tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 09

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 09


Amy awoke before Hank. She rolled on her side and faced him. Rising up on her elbow, she watched him breath. He lay on his back with his chest uncovered by the blanket. Amy wetted one of her fingers and rubbed his nipple. To her surprise, it puckered and rose up. Hank squirmed but stayed asleep.

Amy took her hand and caressed her own nipple. It responded like Hank's, sending tingling feelings to her pussy. She let her hand continue down to her pussy. Her lips were swollen and moist. She felt her clit. It was hard. She circled it with her finger. The sensations started again.

Amy sighed. She thought back to that July 4th. It was the only time she ever felt like she felt now. It was like the switch that was turned on that day was turned back on. All she wanted to do was make love. To cum again and again. To have her pussy filled. It was more the sex. It was being with Hank and giving of herself, her body.

She slowly lifted the blanket. Hank's cock lay on his thigh, semi erect. She put her hand around and slowly, lightly began stroking it. It grew bigger, harder. She placed her legs astride him and glided his erect cock into her. It took two or three strokes but she finally got all of in her. She sighed and relaxed. She could stay this way all day. Instead she began slid up and down its length.

Hank opened his eyes and smiled. "Good morning, beautiful. Sleep well?"

"Yes I did," Amy smiled back and she continued to move up and down. Her breasts bounced with the movement and the feeling made her feel warm.

Hank reached her breasts. Amy slapped them away. "No touching." Hank frowned.

Amy began move faster as the feeling increased. It felt great. Hank started to meet her movements with his. "Stop, just lay there and enjoy it."

Hank did for a few moments then started again. Amy put her hand on his chest pressed down. "Stop, I said. Just lay there!" she declared. There was an edge to her voice that Hank had never heard. Hank obeyed.

Only two things matter to Amy at this time, her feeling of being completely filled and Hank's hard cock. She bounced harder. The feeling was getting stronger. Her hands went to her breasts. She squeezed them, caressed them, and pinched them. Her breathing became ragged. She moaned a deep moan and closed her eyes

Hank watched, fascinated. He had never watched a women pleasure herself this way. She was using his cock to get off. Yet the way she moved and clenched her pussy, she was bringing him closer and closer.

Amy opened her eyes. They were bright and sparkled. She looked directly into his eyes. "I want you to cum with me. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel you," she said as she increased her speed.

Hank brought his knees up to give her more support but he didn't move his hips. Amy was moaning and she placed her hand on her clit. She began to stroke it.

"Yes, yes, yes," she said over and over, louder and louder. "Now baby, now. Cum with me!" With that she slammed her pussy down the entire length of Hank's cock. On command, Hank erupted, filling Amy's pussy with come.

When they both finished, Amy leaned back against Hank's knees." Now that's a good morning." They both laughed as Amy lay on Hank's chest. He put his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

"I am famished," Hank said, "All this exercise."

Amy snuggled closer and held him tight.

Hank laughed. "Hey, we can't live on love alone."

"Why not?" Amy sighed.

"Look, stay in bed until I get breakfast ready. There's a robe in the closet." With that Hank grabbed a pair of shorts and headed down to the kitchen.

Amy pulled the covers up. She could feel the warmth left by their lovemaking. It made her smile. She closed her eyes, pulled Hank's pillow close and held it.

She didn't know how long she lay in bed but she opened her eyes as the smell of coffee rose from the kitchen. She rose from the bed and went over to the closet. As she looked for a robe she noticed Hank's wardrobe. Expense suits, silk ties, Italian shoes, very impressive. More proof of the passage of time.

She found the robe. It too looked expensive. She put it on. The silk felt good on her skin but as she tied it, she wasn't sure of the fit. It barely covered her ass. When she pulled it to cover her boobs, it uncovered her pussy. Amy thought to herself, someone has worn this robe before. She looked for another one with no luck.

She entered the kitchen and sat down at the table. She sat on the far side using the table to cover herself. Hank turned and served the breakfast, a 3 cheese omelet with toast and coffee. He noticed what robe she had on. "Shit," he said to himself. "That's Brianna's. I thought I got rid of it." He put the plate in front of Amy and sat down to eat.

"This is delicious," Amy said. "I have to say. The cooking, speaking French, this house, all this. You've really changed."

"Yes I have but I had too. Midwest hick doesn't go well here. My ex, Susan, taught me the finer things. It was just the two of us and she didn't cook too well so I started to. When we went out, it was always the best restaurants so the French helped. Also work too. I know some German too. After the divorce, I bought this place. She sent a decorator to fix the place up right. She lives over in Georgetown."

"Why did you marry her? Did you love her?" Amy asked quietly.

"At first, maybe. Marriage seemed the right thing but as time went on we realized that it just wasn't working. We wanted different things. We worked on it for 7 years with no luck. So we decided to split with no hard feelings. I still see her once and a while. You might get a chance to meet her night"

Amy suddenly felt threatened. "I suppose this is her robe?" she asked defensively.

"No" Hank said quickly, "Let's get a shower and get going. Places to go. People to meet."

Hank kissed her as he reached into the shower and turned it on. When the water was just right, he stepped in and brought Amy in with him. He kissed her neck as he reach for the bar of soap. Amy gave a series of soft sighs as he spread soapy lather around her breasts, her belly and her pussy. She turned so he could do between the crack of her ass. She squirmed, knowing full well what was going to happen.

As the water rinsed off the soap, Hank kissed her soft flesh, his lips lingering to leave a mark or two. Amy's clit throbbed and ached to be touched. Her ass slightly swayed in anticipation. Hank rose on his toes, and grasping her hips, slid his cock into her pussy

"Christ, Amy," he gasped, "How I love fucking you." He began pumping her with rising urgency, faster and faster as his balls lightly hit her clit, pushing her into an orgasm. Amy cried out, "Oh God, yes," and she pushed back against him.

Hank pushed his cock in and buried himself deep inside her. Amy froze and arched her back. His fingers found her clit and slowly stroked it. His cock moved deliciously in and out, his fingers tighten on her hips. His breathing picked up and he began to push even harder into her. She knew he was coming and could feel him pulsing, spilling deep inside her. The thought of him coming pushed her over the edge and she came again.

Hank turned Amy around and kissed her. A slow deep kiss. "I love you, Amy," Hank said.

"I think I already knew that," Amy replied. "But you can keep on telling me. A girl likes to hear it."

Hank suddenly stepped back. "We better get going." With that he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

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