tagInterracial LoveLove Knows No Color Pt. 09

Love Knows No Color Pt. 09


This part was not easy to write. In it, there are alot of raw emotions expressed. I tried to convey two people who've simply had enough and strike back, then deal with the consequences of their actions. Hope you enjoy.


After the cop car had left, I called Ziggy. He was a cop. He'd know what to do.

"What do you mean they arrested Von for prostitution? She was at the party with us!" Ziggy seemed incredulous. "Meet me at Zone 3. I'm calling the commander. We'll get this straightened out. Don't worry. I know she's innocent."

The drive seemed to take forever. I was worried sick. This was supposed to be our night. Now, I had to worry about Shavonda's well-being. She was stunned by her arrest when she'd been doing nothing wrong.

Arriving at the police station, I parked the car and went inside. Ziggy had just arrived. He took me into the stationhouse, where the commander was waiting. Somehow, he'd beaten us here even though he was at home when Ziggy called.

He found us a vacant interview room and sat me down. Ziggy got me a bottle of water. The commander looked at me and said, "Tell me what happened." Ziggy leaned against the wall. I'd insisted that he be there too.

"We were followed down the alley by the cop car. I pulled into my parking spot, at my house. We were coming home from our engagement party, and before we were going to get out of the car I wanted to kiss my fiancé. That's when the cop walked up and accused Shavonda of prostitution. He said somebody saw her walking the alley and saw her get into my car. Shavonda was in my car the whole time. She hadn't gotten out except when we'd stopped at the gas station." I related the events of earlier that night.

I continued: "He cuffed her and took her, and threatened to arrest me."

"Did you get a badge number?" the commander asked.

"No, I was too upset to think of that. But he did issue me a traffic ticket." I pulled the citation out of my pocket and handed it to the commander. He looked at it.

"Shoemacher. I might have known," he shook his head in disgust. Turning to Ziggy, he said, "Can you see if he's brought her in yet?"

He turned to me. "We've had some reports of prostitutes in that alley lately. The description is always the same. Black female, approximately 140 lbs, straight hair. Is your fiancé over your house often?"

"Not lately. We've been spending most of our time over her house. We've been busy with my kids, this is the first night out we've had in a while."

Ziggy had returned. "She's not here yet," he said. "She should have been here by now." The commander left the room with Ziggy. This didn't look good.

"Officer Ziggarelli," the commander asked, "Can you confirm that this man is engaged to this woman?"

"Of course," Ziggy replied. "I was at their engagement party." He pulled out his cell phone and showed the commander the photo of me on my knee placing the ring on Shavonda's finger.

"I am so sorry," the commander said to me. "This never should have happened. We'll get to the bottom of it. Just be patient while I straighten this out."

"One thing," I said tentatively. "The officer claimed to be on a call from somebody who gave a complete description of Shavonda, right down to the clothing she had on. When we stopped at the gas station on Brownsville Road, my ex-wife was there using the pay phone. Can you check the 9-1-1 call and see where it came from? I suspect it came from that pay phone."

"I'll look into it," the commander promised.

What follows below is what I've been able to piece together from talking to various people.

After the cop had driven off with Shavonda, he didn't come back to the station right away, in direct violation of established protocol. Instead he'd taken her to a secluded spot on a dead-end street.

The fact that over an hour had elapsed and she hadn't arrived at the station sent up a red flag with the commander. Something was not right. When he left the room with Ziggy, he went to his office and pulled up the GPS on the patrol car. It showed the car stopped at the dead end of Parkwood Road. Parkwood was way out of the way to get from my house to Zone 3. The commander grabbed the radio mic from the startled night dispatcher. "Car 3307 where are you?"

Meanwhile, the officer had gotten in the backseat with Shavonda. "I'm going to give you a chance to walk away without arrest," he said creepily. "I'm not asking you to do anything you haven't done a hundred times before. But you won't be getting paid for it this time. A freebie for your freedom."

He unzipped his pants. "I'm not touching that thing," Shavonda spat defiantly.

"How are you going to stop me?" the officer replied. "Your hands are cuffed behind your back. I could put it in your mouth and you couldn't stop me."

"I'd bite it off, Swear to God I would," My queen answered defiantly.

"Then you'd be charged with prostitution AND assaulting a police officer," he threatened. Shavonda was shaking but she wasn't going to give in no matter how scared she was.

"You'd have to explain in court how I injured your tiny little dick while I had handcuffs on. How you got your itty-bitty pecker bit."

"Car 3307 what's your location?" crackled the radio.

"Shit," exclaimed the officer.

"We know where you are. I can see you on GPS. I understand you're transporting a prisoner."

Shavonda couldn't help but smile. He'd have to take her to the station now.

"I want an incident report when you get in, with a full explanation of the delay." The radio continued.

"Shit," the officer said, He'd have to book her now. No more freebie. He got out of the car and got in the driver's seat. Within minutes, they'd pulled in at the entrance to the police station and Shavonda was safely in a holding cell.

The commander was on Officer Shoemacher. "What were you doing on a dead-end street while transporting a prisoner?" the commander asked pointedly. "I want a report on my desk asap! This better be good."

Half an hour later, the officer submitted his report. The commander read it, getting angrier by the minute. "This report is total bullshit. Write me one that tells what REALLY happened."

Meanwhile, Shavonda was pulled from her cell and placed, still in cuffs in an interview room. The commander and Ziggy interviewed her. The commander was getting madder by the minute. He ordered an officer to the gas station to retrieve the surveillance tapes from the parking lot.

Shoemacher turned in his second incident report. The commander read it and lost his cool. "Why the hell was this woman cuffed? She shouldn't even be here in the holding cell! You have no evidence to charge her with any crime. I want her released! Now!"

In a few minutes, a visibly shaken and distraught Shavonda was led by a kindly woman officer to the room where I was waiting. In shock, she embraced me, sobbing. She held me tight and wouldn't let go.

"Are we free to go?" I asked the commander.

"Yes, take your fiancé home and get some sleep." It was after 3am. It had been a long night. We decided that it would be best not to tell her parents and particularly her father about what had happened. We didn't want him doing something rash that would get him into trouble.

Once home, all I could do was hold a traumatized Shavonda while she cried herself to sleep. I'd never felt so helpless.

That Sunday, we went to church. After the service, we talked to Reverend Frazier about performing our wedding ceremony at the church. May 18 was available, and he agreed to perform the service. Let the planning begin!

During the week, I also called Mom to tell her the good news. "We're so happy for you two," she said. "Have you set the date yet?"

"May 18, our first anniversary," I replied. "We'll also be down for Easter. We still have the kids so you'll get to see them too."

All during January, we'd been taking the kids to the supervised visits child welfare had ordered, including the ones where they were to be observed with Rose. We'd gotten no feedback from child welfare as to how the visits were going, but I took the lack of feedback as good news. After all, if there would have been a problem, they'd have told us about it. We didn't expect any feedback regarding Rose, due to privacy.

Having had our Engagement night ruined, Shavonda planned a getaway for the following weekend. That Friday was a short one. I was off the road by 2:30 pm, and Shavonda picked me up from work in the Cruze. She'd dropped the kids off with Althea that morning. They were thrilled about going to see "Grandma Althea" for the weekend. Shavonda had rented us a motel room for the weekend, but she wouldn't tell me where. "It's a surprise. But Trust me, we are going to make up for our ruined night last week." She had shown up in a short floral dress with her preferred V neck. It came to just above her knees. A pair of gold hoop earrings and a pair of slip on heels completed the outfit. The weather was still unseasonably warm, in the upper 60s and sunny to boot. We started from Leetsdale where I worked about 3pm. I knew we were going to hit the evening rush hour so I wasn't expecting to go anywhere fast.

She handed me a certified letter. It was from the family courts. "This came while I was at your house packing your things for the weekend. I signed for it. I hope you don't mind," Shavonda said.

"Thanks. You saved me from a trip to the post office. I wonder what this is?" I was curious. Maybe it was a letter informing us of a change in court date. I opened the letter and read. My face must have turned white as a ghost.

"What's wrong, boo?" Shavonda asked, concerned. I read the letter out loud.

"The plaintiff, Rose Meredith Waite, alleges that the defendant, Jefferson Waite, has been accused of child abuse resulting in the severe bruising of the legs of his son, Ethan Waite. This incident has been documented by child welfare."

I continued to read. "The plaintiff also alleges that the defendant has been has been exposing the children to a woman, Shavonda Jenkins, who has been arrested for prostitution. The plaintiff feels Ms. Jenkins is a detrimental influence on said children."

"In light of these two issues, and others which will be documented at the court hearing, the plaintiff requests the court to permanently terminate the parental rights of Jefferson Waite, and award permanent custody to herself."

Shavonda was livid. "Why, that bitch! This time she's gone too far."

We drove on in silence, Shavonda being secretive about where we were going. We pulled over in Mt Oliver and sat in the car, waiting. "Why are we stopped here," I asked. Something was not right. Shavonda's eyes spit fire.

"You'll know when soon," Shavonda gritted. She kept looking in her rearview mirror. I began to be afraid. This was not good at all.

Suddenly, she whipped out of the parking spot in front of another car. The driver honked at her, irritated. The light at Brownsville Road was green. We drove straight through, the followed the street to the right around the clock tower. At Penn Avenue, Shavonda cut the car sideways, forcing the other car to turn onto Penn. The other driver rolled down her window to yell at her, then stopped in fear. It was Rose. Looking at Shavonda, she floored her car and took off down Penn in sheer terror. Shavonda took off in hot pursuit. "Baby, come on. She's not worth it," I pleaded.

"She's not, but you and the kids are. This ends today," she spat angrily. White knuckled, I held on for dear life as we sped down the narrow street. At the Pittsburgh border, Penn turned into Parkwood. Rose continued on, trying to escape us. We were doing about 50. At Mountain Avenue, Rose was going too fast to make the turn, and continued on Parkwood past the no outlet sign. The road dipped into a wooded ravine, sharp drop-off to the creek to the right, and houses perched high on the hillside to the left. In about a quarter mile the road ended abruptly at a concrete barrier. It had once continued on to connect with Becks Run Road, but long ago a landslide had closed the middle part, leaving this dead-end stub. Rose skidded to a stop, Shavonda pulled up on her bumper, boxing her in. Rose was trapped.

The two closest houses, perched 50 feet above the street, were vacant. They were the only ones visible. Shavonda exited the car, pressing the button to pop the trunk as she did. She advanced on Rose's car.

"Get out the car, bitch! Get out or I'll drag you out!" Rose had locked the door. I sprang out my door and tried to stop Shavonda. Rose had her phone on video, held up in front of her face Recording Shavonda's rant. Shavonda turned and stalked back to the trunk, grabbing a tire iron. "I said get out the car, NOW!" She swung the tire iron, showering Rose with glass from her side window. She grabbed the phone from Rose and threw it over the hill toward the creek far below. "Oh, no you don't!"

Reaching in, Shavonda dragged Rose out of the shattered window. Shavonda was only 140 pounds, and five foot seven, Rose easily outweighed her by 50 or 60 pounds while being 4 inches shorter. To this day, I still have no idea how Shavonda did it, but it barely slowed her down. She threw Rose in a heap at her feet.

Shavonda turned to me, took off her earrings and heels and handed them to me. "Hold these!" She turned to Rose, barefoot on the pavement. "Now, it's on! Get yo ass up!" I stood there speechless, unable to move. I'd never seen Shavonda like this. "A beat down what you want! A beat down what you get!"

"Get away from me, you dirty nigger bitch!" Rose yelled, quickly getting to her feet.

"Oh, no she didn't! Jason, did you hear her? That's the LAST time you call me that, you funky ass cracker bitch!" Shavonda had gone full ghetto on me.

I quickly put myself between the two of them. My back to Shavonda, I said to Rose in a steely voice, "If you know what's good for you, you'll leave us alone. This is not a game anymore." In response, Rose kneed me right in the nuts. I doubled over in pain, then straightened up and punched her hard in the jaw. Rose looked at me incredulously. In six years of marriage, and four years of separation and divorce, I'd never laid a hand on her. Now I'd crossed that line.

"I know you didn't kick MY man in the balls," Shavonda screamed.

"Jason, you better get your nigger bitch under control or I'll kick her ass," Rose yelled in my face.

I shrugged my shoulders and said to Shavonda, "She's all yours. Just don't kill her, ok?"

Shavonda stepped around me and swung at Rose, who ducked the punch. Then the fool rushed Shavonda, who easily sidestepped. Grabbing Rose by the hair, Shavonda swung her around and crashed her head into the concrete barrier.

"Don't! Evah! Mess! With! Me! Or! My! Family! Again!" Shavonda sucker punched Rose in the stomach with each word. Rose turned and vomited all over the ground. As she was bent over, Shavonda kicked her in the ass sending her headfirst into the barrier again. Pulling Rose up by the hair, she punched her squarely in the nose, then in the mouth. Rose spurted blood. Shavonda threw her down in the pile of vomit and spat on her. Rose sobbed in sheer terror.

"First, yo destroy my man's car. Then yo trash my bidness! You hurt my child. That's right, MY child. You think I'm a thug? You think I'm a streetwalking ho? Who's the bitch now?" Shavonda was ranting at the top of her lungs, but there was nobody there but us to hear.

"Lemme tell you sumpin. This here's MY man! He loves ME! Look at this!" Shavonda shoved her engagement ring in Rose's face. "This how much my man loves me! That cost more than yo funky ass car worth! It worth more than yo dumb ass!"

Rose lay there propped up against the barrier cowering in fear.

"This MY man! Those MY kids, not yours! You going to jail fo long time, bitch! I'ma be raisin' them! They be GROWN fore yo funky ass get out! Me! Not you! Me! And my family! You ain't got no family! Even yo Mama don't like you! She come to my house for holidays! She MY family now! We strong! We defend each other! Who you got?" Shavonda was on a roll. Rose was crying hysterically as the reality of the words hit home.

"That's right bitch! Sit there and cry in ya own puke!" Shavonda was really playing dirty now. The worst humiliation was yet to come.

"See, what bitches like you don't know is that when you fuck over good men, bitches like me take the time to put them back together again. He's mine now!" She turned to me and kissed me on the lips, rubbing my crotch with her hand. "Do I turn you on baby?" I nodded, watching Rose. Shavonda was calming down.

"Let me show you what a REAL woman does for her man. The man YOU let get away. The man who would have done ANYTHING for you. The man who sacrificed his college so YOU could stay home with those kids. The man who's hopelessly in love with ME now." Shavonda was rubbing it in deeper as she went. I was truly getting turned on.

Shavonda unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, looking at Rose the whole time as she stroked me. "A real woman LOVES to do this. Because pleasing her man is a huge turn on." Turning to me, she said, "Jason, watch her. Make sure she don't get up. Rose, don't you DARE move or I'll slap you into next week." Shavonda knelt down before me and took me all the way into her throat. Rose sobbed as she watched, but didn't look away. Shavonda continued to throat me before pulling her head up and turning to Rose. "See, he likes that. And I do too. And I gladly do it for him, because I know he'll do it for me whenever I ask him. Wouldn't ya boo?" I nodded.

"Gladly, I would," I said softly. Shavonda got up and slid her panties down her legs to her feet.

"Yeah, Jason fuck this pussy all the time. He fuck it good. He used to fuck yours. You thought it was dirty. Guess what, now he like the dark meat. Baby what your favorite color pussy?"

"Black," I replied. I pointed at Rose. "Hers is tainted." Rose made a sound like she was dying, a heart wrenching wail. But Shavonda wasn't through yet.

"Baby, ya wanna pop dis coochie? Fuck me right now. Let's show Rose what jungle love all about." Shavonda was playing with Rose now, using her own prejudices to humiliate her. "Baby, fuck me hard. I'm bout to get my nut."

Shavonda bent over in front of me, watching Rose. "Don't you DARE move, bitch!" She reached back and guided me into her soaking wet pussy. I easily slid all the way in with one stroke. "OHH, Jason, fuck, damn, Ohh that's it, just like that!" I pumped in and out of her tight hole in the fading light. "Ohh fuck me, Fuck dis black pussy!" Rose watched us, sniffling. "Damn dis dick good!" Shavonda rubbed it in.

"Baby, I'm bout to come, baby you ready?" Shavonda moaned, never taking her eyes off Rose.

"Yes, god yes," I moaned.

Shavonda arched her back as her orgasm took her. "Give it to me, baby. Give me that whiteboy come. Come inside me where it belong." Her body convulsed around me. Her legs trembled. I let it go with a groan.

Ohh, fuck! Von, Von, baby," I moaned as I shot spurt after spurt deep inside her. Rose sat there taking it all in. Sadness had replaced fear in her eyes. Shavonda Straightened up, my penis slid out of her with an audible pop. My come ran down her leg. Looking directly at Rose, she ran her finger up her inner thigh through the sperm trail. Taking a fingerful, she put it in her mouth and licked it clean.

"Mmmm, baby. You always taste so good. See, Rose, I LOVE the way MY man taste. This what swirl all about." She advanced on Rose, who cowered before her. Shavonda dipped two fingers in her sperm soaked pussy, twirling them about, moaning audibly. She pulled her fingers out of her quivering box, and stuck them in Rose's face. "You wanna taste, bitch? Lick my fingers. Do it fore I have to smack ya ass again! And don't you DARE bite me or you'll come up missing!" Shavonda grabbed Rose by the hair.

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