tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 13

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 13


As Hank drove up the long driveway he thought of Yogi Berra. It really was déjà vu all over again. Fifteen years ago almost to the same day he was a college kid driving an old pick-up truck trying to get enough courage to tell a girl that he loved her. Things were certainly different now.

Hank had driven up from the airport. He needed a rental car because he was mixing business with pleasure. He had a meeting later in the week and if things went as planned it would remove an important obstacle in their path. He had his fingers crossed.

Amy was sitting on the porch, waiting for him. Most of the people were already here but she waited just for him. When she saw him, she jumped up and ran to him. She kissed him hard. "God, How I missed you!"

Hank wanted her right there. She looked great. She had on a white spaghetti strap shirt which showed her breasts off. "Wow! You look great!" He kissed her again.

Amy took his hand and led him towards the house. "You have to meet every one again. And they all want to meet you."

The first one he meet was Jessie, Amy's sister. Jesse was still married to the contractor but now she was the mother to three teenagers. She looked good. She had filled out a little more since Hank first meet her. Hank did notice that her breasts were much larger. So much they made Amy's look small. She still had that smile that all the Morris women had.

"Hank, pleased to see you again. I glad you're back." She smiled. She then caught him off guard by giving him a big hug. The hug lasted long enough to make Hank uncomfortable. Jessie kissed him on the cheek as she backed away.

"Just like I remember you," Hank said graciously.

"Well then you have a bad memory," Jesse laughed. "Have you meet any one else?"

Amy replied, "No, you're the first. We'll make the rounds though. See you later." And she took Hank's hand.

The next one Hank met was her brother. Jim had filled out from his High School days. He was now married with 1 kid and another on the way. He was the town engineer so he was doing well.

Jim put out his hand and Hank took it gladly. "Great to see you, Hank!" Turning to his wife, "I would like you to meet my wife, Karen."

A very pregnant blonde smiled. "I've heard a lot about you in recent weeks. I'm pleased to meet you."

"I hope it was all good," Hank answered.

Amy turned to Karen. "Let's you and me get something cold to drink and let these two talk. We'll be back." With that the two of them walked away.

Hank and Jim fell into an easy conversation. They covered a lot of ground as they walked around. Jim had always found it easy to talk with Hank and this time was no exception. He even felt comfortable bringing up the subject of the events that spun out of that July 4th.

"Never saw my father so mad after you left. He really went off on Amy. When Mom tried to step in, he went off on her. He was like a mad man. Everyone thought he get over it but he didn't. It went on all summer. It was abuse, mental abuse. Finally, I think, to save the family, Amy gave in. Jessie might know more but she has never said anything to me. Her marrying Roger was a bad deal from the start. It never seemed right. But you know Roger was an asshole from the get go. I know one thing. I have never in 15 years seen Amy so happy as she is now. I don't know what you're doing." At that Jim laughed, "But keep doing it."

"I plan to," and they both laughed.

Amy and Karen came back just as they finished. "I see you two hit it off," Karen said. "What so funny"

Jim kissed Karen. "Nothing, babe."

Amy said she wanted to show Hank something in the house so they headed that way. They entered and headed up stairs into her parents' room. Hank was little confused as to why they were there. He turned around to say something. Amy kissed him so hard that he almost lost his balance.

Her hands were frantically undoing his belt. Once done, she pulled his pants down. Hank's cock popped free. Amy began stroking it.

"I can't wait any longer. Fuck me now." With that she dropped her shorts and laid face down on the bed. Her ass enticing Hank.

Hank paused. "Here?"

"Yes. Right now, " Amy said in a deep whisper.

Hank didn't need a second invite. He slid the material of her panties aside and his cock entered her effortlessly. She was wet and it made the feelings that much better. It was like warm velvet.

"I don't think I can last long this time. Been too long," Hank groaned.

"That's okay, baby." Amy had already had a small orgasm as he entered him. Now it was his turn.

"I'm going to cum!" and he picked up the pace.

Amy quickly rolled off the bed and onto her knees. She placed her mouth so it just covered his cock's head. She started to suck it as she twirled her tongue on the sensitive underside. She could taste her own juices.

"Oh God," Hank groaned as he filled her mouth. Amy swallowed almost all of it. A little trickled down her chin. She took her finger, wiped it off and put it in her mouth. She looked up and smiled.

"Jesus, Amy. That was fucking fantastic." Hank stood there panting.

Amy stood up, pulling up her shorts and said, "I always wanted to make love on my parents' bed. Let's get back before we're missed. There are still others you have to meet."

Hank told Amy as they left the house he needed to go back to the car. He had left something in it and he had to get it. He said he be right back.

Amy found her sister as she waited for Hank. Amy was humming "Love Shack" by the B-52's.

"Geez, Amy, What has gotten into you?" Jesse asked.

"A thick cock and a man who knows how to use it. I highly recommend it."


"Look, Jesse, I missed out on 15 years with the only man I ever loved so I'm making up for lost time. And he loves me too so what's wrong with it?"

Jessie was suddenly jealous of Amy. She felt she should be happy for her. She hugged her sister tightly. "I'm sorry. You're right. Go for it."

"Jesse, I love you" and Amy hugged her tighter.

Hank was true to his word and returned quickly. As he approached the two women from behind he noticed that it was difficult to tell the difference between them. Aside from Amy's auburn hair and Jessie's blond, they both had that same voluptuous figure. Hank returned with a large envelope under his arm. Amy didn't ask him what was in it but she was curious.

Hank knew who he was to meet next and he was a little nervous.

"Mom, Dad, You remember Hank."

"Of course we do," Amy's mom said and she gave him a hug. "It's been a long time."

Hank offered Amy's dad his hand. "Sir."

As Joe took it, Elsie turned to Amy, "It looks like Karen could use our help. Come on." She then walked away with Amy leaving the two alone.

After an awkward silence, Joe asked Hank about his job. They continued the small talk but there was tenseness between them. Finally Hank opened the envelope and took out a photo.

"I would like you to have this," Hank said. It was a photo of the Oval Office taken when Amy and he were there. It was signed "To Joe, Sorry I missed you. Best wishes" and the signature was the President of the United States.

Joe stood there speechless. He looked at the picture and then Hank.

"Thank you," he said and then continued, "I've made some mistakes in my life. Some were wrong decisions made for the right reasons. Hope you understand. Just make my little girl happy." He turned and walked away.

Amy ran to Hank. "What happened?"

"Everything is going to be OK. Now I believe I have to pass the final test. Where is your daughter?"

Carrie was a typical 8th grader. She acted like she knew everything and didn't want anyone to know she didn't. She was talking with her cousins when Amy called her over. As she walked towards them, Hank was surprised to see how much she resembled his sister, Ginny. Long and leggy with light chestnut brown hair but she had Amy's smile.

"So you must be Hank."

"You must be Carrie. I've heard a lot about you."

"So you and my mom serious?" Carrie said with teenage bluntness.

"Caroline Elizabeth!" Amy said angrily.

"Just asking, Mom."

"At least be polite."

"Ok. Can I talk to Hank alone, Mom? I like to ask him some things," Carrie asked respectfully.

Hank looked at Carrie and nodded. Amy said it was alright but as she walked away, she was nervous.

Carrie got right to the point and asked if he was serious about her mom. Hank replied he was. Carrie said that he better be as all she cared about was her mom's happiness. She had never seen her mom this alive, this happy and she didn't want her to get hurt. Hank explained to Carrie that he felt the same way. He then complimented her on her choice of clothing she picked out for her mom for her visit to DC. Carrie blushed deep red then laughed, "It worked didn't it?"

"Yes it did," Hank laughed too.

From where Amy was standing she could see them laughing. It was going to be alright. Hank and Carrie talked for about twenty minutes. Hank asked about school and if she had any future plans. He found out she played softball and was pretty good at it. She knew he played ball from talking to her Uncle Jim. Hank told her he love to give her some help if she wanted. When Carrie left to go with her cousins, she left Hank with the impression that their first meeting went OK.

Amy came over as Carrie walked away. "So how did it go?"

"I think it went well," Hank replied. "I think she is a little leery to open up and I can't blame her. New man in her mom's life and all. You know, she reminds me of my sister. I don't know why. If we take it slow, I think it will go well."

The rest of time passed quickly. After the guests had left, Hank found himself seated with Carrie and her cousins on the front porch. They asked questions about Washington and if he knew the President. Hank regaled them with all the stories including some spicy ones. The kids ate them up. He was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Amy and her mom watched from the doorway, smiling.

"Amy, you got a prize there," her mom said to her. "Don't let it get away this time."

Amy gave her mom a hug. "Don't worry, I won't. But what about Dad?"

"Don't you worry about your father. He knows he made a big mistake but he'll never admit it. He thought he was doing the right thing and he had big dreams for you. Of course he didn't ask you. You know he was hurt by Roger and how he treated you. He loves you. No, I don't think your father will be a problem."

Her mom paused, "Amy, I'm sorry."

"Why mom?" Amy asked, confused.

"I should have been there for you 15 years ago. I should have stood up for you. I let you down. Your father was so angry, so irrational. I didn't know how to handle it. It had hurt our marriage but I think now he has realized that he was wrong. He has never been easy to live with. He'll never admit it or say he's sorry. He loves you kids and only wants what is right for you. And Hank is right for you and Carrie."

Amy could hear Hank and the kids laughing on the porch.

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