tagRomanceLove Letter Ch. 05

Love Letter Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Size Matters

Anywhere you look, any topic you choose, it's obvious to most people that size matters. Why else would we have all of those words at our disposal to describe size? What makes it special though is that every so often you find someone that's a perfect fit. Let me give you an example or two... or a whole lot of them because we're a perfect fit.

She's not tall...

But her legs are long enough for her toes to reach in between my legs under the table at the restaurant and tease me to no end while we ordered dinner

When we sit together and she leans over to kiss me her lips are right at a very sensitive spot on my neck that sends chills all through me

When she's on her back or on top of me and I'm buried inside of her we can both bend easily and kiss the other

The inside of her thigh is just long enough that when she straddles me she's comfortable and can use the leverage of her knees on the bed to grind hard against me

We've danced naked in the moonlight and her head was in the middle of my chest

She can straddle my face, bend forward and her mouth falls onto my cock, no adjustment necessary

My cock is average....

But it fills her pussy completely, especially when she's on her knees and I'm thrusting behind her

It's not so big that she can't slide me into her mouth and when she engulfs me and buries her mouth at the base that she doesn't gag (ok, maybe she's got phenomenal technique, I'll admit to that)

It also fits nicely in her hands, no overlap on the fingertips when she decides to make me crazy and stop sucking and just slide and twist her hands up and down the shaft and over the head

Her breasts are beautiful....

Big enough to tease me with sliding them up and down the length of my cock

Wonderfully sensitive nipples that really stand out when she's excited

Small enough to go braless in public and look better than if she chose to wear a bra and not bouncing to distraction

Her hips are wide....

She looks fabulous in tight pants

And she has enough padding behind her that no matter how hard we slam against each other we don't bruise

My hands are big enough....

To firmly hold the cheeks of her ass when she's on top or even better to really grab on when I'm stroking from behind her

Fingers are long enough to be able to reach inside and tickle and press on her G spot

Big enough to cover her breasts and massage them hard as she cums

My legs are long enough...

Most sofas, chairs and beds are the right height for her to kneel on and no gymnastics required to fuck her from behind

Her intelligence is that of one worldly and well read....

So we really do have lot's to talk about when we aren't busy doing something else with our mouths

Her hands are large enough and strong enough...

That a massage from her is heavenly and her fingertips are round!!!!! No pointy fingertips on this girl

Her energy is boundless

Her willingness to surrender to the sensations amazing

I think you get the picture by now.

We see each other much less often then we should but that also makes each time a bit special. She wrote recently....

I had to nod in agreement and think about some of the nice things that I've been thinking about lately. Counting my blessings.

Mmmmmm, the sweetly layered pleasure of a reunion with a friend you've now been seeing for years and the satisfaction of ethical and mutually beneficial relationships.



I used to read about "the click" and wonder what the hell that was about. I mean, I thought I clicked with everybody. But, after a while you do come to enjoy a few people that stay with you because there really is just something there that works. And there isn't a formula to achieving that. It's just something that happens over time if you let it.

Candle flickering in the breeze.

Wind chime.

See what I mean? Size matters when it's a perfect fit.

DB 8/9/04

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