tagNovels and NovellasLove, Lust, Neon Lights Ch. 03

Love, Lust, Neon Lights Ch. 03


I never answered the phone on our floor. My jobs came from waiting at the union hall so I never expected calls. That day however, I was apparently the only one on the floor and the phone rang every five minutes. I answered it.

I said "Hello" rather irritably and there was a pause before a soft female voice returned the hello.

"Who do you need" I asked.


"Not here. Went to see her mother."

"Do you have her mother's phone number?"

"No," I lied.

A very disappointed "Oh" followed.

A bell rang in my head. "Is this Gloria?"

"Yes. Do I know you?"

"In a way. I was Carol's inspiration during her tryouts."

Excitement suddenly appeared in her voice. "You are right. I feel I know you already."

"Did you get the part?"

"Yes but don't tell her I want to tell her myself." Do you know if she got the part?"

"No;" I again lied. She has been gone since the day after the audition. She will be back Friday and I am taking her out to dinner. I would very much like for you to join us."

"I couldn't get between you and her on a date. I would feel like a third wheel."

"I am the one that is going to be the third wheel. It seems you two have lots to talk about and I will be happy to be the escort of two lovely ladies. It will enhance my reputation in town."

"You're sure?"


"Tell me where to meet you."

I was very glad that I had arranged the meeting on a street corner. I had not told Carol that Gloria was joining us.Their greeting was loud and effusive. As Carol started to introduce me Gloria flew into my arms and gave me a hard open mouth, sneaky tongue kiss.

She turned to Carol and said "he is the reason I have been standing at this corner waiting for you for twenty minutes. The cop over there was wondering if I was turning tricks. I could have by the way."

Carol hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss that was probably illegal.

After I caught my breath I asked,"Um....say, do either of you have interesting news to share?"

I could see both inhale to near bursting and and simultaneously announce "I got the part!"

Stunned looks and silence gripped both before the loud screaming, jump up and down dance started. It was followed a hug and kiss that was more than just the hug and kiss of happy friends.

I steered us to the restaurant confident that we would not be thrown out because most of their exuberance was now out of the way.

I was right in thinking that I would become the third wheel. In fact for most of the dinner I bordered on invisible. Still, since it was what I had expected I was content to just listen to their banter while noting the very flirtatious behavior of each for the other.

I watched Carol as she and Gloria recounted the moment each knew they had won the part on a major show. She looked very attractive. Her face could be described as handsome, a term no longer used for women but once meant a fine face with character. A fascinating face. Apparently the face Gloria had seen all along.

Dinner was delicious but I doubt either noticed.

It was OK, I had one more surprise up my sleeve.

After Carol won the part she also said she was not to reveal which cast members on which play they would be replacing. The only thing she volunteered was that she would be in rehearsals for the summer and that each role would be replaced at once. The show had been running for years and this was going to be the fourth cast change. The current headliner was staying on.

It took just one morning at the union hall to figure out which show it was.

After dinner I hailed a cab for the three of us and gave him a street address. I discreetly shushed him before he translated the address into the name of the Broadway theater out loud.

We were on the sidewalk in front of the theater before they noticed where we were. The look of surprise and amazement on their faces was phenomenal. Slowly they looked at each other searching for a clue as to who spilled the beans.

"Neither of you told me" I said. "Musicians are sneaky bastards you know."

I put an arm around each lady and pulled them into the theater with me.

I had called in a lot of favors for the tickets but they were perfect.

When the songs they sang at the audition were presented they each mouthed them all the way through.

After the show they applauded longer than anyone else and were giddy as we left the theater. I steered us around the corner and across the street to a small bar that attracted mostly musicians and some of the theater crowd.

I found a booth and made sure I would not be ignored by sitting between them. I need not have worried for as soon as we were situated the ladies took turns in sending their tongues down my throat. I was happy to see that the guys I knew in the band and at the bar had noticed. Points for me.

We drank, we sang. When the band took a break they visited our booth on their way to where their wives and girlfriends were. The girls were introduced to many people but I noticed that the only one to make an impression on them was the female second bartender named Marcie.

Marcie was a singer of torch songs and I had played behind her a few times. I liked Marcie a lot, we were comfortable with each other. When performing her long black hair cascaded well bellow her shoulders and framed her delicate face like a work of art. She wore black satin dresses and no bra, probably no panties. Many a lady wanted to dive under her dress and at times one got her wish. I had never seen a guy come close to getting lucky with her.

At the bar she wore a pony tail and no make up. Her uniform consisted of black slacks, a white dress shirt and red suspenders. I had the impression that her singing and bar tending careers were split evenly.

Marcie made sure we always had drinks.

Well into the night, as I was returning from the men's room, I noticed the girls in an agitated state and looking in the direction of a short, bejeweled, gentleman that was looking at them in vague recognition. He was in fact one of the producers on their show and I guessed he was wondering if the girls had violated their confidentiality agreement.

As he approached our booth I intercepted him and shook his hand while reminding him that my band had played at his son's Bar Mitzvah the previous weekend. I went on to thank him profusely for the generous tip he had given us.

"In fact," I said, "it was that tip that had financed this night on the town for my friends and me."

His face lit up in recognition and he told me how much the kids liked me. They were especially happy with the comedy segments.

In as straight a face as I could muster I said "what comedy segments?"

His laughter shook the room and I chalked up more points for making an important man in the business laugh at my joke.

I introduced the girls and all pretended to have never met before. He at last got to the important question which was, "so, where have been tonight?"

I mentioned the restaurant and that I thought we were going to see "The Producers" because my cousin Bobby had promised that there would be tickets there for us but there were no tickets there for us so we ended up here to drink and listen to the band."

I gestured in the direction of the band as I mentioned them and I saw a couple of them smile. More points for me.

He asked me what I was going to do to my cousin.

I said, "Not much. I hear he has an extra testicle anyway"

Again the uproarious laughter as he continued on his belated trip to the bathroom.

As soon as I sat the girls raced to see who would get her tongue to my tonsils first. For the remainder of the evening at least one hand was caressing my dick over the trousers.

When the gentleman came out the bathroom he went to the end of the bar and asked for a phone. As Marcie brought him the phone he asked her a question which she answered while looking at me.

Marcie came over with drinks and I gave her a questioning look.

Marcie said "He asked me for your last name".

As Marcie leaned over the table, in as clear a move as is possible without being flagrant, Gloria offered her lips to her.

Marcie stuttered " I need to go to the bathroom before I get back to work".

By the time Marcie had the restroom door open Gloria was less than half a step behind her.

While they were gone the gentleman came back to my booth and handed me two of his business cards. One had the number 3 on its back, a date and his initials. He said this will get you in to see "The Producers" next week. Don't turn your cousin into a soprano."

We laughed at his joke and thanked him profusely.

The other card had the name of The Major Recording Studio in New York, the initials S & G, and his initials. He said "Go by on Monday. I understand it is long term project."

Again I thanked him and shook his hand. Carol kissed him on the cheek. He smiled at her like a kid that held a shared secret.

"So far this has been the greatest evening of my life, save one" I told Carol.

"Mine too. And we still have the fucking and lovemaking part of the evening to go" she said.

"That will put tonight over the top" I sighed with a grin.

Marcie made it back to the bar just as people began to notice her absence. It was a couple of more minutes before Gloria came back to the booth. She seemed to be in a trance. I also noticed she was no longer wearing a bra. Carol went around to her as if to comfort her but I saw that as she leaned over her hand went under Gloria's dress.

Feeling Carol's hand on her pussy Gloria giggled and said "You'll get yours later."

"She ate your pussy in the bathroom?" Carol whispered.

Gloria nodded while looking at Marcie.

Looking straight at us Marcie innocently licked her lips.

Carol and I almost fell to the floor in a fit of laughter.

Our evening continued until we heard the dreaded words "last call."

Marcie asked how we were doing and I asked for coffee, Carol asked for water, and Gloria asked for a Marcie Special.

The laughter had almost died down when Marcie brought the water and coffee. Gloria sat expectantly while Marcie placed a champagne glass in front of her. There was a note by the glass. Carol picked it up and read it. It was an address. We looked in the glass. There was an apartment key.

The note also read, "I have a big place. No reason for the three of you to go all the way to your place when I live two and a half blocks away. I'll be there in an hour or so."

Marcie had been in my place a couple of times as it was close to the club where she did her singing. I somehow felt that part of the note was meant for me. I doubted she knew that Carol lived next door to me.

I drank my coffee and we said our goodbyes. Marcie kissed the girls on the cheek, (much to their disappointment), and kissed me on the lips, much to my surprise. We stepped out into what was still a warm evening and had no trouble finding Marcie's building. We were soon in her apartment.

We were in awe. Her building had an elevator. Her living room was bigger than Carol's and my flat put together. She had a view that was not the building next door. She had real furniture and a real kitchen, even a washer and drier.

Carol and I were still looking around when we saw Gloria naked on the king size bed. She looked at us and asked "Who wants to fuck me first?"

I saw a hunger in Carol's eye and I am sure she saw it in mine. I was about to defer to her when she said "we both do."

Carol was naked in less than thirty seconds and had her body covering Gloria's before I had my shirt off.

By the time I got in bed they were in the middle of a pussy to pussy fuck. At a loss as to where I could be useful I soon saw a small space between the four legs. I reached down and stuck my thumb in Carols' pussy and a fingers in Gloria's. As I started to rapidly stroke in and out of their cunts they careened to orgasms.

Once temporarily sated Gloria maneuvered Carol onto her back and rapidly kissed her way to her pussy. Her ass was in the air in front of me and I quickly accepted her invitation. I had to go slowly because hers was also a very tight pussy. By the time I was completely inside Gloria she had Carol cumming. I matched Gloria's pace on Carols pussy with my dick.

I noticed that the best I could say about Gloria's reaction to my dick in her cunt was that she didn't mind. Wanting better than that I reached around her and started gently mauling her tits with one hand and searching for her clit with the other. She began to moan into Carol's pussy.

Well, that's better I said to myself.

We kept our positions for a long while. Each time either lady had a discernible cum I slowed to a stop to allow both of them to enjoy it.

Carol propped herself on her elbows after a climax and watched me slowly fuck Gloria. Lust clouded her eyes as as she reversed her position and put her head directly under the pussy my dick was impaling.

As soon as Carol was repositioned Gloria lowered her head to Carol's pussy while lowering her hips towards Carols mouth. I had to adjust my angle and while doing so I grabbed a pillow and jammed it under Carol's head.

Now we had it. Soon I felt Carol's tongue on the underside of my dick as I plowed in and out of Gloria's pussy.

Gloria started to cum, and cum, and cum. She screamed into Carols pussy and went limp.

I stopped and lifted her over to the side of Carol. We saw she was still breathing, although is gasps, so Carol turned her body again and I penetrated her swiftly.

It was obvious to me that this was the hard fuck portion of the evening so I pounded my dick into Carol's pussy hard and fast. As her orgasms began mine was not nearly imminent. A large cum on her part allowed me to pause and place her on her hands and knees. She was barely aware of the change in position when I resumed pounding her pussy.

As Carol's cums resumed Gloria regained her senses and began to urge me to fuck her brains out. She asked Carol if she loved that dick pounding into her cunt. Carol moaned in orgasm while Gloria pulled on her hair and raised her head. She kissed Carol savagely. Carol began to cum continuously.

Gloria released Carol and came to me, kissing me deeply. She twisted my nipple. She put a finger into my ass.

I came in torrents. I needed air but Gloria would not release her kiss.

Carol collapsed under me. One last spurt of cum landed on her ass.

Gloria sensed that Carol had uncoupled and I was quickly abandoned.

She dove for the blob of cum on Carol's ass and licked it clean, then she coaxed Carol to turn over and began to extract my cum from her pussy with her tongue.

My body was trembling. I was weak. I was covered with sweat. I found the shower and turned on the water and walked in. I simply stood under the torrent until my breathing returned to normal. I found soap and lathered myself up.

Before I rinsed I felt another person in the shower with me. It was Marcie. She put her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back. After a long kissing embrace she stepped away and asked me to soap her back. We spent a while soaping every part of the others body several times. I knew she wanted my dick to rise but it was too soon. She was fine with a nice slow, soapy finger fuck.

Between kisses and caresses she told me that when she got home Gloria and Carol were in each others arms dead to the world. The room reeked of sex. Her bed was covered with sex fluids. But what really pissed her off was that none of it was hers. I gave her a "poor baby" and promised to make it up to her.

We dried off and went to the bedroom. The ladies were still out. I pulled Marcie to the living room and after placing two throw pillows on the floor I coaxed her down. One pillow under her head, one under her ass, and me licking her from her ass to her clit. She was happy.

I liked Marcie very much but I was amazed to find myself in the position I was in, with my head between her legs. We were very comfortable with each other but there was never any real flirting between us. We greeted each other with a hug and a kiss but everybody we knew did. She did use me as a shield when males at the cafe became too forward. We had shared several post-midnight breakfasts. But I was positive she was exclusively gay. Yet she had just spent time and effort in the shower trying to get my dick to rise for her.

Coincidentally, my dick was rising for her.

I continued my oral efforts until she had a nice cum then I kissed my way up her body. I removed the pillow under her ass and aimed my dick at her pussy. She moaned after the head penetrated. I slowed thinking that every other pussy in the house was very tight and this one may be too.

It was, even more so.

When my dick was half way into her pussy penetration became more difficult and I changed the angle by lifting her legs over my shoulders. By the time our pubic hairs were mixing she was breathing hard. Almost as soon as I started slowly stroking she started cumming. She made deep growling noises separated by gasps for breath and trembling.

I liked that very much.

Since I had recently had a world shattering cum I could concentrate my efforts on Marcie.

Somewhere along the process, I got the impression that her pussy was in some discomfort, so I eased out. I was shocked to see a trace of blood on my dick.

I laid down beside her and pulled Marcie towards me, kissing her tenderly.

I asked if she needed anything.

She said she needed me hold her.

Since I was already holding and kissing her that was not a problem.

"I cant' believe you gifted me with your cherry" I said between kisses.

"I knew when I first met you that you would be the one" she said. "I wanted to be sure that it would be special to the man who took it. I needed the man to be someone important to me. I knew I was right about you" she quietly said.

Once I knew I was special to her she became very special to me. It also occurred to me that she had always been so.

We lay side by side on the floor kissing and caressing. The mood was broken when a stomach growled. We laughed but could not tell whose stomach had complained. The mystery became moot when both of our stomachs growled. We laughed as we stood and she said "I'll make us sandwiches."

I went to the bathroom to clean up my dick and got an extra washcloth to use on Marcie's pussy.

Carol and Gloria were in deep sleep. I covered them with a light blanket, turned off the light, and closed the door.

When I rejoined Marcie in the kitchen I was greeted with the smell of bacon. She was making BLT's for us, my favorite. I realized that she had been paying more attention to me than I thought.

I put the wet washcloth in the freezer and looked for something to drink in the fridge. I chose orange juice for us. By the time I had the drinks poured and on the table the sandwiches were ready. I waited for Marcie to sit before going to the freezer and retrieving the washcloth. I folded it at placed it on her pussy.

She jumped up screaming and punched me in the arm.

"You wuss. It's barely cold" I said, "and you will be happy you did this."

"It's freezing, and just how many cherries have you popped?"

I sensed some tension in her question.

"Counting yours, oh, at least, one."

"So how do you know this will help?"

"By eavesdropping when my sister came home after loosing hers. It is what mom told her to do."

Marcie took the washcloth from my hand and gingerly set her pussy down on it.

"Brave girl" I said.

She shot me the finger.

We were smiling as we ate in a comfortable silence. When we finished I picked up our plates and glasses and rinsed them. She looked at me as if she had just seen a dog doing quadratic equations.

I said " I'll fix myself up on the floor, you take the couch."

She said "no need, sofa makes into a bed."

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