Love Letter


I love you.

I've wanted to tell you that for months now. I'm in love with you. I hadn't expected it to happen. But it did. And now I can't stop thinking about you.

I know that when Jackie first introduced us to one another, you made it clear that you weren't looking for romance, and I was fine with that at the time. I hadn't expected to fall for you. I've spent these past few months hoping and praying that you've seen in me a little bit of what I've seen in you. That you've started feeling more for me than just the level of 'friendship with benefits' that we started out with.

I want to move beyond what we have now. I'm not talking about the sex -- although, after all these months of our little oral get-togethers, I do dream of finally making love to you for real.

But what I really want is for us to move from our usual physical connection in the bedroom to an actual relationship.

The reason that I haven't told you how I feel before now is because of the fear that you would reject me . . . and leave me. And I knew that I could not live without you in my life. But my feelings for you continue to grow. You are becoming my life.

You are beautiful, and sexy, and smart, and funny. And while I once simply thought I couldn't bear to live without you in my life, I now know that I simply cannot live without you.

And now Valentine's Day is upon us, and I find the perfect opportunity to tell you these things. These things that I cannot seem to find the courage to speak out loud, to simply tell you face-to-face.

You've infiltrated my heart and my mind and my very soul. And I surrender to you. I am yours. Do with me what you will.

But please, please . . . tell me that you love me.

Tell me that you—

* ** *** ** *

"Stop." The command came soft and breathily as Elena lay there, almost panting. "That's enough . . . stop, stop, stop . . ." She reached down and pushed his head away from her now too-sensitive clit. Away from her well-eaten pussy.

Rory took the hint and moved out from between her legs altogether. He sat naked on his heels by her feet, just watching her chest rise and fall as she lay there in post-orgasmic bliss. He visually absorbed every inch of her, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Dark red toenails to (currently mussed) stylishly short brown hair. Her pretty face, sweaty and flushed from cumming so hard. The goose-bumps on her chest (same cause). Her small, perfectly round breasts with their rock hard nipples reaching for the ceiling. Down her flat stomach to the hairless Y-junction that his head had just been exiled from. Her powerful legs, her—

She opened one eye and looked down the bed at him. "Quit staring at me. It's creeping me out. Come lay down."

He smiled. "On my way."

He crawled up the bed and laid down beside her, wrapping an arm around her. She turned onto her side and pressed her back into his front. Into his physically fit body. He was by no means an Adonis figure, but still quietly proud of the results of his gym membership.

"Just hold me for a little bit, 'kay, Rory?"


A little while later, Elena finally spoke, ending their unspoken agreement to just enjoy being in each other's arms in silence.

"Have I ever told you just how damn good you are at that?"

Rory smiled. "Once or twice, yeah. But it's not like I'm going to get tired of hearing it."

"You are so damn good at eating pussy that . . . that . . ." Elena searched for the right conclusion to her thought. "That you made me cum. You made me cum, and you made me cum hard."

He chuckled a little, and laid his head down on her shoulder, his blond ponytail curling partway around her arm.

"Hey, not every guy can do that. The two guys I dated before you certainly couldn't."

"I've heard rumors to that effect, yes."

"The last guy not only wasn't nearly as good as you, but he couldn't ever keep at it long enough to get me off." Rory could only see the back of her head, but he just knew she had a cute little mock pout on her lips.

"That's sad."

"It is sad. Not just for me, who had to resort to the big, noisy vibrator of doom every time he went home, but also for him." She exhaled a great exaggerated sigh before continuing. "He had this great little pussy in front of him, and couldn't do anything with it. What a poor, stupid man."

"Sad, sad, sad," Rory agreed. "There are starving children in third world countries who go to bed hungry each night, dreaming of eating a pussy like this."

Elena pushed out of his embrace, and rolled over to face him. She quirked an inquisitive eyebrow at him, as if awaiting a response.


She was fighting an emerging sly grin, trying to keep it from spreading across her face. "What did you just say?"

Rory thought for a moment. "It was a joke. I said, 'There are—'"

The sly grin won. "Children?"

"Huh." Rory took another moment to think it through. "You know, I think that came out wrong." The look of concern on his face made her giggle again. Her giggle made his cock twitch.

"It was a good joke in my head before I gave voice to it. Then it went all wrong on me. Can we just forget that I said anything?"

She settled back down on the bed, out of his embrace, still facing him. "Since your mouth has other talents, we'll allow you a pass on that. Anyway, the guy before the guy before you? He had absolutely zero technique. It was like he thought that my clit was a light switch, and he just kept trying to turn it on and off again with his tongue."

Rory had another joke at the ready -- about how that guy had obviously learned his oral sex techniques from Mister Miyagi: "Paint the fence, Daniel-san . . . up! . . . down! . . . up! . . . down!" -- but thought that there was too much that could have gone wrong with it after the 'starving children' fiasco. Not the least of which was the concern that she might not have seen the "Karate Kid" movies, and would miss the reference altogether. Fortunately for him, another piece of witty banter popped into his head.

"Maybe he wasn't really trying to get you off. Maybe he was just trying to get your lights to flicker."

Elena noticed that a few wisps of hair had escaped his ponytail and were running wild. She reached out and brushed them away from his eyes. "You make my lights flicker. Power surges, power outage, the whole bit. Once you get down there, your tongue just goes wild."

"Well, I do what I can."

"I was wondering just what exactly it was you really do when you're down there."

'I think about the day when I'll actually get up enough courage to tell you how I feel about you,' Rory thought. And then he actually said, "What do you mean?"

"I was reading this article the other day on how to perform cunnilingus—"

"You were reading an article on how to eat pussy?" Rory took the opportunity to return Elena's earlier quirked eyebrow to her.

She playfully ran one finger down the length of his nose. "Well . . . yeah. Like I said, I was curious about what you guys all do down there. Anyway, one of the tips the article gave was to not just lick up and down or back and forth, but to do things like trace patterns over the clit with your tongue. It suggested things like letters and numbers and stuff. Is that your secret?"

"I hadn't realized it was a secret, but yeah. I do that."

"Ha! I knew it! You get down there and you write the alphabet on my little love button? You get down there and write tiny little letters on my clitty?"

"Yeah, that's what I do. I get down there, and I . . . I just write letters."

She rolled back over and draped his arm back over and around her, then snuggled into him. And then glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. "Hey, check it out -- it's midnight! Happy Valentine's Day, Rory!"

"Happy Valentine's Day, Elena," he began, quoting the letter he'd written on her with his tongue just shortly before. 'Continue it,' he told himself. 'Tell her you love her. It's Valentine's Day. Just tell her already!'

"I . . . I . . ."

Elena half-rolled out of his arms onto her belly, and looked back into his face. "You what?"

Rory gazed into her eyes for a mere moment, and he knew. He couldn't bring himself to do it. Not now. Tonight wasn't the night. She intimidated him. She was too beautiful, too smart, too funny . . . and if she rejected him, he'd simply die.

So instead of telling her that he loved her, he reached down and grabbed hold of his half-hard cock, doing what he usually did with her. Covering up his love with her lust.

"I think it's my turn."

She looked down and smiled, then crawled down the bed and took him in her mouth.

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