, the two hotties playfully fighting with each other for control of my cock before one or the other would yield to her friend only to be right back in the thick of it moments later. My head was still propped up on the pillow as I watched them share my erection, one of them engulfing me with her mouth while the other cupped my nuts, or both of them taking a side and licking their way up and down my shaft. Whenever they met, at the top or the bottom, there was much kissing and giggling, from both of them, not just Love. That was the first time that day that I saw Sarah get giggly. It made her appear softer, more accessible. I decided right there to do everything I could to make her giggly more often.

The ladies continued to work over my dick with their mouths, each trying to outdo the other in their efforts to please me, first Sarah gaining the upper hand only to be passed by Love moments later, and then back to Sarah, on and on until finally it came down to a simple deep throat contest. I thought Love would have a distinct advantage here, seeing as how she had already successfully pressed her nose against my abdomen earlier in the day, but Sarah surprised me with the ease with which she swallowed my entire length, not needing to work her way down at all. When her tongue came out and began to make its way to my balls I had my answer to the question I had silently posed earlier. I knew then that it was Sarah who had taught Love how to give head. Man would I have loved to have been their practice dummy. I wonder if the position is still available?

"Yeah, see, I still can't do that. I can't get the entire thing in my mouth in one swallow."

"It takes practice Love. Don't worry you'll get it. And all kidding aside, he is pretty big, so you shouldn't be surprised you can't get it all down in one gulp. And if it takes more than one shot I don't think you'll be getting any complaints about it. Right?"

That last was directed to me but I was too busy watching the girls, especially Love's shapely ass, in the mirror over the dresser as they sucked me off. I did however hear Sarah admitting that I was pretty big. I lifted my hips off the bed a little so I could get a better look at myself in the mirror. Not bad. Not bad at all.

"Caution, objects in mirror may appear larger than they really are."

I quickly turned to see Sarah watching me watching myself in the mirror, a smirk on her face. Retorting, as usual without really thinking, I answered with the first thing that sprang to mind.

"Oh yeah, that's original. Do you have any idea how many times I've heard something like that?"

Love's hands flew to her mouth as they had several times before that day, but this time she didn't even try to suppress her giggles and Sarah's smirk grew bigger, one eyebrow cocked as she continued to stare at me. What the... Oh hell.

"Wait, what I meant to say was that I've heard other women use that line before..." Love's chuckles continued to grow and she fell forward onto the bed, her face buried in the covers, "... wait. That's not right either."

Love was shaking on the bed in laughter with Sarah was close behind. This simply would not do. I lay there watching them for a few seconds, my mouth twisted to one side and my erection now unattended. They think that's funny, do they? I'll give them something to laugh about.

Springing up from my recumbent position I attacked the two defenseless bundles of laughing flesh, gathering up first Sarah and then Love and tossing them bodily to the middle of the bed and causing a new wave of laughter to come cascading out of the giggling twosome. I then waded on my knees into the middle with them and using both hands began to tickle any piece of exposed flesh I could reach. Seeing as how they were both completely naked that meant there was a lot of flesh currently exposed. Soft, silky, creamy white, desired by millions, flawless, nubile flesh.

Since Love was the more ticklish of the pair, big surprise there, I concentrated on Sarah, spending just enough time on the doe eyed sexpot to keep her a squealing, squirming mass while focusing on the blonde, doing my best to keep the older girl equally incapacitated, my hands evading their ineffective attempts to slap me away. The noise level was considerable, especially when I hit a particularly sensitive spot on Love, like her feet, or tummy, or, strangely enough, just under her left butt cheek, on the back of her thigh.


Eventually, despite all my labors to prevent them, the pair wriggled apart and I was forced to move from side to side on the bed to keep them going. This meant longer periods away from Sarah and soon she had recovered enough to be able to slap my hands away and scuttle to the head of the bed where she could cover up her most ticklish areas. I was required to choose between chasing after Sarah and fighting past her defenses, and thereby losing the advantage over Love, or staying with the brown haired lovely and continuing to torment her mercilessly. I chose, literally, the path of least resistance.

It didn't take much to keep Love a helpless mess, she was almost on automatic by now, where just a faint with my hand was enough to cause her to squeal and to get her arms flailing and her legs kicking in her efforts to stop me from reaching her skin. Sarah watched from the top of the bed, keeping a vigilant eye on me to ensure that I did not abandon my ticklish torture of her best friend to begin another assault on her still recovering form. And if she had only been a little closer to me I would have, so little of my attention being needed for Love. Still, I did have to make contact with the busty brunette from time to time, just to keep the laughter at acceptable levels you understand, and I would occasionally catch her behind the knee, or on her side, or, in one instance, my fingers touched down in a rather intimate spot, the index finger of my right hand sliding along Love's butt and poking her in the anus. The look of surprise on her face was almost cartoonish and her yelp was nearly high enough to shatter glass, and in her haste to get away from the invading digit she threw herself right off the bed, over the side and onto the rug. Giggling madly all the while.

I lurched after the younger girl, trying to prevent her from falling to the floor, still on my knees on the bed but now with one hand near the edge where she had gone over and the other reaching out to grasp her, dangerously overbalanced and needing just the tiniest push to join Love's laughing form on the floor. A push which Sarah was more than happy to provide. The ex-slayer launched herself at me from the top of the bed, catching me around the middle and intending to send me to the carpet as well. But she had overestimated the force necessary to push me off the bed and ended up spilling over the side and landing on top of me next to Love, the three of us now in one giant tangle of limbs, and the laugh riot starting all over again.

From there it turned into a tickle free-for-all with any piece of bare skin fair game for any set of hands. We were all laughing uncontrollably by now, interspersed with occasional howls to stop from the girls, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for any of us to fend off an assailant from one direction while initiating our own assault in the other and soon after we had all separated and the laughter started to wind down as we caught our collective breaths.

Many minutes later we were all lying on the floor in various positions as we recovered slowly from the battle, sporadic chuckles still wafting upwards to the ceiling. Sarah was the first to get up from her prone position and after a quick look at me to make sure that I was not preparing to start the battle all over again and an even quicker faint in Love's direction just to get a squeal out of the younger girl, she began to get off the floor and back up on the bed.

Nudging Love with a toe I tossed my head towards Sarah and waggled my eyebrows at the dark haired beauty. She understood immediately what I was suggesting and with a wicked grin on her face nodded her head in agreement. Without another word we swiftly got up from the floor and before Sarah even realized what was happening we were on the bed beside her, the two of us attacking her undefended sides from either direction and rapidly reducing the green eyed girl to a howling and writhing mess.

If it had just been Love on the attack I'm pretty sure Sarah would have been able to turn the tables in short order, and if it had just been me, well I don't think she could have turned things around on me, my arms are simply too long for her to get inside my reach without opening herself up to my dancing digits, but I think in time she would have been able to get herself on her back where she could use both hands and legs to keep me at bay. Assuming I didn't just cheat and grab her by the leg so I could focus all my attention on the bottom of her foot. Faced with the two of us however, Sarah had absolutely no chance, especially when I did exactly what I just described, grabbing her by the right leg and running my fingers lightly up and down along the sole of her foot.

Yeah, yeah. I cheated. It's a tickle fight. A certain amount of cheating is to be expected. And it was too good an idea to pass on.

With her leg immobilized against my side and her foot under constant attack it was only a matter of seconds before Sarah found herself on her back, pinned to the mattress by her best friend and lover, screaming her surrender, "I give! I gi... ACK! I GIVE! Stop!! Please YEOW! STOP!!"

I stopped my torment of the blonde's foot but didn't release her leg just yet. Love stayed in place straddling her girlfriend's waist, her hands still pressing against Sarah's shoulders while she made sure the older girl really was conceding the fight.

"You give up?"

"Yes, I give, I give. Just please stop tickling me!"

"So you're saying I win?"

"Yes. You win. Okay? You win!"

She wins? How did this become Love's victory? I was just about to release Sarah's foot and give Love a little lesson about sharing credit when she started talking about the 'prize' she should receive for her victory. Thinking this could get interesting, I held off on my tutorial.

"If I win I should get something for it, don't you agree?"

Sarah was now laying on her back as comfortably as she was able, considering that I was still holding on to her leg. She had her arms crossed behind her head and she was looking up at her younger friend with a soft smile, charmed by her lover's playfulness and willing to put up with the teasing if it made Love happy. I was struck once more by the impression that Sarah would do almost anything if it made Love happy.

"Okay. What do you want?"

Love's gaze turned inward for a moment as she appeared to think about what reward she should claim for having bested Sarah in the tickle fight and then a big smile came to her lips and her eyes twinkled as she bounced in place a little while announcing her choice of prize, "I want your car!"

The blonde girl's eyes went round at that but she didn't deny her friend, instead she appealed to Love's logical side, "Love sweetie, I drive a red Range Rover, you drive a Mercedes CLK cabriolet. Your car is nicer than mine, why would you want it?"

Something in Love's response told me that she really had not wanted Sarah's car, she was just using that as a way to tweak the older girl, especially since she gave up on it so quickly and made a demand for something much smaller and more personal, "Oh, right. Okay. Then I'll... take a kiss instead!"

"Now that I will be happy to give."

Leaning down to meet the green eyed girl's lips Love moved her hands off Sarah's shoulders as the older girl lifted her arms to clasp the brunette behind the neck. They fell into a quiet kiss that lasted much longer than was strictly necessary for the collection of a prize but I sincerely doubt Sarah minded very much, especially since when the kiss finally broke and they parted just far enough to stare into each other's eyes the blonde whispered "Red Rover, Red Rover, send my Love on over."

I don't know if Love was familiar with the child's game or not but she giggled in response anyway. That Sarah knew of it did not surprise me, given that she had grown up in New York where it has been a popular game among children for generations. In fact it is rumored that she bought a red Range Rover precisely so she could say 'Red Rover, Red Rover.' Either way it didn't seem to matter to Sarah as she brought her right hand down to caress Love's cheek as her left hand started to slide over the younger girl's back. I had let go of Sarah's leg almost as soon as Love had told the light haired girl she wanted the Slayer's car and she moaned a bit when the older girl brought it up to rub against her left thigh, maximizing the contact of their flesh in as many spots as possible.

They stayed looking at each other for a few seconds longer, Sarah's hand still on Love's cheek, the thumb lightly stroking the brunette's skin. Love leaned into Sarah's palm, closing her eyes and bringing her own hand up to cover the other girl's, a sweet smile on her face as she soaked in the sensations.

"I love you."

It was almost as quiet as her previous statement but Love had absolutely no problem hearing Sarah's declaration. Her eyes flew open and she inhaled sharply, the surprise at hearing her lover state her feelings so plainly evident in the look of shock on her face. She turned to her left to look at me over her shoulder as if to confirm that there was someone else in the room with them and then just as quickly she turned back to Sarah to see the blonde smiling up at her. They fell into another kiss as Love's legs slid backwards along the bed and she molded her body to her friend's. Unlike the gentle kisses from before this kiss had heat, the fierceness of it catching even Sarah by surprise at first, her eyes going round as Love pressed their lips together hard, then closing as she felt the brown eyed girl's tongue work it's way into her mouth, their world reduced for the moment to just the two of them. I watched them kiss each other for a while, the intensity of the snogging giving way to their usual tenderness, and when it became clear that I wasn't going to be needed for a time I got up and went to the mini-bar to get us all some drinks. Tickle fights and kissing are thirsty work.

By the time I got back to the pair they had shifted position on the bed, Love now on her back and Sarah half lying on top of her, still joined at the lips but with the blonde's left hand roaming about the dark haired girl's body from her chest to her groin. I put the water bottles I had brought back for the girls on the night stand to the side of the bed and climbed onto the king-sized mattress, taking up a position on my knees near the foot of the bed.

I watched as the sexy couple continued to kiss, Sarah's hand now down between her lover's thighs, her fingers just starting to rub Love's wide open pussy, preparing the brown haired girl for her entry. When Sarah's fingertips pushed into her channel Love hissed in pleasure but left her eyes closed as the older girl probed her twat. The two continued to make out as Sarah's digits started to move in and out of the hazel eyed girl's snatch and Love's hands wandered freely along the silky smooth skin of her friend's back. Sarah shifted to her left a smidge allowing Love's left thigh to come up in between her legs and press up against her own overheated vagina, causing yet another hiss to break through the lip-lock, this time from the woman on top of the pile of flesh.

The scene unfolding before me was starting to have an impact, on me as well as the two women involved. Watching Sarah's fingers plunge in and out of Love's cunt started the blood flowing back to my dick, helped along by the hand I was using to gently stroke my shaft with. I was certainly not alone in the arousal department as both women were making a significant amount of noise in spite of their continuing make-out session. Love in particular was growing more vocal as she pleaded with her friend to make love to her, begging the blonde to fill her vagina with yet another finger, or to send them deeper into her tunnel.

"Please Sarah, please. Make love to me. I need to feel you in me. Please Sarah."

For her part the older girl was trying her best to meet Love's requests, but short of fisting the dark haired vixen, she just did not have the necessary equipment to meet the brown eyed girl's needs. I watched as she slipped a fourth finger into Love's twat in the hope that that would be enough to make her younger lover happy but the adorable sexpot was still not completely satisfied.

"Deeper Sarah, please. Please, I need to feel you deeper."

Sarah was getting frustrated by her inability to give Love what she wanted. I could sense it in her movements and hear it in the discouragement in her voice when she had to tell her friend that she was doing everything that she could but that she had reached her limit.

"Oh honey, I'm trying, but that's it. That's as deep as I can go."

While watching the display from the lust-filled pair before me my cock had continued to stiffen. I could understand how her inability to please her lover would distress Sarah, but from a purely voyeuristic point of view that had not made the show any less hot, in fact the blonde's unrelenting attempts to satisfy Love actually added to the heat. I was fully erect now and couldn't wait for the pair to finish what they were doing so that I could join in on the action.

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