tagInterracial LoveLove Knows No Color Pt. 05

Love Knows No Color Pt. 05


After returning from my family's reunion, Shavonda seemed happier than ever. She'd met my family and kids and been accepted. The world, or at least those who mattered to us, knew we were together, and for the most part accepted our love. We were one now. Everybody expected that where one of us was, the other would be also.

We picked the kids up the next weekend. Rose wouldn't let me in her mother's house to get them. I had to stay outside on the step while they came to the door. The whole time she glared at Shavonda, who sat in the Jeep and glared back. Get over it already, Rose. You lost.

On Saturday, we took the kids to Shavonda's house. She insisted on buying them toys to play with. I tried to pay for them, but she wouldn't let me. "If these are to be my kids, too, then I want to buy them things," she said. She was in love with them. They seemed to love her, too.

In the afternoon, after taking them to Pizza Hut, we let them play in the yard while I helped Shavonda refill her bird feeders. Her yard was much bigger than mine, which had rood for a cement slab to park the car, a table, the swing set and little else. My yard was hemmed in by buildings on either side and an alley in back, space so cramped that if you were in the alley you wouldn't know I parked my car on the slab until you drove past it.

Shavonda's yard, on the other hand, was about 2 acres, with trees bordering the edges. It was a beautiful, secluded place.

That afternoon, her parents stopped in for a visit. "Hi babies," Althea cooed, upon meeting the kids.

"I ain't no baby," protested Brittany.

"Me too," echoed Ethan.

James seemed tired. He'd apparently spent most of the night before trying to track down a short in the track circuit that kept dropping a signal to red every time a train approached it. After several trains had to go into emergency brake to avoid passing it, the railroad called him out to fix it. The job couldn't wait until morning.

Althea was her usual talkative self. She relived our first meeting while James dozed in a lawn chair.

"You know, when Velma told me about you, and I came over, I was ready to kick you out. It was obvious what you two were up to. Von's bra stuffed in the couch cushions proved it. You were about to get a beat down. But when you handed me that camera and asked me to take pictures of you two, I was speechless. That's when I decided to see what you were about. No player is going to ask the mama to take pictures of him and her daughter."

"I'm here to stay. You weren't going to run me off. Leaving never crossed my mind," I said.

"I'm glad you made time for Von. She never lets on but she was so lonely before you came. You two are good for each other. You bring out the best in her."

Later, after they left, Von said to me, "I may not be around much on the weekends. We're getting into the busy season."

Shavonda and Tamika worked the Renaissance fairs during August and September. "They're a lot of fun. We go in full regalia. We have a booth there, and sell stuff from the shop. I can sell bracelets and pendants for twice what I can in the city. We're the only black wenches there, so we attract a bit of attention."

"I always wanted to go to one of those," I said.

"Well maybe, if you go in costume we can have you along. We'd need two rooms though. On second thought, that may not work. The fairs are good hookup spots, and I'm going to have my hands full with Tamika. Best not to let her have her own room."

I laughed. I could picture Tamika trying to pick up a knight or something.

The first fair would be in mid-August. From then until the end of September, Shavonda would be working the Ren Fests. I would be able to work them with her on the weekends I didn't have the kids. On the weekends I did, we decided it would be best not to have them at the fair, though I was welcome to bring them to the motel in the evenings.

That night, after we put the kids to bed, we stayed up late talking about Rose. "You notice how she sent them over in the most raggedy ass clothes she could find?" Shavonda asked.

"I did," I replied, sadly. "I'm going to buy them new clothes tomorrow."

"Make sure you keep the receipts. I don't know what kind of games she's playing, but keep a record of everything you do. I took a couple of photos of them today. I don't like her. I don't trust her."

We went upstairs to bed, and soon fell asleep. About 3:30 in the morning, Shavonda shook me awake. She was naked. "I can't stand it," she said. "I've got to have you tonight."

The kids were still asleep in the other bedroom. I checked on them then came back and peeled off my pajama bottoms. I was naked too. "Ladies choice," I whispered.

"Gimme some of that wicked tongue. Then, Ms. Von wants to ride."

I lay down beside her, and kissed my way down her body. I couldn't resist giving each nipple a nice long suck. She moaned, "Lower, baby boy. Lower." With her hands on the back of my head, she gently pushed me down into her crotch. Her juices were already flowing, and my face was instantly slick with her desire. "Ahhh. That's it. I've been wanting this all day."

I parted her chocolate lips and inserted my tongue in her groove. She picked up a pillow and buried her face in it to muffle her moans. "Mmmmff, mmmmff." She squirmed against my tongue, which only made me lick faster. I could tell she was close. I don't think I'd ever seen her this wet with this little stimulation. My hands caressed her hips as she moved to the rhythm of my tongue. I lapped her, concentrating on her moist inner folds. She tasted so good I couldn't stop, even as she stiffened and came, her scream of delight muffled in the pillow.

Pushing me away with her hands, she said, "Damn boy, what's gotten into you?" She laughed, still trying to catch her breath. She tugged on my hands, pulling me up next to her for a long, wet kiss. Her tongue slid inside my mouth, exploring.

"I love you, Jason Waite. I love that you would let me be a mother to your kids. You have no idea how much this means to me," she gushed. I had trusted her with the most important thing in my life. The kids obviously loved her. It made her happy to feel wanted. To feel needed. It evidently also made her very horny.

"Now," she said, rolling over to straddle my hips, "Mama wants to ride." She pulled her legs up under her and pushed up off the bed with her arms. She was now sitting on my lap, facing me. Reaching her hand down between my legs, she lifted her body slightly and guided my stiffness inside her. My head, at her portal, she settled down on my lap, taking me all the way inside her tight pussy in one liquid motion. She was as wet as I'd ever seen her. Bouncing in my laps, she rode me like a bronco. We both knew we weren't going to last, and we both knew it would be an explosive climax. "Jason, ooohh, ohhh, Jason," she moaned loudly in passion.

I heard a giggle in the doorway. On the verge of orgasm, we both froze. Shavonda's arm flew up to cover her breasts, as I wilted inside her. In the doorway, Ethan laughed, "Ms. Von is playing horsey." We were caught in the act.

"Ethan go back to bed," I said, crossly.

"I want to sleep with you," he whined.

Shavonda said, in a soft tone, "Jason, why not let him? He's lonely."

"We have no clothes on," I hissed. "Ethan, go to the bathroom."

The little fellow wandered off to the bathroom, giving us time to grab clothing. Shavonda slipped a t shirt over her head, while I hastily gathered my pajama bottoms. I quickly checked on Ethan in the bathroom, then picked him up and carries him back to bed. We slept the rest of the night, like 3 spoons. Ethan's back nestled against Shavonda's bosom, her booty pressed into me, my arm around her. She made sure she wiggled it a few times during the night, in her sleep.

The next day, we took the kids shopping and bought them outfits to replace the worn out clothing their mother had sent over. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching SpongeBob videos. Shavonda particularly liked the episode where SpongeBob missed the bus, and every time he turned his back another bus would zip by.

She stayed behind at her house while I took the kids home in the evening. I assumed it was because she didn't want a confrontation with Rose. Arriving at Rose's mother's house, the kids bounded up the walk to the front door where Rose stood waiting, arms crossed. "Daddy and Ms. Von bought us new clothes!" Brittany exclaimed happily. The pissed look on Rose's face was priceless.

Back at Shavonda's place she had a surprise for me. She greeted me at the door in a red and white bandana skirt, white blouse and red headwrap. The bright colors glowed against her dusky skin.

"Welcome to your island paradise," she said in her best Jamaican accent, handing me a glass of cherry rum and Dr. Pepper. Somewhere she'd found two fake plastic palm trees for the living room. Bob Marley played softly on the stereo, and she'd ordered jerk chicken from somewhere. We ate on the couch, between the palm trees, sipping rum. It was romantic to say the least.

After we finished, she led me to the bedroom, where two more palm trees flanked the bed. Still in character, Shavonda said, "Tonight I am your island girl, mon." She pushed me on the bed and pulled my pants off. "You have a big one, mon. I take good care of you." She took my swollen penis in her mouth and swallowed me. I was in ecstasy.

"Not fair!" I protested. "I'm hungry too!"

Head still bobbing on my dick, she quickly slid the skirt off and turned herself around to straddle my head. She was wearing no panties. I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under my head. Spreading her pussy lips with my thumbs, I buried my face in her soaking crotch. She pushed back into me with a hungry moan. I rubbed my face all over her pussy, tongue darting everywhere I could reach. Finding her clit, I took it between my lips and sucked, flicking at it with my tongue. Her head quickened on my shaft, her moans sending vibrations of pure pleasure through my body. I found my hands wandering towards her special spot on her inner thigh. Luckily, I stopped myself just before I got there. Shavonda pulled me from her mouth.

"Why'd you stop?" she demanded.

"Last time I touched you there you bit me. That spot's dangerous."

She laughed. "Boy you better get your hands back down there! I was on the edge."

I went back to doing what I had been doing. Shavonda kept her head off of me and stroked me instead. I worked my finger into the spot, then moved my lips there too. As I kissed her inner thigh, at the bottom of her cheek, she Squealed in orgasmic delight. Her hands reached back and pushed me away. "Please, Jason, I can't take much of that." I grinned. I had gotten her again, and lived to tell about it.

After we rested, we made love, with me on top> She still had her headwrap on. It was incredibly erotic seeing her there in the dim light, in that wrap. Damn, I need to go to Jamaica with her someday.

We lay basking in the afterglow, me flat on my back on the edge of the bed, her legs wrapped around mine. She lay on her side, breasts pressed against me, arm thrown over my chest. "You liked your island girl, huh?" she asked sleepily. "Too bad we couldn't make love on the beach." She was soon asleep, snoring softly. I looked around for my pants. She'd thrown them on the floor beside the bed. I could just reach them with my free leg. I dragged them toward me with my foot, trying not to wake her. Getting them within reach of my arm, I fished my cell phone out of the pocket and made the call.

"Nick," I said, "This is Jason. I won't be in tomorrow. Family business." Satisfied he would get the voice mail, I hung up. The temp could do my run tomorrow. I had other plans.

In the morning, Shavonda shook me awake. "Jason, get up! It's almost 7 o'clock. You were supposed to be at work hours ago!"

"Nope, I called off. Family business."

"What family business?"

"You'll see. Get dressed. Wear something comfortable. I have to show you something. Tamika can mind the store, can't she?"

Shavonda put on a plain white dress and sandals, which turned out to be an unfortunate choice. She didn't wear a bra, because she couldn't hide the straps under the spaghetti straps of the dress. I loved the way she dressed. Almost every time I saw her she was in a sun dress and sandals. She looked good in whatever she wore, but she loved her dresses. I put on a pair of cutoffs and a t shirt.

We were on the road by 8, heading north up 79. I stopped on the way and got a half dozen donuts for breakfast. We ate them in the Jeep on the way north. Shavonda kept asking where we were going, but I wouldn't tell her. "Someplace special," I said.

We had started out on a sunny morning, but as we headed up the highway, clouds appeared and soon the sun was gone. The temperature was predicted to be in the upper 80s with a chance of rain so I wasn't worried too much.

I used the trip to introduce her to Genesis. "I know them," she said. "Phil Collins, right? Hits in the 1980s?"

"Yes, but I'm going to show you the stuff before then, before Phil decided he wanted to be a pop star. Back when they did songs about mythical creatures and fairy tales."

I started off with 'your own special way.' "This song is us," I said.

"You, you have your own special way,

Of turning the world so it's facing

The way, that I'm going, don't ever

Don't ever stop." sang Phil.

"Jason, that's beautiful. Please play it again."

I did. This time she sang along in her beautiful voice. She was radiantly happy. I kept sneaking a peak at her as I drove. Her eyes shone brightly, and the dress provided a beautiful contrast to her skin. I never tire of looking at her. I can't wait to show her my surprise.

By Meadville, she had dozed off. We still had 40 miles to go.

At the end of 79, I headed west on 5 then left on 832. At the water park, I woke her. As we went down the hill, a sign proclaimed, Welcome to Presque Isle State Park. It was her first glimpse of Lake Erie.

Presque Isle is a sort of barrier peninsula that separates Erie Bay from the lake itself. It is forest and marshland on the bay side, which is where the road entering the park loops first. The peninsula arcs to the east in a gentle curve, with the lake on the outside of the arc. On this side are miles and miles of sandy beaches, the curve of the peninsula and the natural coves in the beaches mean you can't see long distances down the beach. This was what I was counting on.

We circled around on the park road, clouds threatening rain, until we reached to lake side of the park. With the weather cloudy, and the late morning hour, there were few people about. I found a parking spot beside the road and quickly removed my shoes. I bent over the gear shift and removed Shavonda's sandals as well. "You won't be needing those," I told her.

"Jason, What...?" her word trailed off as I circled the Jeep to open her door.

"Come," I said, taking her by the hand. We walked through the dunes, barefoot, hand in hand. She stopped as we came around a dune and she got a look at the lake, the sandy beach stretching in either direction, beckoning us. It was deserted.

"Jason," she said. "I love you."

We ran down the beach, splashing along the edge of the water looking like something out of a romantic movie. But this movie was all about us. Breathless, we walked along the beach looking like the lovers we were. Her breasts bounced loosely under the dress as her nipples poked through the thin fabric. I always picture her like this, whenever I see a beach photo. No bikini could have been sexier than what she was wearing right now.

We continued our walk for some time, through numerous coves. We must have walked a half mile or so, before she stopped. "Right here," she said, "This is the spot." We were in a small cove. Just to the west of us, a low dune jutted into the lake. Atop it was a lone pine tree. "We will always remember that tree," she said, facing me, putting her arms around my neck. A light rain started to fall. We kissed, not caring about getting wet. Our tongues entwined, our hands freely roamed each other's bodies, groping, squeezing.

She broke our embrace, lifting her dress over her head and tossing it to the sand. "Jason, make love to me," she said. "I've wanted to do this for years." I quickly got rid of my shirt and shorts. Naked, we embraced. She leaned backward, pulling me with her to the sand. The rain was falling harder but we didn't care. It was a warm summer rain, and it felt good on our bodies. There was no need for foreplay, just being on the beach was turn on enough for her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me into her. Our bodies found each other and I slipped inside her without resistance. We lay there on the sand, moving as one, rain falling over us, her brown body moving gently against my pale one. "Let's just do it nice and slow," she purred contentedly. "This feels so good I don't want it to end."

We let our climax build slowly, thrusting into each other, slowing things down when they heated up, stopping altogether once or twice. I looked deeply into those amazing eyes and saw nothing but love. The rain had now settled into an all-day drizzle, falling gently on us. Our clothes lay soaked on the sand beside us. Neither of us wanted it to end.

The ending snuck up on us. Neither of us realized how close to the edge we were until I felt Shavonda clench up around my throbbing manhood. "Yes! Yes!" she cried as her body arched into mine. "Fuck me Jason. Fuck me hard!"

I thrust hard and deep into her pulsating wetness, watching her smile in rapture as I pumped into her. I lost it then, collapsing on top of her spent as she pulsated around me, draining me. She held me tightly in her arms, trapping me, laughing.

"Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy," she said, planting kisses on my lips. We lay alone on the deserted beach for a while before she said, "Damn this sand. It's worked its way up my booty crack."

Rising, I led her by the hand to the lake. We walked out until we were neck deep in the water. I lifted her off her feet. "See how much you float. Out here we could do positions we couldn't on land," I said with a twinkle in my eye. "We could make love out here with a hundred people on that beach, and nobody would know."

You so nasty," she laughed, adding quickly. "When you wanna do this?"

"You pick a day," I replied. "Wear a halter top so I can loosen the string easily."

Laughing, we headed back to shore. The water had washed the sand from our bodies. Picking up her dress, Shavonda said, "Ewww, it's full of sand."

"Wash it off in the lake," I said. "It's not going to get any wetter." We both rinsed the sand from our clothes in the lake, then out them back on. Shavonda's dress clung transparently to her skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. "Now that's a look I like," I joked. She play punched me in the shoulder, titties jiggling. We both laughed.

We started back for the car in the rain, soaked to the skin. I walked ahead of her, backwards, enjoying the view. "Don't think I don't know what you're doing," she laughed. Arriving back at the Jeep, I opened the door for her, saying, "Don't worry about getting the seats wet." I started the engine and turned on the heat. "You hungry?" I asked.

"I have no clothes," she said, realizing her predicament.

"We'll have a little fun then," I said. "Don't worry. I'll get you some clothes." I drove out of the park and back up to 5. I found an Arby's and turned into the drive through.

"Jason, no!" Shavonda protested as I pulled up to the sign place our order. I ordered our meals, then pulled up to the window to pay for them.

"That'll be fourteen ninety t-t-t..." the teenaged boy at the register was speechless as he stared at Shavonda's body in the soaked dress. I handed him a twenty with a smirk on my face. Yeah, buddy. I get to hit this and you don't. Shavonda smiled at the poor boy sweetly.

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