tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 06

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 06


"I'm cumming, Hank, Fuck me harder."

Hank increased his speed and plowed deeper into her pussy. Her eyes locked on his and then rolled back.

"Oh God! Yes fuck me baby. Cum in me. I want to feel it."

"Yeah babe," Hank yelled as he filled her pussy with his cum. He held his body up until he felt his cock slip from her pussy, then he rolled off her.

Brianna rolled on her side and threw her leg over him. He could feel the dampness and heat from her pussy. "That was fantastic. As usual." she whispered. The two of them stayed this way until morning.

Hank was in the kitchen of his condo when Brianna appeared around the corner. She had on a bathrobe which practically swallowed her in its creamy silk folds. Lucky robe. Brianna was beyond adorable. Girl-next-door, rounded curvy body, big eyes and reddish blonde hair. They played together on the museum softball team. Last night after the game they went to Hank's condo and had sex. It was a regular occurrence. To Hank, she was a "fuck friend" but he was beginning to feel Brianna wanted a little more from him. He wasn't sure if he was ready for that. Besides he was ten years older that her and that bothered him. He didn't know why but it did.

"Going to take a shower, OK?" she said and with that she padded off.

Hank heard the shower water start to run. He debated whether to go and take one with her. He could picture her tipping her head back and letting the water hit her breasts. The hot water teasing, puckering her nipples. Just perfect for sucking. The slick feel of her soapy skin as she ran her hands over her body. He could feel it. Suddenly the tea kettle whistled, bringing him back.

The two of them ate breakfast and kissing him good bye, Brianna left for her apartment. "See you Monday."

Hank spent the rest of the weekend doing errands and then went to the Nationals' game. He had friends who had a luxury box so it was great to go. Sometimes they went with their wives and they always brought someone for Hank, trying to fix him up. This time it was just the guys so Hank felt like going.

Hank was doing pretty well. He just finished his Doctorate in History, had written numerous books and was well respected in his field. For 4 years he was the Ass't Director at the Smithsonian Museum of History and there was talk he was on the very short list for the head job. After only 15 years out of college, he was doing well.

His love life was not so good. He never got over Amy dumping him or how she did it. He thought that everything was going so well. Then he got a post card saying it was all over and don't try to contact her. She never returned to college. All her best friend in college could tell him that it wasn't good and he should just move on.

Hank tried. He got married to a lawyer named Susan, a raven hair beauty with a perfect body, perfect face, and she knew it. Looking back, why they got married Hank didn't know. At first it was great but they were headed in different directions. He was satisfied with his writings and museum jobs. She wanted more, much more. So they used each other to get ahead. He got into the Smithsonian and she became a high powered lobbyist on Capitol Hill. After 7 years, they decided it was better to part. They were still friends and as a matter of fact, they still went out together. If one of them needed a date for an important dinner or meetings, they called. The sex was usually pretty good after too.

Since then he never had any problem finding a girl friend, the latest being Brianna. But he couldn't make that final commitment to any of them. He couldn't even make it to Susan.

Monday morning Hank sat in his office. He knew he had a meeting that afternoon but there was nothing until then. He called out to his secretary to see if he had anything and she said he didn't. He decided that he get out and walk around the Museum. He started a new program in which he hired young college students who acted as role players in some of the exhibits. He was getting good feedback as the students interacted with the people. A number of school groups were especially happy with them. He checked the schedule and noticed there was an 8th grade group scheduled. He checked the name and discovered that it was a school that wasn't that far from his home town. He decided to see for himself how things were going. It was time to get out of his office and back to what he liked, interacting with people about history. So he grabbed a clipboard and headed out.

He found the group by the Birmingham, Alabama Civil Rights exhibit. He nodded to the two workers and proceeded to listen and watch. The group was about 20 students. Hank checked his clipboard to see if he could find the teachers' names. He thought he might ask them and some of their students their opinions. The two teachers' names were Mr. Williams and Mrs. Perry.

As he moved around, Mr. Williams was easy to spot but he couldn't seem to find Mrs. Perry. Finally he asked one of students were her teacher was. The girl pointed to woman who was standing off to right. Hank could only see her from the back. She had medium length auburn hair and was dressed in a pair of nice jeans and colored collared shirt. The fact she had auburn hair already made Hank interested to meet her. As he moved closer, he could hear her talking to a one of the students. There was something familiar about the voice but he couldn't place it.

Hank tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, could I ask you some questions about..." She turned and they looked at each other. There was an awkward silence.


"Hank? Oh my God, it is you!" she said loud enough to cause people to look.

Amy was speechless. She was confused and embarrassed. She just reacted. She hugged him tightly then suddenly remembered where she was. She let go and step back, flustered.

They both tried to remain calm. No matter how hard they tried they couldn't. Their hearts were racing and there was so much to say, to ask but the words couldn't come. Finally Hank broke the silence.

"Amy, err, Mrs. Perry, I would like to ask you some questions about this presentation. Could you come with me?"

Amy nodded. "Let me tell my colleague and I'll be right back."

Hank watched her walk over to the other teacher. His mind was racing but he couldn't really think.

After Amy told Mr. Williams, they left together. Mr. William gave her an odd look and some of the students appeared curious "Well, What questions would you like me to answer?" she said upon her return.

Amy hadn't changed. She had those same sparklingly eyes and winning smile. Her figure had filled out. Bigger breasts and fuller hips, just like her mom.

As they walked, all the stories about what happened came pouring out. After Hank left, her Dad confronted her. He knew what happened that night and he knew what just happened in the barn.He blew up. He forbad her from seeing Hank again, took her out of college, and told her was going to marry Roger Perry. It was like house arrest. She fought back all summer but finally gave in. He just wore her down. She agreed to marry Roger even though she didn't love him. She gave in because she felt trapped. She finished her education and became a teacher. She stayed married to Roger for 10 years and they had one child, a daughter who was 14 now. Her dad made sure that she had everything. Big house, big car, big deal.

Roger became a big name in politics, just like her Dad said he would but he cheated on her a number of times after the baby was born. The final straw was finding him in their own bed with 20 year old intern. She threw him out then and there. She never changed her name back because of her daughter. As she finished she said "I am sorry." and she began to cry.

Hank pulled her close. He held her tight. It was like the years just washed away. He lifted her chin and began to kiss away her tears. He knew right then he would not let her get away again.

They were gone almost two hours. They walked aimlessly though the museum. Even though there where large crowds it seemed as if there were only them. If Hank had his way, they would have been gone much longer. Before he let her go, they exchanged phone numbers and e-mails and promises. He held her one more time and kissed her in front of her students, much to her embarrassment and the students' delight.

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