tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 06

Love Letters for Him: No. 06


Author's Note: This letter compliments RedHairandFriendly's letter: Love Letter to Him No. 5

Hey Babe,

You're killing me here, but I'm sure you know that. Oh, and remind me not to take my mom up on all of her offers, while the kids are having a blast with grandma around, I feel like I am ten years old again. I wish you had left a steamy message for me it would have been hilarious to see mom's face and maybe then should would have realized I am a grown man now. I am sure your meetings are boring but you are right, it does help pay the bills. One day, I hope, I will earn enough for you to chose whether you want to work or not.

I saw the envelope along with a couple of bills into today's mail. I purposely moved your letter under my pillow, knowing, between the kids and mom it would be best to wait. I had it all planned out, you know, as soon as the kids were in bed and mom was on her way I'd hop in the shower before reading what you had left for me.

I sat down in the chair across from our bed, the towel still wrapped around my waist, all set to open your special note, anticipating what you had written. The towel was open and my stiff cock was pointing up as I began reading. My hand was lazily stroking myself, until I read that you didn't want me touching. I don't think you realize how hard those words hit me. Yea, babe, you are definitely killing me here. I did as you asked, stopped touching myself and brought your letter up to my nose to take in your scent before continuing to read. I stretched out some in the chair, one hand holding your letter, the other wandering over my body, careful not to touch my cock.

I would remain in the chair, as you have requested, watching you undress for me, your hands touching your skin, pinching your nipples. My eyes would travel over your body following your hands, wishing they were my hands. My hand would begin doing for you just what you were doing for me. I'd let my hand wander over my chest, pinching my nipples, running down over my stomach. When your finger pressed into your moist pussy I would run my finger over the wet head of my cock before being told by you to stop. I would moan but my hand would pull away and rest on my thigh.

I'd squirm in my chair as you revealed your ass to me, keeping the stockings on, making me suffer as you showed me the new pair of crotchless panties. My body would begin perspiring as you positioned yourself on the bed, waving your beautiful ass just for me. My lips form a smile as you pull out your toy, knowing I was in for a show.

"Fuck baby that is so hot" I say to you as you slide the toy into your moist slick pussy. Most likely you would hear me groan as it disappeared deeper inside you and reappear, glistening from your fluids. I would notice your face turning towards me, making sure I was not touching myself. We would both lick our lips, both trying to tease the other.

My cock jerks as your body writhes on the bed. Your nectar flows and flows, filling the room with the heady sexual scent. I assume your show is over, that now you will watch me come, but again you surprise me. I watch you use the toy to bring your come to your asshole. I can't decide if I want to eat you or fuck that tight ass of yours. I do know it is time for me to leave the chair and join you on the bed.

I'd move in behind you, taking your toy from your hand, leaning over your body to whisper "Let me do this babe." My legs would spread yours wide and I would work your fluids from deep within your cunt over and in your tight puckered hole. Your ass would wiggle as the toy alternated between holes. I would feel your eyes on me, as I watch your toy doing what I want to do. I would shove the dildo completely up your cunt, coating it on your juice, then slide it out, running along your skin until I reach your asshole. I would circle your pucker, watching as it becomes shiny with wetness before pushing the toy inside you, not all the way, just enough to make you push back. I would repeat this time and time again until you could accommodate about half of your toy.

Your face would be pressed against the pillow, your body enjoying the stimulation. This time though would be different. After slowly, teasingly pulling the toy from your pussy I would begin pushing it into your hole while my cock would begin pushing into your cunt. Your toy and my cock pushing in both holes with the same force, the same speed. A very slow in and out action, teasing your nerves, taunting you to beg for more.

You ass would be well lubricated and my cock coated with your juice before I would pull both the toy and my cock from you. You would moan out begging me for more. I press down on the small of your back, tilting your ass higher as I placed the head of my cock at your hole. I would begin pushing in, slowly at first, my cock spreading your hole wider than the toy ever could. We would both groan as the head pushed past the initial ring of muscle. I would feel you push back as my hands grabbed your hips. My cock disappearing deeper into your heat. My hips would begin taking over, sliding my cock in until my body slapped your ass cheeks, pulling back out until only the head was inside you.

My one hand would grab your shoulder, lifting you up and back, impaling you on me so deep you would think my cock was reaching for your throat. I would take your toy in my other hand and shove it into your cunt. Both the toy and my cock reaching their depth at the same time. I would work them together sweetie, together to fuck you into another orgasm.

"Have you ever wondered what two cocks would feel like?" I would whisper into your ear as I shoved in and out with more speed. I would thrust harder and a little faster with both the toy and my cock. Your pussy would contract around the toy, your ass contracting around my cock. We would both be sweaty, both be panting as the bed bounced and moved.

"Yea you want two cocks don't you babe, I can tell. Your body is begging for it." The pressure of my thrusts combined with my voice would send you over the edge. I would hear your scream as your muscles clamp down. My fingers would become soaked with your fluids. I would shove my cock in deep one last time before yelling out words of my own, before feeling my cock throb inside of you. My cream would splatter and coat your insides.

Oh babe, these letters are getting to be more than I can handle. I have enclosed a picture of myself, stretched out in the chair. You will see I splattered a rather large load over my stomach and chest. I wish you were here to lick it off.

Hurry home, I can't wait to hear about your fantasy.

Love Ya Babe,

Your hubby

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