tagBDSMLove in Chains Ch. 15

Love in Chains Ch. 15


For a long time Nye was not aware of anything much at all. There were very brief moments of lucidity in which he became aware that he was... in a car, in a bed, in a... different room. However although there was awareness there was no understanding, no connection between the moments, no stream of consciousness that would allow him to make sense of what was happening.

Sometimes he heard voices around him, the words, heard but not processed, were meaningless and did not touch him. Not so the pain. It came at regular intervals and was sudden, unexpected and intense. Too drugged to process the mechanics he was unable to comprehend where it came from, what caused it or which part of his body was affected by it, he simply lived for the moment it stopped and he could sink again into the blissful darkness.

Having long ago ceased to wonder, to process, to resist, during those rare moments of semi consciousness he followed orders unquestioningly. Until now they had been simple, consisting of brief instructions... to drink, to swallow, to walk... although he was no longer capable of that.

Occasionally he had been aware of being moved, his body lifted and carried, positioned, invaded but none of it mattered, nothing mattered, nothing made sense, nothing existed beside the darkness and the pain.

Sometimes when he was deep in the darkness he dreamed. The dreams were never of Adam, always of Kane. They were the only times when he felt anything at all and the pervading feeling was sadness. Right now he was rising from one of those dreams and was reluctant to let it go. At least there was no pain... yet.

Nye was numb. As he swam upwards through the layers of consciousness he first became aware of it and then he dismissed it. It simply wasn't important and neither were the voices. The truth was he didn't want to regain consciousness; he wanted to sink again, back into oblivion, back into safety, back into the dreams... but this time there was nothing he could do... he was rising and he couldn't hold on to any of it.

"For God's sake Lian, can't you see the boy's not up to it, he can't take anymore. If you insist on carrying on with this madness you are going to kill him."

"You had better think long and hard Adam, before you seek to offer advice to me about training and what boys can or can't take. For some reason I have lost my faith in your judgement."


"Enough Adam! If you persist I will have no problem having you gagged."

"But this is barbaric! It's pain for the sake of it. What purpose will it achieve?"

"Adam, dear Adam... you have known me for long enough to know that I have never needed a purpose in inflicting pain, over and above the pleasure it gives me to do so. I am a connoisseur so to speak. People come from a long way away to sample my exquisite tortures. I haven't lost anyone yet... not unless I have wanted to."

The coldness in Lian's voice caused Nye's stomach to flip. Who were they talking about? Was it him? What were they going to do to him?

Nye was largely unaware of the attention being given to his body. Although he was no longer entirely numb he just wasn't interested. His entire body was tingling and, when he was first lifted onto the table he struggled, an almost automatic, instinctual reaction to the pins and needles that fired his muscles. All it took was a command from Adam to still him utterly and he gritted his teeth and focussed his mind away from his body until they faded and he was left in a state of almost hyper awareness, sensitive to every touch.

Adam's ministrations were gentle, firm and swift and it was easy to let his mind drift. Trying to sink back into sleep, to recapture his dreams, the sense of Kane being close by, Nye let his eyes slip out of focus and his body relax. He heard Lian laugh.

"Your boy's trying to escape you Adam. Seems like your touch is too gentle... it's sending him off to sleep."

This time the slap to the face registered, sharp and shocking, making him gasp, tasting blood.

"Stay with us, Nye. You're not going anywhere, body or mind."

Nye blinked and stared at him, his eyes hardening as his mind cleared.

"Fuck you."

Lian laughed again. "See how obedient he is Adam? Your methods are so impressive."

"I wouldn't crow too much, Lian... he's been under yours for the past two days."

"Patience my dear boy, patience. I have been too occupied with that other recalcitrant. Luke was an old friend after all and I was busy reacquainting myself with him. I have been saving this one." He stroked Nye's belly noting with pleasure the tremors beneath his hands. "Patience was never one of your strong points, but sometimes waiting, lingering, anticipating... is the greatest part of the pleasure." Nye became aware of him moving, standing near his head. "Look at me boy."

As much as he didn't want to Nye had no choice but to turn his head to look at Lian who was staring at him with cold disinterest. As he watched Lian reached out his hand and cupped his face, stroking the cheek bones with his thumb. Nye compressed his lips and glared with the last ounce of defiance he possessed.

"Oh you are a strong one aren't you? It is going to be such a pleasure to break you, it already has been, and if you think what has happened to you so far had been bad, think again. It is going to get a lot worse for you very quickly. This is different to anything you have ever experienced before. If you survive it then you will be mine... if you survive.


"Oh dear. Is that anger I see in your eyes, Nye? Or is it fear? It really should be fear you know. I am going to hurt you like you have never been hurt before and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. Be sure to scream nice and loud, it's music to my ears."

"Fuck you."

"Do not speak again."

The strange compulsion was like a blanket to his senses, cutting out his natural reactions and forcing him down different paths. What had they done to him to make him behave like this? Being a stubborn individual Nye hated the fact that he was being forced to do something he didn't want to do and prevented from doing something he did want to do. Struggling with the blanket he forced words out through a throat and lips that were fighting against him.

"Fuck you." The words were choked and very soft but clear enough and shocking to Adam, although Lian laughed delightedly, and raked his hands through Nye's hair.

"Delightful. So much beauty; so much spirit. It is almost a shame to destroy either... if you're lucky I won't destroy both. Think of this as the first lesson. Everything that has gone before has just been a preparation for this. Kindergarten, if you wish. You're playing with the big boys now and the big boys are loving every minute. This is a very special lesson, a lesson in pain. If you learn it well then we can move on. If not we will come back... again and again and again until you do. When you look at me with eyes of fire and beg for more... then I will stop it... only then."

Lian's caresses continued while his eyes remained locked with Nye's. His hands moved down over his throat, shoulders and chest, lingering to tease and twist his nipples making his wince. "Lie still." Lian's voice was like the crack of a whip and Nye's body reacted automatically.

"Close your eyes and focus on your body, the sensations you feel, the pleasure, the pain."

Although he struggled to force his eyes to remain open he simply could not resist and his eyelids fell. He was aware of someone stroking his hair, the sensation soothing and pleasant. He sighed.

"Good boy, Nye. That's the way, now relax and focus. Relax and focus. Do not tense your body. Do not struggle. Do not fight. Relax and focus on the sensations in your body."

Floating on a sea of sensation evoked only by the words Nye felt almost as though he was rising off the table. The restraints and straps of the harnesses were not unpleasant and for a moment his mind almost slipped towards sleep again. Then a very strange sensation almost made him open his eyes in surprise.

"Keep your eyes closed Nye. Keep relaxed."

The strange sensation was like a warmth and fullness in his abdomen and he suddenly felt as though he badly wanted to relieve himself. A small sound escaped him as he tried to tell someone but he was silenced.

For a moment he thought that his body was taking matters into its own hands only to realise, at the very end that it was the tube sliding out of him. He hissed, both with the soreness of the last inch or so and with the almost unbearable desire to urinate it left him with.

Before he could do or say anything, the tube was replaced by something cold and hard and rigid. It made him shiver. There was no question of relieving himself now; he was completely blocked. However the need was still there and it was becoming painful.

"Was that strictly necessary?" Adam's voice sounded strained, almost plaintive.

"Strictly? No. But water conducts electricity, don't forget. A full bladder vastly increases the sensations, not just of the shocks through the abdomen but also the stimulation of the rectum. Beside... it wasn't water."

"Then what...?"

"My own creation. Don't worry, it won't cause any lasting harm but oh boy will it hurt."

Already Nye was feeling an unpleasant burning sensation deep inside his body. Not only was he desperate to pee but the pee was burning him. He whimpered.

"Be silent Nye." His throat clamped shut on the little sounds that were creeping out of it.

Hands slid under his buttocks and raised his hips and he choked on a moan as well greased fingers slid into him and began to work him, stretching the muscles around his rim and probing deeply, crushing his prostate against his full bladder and causing the burning pain to intensify.

"Be silent."

Obeying the command Nye's attention turned to trying to twist his hips and arch his back to relieve the pressure, escape the pain.

"Be still."

It was almost physically impossible to obey both commands but his body was compelled to do just that and he silently moaned and writhed inside his mind.

Nye could have cried with relief when, after what seemed like a long time, the fingers withdrew and his body relaxed. The relief did not last long however because the fingers were almost immediately replaced by something else. Nye had no idea what it was. It was not a butt plug, being thinner and longer, less flexible than a finger and pushing far more deeply inside him.

The object was twisted and turned as it inched deeper and deeper inside until he had no choice but to moan aloud from the sensations it was producing, so intense that he could not have distinguished whether they were pleasurable or painful. This time Lian did not order him to be silent, knowing it was impossible and no longer something he could control.

By the time Lian had finished inserting the object into him Nye felt as though the entire contents of his abdomen had been liquidised and turned to fire. His legs were trembling uncontrollably and when the hands that were lifting him lowered him again the change in sensation tore another moan from him and caused the trembling to increase.

Lian and Adam were talking but Nye no longer had the focus to distinguish what they were saying. Trying desperately to escape the pain in his guts he turned his head from side to side, moaning softly as his body writhed, moving entirely without conscious endeavour or control. Almost unnoticed a strange sensation began to creep all over him, like a crawling, prickling itch under his skin. It was not unpleasant but very, very strange.

So gradually that he barely noticed it the sensation grew in intensity until every part of his body was tingling with the creeping, crawling penetrating itch that was not quite an ache.

The feeling remained stable for a time until he was almost used to it and then it increased again, so gradually it was little more than just a reminder to his adapting mind that it was still there.

Very slowly, in a series of minute plateaus the sensation increased until it was no longer an itch but most definitely an ache, concentrated in his head, his chest and his abdomen although, almost as a sideline there was also a niggling cramping ache in his arms, legs and lower back. He was never capable of rationalising that it was caused by a steadily increasing current of electricity passing through his body, the voltage varying according to which part of the body it was directed at.

Nye gasped as a lance of pain shot through his head and was gone. It was followed by another in his stomach and then... he became aware, and solely aware, of his balls contracting and his cock expanding as intense shocks passed through them. He moaned aloud in an agony of ecstasy as the shocks shot through his shaft and balls followed shortly after by similar shocks penetrating deep into his guts from the implement buried in his arse.

Again the sensations, although undeniably painful this time, were insanely pleasurable and excited him in a way nothing ever had before. His entire being was possessed by them and they went on and on with no let up and no relief until he very nearly passed out. Just as he was on the verge of crossing the threshold the arrow of pain again shot through his head clearing his mind and diverting his attention from his groin.

It was then that he realised that his whole body was locked in cramps and trembling quite strongly in every muscle group. That sensation was wholly and undeniably of pain with no pleasure and he groaned through clenched teeth. However, he did not have much time to think about the realisation because almost as soon as he reached it the sensations in his belly gained domination again as they built and possessed him.

And so it went on. Every time he felt that he could not bear the pleasure or pain any longer and was on the verge of losing consciousness the jolt through his head brought him back and made him aware of the rest of his body until his attention was again focussed on the sexual tension.

Slowly all awareness of anything and everything else slipped away. At some point he was commanded to open his eyes and he did so but he had no conscious vision. He saw nothing, he heard nothing, he felt nothing other than the orchestration of pain that was building within him in a slow rising crescendo.

Beyond all capacity to hear or process commands his body writhed and twitched, his limbs jerking and his head shaking from side to side. Strange cries escaped his throat and forced their way past his clenched jaw and compressed lips.

As the strength of the current increased a line was crossed when the pain outweighed the pleasure and he started to scream. He did not feel the hands that prized apart his teeth forcing a ball gag between them, stifling the cries.

Somewhere along the way he lost himself. All sense of who or what he was slipped away and he was nothing but an extension of the pain, the means by which it existed. There was no sense of where it came from, what it meant, what it was... merely the total and utter awareness of its existence as the beginning and end of his universe.

Very soon Nye lost all sense of time and had no idea if it was merely minutes, or hours, days or weeks that he lay helpless in the grip of torment so deep that it seemed to rip away from him every shred of identity leaving behind an empty shell filled with nothing but the constant starbursts of ecstatic agony. And then... and then...

It started with a feeling as though something that had been curled deep within him was unfolding and sliding out of his body, inch by inch, foot by foot, mile by mile in and endless string from his throbbing cock. When it was gone he felt strangely empty and then the intense tingling began, as mindblowing as the pain had been. Deep in his root it built, stimulated by the shocks that caused his balls to retract and his rectal muscles to contract around the foreign body that was still buried deep within him sending its shocks into muscles that were so fatigued they would have continued in much the same way even if it had stopped.

Grunting and writhing Nye felt a pressure build that would have been familiar if he had retained any concept of what 'familiar' was. Someone was speaking close to his ear. Dimly he registered that he could hear what was being said but he had no capacity to understand or make sense of it. His focus was centred entirely on what was going on below.

The pressure built far beyond anything he had ever experienced before, until his entire body was on fire with the screaming need for release and still it held on and still it built. If he had been aware of anything he would have realised that every muscle in his body was in spasm and his chest was heaving with the fight for breath.

Quite suddenly all of the sensations that had been assailing his body, other than those that were going on in his guts cut off and he was aware of hands holding his head still as he fought them, pressing down on his chest and holding his hips. The voices were much clearer although he could not distinguish who they belonged to or what they were saying... and then he tipped over the edge, his whole body convulsing as he climaxed, over and over and over... more than he had ever done before, the intensity of the orgasm played like an organ by the skilful ministrations of Lian and the electrical equipment that was his instrument.

His last moment of awareness was dominated by a vast implosion that ripped through him as if someone had let off a firework inside his head and then everything was abruptly cut off with no slow sink into darkness but a very sudden and final... ending.


I was utterly shocked when Kane came calling. There hadn't been a moment since our last conversation when I wasn't thinking of Nye, worrying about him. I wanted to DO something, but what could I do? My brother was right when he said that he was an adult and master of his own destiny. As his sister all I could do was sit helplessly on the sidelines and wait to pick up the pieces. I knew that there would be pieces to pick up. Adam was a bad man and Nye wasn't, so at some point he would wake up and realise that they were not meant to be together... but would it be too late?

It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and I was relaxing after a bath. I had my pyjamas and bath robe on and my hair was tied up in a towel. When I answered the door I was humming and completely unprepared.

Kane was with a man, a stranger I didn't know and to say that my jaw dropped was an understatement. Without waiting to be asked in Kane pushed past me and then turned, grabbing my arms and speaking really fast, so fast that I couldn't understand what he was trying to say. His accent always got stronger when he was wound up and he was very upset. I looked at the other man, who remained silent. He shrugged.

"Alright. Okay. I get the message. You're upset about something but I have no idea what you're trying to say. Come in, calm down and try again."

"Mir, you don't understand. There's no time. There's no time. We have to do something. I have a bad feeling, a real bad feeling. We gotta do something."

"About what? Kane, you're not making sense."

"About Nye, Mir. He's in danger, terrible danger. I know it and no one will listen to me."

"Nye? What's happened to Nye?" He started to babble again and I stopped him. "Kane this is hopeless. You have to calm down and speak more slowly. Start from the beginning, what's been going on?"

With a real effort Kane managed to calm down enough to fill me in rapidly on what had happened. I became more and more horrified when he told me about how he had been kidnapped, what Adam had made Nye do to him, calmed slightly when he explained about Luke and Riz helping them to escape and then almost drown in horror as he described the dramatic events in the courtyard at The Club.

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