tagLoving WivesLove Rekindled Ch. 02

Love Rekindled Ch. 02


In the days followed, our sex life was at its peak. We started being more talkative during the acts. As a husband, Vijay had given me more than I could ask for... from an honourable life in the society to a satisfying sex life in the private. The sudden intimacy between us did not surprise my in-laws who were living with us. They had been demanding us to give them a grandson as well.

A month before the onset of winter, we wanted to take a break, before my daughter's holidays. We left our daughter with my in-laws. Since it was a short duration, we landed in the same hill station where we had been a few months earlier, during the summer. This was the nearest getaway and this is where we had first met Kishan.

All decent Hotels were running on full occupancy. My husband could manage a booking, in advance, only in a nameless Hotel. When we landed, our fears came to be true. We found the Hotel to be very average, with smelly rooms and lethargic service. It was a real turn off for the romantic break that we had come on.

We were debating whether we should cut short the tour and return home. Vijay was dialling many numbers to try his luck, when his phone buzzed.

After finishing the call, he came to me and said, "We are lucky. That last call was from Kishan. He called to enquire about some good schools, as he is looking for a change of school for his son for some reason. I told him that we are away on a holiday break and will get you to talk to his wife, once we are back. He said that he is incidentally coming to the hill station today for a business meeting. He has a booking with one of his regular Hotels. He has offered us to stay there, as he would be arriving, only late evening and he was confident of finding some other arrangement for himself."

We did not waste any time and left for the premium accommodation that Kishan had told us about. We reached there and found that there indeed was a booking in the name of Kishan.

We checked in and found to our surprise that it was a family suite, large enough for 4 to 5 people to stay. The lone bed room came handy for a couple, if privacy was required with an attached bath while the spacious hall had a common bath room. We refreshed and went out for lunch in a nearest restaurant outside the Hotel. Food was available in the Hotel, but we wanted to have a leisurely walk around the area. We came back and slept the whole of afternoon, in the hall itself which had a bigger TV.

In the evening, we went down to the lobby greet Kishan, who had just arrived. He was arguing with the reception staff. When we inched near, we understood the situation, as the hotel could not offer him another room, despite he being a regular customer.

My husband told him, "Kishan, the suite has enough option for all of us to stay and we should not waste our money. Nor do we have any option with most decent Hotels fully occupied."

Kishan reluctantly agreed, though he seemed little uncomfortable, perhaps at the thought of sharing an accommodation with his old lover.

Kishan finally took our offer. My heart flutters seemed to suddenly return.

Kishan said, "I am expecting a business associate in the lobby and will be back shortly."

Vijay said, "I would like to visit the bar for a few drinks. After you are done with your meeting, you can come back to the suite and make yourself comfortable. I am sorry that we have occupied the bed room. If you have no work, you can join me in the bar."

Vijay turned to me, "Vandana, please give Kishan company, if he is back before I return."

As it was a casual suggestion, I said "ok!"

Fifteen minutes later, Kishan returned and he was carrying some office documents and a bag with him. I nodded at him and went into the bed room. The wall separating the bed room, from the hall, was mostly glass. The glass was plain and had just a thin transparent curtain. I could see the bright lit hall from inside. I noticed that there was a second screen, rolled all the way up. I found a switch for the curtain and pressed it. The second screen rolled down. This was a thicker screen and provided a complete privacy. I could only vaguely hear Kishan talking to someone on his mobile, regarding his meeting next day. I switched on the TV inside the room.

Vijay called, "Vandana, I have met an old friend here in the bar. If you are hungry, I suggest that both of you order for some food and finish in the meanwhile, before I join you."

With a kind of sexual uneasiness between us, this was not a situation I wanted to be in. After a few minutes of predicament, I came out of the bed room and saw that Kishan had already refreshed and was working on his documents and still using his mobile to talk to people. Seeing me, he turned around and came near me. I told him what Vijay had told me.

Kishan said, "Let us wait for Vijay to come back so that we all have the dinner together."

That seemed ok to me and made me comfortable. We made ourselves comfortable on the sofas facing each other. We started discussing about our old friends in the college and what they were doing. The discussions could not avoid the time we had spent together as lovers. I could sense the sexual tension returning back in the air.

I was wearing a sari below my exposed navel, managing to just above the top of my pubic hair and low cut sleeveless blouse, kind of which Vijay always wanted me to wear during such trips. Kishan's eyes were roving all over me, whenever I moved my hands or got onto my feet, giving him an ample view of my bosoms and belly.

I was surprised to find myself becoming so wet under that I was scared of spots on my sari behind or the sofa.

When I could not conceal my feelings any longer, I excused myself and started to get up and turn back to the bed room. As I was entering the bed room, Kishan came from behind, caught hold of my wrist and turned me towards him. Before I could recoup, he forcefully planted a full kiss on my lips and pushed me gently inside the room leaving the door to shut behind us.

Instead of protesting, to my horror, I found myself hugging him with one hand on his head and the other on his shoulder while I kissed him back feverishly.

There was a message tone in my mobile. I withdrew and told him, "We should stop! Vijay would be here any moment. I am sorry!"

I read the message. It was from Vjay saying that he would take some more time and would be back in an hour, as his fried wanted to have dinner.

A sigh escaped my mouth.

Before I could react, Kishan pulled me again.

I shamelessly clung to him and we started to kiss again.

He suddenly withdrew and asked, "Do you want me to stop, if you think this is not right?"

But, to my surprise, I had not wanted it to stop.

Sensing my disappointment, he pulled me closer and put his lips back on mine.

His hands were now everywhere on my body and he was skilfully eliminating my cloths without wasting any time but at the same time being gentle all the while. I was surprised at his skill and speed. Within no time, I was completely naked, except for my mangalsutra and other jewels.

May be, the short time gap we had, was playing in his mind. Or was it in my mind as well?

The light in the room was romantic enough to elevate the sexual atmosphere further up.

He pushed me down on the bed and started to kiss on my neck. He slowly lowered to kiss my tits and nipples. His hands and lips alternated between my tits delivering kisses and gentle massages. I longed for more and brought my chest up for him.

He was an athlete in the college and he seemed to have taken good care of his physique to this day. Needless to say, he was physically more authoritative than Vijay.

My thrusting upwards of my tits was inviting enough for him to make his moves confidently. His manoeuvring of my breasts ranged from gentle caress to very hard squeezes.

The orthodox upbringing came to my mind for a fleeting moment. But, the lust had overtaken everything else. Also, the small talks Vijay had of late been engaging with me had given me more courage to forget about the danger of my husband walking in any moment.

Kishan was now licking below my navel and was inching towards my vagina. He started to lick my clit which seemed to disappear into his mouth. I had a violent orgasm with my clit completely inside his mouth. Vijay and I had not indulged in oral sex, excepting the initial few years. I let out loud moans while I pulled him further into me with my both hands. I reached an orgasm after many years.

After my series of orgasms died, he released my clit from his teeth. He sat next to me. To my surprise, what I did next was something which I had not done to my husband till then! I kneeled in front of him and pulled his trousers down, bringing his underwear down with it. His penis was fully erect and at least an inch more than my husband's!

I took the penis head in my mouth and started to lick around it with my tongue like those sluts in pornographic materials, which Vijay had brought me during the past few months to energise our sex life. Within no time, he shot a massive load of his semen in my mouth. My mouth started overflowing with his non-stop onslaught. I could sense his penis head now touching my throat. I continued to hungrily suck on his manhood and swallowed his cum.

He pushed me down, turned me over and started to kiss all over my body from behind. His manhood had come alive again. He suddenly turned me over again and began to enter my pussy. My highly charged juice-dripping pussy made it easy for his monster of a manhood to enter completely in. He shot another load, only this time it was deep into my womb. I was not on any contraceptive but it was a safe day.

We were lying next to each other, both looking at the ceiling above us. I told him that we needed to get moving quickly, as Vijay would be in.

What he said next made me faint.

"Your husband would be ok, as it was all part of our plan."

He got up, dressed himself, and planted a kiss on my lips, before walking out.

I was dazed and took me a while to recover. Varied emotions went through me. Emotion of satisfaction from the great sex I just experienced, emotion of guilt, emotion of having been cheated by my own husband.

I was torn between guilt, pleasure and satisfaction all at the same time.

Few more minutes passed by and I convinced myself that what Vijay had done for me was a selfless sacrifice, as after all that I had wanted it myself. More of erotic talks, of late, had centred on me having sex with my old lover. And, this is just what I had done now. So, how Vijay could be blamed for this? I had the choice to decline Kishan's approaches. In fact, at one point, Kishan had asked me before he went further. May be, Vijay would have told him not to do it, if I had not wanted it.

I decided to mock anger at Vijay, when he returned. I did not want to go to the restroom and clean up as I wanted him to know what had happened, so that I did not have to give an account of what had happened, which would have been uneasy for me.

I pulled just a sheet over me to cover my nakedness. It did not take much time, before Vijay came inside the room. I was lying on my right facing the other side. Vijay came and sat next to me on the bed from behind.

He was trying to pull the sheet from my shoulders, when I brushed him aside and pulled it back with a made up anger. I could see he was feeling apologetic. I suppressed my smile inside the sheet. He put his hand on my shoulders and thought I was troubled from what had happened.

He was trying to turn me over, when I told him, "Do not talk to me again. All is over between us."

We could hear the TV running in the hall. If not, Kishan would have been able to hear our conversation.

"Sorry. But, you could have resisted, if you had desired so."

I turned back and looked into his eyes. "Are you saying that I am at fault?"


"Why are you here now? To hear from me what had happened or how it had happened?"


"I am very tired. If you want to what we did, please find out for yourself." Then, I pushed open the sheet to show my nakedness to him sheepishly.

Now, the mixture of emotions, which I had gone through a few moments earlier, was on display on my husband's face... from shock to a suppressed mix of sigh and laugh.

He lowered himself and kissed me on my forehead. I pouted my lips and half opened my mouth as I wanted him to smell and sense the sex juices that I had a few minutes earlier received in my mouth from another man.

It took him only a few seconds to realize the blow job I had given Kishan. He was surprised because I had never done that to him.

He started to kiss my provocatively puckered lips. Our tongues played together and I must have transferred good amount of sperm of my lover from my mouth to my husband's mouth.

When he finally withdrew from the kiss, he asked me "How do you feel now?"

"Clean, and pristine!" We laughed looking into each other's eyes.

"Ok, what next?"

I asked him, "Do you want more of it?"

He had a puzzled look.

I spread my legs as if to clear his doubts.

I held his right hand and brought it to my used pussy. "I wanted you to fuck me." We had started to use the f word freely, during our recent erotic talks.

He undressed himself and was surprisingly almost close to the size of Kishan today. He entered me. His penis entered my used pussy so easily.

"Did he come in you?"

"Yes, of course. It is a safe day anyway."

He started to increase his pace. Within a matter of few minutes, my orthodox vagina had been pumped semen by two men one after the other on the same bed. Kissing me on the lips, our tongues teased and my husband was saying, "Your used pussy felt great!"

After what seemed like 45 minutes with Kishan and 30 minutes with my husband, I was strangely still carrying a lust unsuppressed. May be, it was because of the unique position of power I was in. I thought Vijay sensed it.

"I have finished my dinner at the bar itself. Suggest you go to the hall, order and have dinner with Kishan as he is also starving." Vijay continued, "Ok, I have an idea. I will go out and order food for both of you, while you refreshed."

When I came out after a bath, I saw the food was already on the table. There was a knock on the door and my husband walked in.

"Vandana, I will spend the night on the hall while you could sleep inside with Kishan."

I started to protest though I found my juices starting to flow again.

Vijay came next to me and kissed me on my mouth and said that he wanted me not to later regret a missed opportunity. I could not carry my pretence any further. He asked me to decide and tell him what I wanted. I was now shy to tell him what I wanted.

I pulled him close to me and kissed him on the lips and just said, "Thanks."

"What does it mean?" He was now testing me.

"OK, I want to sleep with Kishan tonight."

He told me good night with a wink in his eyes and went out.

The night was still young ...

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