tagBDSMLove in Chains Ch. 09

Love in Chains Ch. 09


Nye almost jumped out of his skin when someone touched his shoulder. It was Jon. There was a strange look on his face... almost tender, almost angry, almost sad.

"I thought it might be better if I took you. I've brought the car round to the door. Can you stand?"

"I'm not that drunk."

"No... but you're not that well either."

"I'm okay."

He did manage to stand, although he swayed, and he eschewed Jon's arm as he made his way through the bar towards the back entrance. He was damned if he was going to have someone tell Adam that he had to be supported by Jon.

A thought struck him so hard that it almost brought him to his knees again and he had to grab the bar to stop himself from falling. Damn! Someone was bound to tell Adam about Kane. They wouldn't know who he was but Adam had met him. How many Americans did he know? Adam would recognise the description and know it was Kane. More than that he would be told of the conversation, the hug... damn and double damn.

It occurred to him to wonder why it should dismay him so much. Why should he feel guilty that he had been visited by a friend? Damn, he would have to tell Adam about the party on Friday. He wasn't going to be happy.

Suddenly a wave of anger washed over him. Fuck that! He was NOT going to let himself get into the position where he had to be afraid of speaking to his friends and family. He was NOT going to have to ask permission to go to a party. Maybe the slave thing was not a good idea after all. He smiled as he straightened and shook off Jon's hand to walk more steadily to the car.

For a time Jon was silent but as they approached the flat he asked.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright?"

"Yes. Thank you. I'm okay now."

"I know that's not true but... well to be honest Nye that is not exactly what I was asking."

"What do you mean?" Nye was surprised. Jon had always been friendly but they had rarely spoken other than regarding matters relating to the bar and the business.

"Don't take this wrongly Nye but I have been... concerned about you." Nye looked up puzzled.


"Look... maybe you don't want to hear this but..." He paused, gathering himself. "I may well be overstepping the mark here but I have to get it off my chest. When I'm done I will be more than happy for you to tell me to mind my own business... or even to sack my arse but... You're not the first person that Adam has got... attached to. He has a liking for beautiful boys and he has had a succession of them. None lasted long and he has never made a commitment to any of them like he has with you but...

"All of Adam's previous lovers have been... different to you. They came to him with full knowledge of what he did, what he was. They came to him Nye. They wanted the...discipline, the lifestyle. They sought it out. You're different. You are... gentler, sweeter. Some of the others were... gentle like you, delicate even and they were broken... he sent them away in pieces." Nye gasped, shocked by the unexpected turn of the conversation.


"Please Nye. Let me speak. If, at the end you feel the need to take action I will understand but I can't go on watching you go down. This life is a harsh one and only those with a certain... attitude survive. You've seen what goes on and I have never witnessed anyone go through what you have. That you have done it at all shows you have far more stamina and endurance that you appear to but... Adam is... he's not what he seems Nye. He breaks people."

Jon turned to look at him and was struck, not for the first time, by how young he looked, far younger than his 21 years. He looked like a boy, a stunningly beautiful boy, just as Adam liked them. Even though he was beginning to realise that he had an inner strength that was not apparent on the surface he was still concerned by the apparent fragility of the fine boned face with its enormous wide eyes. Part of the thing that made him look so fragile was the innocence that shone from those eyes.

Jon was not naive, nor was he easily fooled or moved by apparent innocence on a face that had clearly seen more than enough to shatter innocence. However, even though he knew full well what Nye had seen, heard and experienced he was also sure that it had somehow failed to touch him. Somehow he had kept that purity and innocence despite everything that had happened. It was that which made him so appealing, and what put him in so much danger.

"You are very beautiful Nye, you know that, but there is something more... an innocence, a kind of naivety about you that is very, very attractive. The people who come to The Club like that... they like it a lot. You are a great asset to Adam... you bring a lot of good business his way, simply by the way you look... and on top of that..." He paused. "You're a really good person Nye. It shines out of you and that is even more rare than physical beauty in this game. People flock to you and in this kind of life that's dangerous.

"At the moment Adam is besotted with you. You have no idea how hard he is working to protect you from the darkest sides of the business, and the people who lurk there. But I have seen that before. There have been others he has tried to love. There was one in particular that he... maybe he did love. That ended badly and for a long time it made him hard and cruel.

"When he met you it was as if he came alive again. He changed, became more of what he used to be but he has changed. Something died in him that has never fully come alive, not even when he is with you. I'm not saying that he doesn't love you, in his way... what I am saying is that even though he does love you he's dangerous.

"Adam doesn't understand weakness. Pain and suffering are tools to achieve an end. Sickness is something he has no time for and weariness doesn't exist for him. He is strong and he expects everyone around him to be strong too... sometimes unreasonably so."

He paused again as they pulled up outside the flat. Turning to look at Nye he frowned. "It's not that I think you're weak Nye... truly it isn't that. I've seen your strength and it has surprised me over and over. But... you are a good person, a nice person... and good people don't last in this business. Adam is being far more gentle with you than he has ever been with anyone before, but I don't know if that's a kindness.

"I know you probably hate Lian but he had a point to make and he made it. This is a harsh and brutal business and that's why 'new meat' is treated so harshly... so that if they don't have what it takes they find out and leave before they get in too deep."

"Are you trying to tell me I don't have what it takes?" Nye spoke softly but there was an edge that Jon had not heard before and he wondered if he really had signed his own death warrant so to speak.

"I don't think you have any idea of 'what it takes'. You've only scratched the surface. Has Adam asked you to be his slave yet?"

Nye's eyes widened and he bit back a retort along the lines of 'Mind your own fucking business'.


"Have you accepted?"

"I'm sorry Jon but what does this have to do with you?"

"Has he explained to you exactly what it would mean? Have you thought about what it would mean? You've seen the other slaves. You know what they do, what is done to them. Are you really sure you want to do that?"

"No. I'm not sure. I'm not at all sure... and I've told Adam that. He isn't putting any pressure on me."

"Not yet."

"Look Jon... I'm very grateful that you brought me home, that you care enough about me to speak like this... but what goes on between Adam and I really isn't any of your business. My choices are my own."

"Are they? Are they really? When was the last time you visited your family Nye? I'm sure you've wanted to, meant to even... but there is always a reason not to isn't there, something that comes up to make it impossible, or to make you forget. And how many of your old friends do you see now?" he paused and then looked Nye right in the eye. "Are you going to tell Adam about your friend's visit today?"

Nye felt as if he had been slapped in the face. His eyes went even wider and he vacillated between anger, outrage and fear.

"Thank you... but that's enough. I've made my decision. I won't tell Adam about this conversation. It never happened. But don't do it again. I want to be your friend. It's important to me because I trust you, not only with regard to the business but in every way. Even more so now. So please don't make me have to avoid you and shut you out of my life.

"I've listened to what you said and I've taken it on board. Now I will make my own decisions and I would expect you to respect them. The only reason I would speak to Adam about letting you go would be if you failed to respect me."

"I will never do that Nye. You are more deserving of respect than anyone I have ever met. I will do what I can to protect you but I beg you. If nothing else comes of this conversation, nothing at all... make sure that you get Adam to spell out exactly what is expected of you before you agree to anything."

"I will. I would always have done that. In fact... I... I had pretty much made up my mind to say no. I am a stubborn, obstinate spoiled creature and I don't like being told what to do. I don't think I'm slave material."

Although Nye smiled when he said this Jon frowned. "Be careful Nye. Please be careful. Adam is a very persuasive man and he always finds a way to get what he wants. There is nowhere he is not prepared to go in pursuit of that."

"Are you suggesting that he might hurt me if I say no?"

"He hurts you anyway... but no... that's not his style, not in the way you think. I don't think he would hurt you... not you... but he will make life very difficult for you."

"Well life with Adam has never been easy." Again he tried to smile and, after a hesitation Jon returned it.

"Just be careful." Metaphorically shaking himself Jon looked up at the house and back. "Do you need a hand getting inside?"

"No thank you. I'm fine." And that was true... right up to the point when he tried to get out of the car and first the pain hit and then the dizziness... but it was not until he was sitting on his arse in the road that he conceded and allowed Jon to put his arm around his waist and support him as he climbed the steps to the front door and then rode the lift up to the apartment.

To his enormous embarrassment Jon insisted that he help him get undressed and into bed. When he saw his blushes Jon laughed.

"Do you see? This is why I worry about you. Can you imagine anyone else who ever sets foot in the dungeon blushing just because another man saw them naked?"

Nye thought and couldn't. He shook his head and smiled. "I'm not like anyone else."

Jon's smile faded and he went still. "I know Nye. I know you're not. You're unique, special... and I don't want to see you lose that."

"I won't. I can't... it's the way I am."

Jon shook his head again and smiled. "You know where I am Nye. If you need me, you know where I am."

"Sure thing."

"Did you get that phrase from your American friend?"

Nye froze and Jon was quick to see the smile fade. "Don't worry Nye... Adam won't hear of that from me... or from any of the other staff. You have friends in that bar Nye...more than you know."

"Thank you." It was barely more than a whisper and Jon felt strangely protective of this seemingly fragile, vulnerable boy as he tucked the duvet around him. He smiled and awkwardly patted Nye's hand. As he turned to leave Nye grabbed his hand.

"Will you stay with me? Just for a while. I don't want to be alone."

"Of course I will. Shall I put some music on? Maybe that will help you get to sleep. That's what you need most right now."

Nye nodded and watched Jon as he moved around the room, selecting a CD and putting it into the stereo. Soft strains of an old Celtic lullaby filled the room and Nye relaxed immediately. This was one of his own CD's. He didn't think Adam had ever heard it yet. He knew that Adam wouldn't like it.

Jon sat down on the bed and directed him to turn onto his stomach and close his eyes. Giving him a quick uneasy look Nye complied, but he needn't have worried. Sweeping his hair to one side Jon rubbed his palms together to warm his hands and then began to massage the tense muscles in Nye's shoulders and upper back. Within five minutes Nye was sound asleep.

When he was sure that he was asleep Jon stopped the massage and sat for a while longer stroking the long silky hair. There was a deep unease in his heart whenever he looked at the boy. Nye was so open and so bright he hated the fact that the brightness was already being polluted and that one day it would be extinguished.

Although he knew that Nye was different to all the rest; although he knew he had an incredible inner strength he also knew the truth about the business... the darkness that ran to it's heart and swallowed any soul it might ever have had. Once that darkness took Nye he would succumb or be broken. He had seen it too many times to believe that it would be in any way different this time.

Sighing Jon got to his feet and pulled the duvet up over Nye's shoulders. He considered turning off the music but there was something very right about it. Somehow it fitted the sleeping boy, and so he left it playing.


Adam was unsurprised to find that Nye had gone home when he emerged into the bar. Spying Jon behind the bar he wandered over.

"Did Nye get home alright?"

"Yes. I took him myself."

"How was he?"

"Unwell." Adam nodded frowning.

"Did he eat anything?"

"Not much."

"Damn. I should have stayed with him but this opportunity was really too good to pass."

"Did your 'meeting' go well?"

Adam beamed. "Better than I ever expected. It would have been better if Nye was there...he would have had them eating out of his hand... literally... but it went well. I got exactly what I wanted."

'You always do' thought Jon. Aloud he said, "Are you going to go straight home? I can take care of things here. I'm not expecting it to be busy tonight and there's no one special booked in."

"I was thinking of going somewhere nice for lunch. Nye will probably sleep for a couple of hours so there's little point in going home."

"He was pretty much out of it."

Adam frowned darkly. "Sometimes I want to kill Lian. He's such a bastard when he wants to be. To be honest I can't believe Nye took it so well. Although..." he paused, thinking of what had transpired the day before; maybe Nye hadn't taken it so well after all, "he's stubborn and often doesn't show what he's feeling."

Jon nodded, misunderstanding Adam's concern for consideration towards Nye. "He is very stubborn. He all but passed out a couple of times but there was no way he was going to show it or accept help from me until he absolutely had to."

Adam smiled proprietarily. "He's strong. I had no idea when I first met him that he would turn out like this." He smiled again, almost wistfully. "I thought he was just another pretty boy who could grace my arm and my bed. I found out pretty quickly how wrong I was. He's special. By the time I'm done with him he is going to be a fucking legend, a god."

"Are you sure he can take it?"

Adam looked up confused. "Sorry?"

"He was pretty sick today Adam. I was concerned for him. He's not like the rest. He seems delicate. He has an incredible strength but I think that comes from his will... break that and he'll crumble."

"What makes you think I am going to break his will?"

Jon looked at Adam wondering if he was hearing what he thought he was hearing. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe Adam truly did care for Nye and he would change, would treat him with more compassion than he had treated the others. His hope was dashed by Adam's next words.

"I don't need to break his will. I can make him believe anything I want him to believe. I just have to find the right words, the right pressure points and I won't have to break anything... he'll walk willingly to whatever I want him to do; he proved that yesterday. Lian was wrong. Training does not have to be done with a heavy hand, you do not have to break the body or soul to achieve complete obedience. I know the buttons to press with Nye. I can play him like a finely tuned instrument and it's only a matter of time before he is completely under my control."

His face darkened and he glowered at Jon. "That's why I could just fucking KILL Lian. He's got Nye questioning. Yesterday he was questioning me; questioning whether I love him, why I would have let Lian do the things he did if I loved him. Fuck it Jon... I've worked too hard on him to have it all ruined because Lian's pissed that I didn't let him fuck Nye sooner."

He put a leather pouch on the bar and patted it affectionately. "Fortunately I now have the means to bring it all back on track." Smiling in a self satisfied way he picked up the glass of whisky Jon had habitually poured for him and sipped with a sigh. "No more questions, no more fighting. I think that Nye is going to find himself becoming a lot more malleable in the near future. By the end of next week he'll agree to anything I ask of him."

Jon's eyes flicked from Adam to the pouch. "You're going to drug him?"

"For a while. Until he's more... malleable."

"Is that wise?"

Adam looked up sharply. "Are you questioning my wisdom Jon?"

"No. It's just that I thought the point of the exercise was train Nye consciously and willingly, without the usual methods."

"Ah... well, yes it was, and until Lian interfered it was working. Now... I'm not so sure that Nye won't start thinking for himself again if I let him. It's a regrettable development but only a temporary one after all. Once I'm sure he's back on track I'll stop. Besides..." Adam drained his glass and slid off the seat flashing Jon a feral grin, "if I leave him to his own devices he's going to be no fun at all for days. With this..." he tapped the case, "he won't deny me anything... he won't be able to."

For the first time in a very long time Jon was truly shocked. There had never been any illusions in his mind as to what his boss was capable of but this was low even for him. Nye had been through so much, he had almost died for God's sake, and Adam was going to drug him senseless so he wouldn't ask questions or deny him sex.

Adam, catching the look that Jon was unable to suppress, frowned. He reached over the bar and caressed Jon's cheek. It was all he could do not to pull away.

"You are an exemplary employee Jon. I couldn't wish for a better 'right hand man' but you are not expendable. Be careful not to overstep the mark... you know full well what's on the other side. Do not presume to question me... especially when it comes to Nye. He's mine. Body and soul to do with as I please... mine. Do you understand?"

"Of course, Sir."

"Good." Adam slapped Jon's face lightly then turned and walked away. It was just as well he didn't see the look on Jon's face as he did so.

When Adam got home Nye was still fast asleep, curled on his side with the duvet clutched tight about him. Adam stood looking down on him for a while with a smile on his face. Having taken his time over lunch he was feeling mellow and calm. When he'd left The Club he had fully intended to give Nye the first dose of the drug as soon as he got back in preparation for an evening of fun, but looking down at him now, so open and vulnerable in sleep with the signs of what he had gone through written so clearly on his face, that same strange wave of protectiveness had washed over him and he couldn't quite bring himself to.

Instead he stored the pouch safely in his private cabinet and left the bedroom. In an uncharacteristically thoughtful act he went into the kitchen to make something for Nye to eat.

Walking back into the bedroom with a tray containing a bowl of chicken soup, a chunk of warm bread and a glass of watered wine he smiled as Nye stirred and blinked open sleepy eyes. Setting the tray down on the bedside cabinet he sat down on the bed as Nye rolled over onto his back, and gently stroked the hair from his face.

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