tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove of a Pirate Ch. 01

Love of a Pirate Ch. 01


"Matt!" Will shouted as he stormed through the door of the Blacksmith's shop. His smile lit up the room, so happy was he. Matt glanced up from cleaning tools.

"Isn't it wonderful? Elizabeth has consented to be my wife." He laughed as he jumped atop one of the barrels. Wobbling precariously, he took the time to catch his balance.

"Sure. It's magnificent."

"I want to celebrate. I've bought a superb bottle of ale. You and I will drink a toast to the fair Elisabeth."

Will took a deep swig of the strong concoction and then passed the bottle to Matt, his best friend in the entire world. As they continued to drink the bottle, plus several the Blacksmith had hidden around, Will studied Matt. Inhibitions slowly losing purchase and normally disturbing thoughts allowed in Will let his eyes roam. Matt was slender though he could swing a smith's hammer with the best of them. Strong he was and brave. Their recent travels were proof of that. But there were times when Will looked at Matt and felt things no man should feel for another. There had been times when Matt was bent over doing some task and Will had the urge to grab his hips and pull them against his own. He had quickly squashed these thoughts, disturbing as they were, but now he was not inclined to do so. He examined and considered his state of arousal as he watched the muscles slide underneath Matt's skin and the smooth column of his throat.

Matt took a large swallow of the ale. With no breakfast to speak of, the liquor went straight to the head. Matt leaned back in the hay and stared up at the ceiling. Then glanced at Will and caught him staring. If Matt didn't know any better, he would have sworn there saw desire in his eyes.

"You know," Will began, "You're very disturbing."

"Really? Why is that?"

"Because every so often, I swear I find you incredibly arousing and it disturbs me, you being male and all."

"Arouse you do I?" Matt practically purred as a wild thought wormed its way into an alcohol soaked head.

"Yes most emphatically. See?" He pointed to the large bulge in the front of his pants. Matt's eyes widened as Will watched.

"How about another adventure then?" Matt whispered softly.

"What do you mean another adventure?"

"You will wed Elisabeth soon right?"


"Then this will be your last adventure. Why not make me... your last adventure?"

Will studied Matt as he took another swig from the third bottle. His eyes ran over fine features. Matt was sitting with knees splayed wide as if in open invitation to move between them. Slowly he watched.

"Are you afraid Will?" Matt asked with a small mysterious smile, "Afraid you might like it?"

"Why not?" Will laughed, "One last adventure with you and then wedded bliss with my dear Elisabeth."

"Then follow me."

Matt gradually rose, keeping an eye on Will lest he vanish or come to his senses. He was in for a big surprise tonight. Matt took hold of his hand, reveling in the tingles of pleasure at his touch. Slowly Matt led him to their sleeping quarters. Many a nights he had lain awake, listening to the soft sounds of his breathing and the occasional snore. Will's bed had always faced the door while Matt's ran the length of the wall. Turning them around, bit-by-bit he backed Will up until his knees hit his bed and he sat down suddenly.

Standing not a foot away from him, he unhurriedly toed off the boots, holding his eyes. Reaching for the ties to the breeches, he leisurely pulled the strings, smiling as his tongue reached out to wet suddenly dry lips. The breeches slid to mid thigh with a gentle push and the shirt folds billowed out around his legs. Slightly rough linen scraped erotically against smooth pale skin. With a twist, he reached beneath the back of the shirt and wriggled slightly.

Will didn't notice the strips of linen that fell to the floor. He only had eyes for Matt. The thoughts, whirling through his head, were erotic and forbidden. He wanted to press his aching arousal against Matt, feel his skin sliding against bare skin. He wanted that mouth on every inch of his body. He felt the nudge of Matt's knee against his own. Shaking his head slightly, he found Matt all but naked before him. There was nothing more than shirt between Will and bare flesh.

"Do you want me to show you?" Matt asked softly, "or would you like to find out for yourself?"


"Do you want to remove my shirt Will? Or shall I?" He chuckled softly.

"I think I shall discover for myself." Will said, his mouth dry and parched.

Reaching out, he put his hands on Matt's hips. Kneading the flesh gently, he drew Matt forward bit by bit until mere centimeters separated them. His mouth, now practically salivating with anticipation, was at level with Matt's stomach. Will slid his hands down to the edge of Matt's shirt, barely brushing the smooth flesh there but feeling the jolt of electric desire race across his skin. Slowly he lifted the edges of the shirt.

"Wait." Matt said suddenly grasping his wrists.


"I want to do something first."

"And what do you want to do?"

"I'll show you," He whispered as he dropped.

Will gasped sharply as Matt's hands ran up his thighs. He felt like he had been standing before the furnace all day. His skin was fiery hot. The feel of Matt's hands made him burn all the more. Will watched as Matt deftly undid his breeches. He came out hot and hard, aching to be buried within. Will growled as Matt wrapped long slender fingers around his rock hard shaft. But nothing prepared him for the sensation of warm wet lips wrapping around the tip of his penis.

"OH GOD MATT!" He cried out as he fell back against the bed. Hot wet heat slid down the length of his shaft until he felt the back of Matt's throat. It felt so good but it wasn't quite enough. He wanted more.

He felt silky yet hard in Matt's mouth. His taste was musky and a little salty towards the end of his manhood. Would he fill him this completely when Will buried himself inside? Matt hoped so. He felt good between his lips but the aching needed relief only Will could provide. Matt felt fingers bury in his hair as Will guided his head up and down on his hard cock. His moans and growls said he was doing it right. The vein running along the underside of his penis and the tip itself seemed to bring him the most pleasure.

Will grabbed Matt's hair tightly. His body arched as the tension broke free at the base of his spine. He felt his body burst and spill his seed inside Matt's mouth. With a wordless cry he reveled in his orgasm, knowing it would not be his last this night. To his amazement, Matt did not pull away from him. Instead those lips remained firmly around him and he could feel the rippling of muscles as his seed was swallowed.

"Matt." He moaned.

"Yes Will." Came the soft voice.

"Never have I felt something so exquisite." Will answered.

"Would you like more?"

"Yes definitely but first... "

With more energy than he thought he had after his peak, Will grabbed Matt around the shoulders and tossed him onto his back. The shirt billowed out and then settled over curves, delineating full firm breasts, stomach and thigh. Will stared for a moment, his eyes running rapidly up and down the length of Matt's body.

"Matt what... " He looked up and forgot anything he was about to say as her tongue darted out to lick slowly around her lips. Lust pierced his gut as he realized she was getting the last of his seed. She reached for him but Will pinned her hands against the mattress.

"You're not a man." He growled as he pressed between her welcoming thighs and found a woman's searing wet heat.

"No, I'm not a man." She moaned softly, her body riddled with pleasure as she felt him for the first time against her core.

"No it..." He grasped her shirt and pulled, ripping it down the front. Matt gasped in shocked pleasure at his aggression.

Will stared. High firm breasts, tipped with tight rose-colored buds, seemed to ache for his touch. The candlelight flickered over the curves of her ribs, dancing across her stomach and teasing against her core and the curves of her thighs. Matt, his Matt, the one he had spent almost all his time with, the one he had undressed in front of countless times, was a woman. His mind must be playing tricks on him. He reached down and took one firm breast in his hand. Almost immediately she arched into his touch on a gasp of pure pleasure. Will kneaded her flesh, watching the desire flush her skin and darken her eyes. Then he leaned down and took that same tip deep into his mouth and suckled, first gently and then hard.

"Will." She cried as she arched beneath him.

He continued, alternating soft and hard on her breast. His fingers delved into her damp curls, ringing a near scream from between her lips. He stroked once and was rewarded with a rush of heated wetness. Stroking again, his prize was a shiver that raced the entire length of her body, causing her legs to shift involuntarily on the bed. The third stroke, deeper than all the rest brought him in contact with her maidenhead. This proof of her innocence almost stopped him. It almost stopped him until her fingers wrapped around the length of his shaft and began to stroke him.

"Will." She whispered, "Please, I want this."

"Want what Matt?" He asked as he pushed himself against her hand.

"I want this, what I have in my hand."

"Say it." He demanded, "Say you want my hard cock deep inside you."

"Yes.' She breathed, "Will I want your hard cock, deep inside me, Please."

"And you shall Matt." He growled as he scraped his teeth against the curve of her ribs, "But not quite yet."

"What? Will..."

Her words ended in a gasp as he nipped at her stomach and then laved the bite mark with his tongue. Her skin was smooth and tender, flushed with the heat of desire. He delved into her belly button once, twice, teasing around the edge with just the tip of his tongue. Will shifted to lie between her thighs. Looking up at her from beneath his long lashes, he hooked her legs over his shoulders and pinned her hips with his splayed hands.

"Now I shall return the favor," He growled against already sensitive flesh.

"Will no...arrggghhh." Her words cut off in a moan of pleasure as his tongue swept deep within her core. Her essence filled his mouth as he licked deep and slow. She tasted musky and sweet. Feeling her thigh muscles tense on his shoulders, he held her hips down with one hand. Capturing the bud of her pleasure between his lips and suckling gently, he slid two fingers within her. Gently he probed until he found her inner pleasure source. As he drew on her, he stroked that internal pleasure center. His reward was his name cried out as he brought her to her first orgasm.

"WILL!" She cried arching off the bed.

Her world narrowed to one sensation, Will's mouth between her thighs. The silken feel of his tongue stroking deep tormented her senses while shards of pleasure pierced her from his stroking fingers.

"Will, Please." She begged, "No more... I can't."

"Oh but you can Matt." He growled, "I know you can."

He slid up her body and captured her mouth in a fierce kiss. Pinning her caressing hands above her head, he pressed the tip of his penis against her still quivering core. Easily the tip slid between her drenched folds,

'Oh Will." She panted, "Its... the feel of you... is incredible."

"And I'm not done." He said, "I'm sorry Matt, this may hurt."

"Hurt?" She asked as he pushed deeper.

"Yes," He growled, "But I don't think I could stop now even if I wanted to."

"Please." She pleaded shifting beneath him.

Will pushed forward sharply tearing passed her maidenhead. Her only response to the pain was a slight widening of her eyes. Then she settled around him, one quivering mass of pleasure. Will held himself still for a moment. He tried to regain his control but it was a losing battle. When those legs, legs he had imagined wrapped around him countless times, slid up and hooked over his hips there was no regaining control. He withdrew only to plunge back in deep and hard. He felt her instinctive response to his thrust in the canting of her hips to receive him.

"Will." She cried as she bit his shoulder. Her body was alive with sensation, an almost overwhelming amount of feeling. His body rigid above her, his cock hard and silky within her, stretching her, filling her, bringing exquisite pleasure.

Will couldn't focus. He couldn't keep control of his body. She felt too good beneath him, writhing and shifting against him, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own. She was so responsive, so obviously inundated with pleasure that he had difficulty thinking of anything more than the feel of her sheath around him. She was slick hot, and he could feel every ripple of her muscle as she instinctively grabbed him when he withdrew.

"W... Will!" She cried against his shoulder, "its... again, it's happening again. I..."

"OH GOD!' Will groaned as he felt her peak break around him. Smooth hot muscles rippled down the length of his cock, drawing on him, pulling on him, and begging him to follow her over the edge. When he felt the bite of her teeth into his shoulder, he lost it. Pumping and thrusting faster, his movements became uncontrolled bordering on rough. She met and matched him becoming a wild thing in his arms. Her nails raked down his back as she arched hard beneath him, crying out. His seed burst forth in wave after wave, splashing against the walls of her body causing a chain reaction of ripples throughout.


He collapsed against her. Eyes closed he reveled in the feel of his body, of her body beneath him. Her breath was hot against his shoulder, her lips lightly brushing against his skin. As coherent thought returned, she ran her hands down the smooth line of his back. She stroked him from shoulder to thigh. She turned her head towards his neck, nibbling gently, rubbing smooth skin against the line of his thigh.

"That was the most incredible experience of my life," He whispered against her heated skin.

"Quite the adventure wouldn't you say?" She smiled softly at him.

"Yes, quite the adventure." He stared into her eyes and then slowly leaned down to take her mouth in a gentle kiss, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"What would you have done Will?"

"I... I don't know but..."

"You would have tried to protect me, to change me and keep me out of here." She answered for him,

"Well yes I would have."

"And I would have been bored to tears. Eventually I would have left." She said.

"It comes as quite a shock Matt." He said, "Damn I don't even know your real name."

"My real name IS Matt. It is the nickname my father gave me. It is short for Mathilda which is a wretched name to saddle a child with." She answered, running her nails lightly down his back and over his sides. He shivered at the caress.

"I like it." He answered softly as his eyes drifted closed, "I like Mathilda."

"But you like Matt too." She teased, "You called it quite loudly."

Will's eyes snapped open to stare into her amused gaze. Then that look appeared on his face. Before she could even react, his fingers were dancing up and down her sides where she was most ticklish.

"Did I now?" He laughed as he tickled her, "Well see how you like this!"

"No Will!" She laughed uncontrollably as she squirmed beneath him, "NO WILL You pirate that's not FAIR! You aren't ticklish!"

"That's right. You have no recourse but to surrender and prepare to be boarded," He growled against her neck as the brushing of their bodies hardened him once more.

"Parlay!" She gasped between laughs, "I demand Parlay with the Captain."

"Aye do you now?" Will answered mimicking Jack Sparrow almost perfectly, "And what are your terms Mistress Mathilda? What do you offer this hungry pirate to assuage his appetite?"

"I offer... this." She said as she threw him over onto his back and slid him deep inside her waiting heat. Sitting up, she took him even deeper into her body. Will arched beneath her, his hands gripping her lush hips. She rocked over him slowly, watching the pleasure flood over him. If this was to be the only night she had with him, she was going to make sure he remembered it for all time.

This time their lovemaking was a slow slide into oblivion. Through the night, he took her over and over again, giving and receiving incredible pleasure. She fell asleep in his arms, pillowed on his chest, sated and content.

Will awoke to the soft sounds of the doors closing. He sat up and found Matt gone. Immediately he shot from the bed and pulled on a pair of breeches and a shirt. Taking a quick glance out the window, he saw Matt slipping into the mist. Hurriedly he followed.

Matt made her way through the streets of Port Royale. Wiping tears from her eyes, she hefted her sack higher up on her shoulder. Down to the beach she walked, her pace quick and almost furtive. Jack would be waiting in a secluded cave in a small cove that most people didn't know of. This was for the best. She couldn't stay and see Will and Elizabeth together day in and day out. Her heart couldn't bear it.

Finally she reached her destination. With another quick glance back, she hurried into the cave. Near the back, there was the flickering light of a campfire.

"Jack?" She called out softly.

"Yes Love." Came his distinctive voice. He stood up as she came around the bend in the cave entrance. One look at her face told him all he needed to know. She had done what she'd set out to do and her heart was breaking for it. Will was daft if he couldn't see her for what she was, a beautiful, fierce and brave woman. Well his lost was Jack's gain. Matt was also a damn fine pirate.

"You've done it then?" He asked softly.

"Yes." She whispered, "I have."

And then she was buried against his chest, her body heaving in the sobs of the broken hearted. For a moment he was stunned, unsure of what he should do. Then slowly he closed his arms around her and held her while she cried.

Will crept into the cave slowly and quietly. He wasn't sure what was going on and what she was doing there but he would find out before he confronted her. He didn't expect to see the woman he had just made love to in the arms of none other than Captain Jack Sparrow. Nor did he expect to find her crying as if her world had ended.

Jack spotted Will as he held Matt in his arms.

"Sh love." he said, "It will be alright. Are you sure you wish to do this? Come with me and live the life of a pirate? If you love Will then you should fight for him. You've the heart of a buccaneer and more than a match for any high faluting wench such as Miss Swan."

"Jack." She hiccupped, "I can't. I can't live in Port Royale day after day and see them together. It would tear my heart apart in slow pieces. Besides, he doesn't love me. He loves Elizabeth. Further, I keep my word. I promised you I would accompany you as long as you helped make sure Will survived everything that has happened. I don't go back on my word."

"Aye you're the truest woman I've ever met." He said as he stared into Will's eyes, "Now, Matty me girl, get some rest. It looks as if you could use it before we row out to the Pearl."

It didn't take long for her to fall asleep. Jack tucked his coat around her and then walked over to where Will stood in the shadows.

"I didn't expect to see you here dear William." He said, clasping his hands in front of him to keep from strangling the young man's neck. He had a treasure and was going to throw it away.

"I didn't expect Matt to run off in the middle of the night." Will said softly.

"What did you expect her to do? You missed your opportune moment dear boy." Jack said, "There is nothing for her here now. You've taken that all away haven't you?"


Jack sighed heavily.

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