tagGroup SexLove Like a Blue Shell Pt. 03

Love Like a Blue Shell Pt. 03


Welcome to Part 3 of our epic four-part story. A warning in advance, this one adds incest. Not much of a surprise, I'd imagine. At this point I'm pretty sure it's contractually required.

Last time, Taylor cheated on her boyfriend Tim with another dude while he watched. She decided the best way to solve this problem and get their relationship back on track was with more unfaithful fooling around. This time with friends. And it worked! Of course, if something is good the first time, it has to be even better the second time around. Right?

Everyone is over 18.


Tim wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow Taylor got word to Courtney or Courtney called up Taylor and now it was agreed that they were all going to meet up and do it all again.

Tim was shocked. Not at all unhappy. But shocked. Maybe this was their thing now. Some couples brunched or went on vacation together. Maybe they were the couples who played video games and jerked off together. That wasn't so strange was it?

OK, it was bizarre. But it was happening and Tim wasn't complaining about it.

After that night, he and Taylor had run around the apartment fucking like animals for hours. Any piece of furniture that hadn't been touched by their group adventure was now soiled forever by their rampant rutting.

Taylor hadn't just gotten lascivious either - she'd become strangely possessive. "My cock. My balls. My cum. Mine." She'd say it over and over. Bite his ears, his nipples. Make him say it back to her. "Taylor's cock. Taylor's cum. Taylor's only."

It was fucking hot and he loved what it did to her when he said it.

He tried tit fucking her one time but there wasn't really anything there. It felt like he was pressing his dick into Taylor's rib cage, like Courtney grinding herself into the pillow. It wasn't really pleasurable for either of them and they'd moved on.

They talked about everything constantly, as well. Like their whole relationship now rotated completely around what had happened.

Courtney told Taylor that she and Colin were doing the same thing. Well, she didn't say if they were having wild animal sex throughout the house (although Tim assumed they were). But according to Taylor, Courtney and Colin were having similar conversations and even role playing different bits to each other.

"Apparently, she's a bit down that she missed the big blowout," Taylor told him.

"What do you mean? She was right there with the rest of us."

"Yeah but her head was down for most of it. I wonder how she ended up working herself that way."

"She told me that was how it 'worked' for her," Tim said.

"Whatever. You're lucky I'm not so fussy. Anyway, she's definitely hoping to get more involved next time."

So yeah. It was definitely going to happen again and they were like two couples planning a golf weekend in Hilton Head. Only not golf. Though maybe some head? Tim wasn't sure.

Courtney wanted to get back together right away but there were complications. For one, Tim and Taylor really did want to get their place cleaned. Also, there were scheduling complications. Nephews' birthdays and work travel. In the end they agreed to wait a month, till the weekend after Thanksgiving, before hosting a repeat.

Which was fine. Tim needed the rest, really.


Finally, the big day arrived. Tim and Taylor were clearly both feeling the pressure. Taylor wouldn't stop cleaning the apartment and Tim just couldn't sit still.

"This is fine, right?" Taylor asked for what seemed like the hundredth time. "I'm fine, you're fine. It's just a bit of fun with our friends."

"Yes," Tim agreed, "Just getting together to play video games and drink. And if other things happen to happen, well, so be it."

Taylor nodded and gave Tim a kiss. What frightened her, actually, was that she really was fine. She thought she was supposed to feel scared or feel dirty, but instead it was no different than any other dinner party she'd attended and that made her feel scared and a little dirty.

"Zach and Zoe are here," Tim said, looking out the apartment window. They shared another nervous look.

This weekend had been a perfect choice except for one problem - Sydney was away visiting her family. That meant it would have just been Tim and Taylor with Courtney and Colin. Taylor had been fine with that, but Courtney had insisted that having only the two couples wouldn't be any fun. "Why don't we just swap partners at that point?" she'd said. So Taylor had scrambled and come up with Zach and Zoe.

Zach had been the third musketeer in college. He, Tim, and Colin had all met their Freshman year in the dorms. Courtney and then finally Taylor had joined the group afterwards and they had been almost inseparable for four years.

While Tim and Taylor had stayed close with Colin and Courtney, they'd all drifted away from Zach. Part of it was, they were coupled and he wasn't. Then he got serious with Zoe, of all people, and that only made things worse. The five friends weren't estranged. They saw each other maybe three times a year. But compared to what they had been, it felt like a loss.

Taylor opened the door and gave Zach a tight hug. He had always been tall, but Taylor didn't remember him towering over her this much. He'd changed in a lot of other ways, actually. Zach had let his beard grow out a bit and he'd switched to contacts. He was wearing khakis and a long sleeve button down, pretty different than the guy who'd tried to wear a t-shirt and jeans to Colin and Courtney's wedding.

But all those positives were wiped out by the tight smile Zach gave Taylor as she said hello. Almost a grimace. Taylor had always known Zach to be warm and jocular. He wasn't a clown - he was just naturally funny. Zach answered the world with a bright smile. Today though, he looked almost morose.

Zoe walked in after him, gave Taylor a limp hug and a cold kiss on the cheek. Zoe was almost as tall as Zach. She had on jeans and a yellow sweater, looking very preppy. She'd grown her black, poker straight hair out long, almost lower than her shoulders. It made Taylor wonder if maybe something more was going on than the two of them were telling. Either getting closer or spinning apart.

She hoped it was the latter. Zoe was fine. She was nice enough. But she just didn't seem to fit with Zach and it made Taylor sad that he couldn't see that. Not for the first time, Taylor wondered if they'd done the right thing in inviting Zach and Zoe to the party.

"Colin just called," Tim whispered in Taylor's ear, "Apparently they're bringing a third."


"You don't want to know."


"You did WHAT?!" Courtney was clearly upset, swerving across lanes as she rocketed down the overcrowded Mass Pike.

"It's not my fault," Colin said, "she overheard me talking about a Mario Kart tournament with Zach and she got upset that she wasn't invited."

"So, you invited your little sister to a sex party," Courtney said. She honked at someone as she cut them off. Colin was having trouble watching the road. He knew she'd been looking forward to this - it was all Courtney had talked about since the last game. As the big day got closer she seemed to obsess over it more and more.

But her utter devastation at the news seemed to be nowhere near appropriate based on what was, at best, a minor obstacle. Worst was, they'd just do a normal Mario Kart party this time around and then do sexy stuff the next time.

"We already waited a whole month," Courtney said.

"Look," Colin said, "You know how Paige is. She'd just badger me and badger me until we had to take her. Or worse, make my parents force us. It's fine. It'll be fine."

"You always did have a weird relationship with her."

"It's not weird. We're just close. You weren't friends with your siblings?"

"I never invited my younger sister to a sex party. No."

Colin sighed. After that weekend it had seemed so easy - they'd all just get together and do it again. But then the complications kept piling up. They took forever to pick a date, but then Sydney couldn't make it. In response, Taylor had apparently insisted that they needed more people, so they'd invited Zach and Zoe. Colin was excited to see Zach - though maybe not in this way, exactly - but his girlfriend was a fucking pill.

But, whatever, it had all still been workable until his kid sister, Paige, heard the words "Mario Kart tournament" and insisted that she be invited. He'd never seen a 20-year-old girl whine like that before. At least Paige had agreed to take her own car to Tim's. How else was he and Courtney to - once again - argue their whole way over to the apartment?

"Look," Colin said, "We'll make it work. She's a big girl. If Paige wants to, I don't know, tickle Tim's taint while Zoe cradles his balls or whatever, that's her problem."

Courtney laughed and looked up, smiling. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm so worked up about this. Last time was fun and I'm sure this will be, too. But maybe we can convince Paige to leave after the drinking round."

"Sure," Colin said. Though somehow he doubted it.


With seven people in the apartment, Taylor realized she had a bit of a problem. For one thing, they were way short of seating. Everything felt a little too small - she kept bumping into people or bumping into other things trying to avoid the people. And all that body heat was making the place feel a little too warm.

Or maybe that was her nerves.

More importantly, however, the numbers put a serious crimp in her Mario Kart planning. Taylor had set up perfectly for six. The seventh really seemed to unbalance things for some reason. She'd honestly considered racing out to Best Buy to get a second Switch, but Tim talked her out of it.

"So what," Paige said, "We just race each other and whoever loses, drinks?"

"Something like that," Taylor said. Colin's sister was cute, Taylor had to admit. The girl was slightly taller than her and had the tomboy kid sister thing down. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with Mario on it - dressed for the occasion, no doubt. She had her long brown hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. Lips all pink and shiny with sparkly gloss.

Taylor could see Colin's face in Paige. His big brown eyes especially. They seemed to smile the same way, as well. It would have been easy to resent the girl, she'd basically invited herself, but Paige was so perky and bright, Taylor couldn't help but enjoy her company.

"Cool!" Paige said, "Can I help you set up? Or I could pour drinks. I'm usually the bartender at our sorority parties."

Of course she was. Taylor showed her where they kept the alcohol and Paige set right to work. Taylor looked around and saw that people were already getting a little sloppy and they hadn't even set up the Switch yet. It was probably the tension, she reflected. Drunk was always better than terrified.


Tim was two drinks in and feeling no pain. He and Zach had found a quiet (well, quieter) corner and were talking about work stuff.

"The job's fucking killing me, man," Zach said, "Killing me. All the politics and the bullshit. It's like, I'm 24 and I'm already thinking about retiring."

"Can't you just quit?" Tim asked, "There have to be hundreds of advertising agencies in Boston."

"They're all the same, man. It just sucks. I keep thinking about what really makes me happy and this isn't it."

"Have you talked to Zoe about it?"

"Yeah," Zach said, "She keeps telling me things are going to get better, but, I don't know."

"You guys are OK otherwise?"

"Yeah, man. I guess. How are you and Taylor?"

Tim laughed a little. "Things are definitely interesting."

Zach cocked his head.

"Just you wait."


It was like wrangling cats, but Taylor was finally able to get everyone in front of the TV. She claimed her usual lounge chair. Tim, Courtney, and Zach took the couch. They'd moved the two kitchen chairs over to the living room so Zoe and Paige sat there. Poor Colin, again, found himself sitting on the floor.

"OK people," Taylor said, "Here's how it's going to work this time."

"Take it off!" Tim shouted. Zoe looked over at him and glared, while Taylor, Colin, and Courtney shared knowing grins.

"In any case," Taylor said, "we're going to start with heats to determine seeding. So we'll do races in groups of four until someone gets four wins. That person earns a bye - an automatic win in the next round."

"That seems like a lot to follow," Paige said.

"Don't worry, it'll make sense as we go along."

"And whoever loses, drinks?" Zach asked.

"Sure," Taylor said, "Or something."

"I can't believe we're sitting around playing video games," Zoe said, "I mean, we're in our twenties for God's sake."

"You'd prefer a whine and cheese party, I suppose?" Tim asked. The room laughed. Zoe turned a little red then sunk back in her seat.


Tim looked around the room. He'd been heartbroken when Sydney dropped out, though she promised she'd join them the next time. They'd been texting quite a bit lately, actually. Nothing inappropriate, just the usual "hi," "jk," "lol." But Tim still made sure to keep his phone away from Taylor, in case.

Still, even without the stupendous blonde, Tim had to admit that the room was pretty damn attractive. With Colin's sister Paige and Zoe there, Tim assumed things would be tamped down, especially compared to the last time. But he still appreciated the possibilities.

Taylor was Taylor of course. She looked especially good in her silky, black sleeveless blouse and grey slacks. Courtney also looked like she'd dressed up a little more than last time. She had on a purple, long sleeve shirt under a dark grey sweater and a black skirt. And stockings! That was exciting.

Tim wasn't much of a Zoe fan, but he had to admit she was striking. Tall and thin, Zoe had an almost model body, prominent in all the right places. Her nose was maybe a bit big, and that constant frown did nothing for her, but Tim wasn't going to complain if he got to see more.

As for Colin's sister, Paige, well, she was Colin's kid sister. But Tim had to admit the girl was super cute. Very pretty. OK, Tim conceded, she was a totally fuckable coed, with good-sized breasts already poking out of her t-shirt and a tight, little bottom. The fact that Tim wasn't supposed to be looking only made things worse.

Tim hoped Colin was too distracted staring at Taylor to notice. And that was the point they'd reached, Tim realized, where he was hoping his married friend was checking out his girlfriend. They were all going to need so much therapy in their thirties.


The first race was Courtney, Taylor, Tim, and Zoe. Tim went back to Yoshi and Courtney took Dry Bones again. Zoe, shocker, chose Princess Peach. Taylor then made a big deal about how she'd been betrayed the last time by Donkey Kong and, seemingly at random, selected Wario

Actually, though, this was all part of her plan. Taylor had learned something from watching Sydney: if she slow played early, she could take everyone by surprise when things really mattered. Taylor knew she could get comfortable with the new character in the first few rounds (Wario was well-rated online. Yes, she'd done research) and then be ready to go once the clothes started coming off.

After a few weeks of rampant fucking, Tim and Taylor had both slowed down as the big day came near, like saving room for a big feast. The combination of the steady diet of sex and then going cold turkey for a week had Taylor edgy as fuck. Desperate to just dive off into a sea of dick. kid-sister Paige and cold-water Zoe be damned.

But first, Taylor was going to let a few slip past her. So she trundled along happily, coming in third. Zoe finished well behind her. But the big surprise was that Courtney took first, and fairly easily at that.

"I'll go pour shots," Colin said.

"Fuck that," Courtney said, "I want socks."

"Wait, what?" Zoe looked confused, "I thought we were playing for drinks."

"Taylor said it could be whatever we want and I've already done enough drinking."

As if this was the most normal request in the world, Tim pulled off one of his socks and so did Taylor. Zoe, seeing that the rest of the room was so calm about this, reached down and did the same.

"Well this is weird," Taylor heard Paige whisper. Oh honey, if you only knew.


Round and round they went, chasing each other around the track and discarding socks, belts, and outer layers as they went. After five races, most everyone was barefoot, except for Courtney who had kept her stockings at the cost of her sweater and a belt. Taylor was in similar shape, but her lack of layers meant the next time she lost, she'd be showing skin.

Tim was almost shocked at how Taylor was racing so far - she'd yet to win even one. Tim was certain Taylor would buckle down on this next race, lest she lose her shirt.

Taylor did seem to put in an extra effort, but the dreaded blue shell showed up again and so Tim was able to take the win. Colin took off his belt and handed it over without a word. Zoe started reaching for her belt, as well. But then Taylor simply shed her satin, black shirt, revealing a bright blue bra that barely covered her tiny tits.

Taylor tossed her shirt at Tim, then took a little bow. As if in concert, the two kitchen chairs shrieked against the hardwood floors. Zoe and Paige both leapt up. Zoe grabbed Zach. Paige grabbed Colin.

The rest of the room just stared as the boys were dragged away.


Paige pulled Colin into the bathroom and shut the door behind them. They could hear Zach and Zoe arguing in the next room.

"What the hell is going on here?" Paige asked. "Seriously."

Colin sat down on the edge of the tub. "I tried to warn you."

"You said you guys were playing Mario Kart. Not... whatever the heck this is."

"It's Mario Kart," Colin said.

"Then why is Tim's fiancee topless in there?"

"They're not engaged."

"Fine. Why are you and your wife getting naked in there?" Paige asked. She started pacing.

"It's just socks," Colin said, almost pleading. Paige just fixed him with a stare. "It's... Look, it's complicated OK? Courtney and I..."

"I knew it," Paige said, and banged her fist on the sink, "You're too nice, Colin. You think it's your job to protect everyone and it's not. If she did something to hurt you..."

"No. She didn't. Besides, it's none of your business. No one made you come here. In fact it was really obviously the other way around. Your car is here. You can leave when you're ready."

Colin walked out of the bathroom, leaving Paige behind. As he walked back to the living room, he saw that the door to the bedroom was open. Taylor was talking to Zach and Zoe.

"So it really is just fun," Taylor said, "I mean, we have to play for something, right? And this is safer than alcohol and probably a lot better for our friendships than playing for cash."

Zach and Zoe both leaned back on the bed. Neither seemed able to move their eyes away from Taylor's chest. Colin smiled to himself.

"Can you at least, like, put those things away while you're talking to us?" Zoe asked.

"Nope, I lost my shirt fair and square."

"I don't know, babe, it kind of sounds like fun to me," Zach said, "I mean, it's just clothes. No one's, like, giving each other a blowjob or whatever."

"It's just so immature," Zoe said, like it was the worst pronouncement she could make.

"Look," Zach said, his eyes not moving from Taylor's bosom, "I want to spend time with my friends. If you want to go, whatever. I'll get a ride home from someone else."

Zoe seemed to think about it, then came to a decision. "No. Whatever. It's fine. But you're going to make this up to me."

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