tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 28

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 28


Amy could hear the rain falling gently against the window glass. "April showers bring May flowers," she thought. As she moved under the covers she could feel Hank's naked body against her skin. It felt good and it made her feel safe. She didn't feel good about herself lately. Her breasts were huge and ached. Her belly was distended. Her bladder couldn't hold a teaspoon of liquid. She wished this baby would come soon. Yet despite how she felt and looked she knew she was loved.

The other day she was feeling particularly ugly. She was standing naked in front of the mirror. "Look at me. I look like a hippo out of water," she said to Hank.

He walked around her, looking her over. "Yes you do but I've always loved hippos." He then hugged and kissed her.

It was stupid but it made her laugh. And feel a little better.

This whole time Hank has been amazing. When she needed time alone, he gave it to her. When she needed his company, he was there. When she needed his caresses, he gave them. He said the right words and did the right things at the right time. Like he did last night.

Their sex life remained active during the first six months but as her stomach grew and her body changed, it became less and less. She tried to help with the occasional blow job but lately it was just her hand. Amy did let Hank take her up the ass but that became uncomfortable. She wanted Hank in her and to fill her up. Last night they did exactly that.

It didn't start that way. All she wanted was to be held. Hank insisted that he would hold her only if she was naked. At first she refused but then realized what he was asking. He was telling her he wanted her just the way she was. So she agreed.

Amy was so big that the only way they could hug was with her on her side, Hank behind her. He held her tightly but gently. He began to kiss her neck then nibble on her ear. It sent familiar tingles through her body. His hands began to roam, lightly touching her skin. Amy could feel his cock grow between the crack of her ass. She began to move her hips. He slid his hands along the sides of her breasts. They felt heavy. She wanted him to touch her nipples but he wouldn't, fearing the result.

Hank's hand found her pussy. Even though she was pregnant, she kept it smooth and hairless. Amy loved the feel, even now. His finger found her clit and began to circle it. She moaned. He rubbed faster, harder.

"Oh Hank, I need you inside me please!" she pleaded.

Hank lifted her leg and positioned his cock at her opening. She was warm and wet. He entered her slowly. He didn't want hurt her.

"More, baby, deeper," Amy moaned.

He moved in inch by inch until he was fully in. It had been a couple of months since they made love. To Amy Hank felt huge and he filled her pussy.

He slid in and out, in and out gently, slowly while continuing to rub her clit. Amy could feel the pressure building. It was going to be different but it was going to be good. "Oh baby, yes don't stop" she groaned.

When she came, it was strong but she was able to ride it. "Oh, baby, it feels so good," It lasted a long time and Hank slowed his strokes to allow her to enjoy it. As she sighed, Amy realized he hadn't come. "What about you? You didn't come."

"No I didn't but I didn't need too. You did and that's all that mattered," Hank whispered in her ear.

They fell asleep with Hank pressed up against her back.

Amy got up and put a robe. One that covered her not one of her favorite silk ones. Most of her clothes were loose fitting anyway. Today under her robe she was wearing an oversize Chicago Black Hawk shirt. It was silly but it was her favorite team. Before she left the bedroom, she looked at Hank. He was sound asleep and quietly snoring. She smiled.

Beth went downstairs to the kitchen. Carrie was already up.

"Morning, Mom, You look bright and chirper this morning," Carrie said.

"I feel that way," Amy replied.

Carrie handed her a cup of hot chocolate. "Great! Has the baby moved?"

"Felt like it was dancing this morning," Amy replied. "You're up early. There isn't a practice scheduled, is there?"

"Remember I'm going over to Julie's house to study? I'll be back by supper."

"Even in the rain?" Amy asked.

"Yes, Mom." She kissed her and went out the door. Since Carrie found out that Hank was her father she seemed happier, less moody. She made the freshman basketball team. Even though she didn't start, she was having a good time. More important Hank had made it a point to see as many games as possible. Now with softball season starting, Carrie would be even busier. Her grades are outstanding. It seems having a full time dad was good for her. When told she was going to have a sister she thought it was great. Carrie even told her mom that it proved how much Hank and she loved each other.

When Amy needed a little time, Carrie and Hank had gone out together. He even went clothes shopping with her. When they came back, Carrie told Amy that she would never do that again. They had a good laugh over it.

Amy sat down at the kitchen table. Even that simple act was difficult. As she sipped her chocolate, she looked over the newspaper. A headline caught her eye. It read: State Senator under Investigation. Amy always had an interest in politics since she was young. Growing up in her household, it was hard not to. She read on.

"State Senator Roger Perry is currently under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with one of his staff interns. Perry, a potential candidate for the US Senate, was unavailable for comment but sources say that Perry and the twenty-one year old intern have been seen together on numerous occasions. Perry who is married has been an elected State official for 15 years."

Amy put down the paper and shook her head. "He'll come out of this all right. He always does."

Hank appeared around the corner, "Hey, Babe!" He ran his hand down Amy's belly, planting a kiss on top. "I saw Carrie leave. Where is she going?"


"So we're alone?" Hank kissed her and slid his hand down to her ass.

She pushed him away. "Don't touch me. My hormones are going nuts these past few days. All I'm thinking about is sex!"

Hank laughed. "Join the club!" He headed to the frig for a cold glass of juice. "So what did the doctor say?"

"Three, maybe four days. She said I should come in on Wednesday. She wants me to fast the night before."


"I was but now I just can't wait to get it over with. Also they're going to tie my tubes," Amy answered.

"You sure?" Hank asked.

"Yes. Hey, every time we make love I end up pregnant. You must have super sperm or something. I'm too old for another. And I'm not going to stop making love to you."

Hank hugged her. Amy snuggled in close. Suddenly she tensed up.


Yeah babe?"

"Tell me you just spilled your glass of juice!"

Amy Beth Dixon was born at 6:47PM on Saturday afternoon. Amy looked across the hospital room. There she saw her husband, her love, holding their new daughter. Helping him with the baby was her other daughter. It was her family. She closed her eyes and smiled.

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