tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 12

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 12


"You asshole, Hank shouted as he ran across the diamond. "What the hell's the matter with you?"

"Hey man, its baseball. Get somebody who can play!"

Hank was pissed. He leaned over Brianna. "Are you ok, babe?" he asked.

"I'm alright," she gasped. "Just got the wind knocked out of me. Help me sit up, please."

Hank helped her gently sit up. He wrapped his arm around her to help. "You sure you're ok?"

When he felt she was alright, Hank walked over towards the other team's bench. He called out the player who took out Brianna at second base. "You better watch your ass when you come in the next the time!"

"What are you going to do about it, tough guy?"

"I'm going to knock you on your ass." Hank stepped closer.

Players on both benches rushed to head them off. A couple of Hank's players pulled him away. No one had ever seen him this angry. Behind his back, some of his friends called him "Cool Hand Hank." That's why they made him their team captain. He always appeared calm ,cool.

The inning ended but Hank was still steamed. Brianna sat next to him and put her hand on his thigh. "I'm alright, really." And she gave him a kiss on the cheek. But he didn't calm down.

The game entered the last inning with Hank's team safely ahead. No one seemed to remember the earlier problem. But Hank did. After one was out the culprit got a single. After reaching first he yelled down to Hank. "Hey, dipshit, I'm coming your way."

"I'll be ready," Hank waved back.

Brianna walked over to him," Just ignore him, please."

"Don't worry about me," Hank smiled.

"What's she telling you? What time your skirt fitting is?"

On the next pitch the ball was hit up the middle. Hank raced to his left, stabbed the ball, stepped on second and threw to first. The throw was right on target. Thwack! The runner grabbed his face as the ball bounced straight up in the air. Hank's throw had struck him right between the eyes and dropped him. The runner was out cold. As the other players rushed on to field, Hank sauntered over to the down player. He leaned over, "Hey, man, that's baseball."

There was a lot of pushing and loud words but nothing more. It seems that Hank clocked the least popular player on the team. The ump decided to call the game before anything really happened so everyone headed off for a post game drink.

The team headed for Buggsy's in Alexandria. It was a popular sports bar where they always went. It was right around the corner from Hank's place. When he entered, his teammates raised their glasses and gave him a cheer. A couple slapped him on the back. Brianna gave him a kiss. "My White Knight."

After the usual banter, Brianna got Hank alone. "What got into you tonight? You never lose your temper, at least not since I've known you."

"I don't know. Seeing you lying there, gasping for breath, just set me off," Hank explained. "Are you really alright?"

"To be honest," Brianna whispered, "I'm a little sore."

"Alright, then." Hank stood and downed his beer. "We're going back to my place. You can soak in the Jacuzzi." With that he offered her his hand.

As they walked out, a couple of his teammates gave him a pat on the back. Others said they see them Monday. One of the girls gave him a kiss on the cheek. The walk was a short one and they went up stairs. They held hands and it seemed right.

"I'll start the water, you get undressed," Hank said.

"Are you going to join me?" Brianna asks as she started to remove her clothes.

"Eventually," Hank smiled. "I thought I get us a couple of drinks. Soda, OK?"

When Hank left, Brianna stood naked before the mirror. She could see two bruises, one on her upper thigh and when she turned, on her butt cheek. Her shoulder was a little sore. As she slid into the warm water it felt heavenly. She immediately started to relax. She also began to think.

"Hank is a great guy. He genuinely cares about me. He is fun to be around and I always have a good time with him. The sex is great. You know he is becoming more than a casual friend. I want to be with him," she thought. Deep in thought, she didn't hear Hank enter. He startled her.

"Here is your Diet Coke. How does it feel?"

"Just great. Come on get in here."

"You sure? This about you, not me," he assured her.

"Then if it is about me, then you better get in here with me."

Hank stripped down and got into the water. "Do you have any bruises yet?"

"Yes." Brianna lifted her leg to show him her bruise. Hank put his hands on it. He began to massage it.

"Stop!" she shrieked, "That tickles."

Hank continued causing her to splash water at him. He laughed and then kissed her. She returned his kiss, parting her lips and allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. As the kiss ended she said mockingly, "That's not where I hurt."

He bent his head and kissed the top of her half-submerged breast. "You taste good," he said.

"Not there either."

He lifted her breast and his mouth reached for her nipple. She deliberately settled more deeply into the water so that, when he attempted to take her, he got a face full of bubbles. They giggled and wrestled until Hank had his arms around Amy's ribs and she was floating, her breasts out of the water.

Still supporting Brianna's upper body on one arm, Hank lifted her legs onto the tiled edge of the tub. He bent her body at the hips until a jet of warm water shot directly against her pussy. "Oh God," she moaned. "Now that feels good."

Brianna was about to come. Hank sucked on her breast as the water pulsed against her lips. She was floating in pleasure. It was so quick and intense that it took her by surprise.

"There, feel better?" Hank joked as he let her go.

Brianna turned and faced him. "Yes, Mr. Smarty Pants!" She reached under the water and with both hands, grabbed his cock. It was already hard. She stroked it hard.

"Hey! Be careful!"

"Sit up here," Brianna said, patting the edge of the tub, "and let me take care of you." As he climbed up, his cock stuck straight up from his lap.

Brianna slipped her hand between Hank's thighs and tickled his heavy balls. Hank groaned.

She wrapped her hand around Hank's cock and began stroking it, up and down, slowly. With her other hand, she stroked the sensitive area between his balls and ass. She rubbed his tight hole, and then slipped the tip of her finger in.

"Oh fuck," Hank moaned. He picked his hips off the tile. Only once before had any woman ever put a finger up his ass. That was kinky Chrissie and he had forgotten how good it felt.

As Brianna's finger invaded deeper into Hank's ass, she said, "Look how hard it makes you. Your cock is twitching and moving all by itself. I'm sliding my finger farther inside you. I can slide it in and out."

Brianna was fucking Hank's ass with one hand and with the other hand she was squeezing the base of his cock. Hank was moaning and moving with the rhythm of her finger.

She increased the speed of her finger causing Hank to lift his hips. She looked at his face, knowing it was difficult for him not to come. She flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock, licking the sweet drops of pre-come she found there. She pursed her lips and sucked Hank's cock into her mouth.

Hank was so excited by what was occurring to him that he was unable to think. Barely coherent, he cupped the back of Brianna's wet head. He pressed her head and she sucked him deeper. He tried to hold back but between her finger and her mouth it was becoming impossible. Brianna relaxed her grip on his cock and he exploded, filling her mouth with his cum.

Brianna let his cock fall from her mouth and smiled. "Now I feel better. Do you?"

They toweled off and Hank carried her to the bed. He claimed he didn't want her to hurt herself. There they made love until they fell into an exhausted but satisfied sleep.

Early that morning, Hank was awake and thinking. Brianna was sleeping with her head on his chest and a leg across his. She was snoring quietly, contently.

Hank knew he was a lucky guy. He was making love to two beautiful women who were different yet similar. Amy was truly a woman with large breasts and wide hips, not fat but full figured. She was his own age and they shared a past, no matter how short it was. Whenever he was with her he felt comfortable and relaxed. More than that when he was with Amy, sex had never been more satisfying. She said to him she could spend all day making love together and he felt the same way. Sex with other women was always good but with Amy...He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He knew that.

Then there was Brianna. She was a little shorter than Amy and her breasts were smaller and firmer. She seemed to have a little baby fat that she hated but Hank liked it. Hank would describe her more as cute than beautiful. She was almost ten years younger than him but it didn't seem to matter. She joking called him "her old man." She was more athletic than Amy and played more than just softball. They had a lot in common and the more he saw of her, the closer they were becoming.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Umm," she sighed. "Good morning."

She rubbed his chest and then moved her hand downward. There she found him already erect. She smiled at him as she straddled him. She grabbed his cock and rubbed the head across her pussy. Her lips parted and Hank could feel her warmth. She positioned herself and guided him in. He entered her gently as she slid down his length. She wiggled her hips as she nestled in.

Brianna leaned forward and placed her hands on Hank's shoulder. She began to slowly move up and down. On each down stroke she grounded her pussy into him.

Brianna's pussy wasn't completely shaved. She had what Hank called "a landing strip". It let her lips and clit bare so she feel it when she pushed against Hank. She could feel her orgasm building so she began to move faster. She looked into Hank's eyes and saw he was feeling the same way.

"I'm almost there. Cum with me, baby," Brianna moaned. "Oh, God, yes!"

As she came, her pussy tightened around Hank's cock, milking it.

Hank groaned, "Oh, babe," his cock exploded filling her pussy. Brianna collapsed on his chest, panting.

"You are good," Hank whispered in her ear.

"No, we are good." They both laughed.

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