tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 10

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 10


What a day! First stop was Hank's office at the Smithsonian where he picked up some messages. Amy met some of his co-workers including a cute girl named Brianna. She recognized her from her picture on Hank's mantle. She seemed nice but young as they talked for a few minutes. Amy wondered if this was the girl who belonged to the robe. It did seem obvious that Brianna was a little more than just "a friend". Then he took Amy behind the scenes. She got to see some things that the public never got to see. It was quite a tour.

But what happened next was amazing. Hank took her to the White House. They entered through a special entrance where they were stopped by security. Hank had contacted them as soon as Amy agreed to visit. Hank was friends with one of the high ranking aides so it was easier than normal for her to get in. His friend gave them a complete tour of the West Wing. Amy thought it was just like the TV show which she loved. The highlight of the tour was the Oval Office. The President and the family were out of town so this was possible. She made sure she got her picture taken there. She also had one of Hank and her taken. She wanted to show it to her father and see his face.

They grabbed a late lunch and then headed back to Hank's place. When they got there, Hank apologized and said he had to make some phone calls. He told her that the upstairs bathroom had a Jacuzzi tub and perhaps she might want to use it before they left tonight.

The Jacuzzi was wonderful. The gentle bubbles caressed her and the warm water made her relax. She found herself slowly stroking her clit as water moved around her. She thought of the past few hours and smiled. She lost herself in the feelings. When she came, it was gentle and easy to take. She felt she could stay here a long time.

She stood in front of the mirror. She was dressed in a black bra which supported her breasts, slightly pushing them up. She wore a matching thong and finished hooking up her stockings up to her garter belt. "My God," Amy said aloud. She turned around. Her panties didn't even cover her ass and the stockings seemed to lift her cheeks up. "My own sister and daughter helped picked this out. I can't wear this." But she knew she had to because it was all she had to wear for tonight. She slipped her black dress over her head and smoothed it down. Pearl drop earrings, a pearl necklace and some make-up were the final touches. She added a bit of perfume and put some in her cleavage for effect. Putting on her black heels, she walked to the top of the stairs.

Hank stood at the bottom, tapping his fingers on the barrister. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her.

"Well, it's about ..." He stopped and stared. There, at the top of stairs stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He was speechless.

"What do you think?" Amy asked as she descended the stairs.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, you are gorgeous." Hank stammered.

Amy laughed. He used to say that saying all the time. It was the first time he had used it since she was here. The way he was looking at her made her feel special.

"Just don't stand there. Shouldn't we get going?" She laughed again.

There in front of the house was a black limo. The driver stood there, holding the door.

"Hi, Bobby. Good to see you again," Hank said. "This is Amy."

"Good to see you again, Dr. Dixon. Ma'am." Bobby tipped his hat and held the door.

As they were drove to the reception, Hank explained that Bobby had driven him on other occasion. He also explained what was going to happen tonight. There would be a lot of people, money people, politicians, lobbyists there, all feeling they were important. Plenty of drinks and tasteless food. Amy said it couldn't be any worse than some she attended with Roger.

Bobby dropped them off and they went right in. Hank got them a glass of champagne and they began to mingle. A number of people stopped Hank to say hello. One or two of them tried to engage him in conversation but Hank told them he call him. All the time Amy stayed close to his side.

"There is my ex, Susan," Hank said, pointing with his glass. Susan was involved in a conversation with a senator but she saw Hank. She waved and headed towards them.

Amy's heart sank. Susan was stunning. Shiny black hair framed a perfect face. A silver shimming dress covered a perfect figure. Amy swallowed her champagne in one gulp.

Susan kissed Hank on the cheek and then looked at Amy. Hank was the perfect gentleman. "Susan Wilson, I would like you meet Amy Perry. Amy, Susan."

"So you're Amy. I feel I know you already."

Hank noticed that both their glasses were empty and he took them. He excused himself to get them refills. Amy gave him a look of desperation.

The two women stood looking at each other, sizing each other up. "Really?" Amy asked.

"Yes it's good to be able to face your competition," Susan replied coldly.

"I, I don't understand."

"Well, during our marriage, he, sometimes, would say your name in his sleep. I guess I knew it was over when he said your name while we were making love. Hank would never cheat on me but that might have been easier to take." Susan stepped back and gave Amy the once over, "School teacher?"

"Yes, 8th grade English."

"Interesting," Susan replied but her tone was one of boredom. "Oh here's Hank."

Hank returned not a moment too soon and gave the ladies their drinks.

"I must be going. Have to mingle. Call me, Hank," Susan smiled. Before she left, she kissed Hank. This time full on the lips. "Just something to remember."

"Well, what do you think?" Hank asked Amy, dreading the answer.

Amy thought for a moment for the right answer. "She's nice."

Hank laughed. "You're amazing! I've never heard Susan described as nice. She is a cold hearted bitch. She cut a man's balls off if it meant she could get what she wanted. Nice!"

"On second thought," Amy smiled. They both laughed. But Amy had learned something from Susan and that was they had one thing in common. They both loved him. Too bad for Susan.

The rest of the evening was a complete bore. Amy knew politics and knew that even though Hank wasn't a politician, he sometimes had to act like one. It didn't make it any easier. Amy did know one of the people Hank talked to. That was Senator Long of her State. The Senator had visited her Dad numerous times. Amy had even met his wife. She wasn't the same blonde the Senator had on his arm tonight.

"Good evening, Senator. You won't remember me but I'm Amy Perry. My dad is Joseph Morris."

"Why, yes, I remember your dad. How is he doing?" the Senator asked.

"Very well. I'll tell him you asked," Amy said. "And who is this lovely lady?"

The Senator cleared his throat, "Ah, this is my secretary, Julie. And now I must be going. Excuse me."

Hank was standing next to Amy and took in the entire conversation. "You know the Senator?"

"Yes and his wife too. She might be interested to know about his 'secretary'." Amy smiled.

It was close to midnight when they left. Amy had drunk a little too much champagne so she was feeling good. Hank and Bobby gave her a hand into the limo. Before Hank got in, he handed Bobby a hundred dollar bill.

"Take the long way home, Bobby. Also open the moon roof, it's a warm night." Before he closed the door, Hank said, "And close the divider."

Bobby smiled," Yes, sir!"

Amy snuggled up close to Hank and put her head on his shoulder. "Mmmm, this is nice."

Hank lifted her chin and kissed her. He could taste the champagne on her lips. Amy parted her lips, allowing him to slip his tongue in her mouth. He kissed her harder.

He broke the embrace.

"Here, let's stand up." And he helped her up. They stood up through the moon roof and watched the city go by. The moving air felt great. The two of them laughed then kissed again. Hank placed his hand on her ass and rubbed her cheeks. Amy sighed as the material felt good against her skin.

Hank lowered himself back inside the limo. He sat with face even with her ass. He slowly slid his hands up her stockings until he touched bare skin. He lifted her dress exposing her cheeks. He kissed them as his hands continued to knead them.

It felt good as Amy moved her hips with the feeling. When Hank parted her cheeks, she sighed. He slid his hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy through the silky material. Amy parted her legs to make it easier.

Hank moved the thong from her crack and began to run his tongue through it. He found her asshole and ran his tongue around it. It sent a jolt through Amy. She pushed her ass into his face. Hank continued to tongue her ass as he slipped a finger then two into her pussy.

Amy couldn't control her hips as they began to move up and down. She closed her eyes and groaned. It felt good!

Hank pulled off her thong as she lowered herself down. She turned around and straddled him. She could feel his cock through his pants. She pressed herself against him.

Hank reached and pulled down her dress. A quick flick of the clasp and her breasts spilled from her bra. Her nipples were hard and he seized one between his teeth, pulling. She jolted, moaned and frantically began to undo his pants. His cock popped free.

She grabbed it and rubbed it against her opening. She needed it in her now. She felt it penetrate her lips and she pushed down. It filled her as her pussy gripped it. She put her hands on the moon roof and began raising herself up and down. Hank grabbed her hips and helped her. He continued to suck on her nipples, twirling his tongue around them.

For the next few moments Amy existed on a purely sensual level-the feeling commanded every part of body. Her pussy was hot, insistent, and nearly maniacal as she pressed down on his cock. Her heart thumped wildly and her breaths came in short gasps. Hank's hands slid to the curve in her ass, pressing, kneading it. She groaned, "Oh God, Hank."

A bolt of pleasure rocketed through her, her knees buckling. A scream caught in her throat. Wave after wave of pleasure gripped her so intensely it flirted with pain. "Stop, stop," she demanded, still coming but Hank hadn't come yet.

He gripped her hips and continued thrusting. Amy didn't know how much longer she could stand it but she didn't want him to stop. Hank growled and gave one final thrust and he exploded into her pussy. It was then he released her and she fell on to his chest.

With her breasts exposed, her dress pushed up around her hips, Amy realized she was totally under Hank's control and she didn't care. She wanted him to pummel her with his cock, fuck her senseless. But more than that she wanted him deep inside her, all of him, mind, body, heart, and she wanted him with a hunger so overwhelming it scared her.

Bobby's voice came over the intercom, "We're here, Dr. Dixon."

Amy wasn't finished. She wanted more. She entered the house, pulled her dress over her head and threw it. Her bra followed. She had no idea where her thong was and she didn't care. She stood there, clad in her garters and stockings, waiting for Hank to come in.

When he did, she grabbed him. She kissed him and began unbuttoning his shirt. She was frantic. Her hands were shaking. The first then the second was unbuttoned. Hank's hands caressed her ass, pulled her cheeks apart.

She started kissing his neck and chest. She was undoing the buttons as fast as she could. It was killing her to have the shirt between her and his skin. As she got it halfway done she pressed herself against him. She could feel his warmth but she shivered as her nipples rubbed on his chest. She could feel his cock growing, pressing against her belly.

She pulled his shirt apart, sending the remaining buttons flying. Her hands moved to his belt and quickly undid it. She pushed his pants and boxers to the floor. She grabbed his cock. It was still moist from their love making. It was so hard, so smooth.

Amy dropped to her knees and placed her lips over its head. Hank groaned and put his hands on her head. She tightened her lips around him and pulled, receding and ascending, up and down. She could taste their juices. It excited her more. She could feel her pussy getting wetter. Her lips came to rest at his silky – soft crown, her tongue circling and sucking. Hank groaned louder.

She let his cock slide from her lips and went to work on his balls, rolling one at a time in her mouth. "Ahh," he moaned. She slid her hand over his ass, squeezing his cheeks. She returned to his cock, circling its head once, twice, three times as she gently kneaded his balls. Amy looked up at him and smiled.

Hank bent down and lifted her up. He turned her and pushed her over the arm of the couch. He spread her legs apart. Amy waited, anticipating his cock. She was plenty wet as he rubbed the head of his cock in her slit. He slid in effortlessly and began to stroke in and out. Amy let out a long satisfied moan.

As he continued to thrust, Hank watched Amy's asshole pucker and move with each stroke. He licked his finger and rubbed her asshole. Amy moaned and pushed against it. He added a second finger and entered her. She pushed back until his fingers were completely buried. He waited a second then began to move his fingers and cock in rhythm. This was the first time Amy had ever felt such sensations and she liked it. She could feel her orgasm coming.

He removed his cock from her pussy and his fingers from her ass. Amy cried, "No, don't stop." Hank pressed his cock against her hole, rubbing it back and forth. "What do you want, babe?" He whispered.

"I want you in me," Amy begged.

"You want what? Where?" he asked as with his other hand he teasing rubbed her clit. "Tell me." He used his other finger to rub her asshole.

"Your cock," she mumbled.


Amy was beyond caring. She needed his cock in her. She needed to come as the pressure continued to build. "In my ass! Fuck my ass with your big cock! Please fuck me!" she screamed.

Hank didn't need to be told twice. She was so wet that her pussy was dripping. Hank scooped some up with his cock and pressed it against her hole. It slid in, slowly sinking in until he was buried as far as she could take him. Amy froze, her back arched.

"Oh,oh,oh," she moaned over and over again. She had never had her ass fucked and she felt completely full. He felt so big. Hank began moving slowly, gently, moving deliciously in and out. Her clit rubbed against the couch arm with each stroke, adding to her excitement. She pushed back and ground her ass into him each time he entered her. She could feel her orgasm building. Shy, quiet, Amy Perry, school teacher, was getting fucked in the ass and she loved it!

Hank's breathing picked up and he pushed even harder into her. A low growl worked its way up into his throat. His hands grabbed her hips tightly.

Amy knew he was coming. She felt him pulsing, shooting deep inside her. The thought of him filling her ass sent her over the edge. Her mouth opened but no sound came forth. She pushed her clit into the couch and arched her back. Her hips shivered harder than she could remember. She buried her face into the couch as she came.

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