Love Lessons Ch. 02


Now Kurt is hammering you. Every impact shakes the bed. Air whistles loudly through your nostrils. Your eyes are wild and you seem to be suffocating. I pull my cock, rock hard and gleaming with my pre-cum and your saliva, from your mouth. You suck air greedily. "God oh God oh God oh God!!" you scream as your back arches. "Fuck me, Mr. Smith . . . I'm CUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!"

Kurt screams as he slams his body against yours. He's cumming too! His driving cock slips out of your pussy, sending a pulse of semen arcing over your belly and striking between your breasts. He stuffs himself back into your cunt and continues cumming and cumming. Finally spent, he lowers his body onto yours and lies still, gasping for breath.

I kneel beside your intertwined bodies, stroking your forehead and shoulders with one hand while I fondle Kurt's muscular back and buttocks with the other. He eventually moves off your body and rolls onto his back. I slide two fingers into your pussy and work them in and out, gently flicking your G-spot with my fingertips. Your vaginal muscles tighten and you clasp my hand between your thighs as you cum again. When you finally relax and release me, I put my fingers in my mouth and suck them, savoring the taste of Kurt's cum mixed with your juices.

That just increases my lust. I need to cum so badly I hurt. I stare for long moments at the sweet hot spot between your legs, remembering your agile muscles trapping and milking my cock last night and early this morning. The desire to take your sweetness, mingling my sperm with Kurt's, is almost irresistible. And yet . . .

Your eyes widen with surprise and disappointment as I step away from the bed, retrieving my discarded slacks from the floor. "What . . .?" you begin as I reach into my pocket and remove the little bottle of lubricant.

Kurt knows what's coming. He moves to the edge of the bed, gripping his knees and lifting his butt into the air. "Are you going to . . .? Oh yeah!" you growl as I squirt the lubricant into the palm of my hand and grease my stiff cock with one smooth motion. You bend over to watch as I position my head against his asshole. My balls slam against his buttocks as I take him with one violent thrust.

"Fuck his ass, Baby!" you cry, as I pound Kurt's butt. You stare at my cock sliding in and out of his ass, driving three fingers into your cunt in time with my motions. You're cumming as I flood his asshole with wave after wave of my hot juices. His untouched cock sprays its own load. The three of us finally collapse into one gasping, sweat slick, erotic heap.

Later, much later, the three of us rise and stumble into the shower.

* * * * * * * * * *

OH, that was wonderful You are both such hot lovers and I really got off watching you fuck Mr. Smith. Mr. James, you know all the ways to make me cum. Let's go take a shower now.

We wash each other in the shower and that makes all of us feel wonderful. You and Mr. Smith get hard again just looking at the water running down my naked body. I love to see your cocks and balls all clean and shiny.

We go back and lie down on the bed, this time with you in the middle. " I want to make a human sandwich", Mr. Smith says. You kiss and caress both of us, then turn to me and start to suck on my nipples. I moan with pleasure and fondle your cock and balls, while Mr. Smith slides down and licks your asshole.

You and I are both screaming with pleasure, when you sink your cock into me all the way to the balls and grunt with satisfaction. We fuck slowly, both writhing in ecstasy. "Oh my god, Mr. James! Your cock is so hot! I want you to fuck me harder! " I can barely get the words out before you thrust deep inside me and I cum over and over.

You're about to cum, so you pull out of me and just kiss me deeply. " I don't want to cum yet baby" you whisper as you hold me close. Mr. Smith slides back up and greases up his cock. Without warning, he slides the entire length into your asshole. You gasp with pleasure as he begins to fuck you.

I reach out and pull him close to you, so that your sweet body is squished between us. I kiss and caress you, and reach over your shoulder to play with his hair. You can't stand it any more. He is fucking you so hard you are about to explode. You push back just enough to slide your cock into my wet pussy and we both scream. " Oh that's right, fuck me Mr. James! Oh, Mr. Smith . . . push your cock into him . . . make him shove that hard cock deep into my pussy. " Mr. Smith screams as he unloads his cum into your ass. You and I are both sweating, and without any more motion, your cum fills me as I cum over and over. We collapse in each other's arms.

"That was the best" you sigh softly, kissing and cuddling me. You turn onto your back so you can pull Mr. Smith close. We lie on the bed, totally drained. It's only 8 pm. We have the rest of the night to play, before both of you have to leave at 5 am. I don't want you to get caught in my room, but I want to spend the night between you, cuddled in your arms. We hear a noise outside the room as we're lying close together.

" I thought everyone was settled down. Mr. James? " I whisper fearfully. There are more footsteps and giggles outside my door. One of the voices sounds very deep, like it's the Dean. We lie quietly and the footsteps go past. That was close. Come here and kiss me again, and let's rest awhile.

* * * * * * * * * *

We've just settled down again when there's a loud knock on the door. "Diane?" It's Dean Johnson's voice. We lay still, hoping he'll go away. "Diane, are you all right? I know you're in there."

Kurt and I jump out of bed and start collecting our scattered clothes. "You better answer the door," I whisper. "We'll hide in the bathroom."

"Just a minute," you shout as you grab a robe from your suitcase and put it on. I pause on the way to the bathroom to admire you. The robe ends at mid-thigh and its neckline plunges between your breasts. You run your fingers through your tousled hair just before opening the door. "Hello Dean Johnson."

"Hi Diane," he says as he steps into the room. "I got a call about a naked boy and girl running through the hall. I couldn't find anybody. I'm sure it wasn't any of our students. They'd never do anything like that. I met the twins in the vending machine area and they told me you'd gone to your room by yourself. I just wanted to make sure you were all right."

"I'm fine Dean," you answer. "Just a little tired. I was so worked up about the game I didn't get much sleep last night." Kurt and I are looking through the cracked bathroom door. The hem of your robe rides up as you sit on the chair beside the desk, almost exposing your pussy.

We can't see his face from the bathroom, but we know the Dean is staring, moving his gaze back and forth between your spectacularly exposed cleavage and your temptingly open thighs. "You are very attractive," he croaks, taking two steps towards you before stopping, frozen with indecision.

"Why Dean Johnson," you begin, looking up and down his body. "There's something wrong with your pants." You stand up and put your hand on his crotch. "There's a bulge . . . Oh! It's getting bigger."

Your robe falls open as he pulls your body to his and kisses you fiercely. "I know you've wanted me for a long time," you purr as you unfasten his pants. "I've wanted you, too. When you called me into your office to talk about my sexy dress, I almost asked you to fuck me then and there."

"My God!" you continue, sinking to your knees and fondling his hardness. "This is even more beautiful than I'd imagined." He moans as your mouth engulfs his swollen cock. The two of you have turned your bodies so we can see every detail of you going down on the Dean.

I push the door open. Kurt and I are almost invisible in the darkness and Dean Johnson is staring at you, anyway. We stroke each other's dicks as we watch you suck the Dean's cock and lick his balls. Without warning, he pulls out of your mouth and sprays cum in your face and onto your breasts. "That was so good," he whispers. "What now?"

The Dean's eyes widen with astonishment as Kurt and I emerge from the bathroom, stiff cocks at the ready.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Dean gasps in surprise when you and Mr. Smith walk out sporting your impressive erections, but then a smile spreads over his face. His cock starts to spring back to life. " I should have known! You two have always had a reputation for being 'friendly' to your students, especially hot ones like Diane here." He motions for you to join us, and takes my hand to walk me over to the bed, pulling my robe off and tossing it on a chair. All three of you stare longingly at my breasts and pussy, aroused beyond belief at the sight of the Dean's cum dripping from me. You're the first to break the silence.

"Well," you sigh in relief," obviously you aren't going to cause trouble for us, Dean Johnson. Why don't we all get comfortable?" You push me over on the bed and lie beside me, kissing me passionately as Mr. Smith lays down on my other side. The dean lifts my legs and settles down between them, kissing my belly and thighs as he says softly " If we're going to be together, you might as well call me too, Diane"

I smile as I fondle his now-restiffened cock and say that I want to call all of you by your last names. My fantasy about making it with my teachers always involved some formality. That really gets me hot.

Mr. Smith sits up suddenly and kisses Dean Johnson hard on the mouth. They begin to tongue kiss and the Dean pulls Mr. Smith up to his knees, as they start to play with each other's nipples, cocks and balls. You and I watch in amazement as the Dean deep throats Mr. Smith's beautiful cock.

I turn to you and push you down onto the bed, lying on top of you and thrusting my tongue into your mouth as I lower my wet pussy onto your cock. Our moans of delight soon mingle with those coming from the Dean and Mr. Smith, who are lying on their sides in a 69, sucking each other off.

I ride your cock fiercely as you reach up and start to suck my breasts, hanging in your face. You scream with pleasure as I slam my dripping pussy down onto you again and again. We turn our heads to watch Mr. Smith push the Dean onto the floor and kneel behind him, thrusting his stiff cock into the Dean's ass. The Dean screams" Oh, god, yes, Kurt! Fuck me, baby! Fill my ass with your cum!" A few strokes later, Mr. Smith does just that, pulling out at the last second and spraying his cum all over the Dean's butt. The Dean screams and his untouched cock sprays cum onto the carpet. Mr. Smith climbs off and takes the Dean in his arms. They lie on the floor in each other's arms, kissing tenderly and listening to our sighs and moans.

You scream " Ohhhh Deeeeeeeeeeeee! Yes, baby, cum with me...I can't hold it much longer!" Just as you're about to explode inside me, the door flies open. It's Coach Spooner and Ms. Robinson. As they stand there in astonishment, staring at me riding your cock, the Dean takes his mouth away from Mr. Smith's and says " Well, don't just stand there, you two. Come in and close the door. We don't want the whole football team in here. Diane and her two favorite teachers are enough to satisfy all of us."

For a minute, they just stare at him, then Ms. Robinson pushes the Coach in and closes and locks the door. She walks over to us, undressing, and kisses you, stifling your screams. You push her away, and pull out of my pussy. spraying both of us with your cum. I scream and cum with you. We collapse in a heap on the bed.

The Coach has walked over and pulled Mr. Smith and the Dean up from the floor over to the sofa in the corner. He sits down and pulls Mr. Smith down next to him. They kiss and fondle each other until they are both hard. The Dean sits on Mr. Smith's other side and kisses him again.

Meanwhile, Ms. Robinson and I have moved over and she lies between us, kissing me deeply while playing with your nipples. You moan with delight and pull her onto her other side. I snuggle against her back and reach over to fondle her large breasts.

* * * * * * * * * *

Liz presses her body tightly against mine, grinding her crotch against my still-stiff cock. Her nipples are already hard from you playing with her breasts. We kiss passionately as she rubs her clit against my cock-head, humping me harder and faster until she screams and cums.

"Oh Ken, it's been way too long," Liz sighs as she rolls onto her back.

"Yeah," I agree. "Eight weeks. How's Brenda?"

"She's great. We love each other more each day. I can't get enough of her body and it's great with the strap-on, but sometimes I need a man . . . you." Liz kisses me tenderly, then puts her hands around your waist, guiding you into a kneeling position, straddling her hips. "Sweet Diane," she purrs, "I've been dreaming about you for years . . . your big breasts, muscular butt, long legs, angelic face, always dressing in those clinging blouses and short tight skirts, opening your legs to flash the boys . . . and girls. You don't know how many nights I've fantasized about you."

"I'm here now, Ms. Robinson . . . all yours," you purr as Liz pulls you forward and begins licking your breasts. "Oh wow!" you gasp a little later. "I didn't think my nipples could have gotten any harder. The way you suck and nibble them is divine! Do you like the cum coating?"

"MMMmm . . . MMMmmm . . . Mummh . . . MMMUUnnhhh!" Liz answers, sliding her body down the bed and pressing her face against your crotch.

My cock is rock hard as I kneel at the head of the bed, watching Liz eat you.

"Oh Gawd, Ms. Robinson!" you scream. "Your mouth . . . tongue . . . tongue fuck my cunt . . . clit . . . I'm . . . " You're thrashing so violently, Liz grips your thighs to keep you on the bed.

You lift your body slightly and I can see Liz grinning and licking her lips. Her face is drenched with your juices. Relentless, she pulls you back down onto her hungry mouth.

Her legs are hanging over the edge of the bed. I spread her thighs. She says, "Yeah Ken, please fuck me while I eat Di . . . Oh! Yes! Yes!! Drive your cock up my cunt! Oh fuck!!" I place her ankles on my shoulders and ram her hot tight snatch while she eats you to another climax. This time she cums with you. My cock throbs and a wave of pleasure washes over my body.

My penis slips out of Liz's pussy. Your legs are unsteady, so I help you off her face. The three of us sit on the edge of the bed, watching the men in the corner. Mr. Smith is lying on the floor. Coach Spooner is riding Mr. Smith's cock, stroking himself and sucking Dean Johnson. "Jesus Phil," the Dean suddenly gasps, "I'm gonna shoot . . . AAhhh!" The Coach sucks greedily as the Dean empties a load into his mouth.

The Coach rises to his feet, a little unsteadily, and comes over to the bed. His penis, stiff and gleaming with pre-cum, is even longer and thicker than Kurt's. "Diane," he says hoarsely, "I think you know how much I want you. Do you . . . May I? . . ."

You rise to your feet and move into his arms, kissing him passionately. Your hands roam over each other's bodies. You look startled when he grips your thighs and lifts you effortlessly. He's so slender it's easy to forget he was a college weight lifting champion. "Ooooh . . . COACH!" you cry as he spikes you on his giant prick. The rest of us stare in awe as he fucks you while standing in the center of the room.

You're holding onto Coach's shoulders and bouncing on his dick. Liz is caressing your rolling buttocks. She's so intent on you, she hardly notices when I slide a finger into her hot wet cunt. A moment later, you squeal with excitement when I push my pussy juice-lubricated finger into your asshole. You're so tight and hot! I finger-fuck your butt while Coach continues ramming your snatch. Now you're cumming, screaming like a banshee! He's grunting rhythmically, cumming with you.

You go limp in his arms. "Thank you," he whispers as he gently lowers you to the bed. You lie there spread-eagled with your breasts rolling gently as you gasp for air. Cum and juices are leaking from your open pussy. You open your eyes briefly and whisper "Wow!"

Liz settles on the bed, gently kissing your face and stroking your hair. I lie beside you, taking you in my arms.

The Coach looks at Mr. Smith and Dean Johnson. "We'd better hit the road," he growls. "There are a lot of horny football players in Room 809 and they're probably getting restless."

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright (c) 2004 by Ken James and Diane (cuddlydbear).

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Many thanks to Wayde for his constant love and support.

* * * * * * * * * *

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