tagFirst TimeLove is Blind

Love is Blind


The bank was bustling with activity when I entered to deposit some cash for my friend. I was sure this was going to be a boring wait because banks are often filled with old people.

"I am going to be sick of waiting," I mumbled to myself before taking a seat. But, I never knew it was going to be the best day of my life. As I had nothing much to do, I took my mobile phone and started killing some notorious pigs in Angry Birds.

Suddenly, I felt a smooth hand brush against mine as a young girl took her seat next to mine. She must be hardly 20 or 21 years old. Her young beauty was simply mesmerizing and gave me an instant hard-on.

"Oh my goodness," I was really lost for words looking at the beauty near me. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her skin was naturally smooth and was so fair! I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful curvaceous boobs and the shape was clearly visible through the pink t-shirt that she wore!

"What a pretty young lady," I thought to myself.

My busy thoughts were disturbed by a feminine call. "Excuse me, can you help me out?"

She was talking to me! "Ughh...yes..."

It was then I was surprised to notice that my beautiful crush couldn't she how pretty she was!

She was actually blind and I pitied god for having made her this way.

"Can you fill up the form for me?" She asked. I took the pen from her hands and filled out the details. She stood close to me as I wrote. I deeply wished that she would like me, at least with the sense of touch.

"Thank you." She took the form from my hand and walked to join the queue. Soon, she was out of the bank before I could ask more details about her background.

It was then I found out that her pen was still in my hand and maybe if my lucky charm is intact, she might have a bank account here. My luck didn't fail me. I got the necessary details from the bank somehow and landed straight at her door step the following weekend.

I knocked the door.

She opened it. "Yes, who's it?"

She was wearing a blue top and a floral patterned skirt that covered only till her knees. I felt a bit guilty to look at a girl with lust who can't actually see my intention but I consoled myself.

I'm not going to do any bad to this sexy chick for sure!

I explained why I was here to return her pen and her lips curled with a knowing smile.

"Did you come all the way to return just a pen?"

I smiled. "Sort of," I stammered as I replied.

She smiled again. "Come in..."

I walked inside and took a seat. I was surprised to find out no one else was there in her apartment. She sensed my doubt and clarified me.

"Actually, I live alone and I know my home as the back of my hand. I like to be independent, you know."

Her confidence surprised me and I was impressed with her attitude. I was sipping the coffee she made when she poked me with her question again.

"Are you sure you came all the way to give my pen back?" Her voice was mischievously suspicious. I couldn't help but wonder how tasty her rosy lips would be if engaged in passionate, long kiss. She definitely deserved to be kissed often!

I didn't want to waste the opportunity. "Maybe, I wanted to go out on a date with you."

She was stunned for a moment and her facial expression turned serious. "You aren't joking right. Do you know that I can't see the world like you? Don't you?"

"I don't think that doesn't make you any less a girl than others. You are pretty and confident. I'm impressed with it."

She burst out laughing. "You don't even know my name but you are asking me out?"

"I think that's why we should date to know each other," I replied smiling.

"I think you are pretty handsome yourself. I am definitely not someone who accepts a date like this but no one has pursued me the way you did. So, I wouldn't mind giving it a try."

"Does that mean yes?" She blushed and simply nodded.


Our date was definitely eventful. She was dressed in a glamorous style and I came to know that she learned to survive on her own with her determination.

We were sitting facing each other, slowly sipping our wine.

"I'm Asha," She introduced herself for the first time. "I'm Rohan and if you don't mind I would love to call you Ash, Can I?"

"Yeah, you can." I was definitely not planning to make love to her the first day but was expecting to taste her sweet lips.

To ease the situation, I stood beside her and asked her to dance. She agreed.

The tune played by the DJ was definitely romantic and the dim lights set our mood high. It was an amazing moment when I got the opportunity to hold Asha close to me. My hands were on her hips, tightly cupping the curve and as the song came to an end, I didn't have to think twice.

I leaned over Asha and took her lips in mine. She responded willingly. I cupped her cheeks in my palm and planted a deep kiss on her open lips. Asha was so willing than I expected and she had her arms wrapped around my neck.

My hands were busy caressing her soft body through the satin cloth while my lips explored the depths of hers! She parted her lips allowing me complete access to her mouth and I let my tongue flow in. I soon found her submissive tongue and our tongues got engaged in a sensuous battle.

Our kiss was long as I took my time to explore and taste her lips to my heart's content. It was time for us to leave then.

When we reached her doorstep, we didn't speak anything but embraced to look ourselves in another passionate kiss.

Reluctantly, I left her and started walked towards the elevator. But, I just felt I couldn't get enough and went back for yet another taste of Asha's keep-kissin-me-lips.

"This was the first kiss of my life," she said giggling and panting while trying to catch her breath. I stood close to her with my hands wrapped protectively around her.

We had to leave but I was sure the night is not far, when I will make Asha naked before me and penetrate her wet pussy.


Weeks later...

My date with my Asha became pretty intimate with each passing day and she trusted me more than anything else. But, she was a virgin and wanted her first night to be special. We decided to spend our exotic night in one of the romantic destinations of all, a boat house in Kerala, India.

Even though, it's in my own country, I have never been there but could only imagine how amazing it would be to spend an entire night with my loved on in the middle of a river. We planned our trip in the next few days and were off to Kerala.

After spending enough hours trying to find the location, we reached our boat house. The atmosphere was romantically pleasant with trees all around and the slight drizzling added fuel to my already aroused state. Asha was no different and even though, she couldn't see the natural beauty, she experienced the thrill.

We had our special dinner in a candle light restaurant before heading off to your boat house. The ferry driver gave a knowing smile to me as I escorted Asha inside our room. It was a spacious boat which was conveniently designed with air conditioner and a comfortable bed.

I sat close to her and felt her breathing rising with each minute! It was moderately raining outside and I guess it's a common occurrence in the place which is situated in the middle of a rain forest.

"Asha...do you know you look so pretty tonight?" I spoke caressing her soft cheek with my palm.

She blushed and gripped my hand tight. "I love the climate and it makes me feel so fresh, dear."

"I know baby. I think it's time I showed you how much I love you."

Asha was ready for what was about to follow. Our ceremony began with passionate row of kisses. I have never seen Asha kiss me so feverishly before. Maybe, it was the privacy or the romantic location that made her wild.

I stood up and lifted her up in the air. She had her one arm wrapped around my neck while her other hand was busy unbuttoning my shirt. I carried her to the corner of the boat and we were soon out in the open. There was no ceiling to cover us and we loved every moment getting wet in the rain.

My lips were busy feverishly kissing Asha's sweet lips and she reciprocated with equal passion. I stripped her off her clothing and soon she was standing only in her lingerie. No one was around and the peaceful river witnessed our furious sex.

We were about to fuck and make the most out of the trip. I loosened her bra straps and started tasting her erect nipples. They were so thick and stubble. I loved biting them to my heart's content and I was rewarded with a sexy moan from Asha every time, I did it.

"Your nipples are so tasty, dear."

She pushed my head further into her luscious boobs and I obliged willingly. I took her right nipple in my mouth while my left hand was busy fondling her left nipple. I kept teasing, sucking, biting and grazing her nipple with my teeth.

"Oh, you are so good at tasting my nipples. I would have let you do it long back if I knew you were this hot," she laughed saying it.

We were fully naked by the time. My hard cock often brushed onto Asha's soft tummy. She shivered every time it touched it and it was partially due to the cold rain water that continued to drench us.

I could feel that Asha was completely involved in the sexual frenzy than any other girl because all she could do was feel and experience it physically. Her hands automatically went below to hold my throbbing cock and she slowly started shagging it.

Her soft hand made me even harder and I was longing to push my pulsating cock deep inside her wet quivering pussy as soon as possible.

"Shall I taste it, dear?"

I was surprised. "I have girlfriends, you know. They share their experience but this would be my first," she clarified me.

"I'm sure you don't watch porn Asha. Do you?" I mocked her.

"Yeah, but I hear them you know, a lot," she replied with a smirk on her lips.

Asha went down on me. I was standing right in the middle of a boat getting wet in the rain as the girl obediently took my hard cock in her mouth and started tasting it. She took her time to lick the shaft before engulfing the head into her warm mouth. Her blowjob was intense. I placed my hand on the back of her head and encouraged the young virgin to suck me harder.

Before long, I was carrying Asha back to our bed. I switched off the lights and it was pitch dark. I wanted to feel the darkness that my girl experiences every day and proceeded to spread her legs.

"I'm bit scared honey but I trust you," she revealed her thoughts but I reassured her.

I placed a pillow below her ass and got her ready in a comfortable missionary position. For a moment, I glanced at the girl lying naked and spread before me. She had a perfect hourglass figure with supple breasts and a curvy hip to hold. Her fair skin was simply arousing.

But, my throbbing thick cock had no empathy for the young virgin and when I pushed it hard into her virgin pussy, Asha screamed which echoed within the boat house. She was weeping but encouraged me to keep fucking her.

I did and soon she started experiencing her share of pleasure. I helped Asha wrap her sexy thighs around my back and continued to fuck her beautiful body. Her eyes were closed and I know my babe was lost in pleasure.

"I love you." Bending down, I took Asha's lips into mine one more time for a deep kiss as I continued to fuck her unexplored pussy with maximum vigor. I loved to fuck hard and she cooperated, ready to satiate my lust with her delicious body.

Next thing I knew was, she was sitting on top me and riding my cock. I cupped her round boobs for support but they bobbed every time she jumped on my cock.

Asha was even prettier when naked and she enjoyed sex like no other women, with her sensitive sense of touch.

I pulled her lips close for another passionate kiss and turned her over. She was in doggy style allowing me to go deep into her pussy and fuck as hard as I wanted to!

Our hottest night made me realize that I should have Asha for the rest of my life and enjoy her femininity every night in our bed. I wanted to make love with this sweet angel but she was so sexy that all I could do was fuck her hard.

I came three times that night, once in her mouth and she drank my cum like an obedient slut.

"I want your pussy for myself, Asha. I wish to fuck you every night like this and wake up only to kiss your sweet lips every morning," I proposed in the most unusual way.

Asha blushed and wrapped her arms around my neck in an assuring style.

Her soft and smooth skin was heavenly to touch. I kept caressing her back and hip as I drifted off to sleep in our private boat house.

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