tagNovels and NovellasLove, Lust, Neon Lights Ch. 02

Love, Lust, Neon Lights Ch. 02


Once home, after spending the night fucking Carol, I heated a pot pie and showered. I ate nude while congratulating myself for finding a fuck buddy next door and went back to bed. I did not have a job scheduled until the following weekend.

I awoke about five and had just finished shaving and brushing my teeth when someone knocked at the door. Through the peep I saw it was Carol and opened the door for her.

She rushed in and kissed me. When she saw I was naked with a rapidly rising dick she rushed to the bathroom shedding her clothes as she went. I heard the flush of the commode then the shower. I went to the bed and idly played with my dick.

When she came out she was still mostly wet but said she could not wait to tell me about her day. She was bubbly. She did not look like the kind of woman that could be bubbly but she certainly was. It softened her features.

She straddled my hips and slowly lowered herself to me. Her pussy was still wet from the shower but, as I had learned last night, it was a tight pussy. My only slightly larger than average dick filled her up. Her self impalement took a while. After she was comfortable with me in her she started to tell me of her day.

"The cattle call yesterday had been something of a ruse. The ad said it was for a possible Off Broadway musical. I did notice yesterday that some of the people in the seats were major players but didn't think anything about it at the time. It all went as usual, most of the the singer/dancers were eliminated yesterday. What started out as a group of almost two hundred was down to about eighty this morning. I usually make it to the second call but seldom after that if it requires a solo. This one required a solo.

Normally when the suits ask for my solo and they put a spotlight on me their perception of me changes. I know I look like a witch when I don't smile but at auditions I am too nervous to hold a natural smile. Today I decided against my usual song which shows off my voice and instead chose a sultry song. It just felt right, maybe because my pussy was a little tender.

Somehow I made it through this mornings cut down. After lunch there were maybe twenty girls left. One of the producers reminded us that they needed just four.

During lunch one of the girls that I usually end up competing against (and usually lose out to), said that she had never seen me so happily relaxed. She said I had this freshly thoroughly fucked look and a smokey, sexy voice. I laughed and confirmed the look was true. She predicted that this time I was going to beat her out for a part. She looked pleased at the prospect.

Let me tell you, I have been around this girl, Gloria, for months. We have the same body, I have the better voice, she has the pretty face. She got the parts. I managed not to hate her but I was not ever pleased to see her. I was stunned by what she said.

She asked me about the night. I told her about you and the great date we had. I was in mid-description of the fucking while asleep part of the evening when we were called back.

They divided us into three groups and gave us music from a play that is now running on Broadway. We did not think anything about it as the songs for new plays are the last thing that gets done. I was surprised to see Gloria and I were not in the same group.

I was dismayed to see I had been given a difficult song that ranged from sexy to raucous to wistful. When I showed Gloria what I had been assigned she said for me to tie it to last night. She said she tied everything on stage to her last good fuck, even though it was now long term memory for her. I laughed at the line but picked up that she may not have said it completely in jest.

As we waited our turn everyone's nerves began to fray. Gloria had been a rival but we were now coconspirators. Her song was a sweet and innocent number and I suggested she think of a nice slow fuck or the best kisses she ever got.

We found a corner backstage and started rehearsing our songs. I paused to listen to her and decided I had not given her enough credit for her singing. There was still something missing in her performance however. I caught her eye and sensuously ran my tongue over my lips. She smiled and continued. Her tone mellowed but she still sounded a bit mechanical.

I suddenly remember one significant fact about her, she was gay. Everyone assumes that because of my looks I am gay, (I am bi), so gays come to me and fill me in on their love life. Gloria had been the object of desire of several girlfriends.

I walked around until my back was to everyone else and I was facing Gloria. Holding my music in one hand and pretending to study it I slowly raised my sweater with the other and exposed my tits to her. I heard her voice falter then continue. I heard her come closer. The song became soft in her voice. As she walked past me her hand caressed a tit. I lowered my sweater and resumed practicing.

Suddenly Gloria was up next. I was just behind the curtain with her while we waited for the last of her competition to finish. That girl did not have a chance but there were two others in her group that were very good. Gloria was not going to beat the others with voice or looks alone as there were very few differences between them. She had to win by attitude.

Partially hidden by the folds of the curtain I came to a desperate plan. After Gloria was facing me I thrust an arm down my leotard and plunged a finger into my pussy. Then in the guise of adjusting her lipstick, I smeared my pussy juices on her lips. As they called her name she quickly sucked in my finger. She gave the best rendition of the song all day.

We could hear the murmurs of approval from the suits and could see the slumping shoulders of most of her competition. She had just enough time to give me a fierce kiss before her group was marched out on stage and reintroduced, then led to the anteroom of the offices."

Carol's recounting of her by-play with Gloria changed a leisurely fuck into a purposeful one. She worked my dick into a nice cum for herself then resumed her story at a kinder, gentler pace.

"My group was the smallest, just five of us. We were all on the "character actress side" although Gloria insisted that when I smiled I was easily the prettiest one there. My song would be next to last.

My nerves were shot. I just knew I was going to fuck this up. After lunch Gloria and I had decided that we were in fact auditioning for leads. Neither of us had ever been asked for two solos until today. The suits out front told us it was probably not Off Broadway but Broadway. This was my first big chance and I did not want to make it my last.

While straddling a chair I felt my pussy open as if expecting your dicks entrance. I thought of you and last night. While daydreaming about our evening my hand went under my sweater and started playing with the tit Gloria caressed and you had devoured. I jumped when my name was called but calmed after the intro notes. I sang the song as if I was getting fucked all through it.

As soon as finished I hurried from the stage, I could feel my pussy juices seeping into my leotards. I pulled out a t shirt from my bag, took my sweater off and wrapped it around my waist covering my crotch. I put on the t-shirt and returned to the stage as the last girl was finishing the song. After the line up we were taken to the offices. We were thanked by one of the suits and asked to check if the information on our application was correct.

Three of the girls were given notice of a new play that would be casting in two weeks. That was their way of telling them they had not won a part. The two of us left were taken into an office. The girl with me was offered an understudy spot at a show currently in production and she immediately accepted. She was led to another office and left me and my heart on verge of disintegrating.

Suddenly I found myself in the midst of three suits as I signed a whirlwind of papers. Someone was droning on about confidentiality. Another was warning me about the long days and nights of hard work ahead and how tough it was to replace a major cast members on a hit play."

I had just about gotten to where I was paying more attention to the fuck than her story then realized what Carol had just said. I sat up and hugged her tightly. I kissed her over and over. I was very happy for her. I congratulated her and bragged out loud that my dick was in the pussy of a Broadway star.

Even though that was true we were no longer interested in fucking. I wanted to hear the rest of her story. We were now side by side on the bed facing each other. I was hugging her as she suddenly burst into tears. I panicked thinking I had reached the wrong conclusion. I kissed her tears away and waited for her to calm down.

"I'm so scared" she said. "I dreamed of this all my life and now that it is coming true I am so afraid I will fuck it up. I am so afraid that I will find it was not really what I wanted. I'm so afraid of what will happen to my life."

I said "Exciting isn't it? Just awesome. A clear turning point in your life and you know you are going to be different and much better for it. Fabulous place to be. I envy you."

She stared at me with incredulous eyes then hugged me and kissed me savagely. My dick was still in her. We fucked passionately.

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