tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 26

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 26


The flight to the island went smoothly. They hailed a cab and were whisked off to their beach front cabin. Hank called in some chips from friends he knew in DC. The cabin faced the ocean and fronted a white sand beach. The cabin was very secluded.

Amy stood at the door, looking out at the water as Hank brought the bags. "I think we packed too much," he thought as he put them down. As he looked up he could see Amy silhouetted in the door. It seemed to him he had waited a lifetime for this moment. She was his wife. He walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips. "Do you like it, Mrs. Dixon?"

She turned to face him. Tears were running down her cheeks. "Like it? It is perfect. It is like a dream come true." She kissed him. She took his hand and they walked to the bed.

They fell into bed locked in each other's arms. There was no urgency, no rush. They kissed over and over, breaking only long enough to look at each other. No words were used, none were needed. Hank's hand went down to the back of her thigh. He gently but slowly slid it up until his hand felt her panties. He rolled his hand around her thigh to the inside. His fingers pushed aside the soft fabric and found her very wet pussy. It seemed to feel even better than it did the first time so many years before. Hank extended one finger and began to rotate her clit softly, sliding it in her pussy, pulling out her juice and rubbing it on her clit. Her hand moved down and started to rub his cock through his pants. He could sense the need in her body growing by the way she was squirming beneath him.

Hank sat up and looked down at her. Amy smiled and asked, "What?"

Hank replied, "My God, You are so beautiful. I don't think I could be any more in love with you than I am right now."

He lowered himself down her body. His hands slid her skirt up until it was around her hips. He gently pulled her panties off, and then tossed them aside. They were soaked with her juices. Slowly inch by inch, Hank's face moved to her pussy.

He looked at her pussy. Her lips were already puffy and it was moist with her juices. His tongue touched her gently. She arched her back in response pressing her pussy against his mouth. He slowly pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. He could tell from her reaction she was appreciative.

"Oh God," she cried, "Please don't stop."

Hank had no intentions of stopping. He reached up with one hand, took two fingers and spread her lips apart exposing her clit. He took the tip of his tongue and began quickly circling it. After a dozen or so times, he pushed down and sucked her entire clit into his mouth, gently sucking on it. Her pussy was sweet and her juices were thick but delicious. After a few circles around her ever growing clit, Hank extended his tongue and pushed it as deep into her pussy. Her hands wrapped around the back of his head and her fingers moved through his hair. He reached under her and lifted her ass off of the bed, pushing her pussy deeper into his mouth.

"I'm gonna cum, baby. Now...now...now," Amy moaned.

Hank released her clit from his lips and slid his tongue rapidly across it. Suddenly, her juices began to flow from her pussy coating his mouth and face. He opened his mouth and began to drink.

"I'm cumming." she squealed, "Oh my God, am I cumming!"

Finally, after what was the longest orgasm Amy had ever had, she relaxed her body just a bit.

"Oh my God, babe," she asked unbelievably, "I have never cum like that before. That felt amazing."

He lowered his mouth back on her and started licking up and down her lips, cleaning up all the juices. His tongue pushed between her ass cheeks, licking up all of her cum. He licked around her tight asshole, making her squirm.

"Yes, baby, I love it. Please make me cum again," she begged.

Hank started in on her again. He wanted her to cum in his mouth again. This time, he wasn't slow. His tongue flew over her clit as his fingers spread her lips. Her hips were off the bed pressing into his face. With no warning, again he sucked her clit between his lips. For the second time, Amy exploded in ecstasy.

"Fuck, I am cumming again!" Amy screamed.

Again her juices flowed against his lips. Not as much as the first time, but from her reaction, the feelings were just as intense. He continued to suck gently her clit until her body fell back to the bed.

"Oh my fucking God. That was incredible, baby. Is this what being married to you will be like? "

Hank moved up her body and pressed his lips to hers. She instantly put her tongue in his mouth and began to taste her cum. She kissed him for a long time, and then rolled him over.

"Now, I want you inside me." she whispered softly."Let's get out of these clothes."

Amy pulled down his shorts and released his rock hard, swollen cock. She wrapped her hand around and started to stroke. Slowly at first, then increasing in speed. She moved her face down to her hand. As she lowered her hand to the base of Hank's cock, she wrapped her lips around the head. He felt a shiver run down his spine and shuddered noticeably.

"It's ok. Let it go baby," she said softly.

Every nerve in Hank's body was on fire. His heart was racing and his stomach felt like it was in a dropping elevator. Her lips tightened around his cock as she began a sucking motion. Her hand began to move up and down on his cock in rhythm to her mouth. Hank knew he wasn't going to last too long at this rate. He raised his head to look down at her. Her long hair had spilled all over his body. He couldn't see her face. Amy's left hand had moved down her body and she was frantically stroking her clit. Her hips were bucking against her fingers.

"Let me fuck you, baby. Let me inside you now," Hank begged.

"No, not yet." she replied, "Soon. We have time."

She once again took him deep into her warm mouth and began sucking. Hank's orgasm was close, very close.

"Amy, I am not gonna last much longer," he moaned.

Then with no warning, she placed her tongue on the most sensitive area on his cock, right below the head. She began to roll her tongue in circles rapidly all the while maintaining that wonderful suction on it. He couldn't hold off any longer. He warned her.

" Oh, God, I am gonna cum baby, now," Hank groaned.

She gently shook her head, like a no...then just a moan came from her throat. Without warning it came, wave after wave of sensation, followed by the first spurt of hot cum. She sucked deeply again and was ready for the second. Again another wave erupted. She raised her head off his cock and began pumping him with her hand. Stream after stream of cum flew into the air. Hank looked down and she was staring at his cock as she jerked him off. Cum was running out of her mouth landing on his belly. Her hips were bucking wildly against her fingers which were still buried deep in her pussy. She looked up at him and her eyes rolled back.

"Jesus, oh fuck, fuck," she screamed out. "God dammit, this feels so good."

For the third time Amy's body convulsed as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. This orgasm was not as powerful as the first two but seemed to be longer. She moved her mouth over him and began sucking his cock again. Her tongue rolled around it, as her hand pumped what was left of the cum into her mouth. He felt his cock begin to soften, but Amy refused to release him from her sweet lips. Her mouth continued on, softly, in an almost delicate manner. Her hand reached up to Hank and their fingers entwined. Her hand was covered in both of their orgasms. He squeezed it tightly. She looked up at him and smiled.

Hank pulled her up to him. "Baby I think I died and went to heaven."

"Me too," Amy replied. She moved her cum covered hand to his cock and began to stroke it. Surprisingly it began to respond. "Do you think you're up to another round?"

Hank rolled Amy on to her back. He moved to her breasts and began to suck on her nipple. With his other hand he pinched and squeezed the other.

"That feels good," Amy moaned. Her stroking was having an effect. Gripping his now hard cock, she rubbed against her pussy. "Put it in me. I need you in me," she pleaded.

She didn't need to ask twice. Hank pushed and entered her easily and deeply. Amy gave a shudder as the feeling came over her. "Slowly, I want this to last forever," she moaned.

Hank moved slowly, in and out, in and out. Amy began to cum in a series of small orgasms. Each one gained in intensity. She felt like she would never stop. Never in her life had she experienced such excitement. She was totally letting herself go. All that matter was the love that the two were making.

Over and over waves of orgasms came over her. Finally Amy cried out, "Oh God, Oh God, it feels good! Oh God, fuck me!" She clamped her legs around Hank's ass and clawed his back. Her pussy tighten around his cock, milking an orgasm from him. He came deep inside her.

How long they lay together, Hank didn't know but it was dusk outside. Amy was curled up beside him, breathing softly. He kissed her lightly on the forehead. "I love you, Amy Dixon," he whispered.

Hank was right about bringing too much clothes. Oh, they needed clothes when they went into town to eat, buy food and visit the shops but back at the cabin, not so much. Hank wore just shorts or a bathing suit. Amy started out with her bikini usually with a sarong wrap around her lower half. By day 3 she had discarded the top and just wore the wrap. They made love as much as possible. Amy told Hank she wanted all she could get now because as she grew they wouldn't be able too.

Lying in bed after making love, Amy propped herself on her elbow. "Hank, I want to go to a nude beach. I've never been to one and I want to go."

"You sure?" Hank asked.

"Yes. It might be my only chance. So let's go!"

They gathered the stuff, a blanket, a cooler, and some oil. Amy had suggested that they go to a tanning salon before they went on their honeymoon. Hank went along but he didn't think it would matter. Well today it would.

The nude beach area wasn't that far away and they got there after a short walk. They put down their blanket and settled in. Amy lay on stomach and asked Hank to rub oil on her.

The sun felt great on her nude body and Hank's hands sent tingles through her. "This feels nice," Amy sighed. Even though there people on the beach, she felt herself becoming turned on. When Hank began to rub her inner thighs, she spread her legs to make it easier. Hank's hand brushed against her pussy.

"You're sopping wet," Hank whispered.

"Yes, I'm so embarrassed to admit it," she whispered back.

Hank laid down next to her, propping himself up, his semi-erect cock on his thigh. Amy glanced over and laughed. "Look at you!"

"I know. That's why I stopped rubbing you." he replied.

This was all new to a Mid-west girl. Besides the fact she was nude in public, there was numerous others of various shapes and sizes also nude nearby. The two of them checked out the people and made comments about them.

Suddenly a black man knelt in front of them. "Watches, jewelry for the pretty lady." He had watches and bracelets on his arms. Otherwise he was totally nude. As Amy raised her head, she was almost face to face with the largest cock either of them had ever seen. As he talked, it bobbed up and down.

"Amy, what do you think? Want anything?" Hank asked her.

She couldn't reply. Her mind was too confused. She couldn't take her eyes off the monster in front of her.

Hank spoke up. "No that's Ok" With that the man got up and left.

"Oh my God," Amy said turning to Hank. "Did you ever see anything like that? It was huge!"

Hank had to admit he hadn't.

The two of them had some cold drinks and watched. Amy had moved and she was now sitting, Indian style, next to Hank, gently stroking his leg. A very attractive lady stopped by.

"Do you mind if I sit here? I don't like to sit by myself," she asked.

Amy said she didn't mind so she opened her chair and sat down facing them. She was a little older than the two of them, tan all over, and in great shape. Her breasts were large but firm and her stomach was tight. When she sat down she spread her legs a little showing her trimmed pussy. She immediately struck up a conversation with Amy as Hank listened. As she talked she rubbed oil on her body.

Her movements were very sensual. She didn't just put on the oil, she massaged herself. The more she talked and massaged, the more she seemed to affect Amy and Hank. Amy's nipples began to become erect and pussy grew damp. She stroked Hank's leg higher and higher. When Hank began to rub her back, she sighed.

For Hank it was more obvious. His cock began to grow erect. He tried to think of other things. It didn't work. When the unknown woman spread her legs to rub her thighs, they could see her swollen, wet lips.

Amy stroked higher. Sometimes she brushed his balls. Her breathing became shallower. Hank's cock began to leak pre-cum. It was like this woman had some kind of spell on them.

The woman stood up. "Well," she said."I must be going. It's been nice talking to you." and she left, leaving Amy and Hank confused.

"What just happened?" Hank asked.

"I don't know," Amy said, standing up. "But I know what is going to happen, Come on!"

They made it back to the cabin record time. Dropping everything at the door, they rushed to the bed. Amy pushed Hank on the bed and straddled him. "If you're as turned on as I am." With that she grabbed his hard cock and lowered herself on to it. "Oh yeah, baby!"

After a few strokes, she eased off of him. "Where are you going?"

Amy grabbed the bottle of oil and poured on her hands. She spread it on his cock. "My pussy is a little tender from all the workouts. I have another place that needs filling." She rubbed the head of his cock on her asshole. Slowly she slid down it until he was completely in.

She had never had anal sex until that night in DC but it felt good, different. She always felt completely filled and a bit naughty. This time Hank felt much larger than he had before. He was as turned on as she was.

Amy began moving up and down, slowly at first. She leaned back and began to rub her clit. Hank reached forward and slid two fingers inside her pussy. He moved them until he found the spot.

"Hank, Hank, Oh baby," she moaned. Amy knew this was going to be special, be big, and be different.

When Amy came, the room turned red. She threw her head back and opened her mouth but no sound was made. Her pussy flooded the bed with her juices. She seemed to lose control of her body as her orgasm swept over her.

Hank too seemed to lose his body's control as he came. He grabbed her hips and slammed them up and down on his cock. The tightness of her asshole squeezed his cock. He yelled out as he came, filling her ass with his cum. So much, it ran out of her ass and mingled with her cum.

Amy collapsed on his chest. Hank had just enough strength to hold her.

"If this was what being married to Amy was going to be like, then he was a bigger fool than he thought he was 15 years ago," Hank thought.

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