tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 05

Love Letters for Him: No. 05


Author's Note: Another Love letter that will compliment jushorny's Love Letter #6. Please enjoy both. ~ Red

Dearest Love,

I am writing this from the hotel. The business meeting was boring. The whole time I was there I thought of how I'd rather have been home with screaming kids, laundry to fold, and a heap of dishes to wash than sit with those stiff folks of the Bureau. Selling Life Insurance is a bore, but hey, it helps pay the bills. It was great of your mom to volunteer to help around the house while I was gone.


I'm here alone and just called the house; I missed you and got the machine. I thought I'd leave a steamy message, but with my luck your mom would listen to the recording... Let's not go there

Instead I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do while I'm thinking about you. Then I'll do it. *wink* Afterwards, I'll mail this off and you should get it in a couple of days, then you can show me the effects of my words when I get home. If your not home when I get there, then perhaps you'll find me doing what I'm about to tell you. * wicked grin*

Imagine me, in what I'm wearing. I have these really simple heels, but they look nice with the little charm anklet you gave me last year for Christmas. The tiny diamond that dangles looks sexy nestled against the silk of my nude colored stockings. Did I mention they are thigh high? Are you seeing this? Do you see me sitting in a chair and running my hands up my legs until I get to the hem of my red skirt?

My fingernails are painted red, too. My hands are going to run over my thighs and hips and then I'll stand up. My pussy is wet, just thinking about making myself slick with juice for you. I want you to imagine the scent of me. I can smell it already.

Oh baby, I want you to see me running my hands up my torso and over my breasts. I want you to feel my nipples. They are hard. My blouse is silk, white and buttoned, but I bet you know those buttons are slowly being opened to reveal the soft white bra I'm wearing. The shirt will be pulled free of the skirt and then I'll run my hands over my stomach. I'll slide my fingers along the top of my skirt, reaching behind me to release the hook and zipper.

My hands will push the skirt down and then you'll see the stockings. I know you like them, so I'll leave them on for you. But would you even notice once you see the crotchless panties. Yes, baby. I wore crotchless panties to that meeting. *laughs* It was daring I know. Oh, so much fun though. We took a break and I enjoyed some time with the mini-massager. A nice time. *blush* But that's off the subject.

The bed is huge sweetie. Its big enough for us to roam all over it. Perhaps I'll do that in a little bit. Roam my naked body all over this big bed. Running my fingers over my hot skin and slipping them into nice hot places, imagining its you helping me tangle the sheets.

I want you to picture yourself with me. I want you to see me moving to the bed and releasing my bra. I war a strapless one that closes in the front. So my breasts will bounce free baby, right there in front of you. But stop, baby. . . I want you to imagine me not allowing you to touch. That's right. I don't want you to touch yourself while you read this letter. Stop, right now sweetheart. You just hold this paper and smell the scent, because you know what I put on it. I want you to just read the words baby, then you can come.

You need to see me crawling on my hands and knees over the bed and over to the nightstand that is beside the headboard. You need to watch as my ass is lifted in the air, while I stretch out to grab the drawer of the stand and see my fingers reach in to grab my toy. Yes, I brought it. It's like the credit card. . . "Never leave home without it."

See my ass up there for you, baby. You can watch it move while I run this toy between my slick pussy. It is slick. So hot and so wet. I'm going to fuck it just like I would your cock. I'm going to ram it in and out of me, just like I do when I straddle you and start taking you deeper with every thrust, until your moaning. Then. . .I'll pull all of it out, but the tip. I'll hold it inside me and then press the button and feel the rolling vibrations roll through me.

Oh fuck baby. While I'm writing this my hips are rising and falling in time to the idea of fucking you. I'm so wet and so horny. I need to run my fingers over my pussy, but I'll wait. I'm making you wait, until the end of this letter. I'll wait till I'm done writing it, then I'm fucking this cunt of yours until I'm screaming your name.

I'll drive it in and out of me over and over. I'll press the vibrating tip against my clit, while I keep fucking the air beneath me. I'll beg and grunt and plead for more, just like I would you. I'll use one of my hottest fantasies and let it play across my mind while I impale myself for you. I'll share that fantasy with you one day. . .let's just say it involves you and me and perhaps a couple of others.

I'd want you to come for me, baby. I know you would, so I'd come. I'd come hard and several times. I'll soak my pussy, my hands; come will drip down the sides of my thighs. Fuck, I'll probably soak the blankets. I'll not stop there. It's tricky, but I've done it for you and I'll do it this time too. I'm going to slide my come to my ass.

Oh you know now, don't you lover. You know exactly what I have planned. Yes, baby. I'm going to push my toy into my ass, and fuck myself again. I'm going to enjoy it. Oh, I can already feel it moving inside me and how wonderful that will be in reality when I get home. Your cock slamming into me. Fuck baby. This is making me shake, just thinking of it.

I have to go, because I am so wet, the seat is covered in juice.

I love you baby.

Your wife

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