tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 17

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 17


Hank was feeling pretty good about things. The job interview went well. It seemed that all it was going to take was a formal vote by the board and the job was his. They said he know in about two weeks. If he got the job then it would clear the way for Amy and him. Amy could keep her job and the house. Carrie wouldn't have to change schools. The new job would mean a pay cut and not be the same as working in DC, but Hank was willing to make the change.

Jesse stood in the kitchen sipping her wine, still in her bikini. She really needed to change but she was in no hurry. She came to visit Amy upset and confused about her feelings. She was angry at Amy but it wasn't really Amy. It was her and her life. Now she realized that and in some way it made her feel better.

When Amy and she were growing up they did everything together. Being three years older, Jesse took care of her little sister and protected her. They also shared everything. Being older, Jesse found out about boys before Amy and being the good sister, taught her about them. Amy's first kiss was with Jesse. The two of them skinny-dipped out at the pond and would lie there, naked, sunning themselves. The two sisters watched their bodies change. Jesse was pretty fast and did a lot of experimenting in high school. She told Amy everything that she did. She slept around but was always careful. Jesse even tried it with a woman. Not great but different. She felt that she was responsible for Amy being so careful with the boys.

When their dad blew up, it was Jesse that was there for Amy. Both of them knew that their father was disappointed in her and put a lot of faith in Amy. The fact that he knew that Amy had sex with Hank sent him over the edge. He felt she was ruining her life over Hank. Even now there is the doubt about Carrie and who is her father. No one spoke about it but Jesse wonder if others thought about it. Jesse had a long talk with her mother. She always got the feeling that Mom felt she let Amy down. She never liked Roger but let Amy marry him. Amy never should have married Roger but what real choice did she have. Eloping with Hank wasn't an option. Roger cheated on her so often that it wasn't a secret. He hurt her a couple of times too. Jesse was always there for Amy. Now it seems they're there for each other.

Hank pulled into the driveway. Amy's car was still parked there. Hank didn't know that Amy had taken Jesse's car to pick up the Chinese food. He headed into the house excited about his prospects.

Jesse felt a little sexy, daring in her bikini. She noticed how since Hank was back in her life, Amy was becoming comfortable with her body. All the sex she was having with Hank was creating a more confident woman. It seemed Hank loved her for who she was. Maybe it was time that Dave saw her in a new light. Amy did mention this bikini.

"Damn," Jesse swore. She had knocked over Amy's wine glass she left behind. The wine began to drip on the floor so she bent over to wipe it up.

Hank entered the kitchen and saw the bikini clad ass pointed directly at him. This one seemed a little different than Amy's. "Amy?"

"Hank?" Jesse turned to face him. They stared at each other for a moment.

There she stood in a bikini that was obviously too small for her. Her large breasts were just about popping out. Hank's face said all. Jesse recovered first. "We didn't expect you home so soon. Amy took my car and went for Chinese. You just missed her."

Hank couldn't help but stare. Jesse's breasts were much larger than he thought. She looked as sexy as hell. All he could say was "Ok."

Jesse began to laugh. "Am I making you uncomfortable? No one was supposed to see me in this. I'll go change."

Hank turned red, "No, no. That's alright. You're fine."

"You silly man," Jesse said, kissing him on the cheek. " I better get out of this suit before something does happen. But thank you" Again she laughed as she left. "Hank certainly noticed." She smiled.

She changed quickly and came back. She found Hank on the deck. "Better?"

Hank looked at her and smiled. It made Jesse feel good. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Go ahead, I think." Jesse sat down.

"What happened with Amy? Her Dad? Roger?"

Jesse related the whole story the best she could. She explained how her Dad reacted and how things got really bad. He accused Amy of being a slut for doing what she did with him. That she was ruining her life. He told her she was going to marry Roger. And that was that. It was bad.

"How did he know what we did?" Hank asked.

"Amy always figured he saw you two in the barn. She really didn't know."

"The marriage to Roger, how did that go?"

"At first, not too bad. Roger seemed happy. Amy was pregnant so that was a little rough on her. Then Carrie was born and things went downhill. Roger seemed to change. After 2, 3 years Roger was sleeping around and the marriage was falling apart." Jesse explained.

"Did he ever abuse her?"

"I think once or twice. I saw some bruises on her arm but she always had some explanation. It was more mental than physical."

"Why did she stay?" Hank wanted to know.

"Because of Carrie but even that wasn't a good enough reason after a while. Roger slept in another bedroom and had a little contact with her. He became a big politician and was away a lot. When she came home early one day from work and found in him in bed with some woman. Well, that was it."

Hank didn't reply. He just looked at hands. He reached across and took Jesse's hands. "Thanks."

"Supper," Amy yelled as she entered the house. She carried the take out to the kitchen.

"Food's here." Jesse went in to help.

"That's great. Where's Hank? I saw his car," asked Amy.

"On the deck."

Amy started to call him.

"Amy, wait," Jesse said grabbing Amy's arm. "We need to talk. But first let's get some food and wine."

The two sisters sat at the table and as they ate, Jesse explained that Hank asked some questions and she told him everything.

"Carrie?" Amy had a horrified look on her face.

"No, not that. That's between you and Hank," Jesse reassured her

Amy looked out at Hank on the deck. "Let's go." Amy stood up and headed to the deck. She walked over to Hank and kissed him. "I love you."

"Hey you two, cut it out!" Jesse said as she came on to the deck. "Seriously, my sister is a very lucky man to have you but I also think that you're pretty lucky to have her." She gave Amy a kiss. "Look, I really should be going. Calling me Sis." As she left she waved to Amy. In her hand was a little bikini.

After Jesse left, Amy turned to Hank. "So how did it go?"

"Amy, we need to talk, you know, about us. Our future." Hank said suddenly.

Amy didn't want to talk about the future. She was living right now, this moment. The last time she thought about a future with Hank was 15 years. She knew where that went. "Ok," she nodded.

"Well, I see 4 options. 1. We continue the way we are, me in DC, you here. We get together when we can. 2. You quit your job, sell this house, take Carrie out of school and move to DC. 3. I quit my job, sell my condo, and move here. 4. We end it now. It's been great but it's been a long time since college."

Amy stared at Hank. Her eyes began to fill and tears ran down her face. She stood up. "No, no, there is no option 4. I'm not letting you go. I love you. Don't you love me? You told me you did!" She sobbed .

"Oh babe," Hank hugged her. "I do love you. 4 is in there because I thought you might have doubts. I don't want to end this. I've waited my whole life for you."

She buried her head in his shoulder. "Why was life so complicated?" she thought. "Why couldn't it be just the two of them? No decisions to make. No problems to solve."

"Hank, you make me feel like the most important woman in the world. You haven't judged me. You have accepted me for who I am. But I'm scared right now. I am really frightened to go any further. I don't want to be hurt or hurt you. I feel I've hurt you enough already."

"Trust me; I'm scared as you are right now about being hurt. I'm not sure if I could stand having you taking from me again." Hank answered.

"Look, all three of us need to talk about but we can't do it right now. Carrie too. She should be a big part of the decision. I'm going back to DC tomorrow so there is no reason to rush this. But we do need to make some decision," Hank said as he stroked her hair. "Let's go take a shower and clean up."

Amy thought as they walked up stairs, "Does he suspect anything? When should I tell him?"

The water felt good on her body. It cascaded over her breasts and down her stomach. Hank lathered up the soap and began rubbing it over her. He rubbed her shoulders, her back, the crack of her ass. His hands felt so good. Amy closed her eyes and let the good feelings wash over her. She turned around to face him. Hank took each of her breasts and soaped them up. He massaged each one gently. She arched her back, offering her breasts to him. As the water washed the soap away, Hank sucked on one nipple, then the other. It felt heavenly. Amy moaned softly.

Hank moved his hand to her pussy. As he parted her lips, Amy spread her legs wider. His finger found her clit and his touch sent an electric shock through her. Her hips began to move and breaths came faster. "Yes, yes, that's it. Soo good," Amy sighed.

She felt her orgasm building and she wanted it, needed it. When she did come, it was long but gentle, like an ocean wave washing over her. She rode it easily to the end. "That was perfect, so good," Amy said catching her breath. "My turn."

She looked down. There was Hank's cock, erect and standing straight out. She grasped it and began to slowly stroke it. She let out a soft sigh. It seemed every time she touched his hard cock it sent tingles right to her pussy. It was amazing her reaction. A wicked thought entered her mind. She let go.

"Come on, let's get out here. The water is puckering my hands." With that she turned off the water. She handed Hank a towel. "Here dry yourself off and then follow me," she said with smile.

Hank was a little confused but he followed her directions. After he dried himself, he followed her to the bedroom.

"Lie down," Amy said patting the bed. Hank did as he was told.

"Now just lie back and enjoy." Amy straddled his cock. It had gone soft since the shower but Hank knew it wouldn't need much to get it back up. Amy put her hands to her pussy and spread her lips. She then slid herself up and down his cock. It got hard quickly. She was wet and made his cock slick.

Amy slipped back and wrapped both hands around his shaft. Lacing her fingers together, she stroked it. Reaching the head, she used her thumbs to smear his pre-cum over it. She took her thumbs and massaged that spot just under the tip. "Feels good, does it?" She knew it did by the expression on his face. Hank nodded.

"I think we need more lube." With that she moved up. She grabbed his cock and rubbed back and forth across her pussy. Then slowly, teasing him, she put it in her. Only the head though and that was all. Hank groaned.

This was going to be more difficult than she thought. Amy planned to tease him a little at a time but it felt so good. She wanted all of it in her. "No," she said to herself. "Stick with the plan." She rubbed her clit to make herself wetter. At least that is what she told Hank.

Her pussy muscles clenched and massaged Hank's shaft as she slowly took all of it in. Amy sat back on her haunches, pulling him towards her. This way he couldn't move his hips. Again she lightly touched her clit, sending waves through her body. She fought the urge to move her hips.

Hank felt like his entire being was centered on his cock. Sweat appeared on his forehead. He wanted so badly to move but she had him pinned. He wasn't sure how long he could take this heavenly torture.

Amy raised her hips and his cock fell out. With one hand, she massaged his balls, rolling them around in her hand. She took just her fingers of other hand and lightly ran them up and down his erection. "Oh, God," Hank moaned. "You're killing me." Amy just smiled at him.

She leaned forward and squeezed his cock between her breasts. She moved back and forth. "Do you like this?" she purred. She did. As she moved her nipples rubbed on his skin. They became hard and erect as they became excited. Amy felt like her whole body was excited. She tingled from head to toe. She thought she would be just pleasuring Hank but she was enjoying it too. Maybe it was the control.

The pre-cum was leaking in a stream from Hank making it easier for his cock to slide between her breasts. She took her hand and grasped it hard as she sat back up. "Do you want to come, baby?"

"Oh yes," Hank pleaded.

Instead of helping him, Amy let go. Again she moved so her pussy was over his cock. She spread her lips and slide up the length. They were warm and moist and added more pleasure to Hank's agony.

Amy flashed a wicked smile. "You need to come, don't you?"

"Yes, please, yes." Hank would do anything for release.

"Not yet. Just a little longer."

Amy was enjoying her new found power. Hank wouldn't come until she let him. He was under her control. Just like she was when he tied her up but she didn't need ropes. It turned her on. How far would she let it go?

"Look at me, Hank," she commanded. As Hank raised his head, Amy took a finger full of his pre-cum and put it to his lips. "Suck my finger." Hank greedily sucked it clean. With another finger, she dipped it into her pussy. She moved it to Hank's lips. He didn't need to be told as he cleaned it off. "Good baby,"

It had gone on long enough Amy decided. She placed one hand around his shaft and stroked it. With the other she rubbed the head especially just under the crown. It didn't take much. The first shot landed on her breasts, triggering Amy's own orgasm. She kept stroking as more cum came out. Hank was shaking his head and deeply groaning. She continued until she milked him dry. Her hands were covered with his sperm.

"Damn that felt great," Amy thought. If Hank could have spoken he would have seconded that motion.

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