tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 07

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 07


For the rest of the week in Washington, Amy was a wreck. She couldn't decide if the chance meeting with Hank was a blessing or a curse. At one moment, she wanted to throw it all away, call him and run off somewhere together. The next moment she felt they could never go back to the way it was so it was a waste of time. She needed to talk to someone and Seth Williams, the chaperones, and the students were not the people to talk with.

Upon returning, Amy spent the weekend trying to decide what to do. She was always very logical but this time logic didn't help. She realized that she wasn't really happy with her life. Oh, she had a great daughter, a job where everyone liked and respected her but it was time for her to do what made her happy. After thinking it over, she came to a decision. She was going to contact Hank and see if there was any magic left.

When Amy arrived at school, she was greeted by a huge bouquet of flowers. Everyone was very curious about who they were from. Amy didn't want to tell but the word was already spreading about her meeting Hank so she didn't try to hide it.

There was also an email from Hank. It said that he wouldn't call unless she wanted him to. All she had to do was reply. Also he was inviting her to come to Washington for the weekend. The date was first weekend after school ended. When she came in that day she knew what she was going to do. Now when it came time for her to take the step, she had second thoughts.

The week was terrible. The students were pains. The teachers and even some parents kept asking questions. There were endless and meaningless meetings. She found it hard to concentrate on her classes. The principal called her in to ask what was going on and what about the missing two hours. By the time Amy got home Friday, she was beat, emotionally and physically. She found a note from her daughter, Carrie, saying she was staying at friend's house. "Good," thought Amy as she went to cabinet for a glass and bottle of wine. She needed time alone.

Amy spent the evening sipping wine, listening to music and looking through old photographs. She found one of her and Hank. It was taken that 4th of July. She wiped the dust off of it. It was a great picture of the two of them. Amy sighed as she said to no one, "How young we look and happy too." She also noticed how much her body has changed.

Roger didn't like the changes her body went through. During her pregnancy he hardly touched her but her hormones raged. She needed to be loved and to be touched as her body felt foreign to her. She became so frustrated she bought a vibrator to ease her tension. It helped a little but it couldn't hold her in its arms. After giving birth her breasts grew from a C-cup to D-cup and her hips flared. She was no longer the same girl that Roger married but a 36-27-36 woman. Roger wanted a trophy wife, not a woman. He became more distant after Carrie was born. She tried everything but nothing worked. She found putting herself into her daughter and her work easier. Sex was the furthest from her mind. She tried dating after the divorce but it didn't work. Seth Williams, her co-teacher, kept trying but she wasn't interested. She hadn't made love to anyone since Roger left. Actually before he left.

As she looked at the picture she began to think about that night with Hank. It was a simpler time. It was her first time in a long time that she allowed herself to think about it. The more she thought, her pussy began to tingle. "Whoa girl, slow down," she mumbled.

Amy had finished off the bottle and she realized she was drunk. It had been a long time since that too. She decided she needed to go to bed. As she began to undress she looked at herself in the mirror. Clad in white satin bra and panties, she checked herself out. "Not bad. " With that she turned, swaying her ass. "Not bad."

She turned back. She cupped her breasts and felt a tingle. Something she hadn't felt in years. She began to caress them and again she thought back that night. Her nipples puckered up as she pulled on them. She suddenly wanted more. She slid one hand between her thighs. Heat radiated from beneath her panties, beckoning for her attention. She brushed her fingers over the smooth surface of white satin, and her gaze lowered, desire colored her cheeks. She licked her lips nervously.

Her pussy clenched beneath the thin covering of cloth. The urge to slide her finger into her pussy grew out of control. She had to surrender to it. She eased her hand into her panties, searching for the source of the irresistibly moist warmth. A smile came to her lips and she gasped. Her pussy clenched, hungry for more. She brushed her fingers over her clit and she gave out a deep low moan. A jolt of pleasure rocked through her. Her pussy dripped with desire.

She could feel Hank's caress on her shoulders. She could see his eyes as they burned into her. She could taste his kisses. She could smell his scent. It had been some time since Amy felt this way. She wanted more.

She moaned again and stroked her pussy gently, teasing it, tormenting herself with soft, light touches. She grabbed the bedpost and began to slide slowly up and down it. She could see her reflection in the mirror. She felt as if she was watching someone else.

Heat flushed her cheeks, shame and need combined as she slid a finger deep inside. Her thumb rubbed her clit. Amy bit down on her bottom lip, her panties wet, and her thighs tight. She grounded her pelvis into the post.

Her hard nipples strained against her bra. Her breath came in short, sharp gasps. She groaned. She couldn't hold back much longer. She didn't want to hold back. She craved the release that was just out of reach. No! She wanted more. Her hips danced; passion claimed her thoughts and movement. Tears stung her eyes. She didn't want the moment to end.

Amy gave a long low moan. Her hips shuttered. It hurt. Oh God, it hurt but she wanted more. Needed more.

Her thighs clenched; she couldn't stop it. Pressure built and began spread outward from her pussy. She pressed harder into the post. Her eyes stayed focus on the mirror. Her fingers moved feverishly beneath the soft satin of her panties. Her nipples ached. Her breath burned in chest.

Her body no longer her own, Amy began to whimper. Pleasure rippled through her, tore into her. She gasped, her back arching as it hit. Hard. Fast. Without mercy. "Oh God!" she screamed. She tried to ride it but it was like nothing she had felt in a long time. She slid to the floor a beaten, sated wreck. Trembling, sweat coating her skin, Amy didn't move. Her heartbeat slowed, her thoughts settled, she shivered. As she stood up, her legs felt like they might give out. She crawled under the covers, exhausted but before she drifted off to sleep she knew she have to reply to an email tomorrow.

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