tagInterracial LoveLove Knows No Color Pt. 03

Love Knows No Color Pt. 03


Since it is one of my short days, Wednesday has become train night. Doing local Pittsburgh deliveries usually has me home by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, giving me time to have friends over. We gather to run my model railroad. It is a guy's night, like a poker game only with trains.

My two regulars, Danny and Ziggy were over, and we fired up the railroad to move freight. They were longtime friends, both of whom I had met while out taking train photos. We'd known each other for years and they were my two best friends. For some reason, the rest of the crew was unavailable that night. Danny drove a city bus, and had the rotund build to prove it. He had shoulder length brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. Ziggy was a city police officer in Zone 3, who regularly patrolled my neighborhood. He had the bulky, muscular build of somebody used to working of a bouncer, and wore his hair in a marine cut, shaved on the sides, jar lid up top.

Danny looked at me and said, "You look happy these past two weeks. Rose giving you some?"

"Rose is gone for good," I said. "There's a new sheriff in town."

"I've got to meet her!" Ziggy said. "Is she blonde like Rose?"



"Try again."


"Yeah, you could say that. "

"Call her up! I've got to meet her." Ziggy looked pleased.

"Yeah, tell her to get her butt over here." Insisted Danny.

I called Von on my cell. "Von baby, are you doing anything tonight?"

"No," she replied. "But it's your guys' night. They stand you up?"

"They'd like to meet you. Can you come over? We have a Zucchero pizza."

She seemed delighted. "I'm on my way. I miss you."

I told the guys she was coming over and they laughed.

"You got her wrapped around your finger already?" Danny said.

"No, she has me wrapped around hers."

"Whipped already?" Ziggy laughed.

"Wait until you meet her," I replied. "She's a goddess."

Danny was working the train yard, sorting cars according to a computer printout. Ziggy was bringing a load of coal over the mountain. I was getting a high priority freight ready to leave the yard, waiting on Danny to give me a push up the mountain. We had the stereo on, with a nice selection of older classic and progressive rock playing randomly from the 6 disks inside.

Soon I heard the key in the door, and the sound of heels on the living room floor.

"Jason?" she called.

"Down here, baby" I called up the stairs.

"She's got your key?" Ziggy looked at me incredulously.

She slowly made her way down the cellar steps trying not to trip in those red heels I'd first seen the night we met. She looked ravishing in her red dress. "Sorry, I didn't have time to change from work," she apologized.

"Damn," said Danny.

"Dude, I didn't know you went that way," said Ziggy.

"Guys, this is Von. She's my new lady. Von, this is Danny and Ziggy."

"You weren't kidding," said Danny in awe. Turning to Von, he said, "Jason told us you were a goddess. He sure raised his standards with you."

"Von would you like to run with us tonight? Danny, what you got ready to go?" I asked.

"All I have for now is an Allen turn."

"I'll take it," Von seemed ecstatic.

"Honey, that's the roughest train on the line. This is your first time doing this, maybe you'd better wait for something else," I warned her.

No," she insisted. "That's what's ready. That's the one I want."

Ziggy stared at her. Danny looked at me with raised eyebrow. "Give it to her," I said.

Allen was a town on my railroad. The track was laid out in what's in known in model railroading as a time saver, a devious compact tangle of switches and sidings designed by the late John Allen to frustrate his friends. The problem is that there simply is no room to move. All cars must be spotted on predetermined tracks, but in order to spot one car you have to move one or more others out of the way. Von had no idea what she was getting into. This was going to be interesting.

Because of the lack of room at Allen, only small locomotives can be used. Every inch counts, and the size of the locomotive can mean the difference between solving the puzzle and getting hopelessly stuck. The task as we ran things seemed simple on the surface. You took 6 cars and caboose to Allen, and took the 6 cars already there back to the yard. I explained the switch list, showing which cars went where, as she left the yard. With such a small locomotive, Danny had to give her a boost up the mountain to Spruce Bridge with the yard engine. From there it was all downhill. As the train dispatcher, I cleared the way for my queen, making Ziggy get into the siding at Magee to let her pass.

Arriving at Allen with her train. She looked at the town and said to me, "You bastard." The guys laughed.

I told her that since her train was off the main, she'd have to ask permission from the dispatcher, me, any time she needed to use it. She could also use Magee siding, and the coal mine there, if she needed. But if any trains needed to use those tracks, she would have to get out of their way.

Sizing up the situation, she asked to use Magee and the coal mine. She quickly stuffed the 6 inbound cars in the mine tracks, and headed back to Allen with just engine and caboose. I was impressed. Consulting the switch list, she was able to pull all 6 outbound cars and get them in order with the caboose properly positioned for the return trip. Her train was ready to go back to the yard. Problem was, those 6 inbound cars still had to be spotted on their respective tracks.

She asked to use Magee again, and pulled her train in the siding, stopping just past the mine. She disconnected the locomotive, and asked to use the main track to run around her train to get to the inbound cars at the mine. She was making child's play of this difficult run.

I decided to mess with her, to see how she'd think on her feet. Ziggy was coming west with another load of coal, I had just left the yard and was grinding it out on the mountain below Spruce Bridge, eastbound. My original intent had been to duck into the siding at Hawthorne, halfway down the mountain, and let Ziggy by.

"Ziggy," I said. "I'm going to change the meeting point. I want you to take the siding at Magee. Von, you'll have to clear your train up on the Allen branch." She was busy pulling the 6 cars out of the mine. Danny looked at me with a smirk on his face. He'd been watching the goings on at Allen out of the corner of his eye. Ziggy caught on to what I was doing.

"You know that's just wrong," he laughed.

Von said nothing. She pulled the 6 cars out of the mine, and backed them into her train. The 6 outbound cars were still in the proper order; the caboose was now in the middle of a 13-car train. And headed for the Allen branch.

"You know you have to get all that train off the main. It has to go into Allen," I said.

She looked at me and sweetly said, "I know what I'm doing." Danny turned and looked at her inquisitively.

She pulled the entire train off the main onto the Allen branch. It fit, with about 3 car lengths to spare. She quickly disconnected the 6 inbound cars and set about the task of placing them in the proper spots. I was impressed. She'd seen she had just enough room to maneuver, and made the most of what she had to work with. What I'd done had made the job exponentially harder. I'd expected her to wait until we cleared Magee, then set her train on the siding like she had before. She didn't want to wait. She decided she didn't have to. By the time I got down to Magee with my train, Ziggy was already there. We quickly passed and Magee was ready for her use again.

"Permission to use Magee and the main line to run around my train?" she asked as my train rolled by. Danny was staring at her in amazement. She'd done it. While waiting for us to play our little game, she'd placed all 6 inbound cars in their proper spots. All she had to do was push her train of outbound cars into Magee, and run her locomotive around to the front and she'd be ready to head for the yard. She'd solved the puzzle. It was then I realized my goddess was a genius.

"I guess she showed you!" Ziggy laughed.

Once we got her train back to the yard, we decided to shut down for the night. There was nothing more to prove. My friends looked at her with respect. She's easily won them over. We all sat in the living room chatting for a while, eating cold pizza and drinking Pepsi.

After they left, she turned to me. "Boy you know you weren't right," she scolded. "I know what you did. You're gonna have to pay for that."

"I am counting on it," I smiled. "But you earned their respect by thinking on your feet. They know that you are both beautiful and smart now."

She kissed me. "Thank you," she said. "I missed you. Now it's payback time." She ran her hand down between my legs and rubbed my rapidly stiffening rod through my pants.

"Or a rehearsal for this weekend," I said, hands squeezing her ass, pulling her into me.

"I can't wait," she purred.

I unzipped the back of her dress. She stepped back and let it fall to the floor. She was naked underneath. She stepped back and undid my belt, pulling my pants and boxers down as I quickly pulled my shirt over my head. We kissed, as I ran my hand through the coarse texture of her recently straightened hair. I could feel a hint of hair grease as I stroked it. I love her hair. I will always love her hair.

Taking her hand, I led her upstairs to the bedroom. We crawled on the bed. "I want you so bad. But you've been a bad boy. I have to make you pay." She positioned herself straddling me. She raised up on her knees and guided me into her warm moist folds. "Don't you dare come."

She thrust herself forward and back, up and down, riding me. My hands found the nipples and lightly pinched them. "OOOH that feels so good. You feel so good inside me. Don't you dare come."

I took a nipple in my mouth. I was addicted to her body. It felt so good to be inside her again. I could feel myself getting close. Von's pussy was gently, sensuously squeezing me as I moved inside her. My hands moved to her hips and I squeezed them hard.

"Uhh Uhh," she said as she rose up off me. "I told you not to come."

My rock-hard manhood was pointing straight up at her hovering pussy. I craved penetration. I longed to plunge back into her depths. She wouldn't let me. She lowered herself until her pussy lips just came into contact with my head, then raised back up out of reach.

"I told you that you were gonna pay for this. I know you want me bad, I know you want to flood me with your juice. I'm not going to let you. Think about that," she said. "But I'm going to get mine."

She slid forward, knees went under my arms as she worked her way up my body. She had lowered herself into my belly as she slid, leaving a trail of her juice on my skin. Her crotch slid forward towards my mouth. "Eat me good. You know you want this black pussy."

I slid my tongue deep inside her, nibbling, sucking. She shuddered in pleasure, working her hips to slide her slick womanhood over my lusting tongue. I love the way she tastes, the way she smells. I have her scent. It's driving me wild. My hands grab her hips, then begin a slow slide to her asscheek, I work my fingers toward that spot I know drives her wild, the one where cheek meets inner thigh.

She slaps my hand and pulls it away. "No you don't she says. You're not getting off that easy." She continues to ride my face, hips moving in a circular swirl. I continue to lick and suck her juicy folds, but she has grabbed my hands, holding them in her own so I cannot touch her body. I feel her tempo speed up as she races toward the inevitable hear her moaning my name. "Oooh Jason."

Suddenly she stops. "This is too easy," Shavonda whispers ominously. She swings one leg over my head, tearing herself away from me completely. She turns her body around, swinging her other leg back over my body. Backing her heart shaped ass up, she says, "Eat me, white boy. Don't you dare come."

My hands spread her wide. My mouth and tongue seek to devour her. My face is soaked with her juices. I feel her warm hand encircle me as she bends forward. I feel her hard nipples scrape along my stomach, then her breasts crush against me as she leans further forward. Her mouth engulfs me. We are feeding off each other in a sixty-nine position. Those soft full lips are wrapped around me now, taking me inside her warm mouth. I am so ready. I have been ready for a while. She is too.

"Oh shit. Oh shit," I hear her moan. She takes me into her mouth again, sucking harder and faster now. I feel her head bobbing on my shaft as her whole body tenses up. Her inner muscles squeeze my tongue. Moans send vibrations of pure pleasure through my dick. "Mmmmf mmmf" I hear and feel her moan around my shaft as her head bobs faster. I feel the shudder go through her body as her back arches into me. Her head bobs up but does not leave my head as she moans in orgasm. I can take no more.

"Von, Von," I moan as I flood her mouth with my pent-up desire. She does not jerk away. She does not move her head. Her hand moves up and down my shaft, milking me of every last drop, as our orgasm subsides.

She raises her head, climbs off me. She looks at me with those big brown eyes as she turns her body and towers over me. My head is sunk back in the pillow.

"Jason!" she scolds, but there is no fire in her eye. There is merely a twinkle of mischief. "Boy. I thought I told you not to come. We're going to have to find some other way to make you pay." She is so beautiful, dark skin shiny with sweat in the streetlight. Finger raised to point at me as she scolds me. "But not tonight." Her tone softens. "You need your sleep. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow."

She snuggles up next to me, arm thrown across my chest. My arm encircles her, we kiss deeply, each sticky from the other's fluids. I love the way she tastes. She tastes like us, together. We are meant to be together. She is my queen.

Thursdays, more than any other day, are my mountain day. I spend the day making the rounds in central Pennsylvania. I send her a photo text. Greetings from Pleasant Gap, PA. In the photo Nittany mountain looms large over the town. "I wish I were there with you," comes the reply.

I pick her up the following evening at her home, in my blue Liberty. She is wearing hot pink shorts and a matching top. The color glows against her chocolaty skin. I watch her climb in the front seat, hips swaying sensually as she opens the door. I throw her two bags in the back, Next to the bucket, grill and bag of charcoal. As I climb in the driver's seat, I reach in the cooler on the back seat and offer her a cold pop. Dr. Pepper. The bottle of black cherry rum is beside the cooler on the seat. It will have to wait until we get to the motel.

"Jason, there's been a slight change of plans," she says, turning to accept the opened can. "We will have to cut the trip short by a day. My family is having a cookout on Monday, and Daddy insists you be there." I am a little disappointed, I want to meet her family, but I have reserved 3 nights in the motel.

"What time?" I ask.

"Any time after 2," she says. "Mama told him about how you stood up to her, and he wants to meet the man who had her speechless. She's told him good things about you."

OK, this can work. We can sleep in Monday morning, have breakfast, and still leave Bedford early enough to make the cookout. "Not a problem," I reply "We are still going to spend the next 3 nights out of town."

I reach for the aux cord, asking her, "Did you bring your iPod?"

"Yes," she says, "But for the room. On the ride, I want to listen to your music. Show me something new."

I plug mine into the aux cord, and make my selection. Tonight, it's Porcupine Tree. Their entire catalog, on shuffle play. Maybe tomorrow I'll introduce her to Mars Volta.

We head east, taking 22 as far as New Alexandria, then using 981 to drop down to 30 at Latrobe. We take 30 east to Bedford, under the light of a full moon. The mountains are aglow in the silvery light as we press eastward. I always take 30 when I make this trip. The turnpike is faster, but 30 is more beautiful and traffic free. We climb over Laurel Mountain, with the windmills blinking off in the distance as we descend the mountain. "This is so beautiful, so romantic," Shavonda sighs in awe as we make our way down the mountain. Twenty miles later, we pass the windmills, their blades spinning in the blinking red lights of their warning beacons. We top the Allegheny front at 2900 feet, then begin the long winding descent to Bedford. I pull over where the ship motel once stood, and we stand there alone in the moonlight gazing out over the valley spread out below us as far as the eye can see. Distant mountains loom as shadows in the moonlight.

"See that one there, the one that comes to a point?" I tell her, "That's where we are going. Our motel is at the bottom."

We continue our descent, past the horseshoe turn carved out of the steep mountainside. Past Shawnee State Park. Under the turnpike bridge, Around the base of the pointed mountain and into the town of Bedford. At the light, we turn left and soon are at our destination. I pay for the room, the Indian clerk handing me the key to room 15. I love this place. I have been here before, always alone. It's time to share it. It's time to share my world.

We park the car and move our bags to the room, right off the balcony on the backside of the motel. It takes a couple of trips. I have brought the rum, the cooler, the bag of snacks, the cd player, the iPods and aux cord. We have everything we need. But first I need to wash off the road dirt. 10 hours in a Kenworth plus a 2 ½ hour drive have taken their toll.

I strip off my work clothes. It feels so good to be out of those heavy steel-toed boots. Shavonda hangs my clothing up as I walk naked to the shower. I hear the r&b playing again as she plugs in her iPod. A moment later, she has joined me, a beautiful ebony apparition in the steam. "You need your back washed," she says. She grabs the bottle of liquid soap and a wash cloth telling me to turn around. I feel her massage me as she scrubs my back. Her hands feel good as the knead my muscles. I am blessed every day I spend with this woman. I can feel her naked breasts rub my back as she squirms against me. "You needed a titty massage"

I turn to face her with my back under the shower head. I can feel her hair starting to kink back up as I run my hands through it. I've never loved to play in anybody's hair the way I love hers. It feels natural. This whole relationship feels natural. I grab the soap bottle and squirt a little in my hands, as she washes my front. Rubbing in in my hands I lather her body. I don't need a wash cloth. I want to wash her with my bare hands. I need to feel her soft soapy skin, to hear her moan as I rub my hands over her body. A wash cloth would just get in the way. I rub her body parts as I clean her. I linger a little extra on the sensitive areas. I know she enjoys our shower dates as much as I do. I can't help playing with her titties. I squeeze them, cupping them as I run my thumbs over her soapy nipples.

Working my way down, I rub the space between her legs, working myself between her lips. She has been lathering my dick and balls. I rub her clit for a little bit, hearing her appreciative moans as she strokes me. I kiss her and say, "I still have to get your legs and feet."

Reluctantly, our hands leave each other's sensitive areas. I squirt more soap in my hands, and kneel before her. Her legs are spread, one leg bent and on the tub rim. I lift her leg off the rim, kneading her foot as I do. Then I lather her other foot. She is unable to lift her foot for me, or she'd lose her balance, so I do the best I can. Slowly I work soapy hands up her shapely legs. She feels so good. Reaching the top of her thigh, I switch to the other leg, the bent leg, and lather it as I did the first one. This time, as I get to the top of her thigh, I stop. There it is, staring at me, dark brown lips spread in arousal, dripping soapy water, with just a glimpse of the of the pink treasure inside.

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