tagBDSMLove in Chains Ch. 05

Love in Chains Ch. 05


The next morning Adam slipped out of bed while Nye was still asleep and took a shower. He sat in his favourite chair staring out of the window, watching the world wake. He was still sitting there when Nye emerged naked from the bedroom hours later.

Rubbing his eyes and yawning Nye came up behind him and put his hands on his shoulders. Adam tilted his head to lay his cheek on one smooth, cool hand and kissed it before covering it with his own. Nye absently played with his hair, saying nothing.

"Are you sorry?"


"Sorry that you asked me to move in, that you asked Lian to test me?"

"To the one, no, never; to the other... maybe."

"Why are you so worried about it? Don't you think I'll make a good impression? Do you think I'll let you down?"

"Oh no, no Nye. I know you would never let me down. It's not that."

"Then what?"

"Lian has very fixed ideas. He thinks... he thinks that trainees need to be broken, that they need to be treated with coldness and violence so that they learn their place. He doesn't understand love."

"But this is different isn't it? This isn't just about training me. It's about sharing things with me. You're training me for something different."

Adam looked up and smiled at him. "Yes... yes I am, something quite different. Maybe... maybe he will understand that." He seemed to mentally shake himself. "Anyway, that's not your problem, it's mine. Lian will be very polite to you, he always is. It's me who is going to get an ear bashing... and so what? I can put up with that for a day when I am going to have you for the rest of my life."

"Is he only staying for a day?"

"Yes. He's coming at three this afternoon and leaving at about the same time tomorrow."

"Where is he going to stay?"

Adam gave him a strange look. "I thought you understood. He's staying here."

"Oh. Oh right. Is he sleeping with us?"

"No." Nye mentally heaved a sigh of relief, but it was short lived. "He's sleeping with you."

"With me?"

"It's part of the test."

"Oh. I see."

"Are you having second thoughts? You can change your mind if you like. I can make arrangements for him to sleep in a hotel and he will go home straight after breakfast in the morning. It won't really make any difference."

Nye leaned down to kiss him softly. "Yes it will. It will make a difference to you. I didn't understand, and I still don't, not really but I know how much it means to you and I want to do this for you... really I do."

Adam looked up with a look of such tenderness that all of Nye's doubts evaporated and he glowed.

Both Adam and Nye were nervous when Adam left at two o clock to pick Lian up from the airport. Nye spent the next four hours tidying the flat, putting clean sheets on the bed, bathing and dressing carefully in new clothes Adam had bought him for the occasion. They were spectacular. All black leather and silk, showing off his fairness to stunning effect. He was surprised to note that his fingers were trembling when he did up the buttons on his shirt.

At six o'clock he was ready and waiting. At seven he was pacing and at seven thirty he phoned The Club. It wasn't like Adam to be late. He was surprised to say the least when he was told that Adam and Lian were still in the dungeon. He wondered what on earth they were doing down there... and then thought better of it.

They finally arrived home at nine fifteen. Adam looked tired, with dark circles under his eyes and from the way he was walking it was pretty obvious what they had been doing. For an instant Nye felt a stab of envy but it died swiftly, quenched by the look in Adam's eyes which, from the moment they rested on him held a look that spoke of a man seeing a feast after almost starving to death.

Nye was smiling when he eventually turned his eyes to Adam's companion. Lian was not what he had expected. He was small and dark skinned, maybe Pilipino or even Polynesian. He was not ugly but he was certainly not beautiful, not in the way that he and Adam were. However, there was something about him, suggested by the way he walked, the expensive suit he wore, the casual understatement of his discrete jewelry, that spoke of power and wealth. That, along with his easy confidence and dazzling smile, more than made up for his lack of physical beauty.

While Adam took a shower Nye poured Lian a drink and then sat demurely on the sofa, watching him as he wandered around the apartment, lifting and examining items at random before finishing up staring out of the window.

He set his drink down on the coffee table. "Come here boy."

Nye rose and went to his side. He towered over the small man, who looked up at him, unblinking with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Adam has been training you."

It wasn't a question but he responded "Yes sir."

Lian nodded. "Are you enjoying the training?"

"Enjoying? I... wouldn't call it enjoyment sir, but I am grateful for it."

Again Lian nodded. "You have been told what is expected of you during my visit?"

"Only that you will be participating in my training and that I should treat you as though you were my master."

"Good. Take off your clothes."

Nye was taken aback. "But... I thought we were going out."

"It is not for those in training to think, or to question their masters. Take off your clothes."

"Yes sir."

Confused Nye did as he was told and stood naked before the windows as Lian stared at him with a cold look and calculating eyes that seemed to scour him with their gaze.

"Turn around."

Nye complied.

"Spread your legs, bend over and put your hands on the window."

Although puzzled Nye complied without a word. It was very dark outside and he could see his face staring back at him, a pale blur in the glass.

Nye was unsurprised when he felt Lian's hands on him and he forced himself not to flinch as they ran over his back, his buttocks, reaching forwards to squeeze his cock and balls none too gently. He felt like a horse at a horse fair... just a piece of meat being examined by a prospective buyer. Swallowing pride and humiliation he forced himself to remain still and submit to whatever Lian wanted to do to him.

Lian's hands withdrew and Nye straightened from the cramped, uncomfortable position. "Did I say you could move?"

As Nye resumed his previous position Lian slapped his buttocks with a vicious swipe that almost knocked him through the glass. "Do nothing until you are told to do so."

"Yes sir." Gritting his teeth against the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes Nye stared into the glass; the blank blurred oval stared back.

"What the hell...?"

Adam. It would be alright now because Adam was here. Nye heaved a sigh of relief which turned into a gasp when Lian, entirely ignoring Adam plunged a finger, slick with lubricant, into him without any preliminaries or warning. Although he jumped and tensed he forced himself not to move anymore than he had to, even when Lian thrust in viciously.

"Lian what the fuck are you doing? This wasn't..."

"Be silent."

"Yes sir." There was an almost vicious edge to Adam's response which made Nye feel at the same time, grateful to him but hopeless for his own situation.

Lian worked him for a while, until two fingers were comfortably accommodated and then he withdrew. Nye breathed a sight of relief, hoping it was over now... but it wasn't. He heard Adam gasp as though he were inhaling to say something... but he never said it and a moment later Lian rammed a plug into his hole.

It wasn't the biggest one he had taken but Lian wasn't being gentle and he was still sore from the assaults over the weekend. Swallowing a groan he blinked away tears that were as much from anger and humiliation than pain.

"You may rise and get dressed."

Confused Nye stood slowly, wincing as the plug shifted with his movement. Was he seriously expecting him to get dressed leaving that 'thing' inside him?

"But..." Suddenly a vicious jolt emanated from the plug and ripped through his guts causing him to gasp and his legs almost gave under him. Suddenly Adam was there, supporting him, smiling into his shocked eyes, massaging his shoulder in an encouraging way.

"Leave him." Adam hesitated then stepped back, but Nye was feeling better by then. Lian removed his hand from his pocket and showed Nye a flat remote control box. "Disobey me or displease me and you will get another shock. Please me and I will please you." He flicked another switch and an intense vibration flowed through him, turning his guts to liquid and making his cock jump and partially harden. Nye shivered and blinked. "It's your choice boy."

"Yes sir."

The vibration pulsed through him again and he almost fell. Then Lian turned away, seemingly losing interest, leaving him to dress. Adam hurried to help him.

"Is he seriously expecting me to go out to dinner with this... this thing inside me?"

"It seems so."

"But Adam..."

Adam hung his head. "I'm sorry Nye. There's nothing I can do about it. It'll be alright."

"Adam." Lian's call was harsh, commanding. Adam turned but Nye put a hand on his arm.

"Please Adam. I don't know if I can do this. And after..."

"We'll deal with after when it comes."


"I have to go Nye."


"I don't expect to be kept waiting Adam." Lian's voice was smooth as chocolate and Nye fell to his knees as the shock stabbed into him again. He was sure it was more fierce this time than before.

When he was dressed Lian took him by the arm and led him out of the flat, ignoring the tears in his eyes and leaving Adam to follow as he would.

The sports car was too small for all three of them so Lian had called a taxi. He directed Adam to sit in the front while he sat in the back with Nye. It was agony to get into the car and sitting on the hard seat brought tears to his eyes again. Lian sweetened the pill with a blast from the vibrator. When they were settled Lian moved close to Nye and opened the front of his trousers. Nye's eyes widened but he said nothing and did not move.

Adam said something to the driver of the taxi and the glass partition darkened. Lian immediately leaned forwards and rapped sharply on the glass. A small square slid back. "Keep it open." The glass lightened again and Nye caught Adam's eyes. He turned away.

Expertly Lian released Nye's cock from his pants and began to stroke it. Nye tensed and Lian smiled flicking a switch in his pocket. As the vibrations spread through his loins Nye arched against the seat and let his head fall back. This time the vibration didn't stop after a moment but continued and seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

He was barely aware of Lian moving his body, repositioning his hips until the plug touched his prostate. He knew when he had found the right position because Nye shuddered and moaned out loud. When he had Nye in a semi conscious fever of panting pleasure he resumed his assault on his cock and it was not very long before Nye started to feel a new kind of vibration building deep within him, causing all of his muscles to tremble and his hips to move of their own accord.

Nye was completely oblivious to everything that was going on around him and he moaned and whimpered, his breathing growing faster as the vibration went up a notch and he found himself gripped by an orgasm so intense that he was paralysed by it and found it completely impossible to breathe. He consciously felt the enormous rush of blood into his already engorged cock and he faded out as his balls contracted almost painfully and he pumped powerful jets of hot cum, then slumped unconscious.

When he regained consciousness only a few minutes later he was dressed again and the vibration had stopped.

"Clean up."

Lian indicated to the dazed boy where his cum had shot across the cab and was running down the glass partition.

"With what?"

"With your mouth."

"But..." Nye groaned as the shock practically raised him off the seat then he obediently got up and began to lick the salty liquid from the cool glass. His stomach turned and not just from the taste and feel of the cum. He closed his eyes so he could not see Adam or the driver, who was grinning.

When he was done he carefully sat back down and wondered what was next. Fortunately they arrived at the restaurant shortly after and there was no more opportunity for anything else.

Lian ordered meals for all three of them and, although it was something that he was not so keen on, Nye made sure he ate every scrap. Although he tried to keep up with the conversation Nye was soon lost and his attention wandered. It was brought sharply back by a blast from the plug which made him jump so much that he knocked his wine glass onto the floor.

As he bent down to pick it up his clumsiness was punished by another, sharper shock and by the time he sat down again he was pale and in pain. Nevertheless he didn't say a word, merely continued with his meal even though he felt nauseous.

He had two more shocks during the course of the meal but fortunately Lian did not see fit to impose any further public humiliation and the rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. On the journey back to the apartment Lian made him suck his cock and rewarded him as he was doing it with more vibration that brought his own cock back to life despite the fact that it left him feeling humiliated and dirty.

Lian did not climax, pushing him away and zipping up before that could happen. Nye surreptitiously sneaked a look at his face trying to decide if he was pleased or not. This was certainly not what he had been expecting.

As soon as they got back into the flat Lian ordered Nye to strip which he did. He then took off his own clothes and directed Nye to kneel in front of him and continue where he had left off in the car. He was not allowed to use his hands and he found it quite difficult especially when Lian started sending regular shocks through him. By the time Lian ejaculated into his mouth Nye's legs were trembling uncontrollably and he had to struggle to keep them pressed together and locked at the hip so they did not collapse completely.

"Get up."

Nye tried. He really tried but he simply couldn't get his twitching muscles to respond. In the end he crawled to the sofa and clawed his way up.

"Bring him here Adam." Lian's voice sounded bored and, while Adam put his arm around Nye and helped him stand, trembling and walk over to the dining table, he swept the table clear. Roughly throwing Nye face first, bending over his body he grabbed Nye's cock and began to jerk it while sending both shocks and vibrations thorough his body. Almost instantly Nye's legs gave way altogether and it was only the pressure of Lian's body pressing him against the table that kept him upright.

By varying the intensity of the pulses from the plug and the rhythm of his beating Lian kept Nye on the edge for what seemed like a very long time. Reality faded and he was lost in a world that was simultaneously pleasure and pain. He barely noticed when the plug was removed and was replaced by a penis which pounded into him while Lian continued to masturbate him.

When the orgasm finally came it was painful, very painful and, again sent him over the edge into unconsciousness for a moment. When he came too he was on the floor. Adam crouched next to him. He was naked and his penis was slick.

"Was it you?"

Adam had tears in his eyes. He stroked Nye's hair and nodded.

"Leave him Adam. Come to bed."

"What about Nye?"

"He stays here."

"All night?"

Nye felt his head jerked sharply up by the hair and found himself looking into Lian's impassive, even bored face. "Listen to me boy. The floor is you bed tonight. I will be checking on you and if I find you in a bed, chair or sofa I will make you wish you had never been born. Do you understand?"

Nye nodded and Lian shook his head viciously. "I said... do you understand?"

"Yes sir." He gasped.

"Good boy. Come Adam." He let go of Nye and vanished into the bedroom leaving Nye naked and shocked on the floor.

After a time the tears came and then the realisation that he was cold, so cold his shivering was rattling his teeth and breaking through the veil of sheer misery that had fallen on him.

Carefully, using the chair as support, he found that he was able to stand although his legs felt weak and his guts loose and sore. Defiantly he walked to the drinks cabinet and poured himself a drink. Lian had told him where he could and couldn't sleep. He hadn't given him any instructions about not getting drunk or anything else other than that.

After knocking back two large whiskies he went quietly into the spare room and pulled the duvet from the bed. Then he turned on the fire and, wrapping the duvet around him, curled up in front of it like a cat. Warm and reasonably comfortable he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

When he woke the next morning he was still alone and wondered if he would be expected to make breakfast. Whilst he was pondering Lian strolled out of the shower stark naked. He stood looking down at Nye for a while. Then he smiled and held out his hand. Somewhat reluctantly Nye took it and stood up. His legs were quite back to normal now, if a little stiff.

"You did well last night boy. Are you ready to do better today?"

"Yes sir."

"You know what is expected of you, what we are going to do today for the second part of your testing?"

"The dungeon sir."

"Yes. I hear that the last time you went there you showed unusual endurance. This will not be expected of you today." Nye knew better than to allow himself to feel relief at this.

"Are you prepared to submit to my will utterly?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Go to Adam, fuck him, submit to his instructions without question then shower dress and return to me."

"Excuse me?" Did he say 'fuck Adam'? His curiosity was quenched by a stinging blow across the face that brought the taste of blood to his mouth.

"No questions."

"Yes sir."

"Be back here by twelve o'clock. We are on a tight schedule. I leave at two."

"Yes sir."

Nye glanced at the clock as he turned. It was quarter to eleven. His heart soared with relief. Only two more hours in the presence of that man.

Adam was lying on the bed face down, naked and shackled wrist and ankle to the posts.

"Adam. Are you...?"

"Be quiet Nye. You can't release me until you have fucked me. If you don't do what he wants he'll know."


"Come here."

Nye sat down on the bed and brushed the hair out of Adam's face. He was pale and looked tired. Nye wondered what Lian had been doing to him. There didn't seem to be any marks on him.

"It's almost over darling. A couple of hours he'll be gone. Be strong and he'll have no choice but to give formal approval."

"Are you alright?"

Adam laughed. "Me? I'm fine. I was worried about you."

"I'm okay."

"Were you cold?"

"No. I took the duvet off the spare bed and drank a couple of glasses of whisky. I was out like a light. Only just woke up."

Adam grinned. "I knew it. I knew you would be alright."

"Of course I'm alright. Don't worry babe. I'll make this good for you."

"I know you will." Adam whispered as Nye started to stroke his back.

Nye worked hard to make the experience as good as he could for Adam. He knew that he hated to take this position, hated to be restrained, hated to not be in control. He had no way of knowing that Adam also hated his gentleness and consideration. He wanted pain. He wanted a hard vicious pounding to drive the humiliation from his mind but he said nothing, growing frustrated and angry as Nye's gentle ministrations continued.

"For fuck sake Nye... stop pussyfooting about. Get this done. Fuck me he said so fuck me. Make it hard baby. I need it hard and fast."

Surprised Nye complied and soon the bed was rocking, smacking against the wall with the power of his thrusts. Adam moaned appreciatively spurring him on further until he experienced one of the most powerful orgasms he had ever had... except for the night before. Thankfully this time he didn't pass out and he reached round to grab Adam's cock but Adam jerked his hips away.

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