tagInterracial LoveLove Knows No Color Pt. 06

Love Knows No Color Pt. 06


After taking photos of my vandalized Jeep, Shavonda and I made our way to the Zone 3 police station. Ziggy had told us somebody had called it that morning, and that if we wanted to read the police report or add anything to the investigation to stop by the station house. I was pissed. Shavonda tried to cheer me up. "Jason, I'm so sorry about your car. We'll find out who did this."

"Why are you sorry, Von? You didn't do it."

"I feel somehow responsible. If you weren't with me, this never would have happened."

"Guess what," I said angrily. "You're stuck with me. I'm not going to give up the best thing in my life because some idiot doesn't like us."

At the station, we were told that a neighbor had heard the brick being thrown through my windshield, and had witnessed the rest of the vandalism. Apparently, the perp was not smart enough to key the paint, and spray paint the car before they threw the brick and attracted attention to themselves. This neighbor also had the presence of mind to take digital pictures of the perp in action.

"Look through the photos and see if you know who this is," said the officer in charge of the investigation. I noticed from the angle the photos were taken from across the street. Mrs. Zucchero anyone? Looking at the sequence of photos the perp was a white woman of stocky build. I'd know that shape anywhere. After all I had lived with her for six years.

"Rose Meredith Waite," I told the officer, and gave him the address. He asked if I wanted to press charges. I asked if I could decline now, but have them filed later if there was more vandalism. It turned out I could, so I opted to do just that. Rose was safe from criminal prosecution...for now. I didn't want to deprive my kids of their mother at this point.

Shavonda was a little angry at me. "If you don't stop this right now, she's going to do it again," she said.

"I have something better in mind. This will not go unpunished. We'll get estimates on the damage, and for the cost of a gate for the backyard so I have a safe place to park the car. Then, we'll file suit. Would you like to serve the papers?" I asked. Shavonda's face lit up when I said that. She was looking forward to knocking on Rose's door and handing her a copy of the suit.

With nothing left to do until Monday morning, we returned to my house, where I spray painted over the 'nigger lover' on my car. I also called off work to take care of things on Monday. We returned to the festival in the midafternoon, and helped Tamika break down the booth and load the unsold stuff into the van. We dropped Tamika at her apartment, then headed for Shavonda's place.

"You can use the Cruze until your car is fixed," she said. "I can use the van to get to the store." She gave me a nice bubble bath and back massage, then held me in bed. I was too upset to do more than run my hands over her body and stroke her hair.

"I'm so lucky to have you," I said sadly.

The next day I drove the Jeep to the adjuster for an estimate, got an estimate for a rolling gate for the parking spot in the back yard, and filed a lawsuit against Rose. That Friday after I picked up the kids, Shavonda served Rose the lawsuit papers, while I watched from across the street. It was ugly. Rose was yelling and screaming at Shavonda, who kept her cool. When she returned to the car, she was smiling. "God, I loved doing that. Payback is a bitch," she said. The kids were wondering why their mommy was so upset, so we had to tell them about my car.

The new gate was installed within a week. I had to get a rolling chain link type, similar to what you see in industrial facilities, because there was no room for anything else. A swing gate would have blocked the alley every time I opened it, and one half would have prevented me from moving the car into my parking space. The gate cost a lot more than I had wanted to spend, but in the end, it would be worth it. Luckily the cost of the gate and repairs to the car was less than $5k, so I could keep the case in small claims court.

We met Tamika, who'd driven to the motel in the van, and we all had dinner at McDonalds. None of us adults were thrilled, but the kids liked it. I stayed in the room while Shavonda and Tamika went to karaoke to say goodbye to Darren and Minnie, the djs. This would be our last weekend here. They exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. Darren and Minnie would prove to be very good friends, and were extra special because they were the first new friends we'd made as a couple.

The weather was turning colder, and Shavonda's wardrobe had undergone a major change. She'd straightened her hair for the winter. Gone were the sundresses and sandals, and the booty shorts. They were replaced by tight jeans and long sleeved shirts. Watching her struggling to get into her jeans one morning, I asked her, "Why don't you buy something in your size?"

Her response surprised me. "Because they don't make pants that fit me. If they fit my legs, they don't fit my big ass. If they fit my ass, they are like tents on my legs. That's why I like shorts. I can actually buy them and have them fit."

With the Ren Fests over, we had two weekends off before the Bedford fall festival. Shavonda had found a place for the new store. The original was on Ellsworth avenue, in a street full of antique dealers, art shops, and a couple of gay bars. It was a good fit. The new store would be on Carson street on the South Side, not far from Zone 3. It was in the heart of one of the busiest bar districts in the city. The clientele would be much different, but traffic would be much higher. She decided to concentrate more on the jewelry than anything else, though the store would sell the same items as the original store there would be fewer non-jewelry items. Shavonda had signed the lease and was shooting for a November grand opening.

Nykole had been trained and was working with Velma regularly. She was working out well, and it was time to hire and train two more employees. We ended up hiring the other two from the original interviews, Ebony and Andre. We put them to work helping get the new store ready, sending them one at a time to work with Velma for a week at the original store. Shavonda and Tamika did most of the work in the new store, with me helping out on the weekends I didn't have the kids.

Andre in particular proved to be a good fit. Not only was he good with his hands, he also worked with stained glass as a hobby. Sun catchers were his specialty. When Shavonda found out she was pleased. We had one more artist/craftsman who could supply product.

I had hoped to have Von's engagement ring off layaway by Thanksgiving. That was now going to be impossible. I would have to try for Christmas.

The main feature of the gate is that it slid on rollers out of the way completely when open, resting along the fence for my yard. Once closed, I had added a steel rod in a bracket to the end of the gate, that dropped into a pipe in the ground. Once the rod was in place the gate could only be unlocked from inside the yard. A steel plate on the fence prevented anybody in the alley from reaching the steel rod. My car would be safe back here.

The week of the Bedford festival, I took 3 days off from work. We left in the Cruze on Wednesday night for the motel and we'd stay through Monday morning. Shavonda had a taste for crab legs, so Thursday morning we set off for Baltimore about 5am. I wanted to see some trains on the Northeast Corridor, so we planned a couple hours at Halethorpe, a suburban station. The trains were mostly electric, and didn't make a lot of noise. They were also fast. Shavonda was standing on the platform when one blew through at about 100 on the closest track. It scared the hell out of her, she'd been looking the other way and didn't see its approach.

At about 10:30 we boarded a Marc train for Baltimore, then rode the streetcar down to the inner harbor. We got to the restaurant, which I'd looked up online the week before, just after it opened. We were the first customers of the day. Shavonda had her crab legs while I had a steak large enough to cover the entire plate. Afterward, we wandered the inner harbor taking photos of the boats, and window shopping. We eventually returned to Halethorpe in the midafternoon, by the reverse route. On the way back, I stopped at Royal Farms and got a dozen pieces of chicken to go. I'd known about Royal Farms from my days over the road, but Shavonda didn't. One bite of chicken and she was in love, though. Told ya so, boo.

Since Tamika wasn't going to be there until Friday night, we had the night to ourselves. It was a nice change of pace. Having just gotten back from Baltimore, we'd stripped out of our clothes and were laying on the bed in our underwear. She was wearing the purple bra and panty set I'd gotten her after we'd made love on the beach. It looked good against her skin, but then again, almost any color looked good on her. I was in my usual plaid boxers. Shavonda got introspective and we would up having one of "those talks."

"Jason," she said, "Is this relationship going where I think it's going?"

"Probably," I replied. "I certainly hope so."

"One of the things I love about you is that you don't see my color," she continued.

"Oh, yes I do," I said. "It's part of the attraction."

"No, silly. I know you love my dark skin. But to you, I am a beautiful woman who happens to have dark skin. You treat with respect, as an equal. To a lot of people, my color defines me. They see it and think they know who I am and what I'm about. You've never done that. You've accepted me as I am, without pre-conceived ideas. That means a lot to me. I just thought I'd let you know." She smiled warmly.

"I also noticed that you seem protective of me," she continued. "I like the way you protect your queen. But you don't try to smother me. You know I have a little bit of an exhibitionist streak in me. And it doesn't bother you. In fact, you enjoy the show. I'm going to tell you some things that I don't tell many people. What's the freakiest thing you ever did?"

I told her about how I lost my virginity, completely unplanned. I was 15, at a party. We were sitting around playing truth or dare at a friend's house, the parents were not home. When my turn came up, I chose 'dare' not thinking too much about it. The other kids dared me to kiss Marcia Bell between the legs. "He won't do it," somebody jeered. "He's chicken." So, I did. She was wearing a dress, and I went up under it and pulled her panties down. I planted a kiss right there on her lower lips.

Her reaction surprised everybody in the room. She pushed the back of my head with her hands. "Lick," she commanded. I licked. She tasted good. I could feel her hips rocking as she sought out my tongue. She moaned softly, then louder and more insistently. The whole room watched, transfixed, as I licked her to orgasm. As her passion subsided, they all started to clap. Embarrassed, I quickly pulled her panties back up and left the room. I wanted to be alone.

Sometime later, Marcia sought me out. "Damn," she said. "You sure know how to please a girl. Where'd you learn to do that?"

I told her that it was my first time. She grabbed my hand and led me to an upstairs bedroom. "Well, since it's your first time, we may as well go all the way." Until that night I'd had no idea Marcia even liked me, but here we were naked on the bed. I was nervous, but she guided me through it. We went out for a long time after that, and I learned about the physical aspects of love through her guidance.

Shavonda listened with interest. "If you ever see her again, please thank her for me. She taught you well."

She continued, "For me, my freakiest was back in college. My art classes were full of people who were not afraid to experiment with their sexuality. My roommate was one. On several occasions, we'd pick up some willing guy and take him to a motel. There we'd double team him. One of us would ride him, then after he nutted, we'd make out with each other while he watched. That never failed to get him hard again, then the other one would ride him. I was wild back in school."

"I never had that chance," I said. "By the time I got to school I was already married."

"I am going somewhere with this, Jason," she continued. "On one occasion, we let him take pictures of us. They are still out there somewhere. I wanted you to know in case they ever turn up. I don't want you to think badly of me for something I did years ago."

"Well, if you ever come across them, please let me see them. I am not mad. I'm glad you told me. I guess I am a little pissed it took you so long. Why didn't you tell me sooner? You know me well enough by now to know I wouldn't hold it against you." I was a little hurt. Not so much because she'd sowed her wild oats when she had the chance, but because she thought I'd actually blow up about it. She was still my queen. By this time, I couldn't imagine life without her.

"I wasn't sure how you'd react. I know you wouldn't physically hurt me like Tony did. But I don't ever want to lose you. Especially over something ten years in the past."

"To be honest, thinking about it kinda turns me on," I whispered in her ear. "What man isn't turned on by the thought of two women?"

Shavonda laughed. "I guess you're right. I'm so glad we found each other. I just want everything to go well for us. I don't want to lose you, ever. I've always been a strong woman, but I've come to lean on you quite a bit. It feels nice to be able to trust somebody that much again."

If only she knew how much I'd come to rely on her. My life had some direction now. I had a purpose I hadn't had before. And thanks to her, Rose had lost whatever control she'd had over my life.

"Now," she said, "I will tell you about the only other man I ever truly loved."

She proceeded to tell me all about Tony. She was finally opening all the way up to me. Shavonda had met Tony the last year of school. She fell in love with him. He seemed like a gentleman at first, but had always acted like he owned her. He had a jealous streak. While he succeeded in taming her, he started taking things too far. Playful discipline in the bedroom turned into violence at home. At some point, she realized she needed to escape him, but by that time she was pregnant.

"If you've ever noticed, as wild as we've gotten in bed we've never done spanking or dominance play. He's the reason why. Jason, you're everything he was not. If I'd have met you back then my life would have been so much different. But maybe, back then I wouldn't have appreciated a man like you."

I was glad my parents had instilled in me the values of tolerance, of an open mind. I'd have missed out on Shavonda. She was an amazing woman, the most intriguing I'd ever known. "Brittany and Ethan would have been your children, not that they aren't now. But I can imagine them, instead of pale white skin and blonde hair, they'd have olive skin and dandelion hair. I picture Brittany with beads in her hair."

"Why can't she have beads in her hair now?" Shavonda asked. "Beads are not a black thing you know. I'd be happy to put them in her hair if you want me to."

We lay there a little while, listening to music. We had Shavonda's iPod hooked up to the cd player, and it was playing songs at random. I always liked when she did this. She had some interesting taste in music. It went far beyond the r&b we normally made love to. She was into a little of everything, from Depeche Mode to Radiohead, to Macy Gray, to Spirit, to jazz fusion. I sensed she had something more she wanted to say, so I waited for her to speak.

"You know what I love most about you, Jason Waite?" she asked. "You don't have a hurtful bone in your body. You treat everybody around you the way you'd want to be treated. You are a kind, gentle man. Even after Rose trashed your car, you refused to send her to jail. I wouldn't have been so nice."

"Don't let that fool you. I may be slow to anger but when my patience runs out, watch out. Rose is on thin ice with me right now. If she's smart she'll let it go, pay me what the court says to when the case comes up, and be done with it. She needs to walk away and leave us alone," I said sadly. "I don't like having to defend what I have, but I will if I have to. Trust me, Von, you don't want to be on the receiving end when I get truly pissed."

"Just know that whatever you decide to do, I have your back. You are my king. I've never let anybody get as close to me as I have with you. I've opened my very soul to you. And, you have accepted all of it without judgement. I know I am not perfect, I know I have my problems. But you never seem to notice them. To you, I am perfect. I would fight the world for you, all you have to do is ask," Shavonda said. I could see a tear in her eye.

"You are always so gentle with me when we make love. You always think of my pleasure first. I love that about you. But right now, I need you inside of me. No foreplay. We have the rest of the night for that." Shavonda reached around her back and unsnapped her bra, then leaned forward to let it slide off her shoulders and breasts. They hung loose and free, dark nipples hard with desire. As I slid out of my boxers, she removed her panties. She reached out to embrace me, her lips finding mine as she guided me into her warm wet pussy.

I slid in like she was made for me. In a sense, she was. She met my thrust with one of her own, and we got into an erotic rhythm. We were totally in sync with each other, mentally, emotionally, physically. She was moaning my name, "Ohhhh, Jason, don't stop. I need you so bad baby. Make me come." Her legs wrapped around my ass, pulling me deeper into her. At this rate, I wasn't going to last.

"Von, baby, I have to slow down. I'm so close."

"Let it go, Jason. Give it to me. I'm close too. Don't slow down, let it go."

I was raised up on one arm, watching her dark chocolate body bounce and jiggle as I thrust into her. Her eyes had that look of lust in them as she writhed beneath me. I was right there, about to go over the edge. With my free hand, I reached back and caressed her ass as her legs kept pulling me deeper. I found the special spot, the one at her inner thigh, the one that I knew would take her over with me, and massaged it. Her mouth opened in a scream as she went over the edge, her inner walls contracting around me as I also reached my peak. We stared into each other's eyes as our orgasms drained us of all our energy. I slammed as deep into her as I could, and let her body milk me of my seed as I collapsed on top of her. We lay there panting, out of breath, me nestled deep inside her. Her walls clutched around me. She didn't want to let me go. I didn't want her to. I could spend eternity here. This is where I belong.

Yes. This was my woman. The only one I wanted. Here, laying on top of her, in a cheap motel room in the mountains of southern Pennsylvania, was heaven. What more could I ask for?

After I'd softened and slipped out of her, she rolled me over. "Lay back and enjoy. You've earned it." She slid down the bed and hovered over my crotch, penis in hand. "You know I love the way you taste after we've made love," she said, then she took me deep into her mouth, licking our juices from my shriveled shaft.

We spent the rest of the night making love in various positions. We feasted on each other's bodies. We hadn't made love like that in a long time. It was good to have the passion back. Things had been so stressful lately. But through it all, we had grown even closer.

I awoke in the morning, leg draped over her thigh, arm thrown over her stomach. Shavonda lay on her back, legs spread slightly, lightly snoring. I couldn't resist, and I disentangled myself without waking her. Repositioning myself between her legs, I spread her lips and licked her slit. She smelled and tasted of last night's lovemaking. I'd come over time to love her this way. She moaned in her sleep as I went down on her. I licked at her until she convulsed in orgasm. My face was coated in her, our, juices as I watched her body move. She was still asleep, or so I thought.

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