Love Slave


Jennifer could not believe the monumental changes her mind and body had gone thru in the past two years. A natural blond high school cheerleader and homecoming queen, she had won a local Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit contest, and left her bitterly divorced parents behind in Peoria, Illinois, in hopes of pursuing a modeling career in Southern California. That is where she met Rick, a dot-com genius that had cashed his chips prior to the market crash. Rick, a much older man, had a chiseled body, and steel blue eyes that Sharon was hopelessly lost in. Her legs had gone weak the first time she met him, and somehow he knew she was powerless in his presence. That had been six weeks ago, and Nick had slowly taken complete control of her ever since.

She was living in one of his condominiums on the beach in Malibu, soaking up the sun, waiting for his call when the gift wrapped package arrived. She knew it was from her master, and opened it anxiously. There was a note inside, with smaller numbered packages. "Tonight is fantasy night. Take a long bubble bath, and open the packages in order when finished" it read.

Now here she was, at his "mountain chalet", more than an hours ride in the back of his limo from the beach in Malibu. Thank god, her next door neighbor hadn't seen her leave the way she was dressed in the outfit Nick had sent. His eyeballs would have fallen out of their sockets.

She shivered and held herself tightly outside the shut door of his cabin after ringing the bell, eagerly waiting to hear the sound of his strong, sexy voice commanding her to enter. The outfit didn't do much to warm her up in the cool air. Her small, petite body was clearly outlined under the fabric of the outfit her Master had sent her, and instructed her to wear. The black patent leather platform heels with open toes, and straps around her ankles were by far the sluttiest shoes she had ever worn, but they accented her calves, and make her long lithe legs go on forever. The black stretchy mini skirt rode even higher on her supple thighs, due to the perkiness of her athletic derriere. Her braless breasts were begging for release from the thin fabric of the tightly buttoned top. And finally, a black choke collar and black teardrop earrings to complete the set. She couldn't believe what total control her Master had over her, and wondered what he had planned for her that evening --- it made her wet to think about it. His creativity at awakening sexual desires in her she didn't realize she had intoxicated her. She didn't know if she was shivering from excitement, or the fact that the draft in the dark foyer she was in was just giving her already moist pussy lips a chill. Regardless, she was anxious to get started with whatever lay waiting on the other side of the door.

Finally, she heard his voice speak. And all He said was, "It is time, kitten --- Enter."

She unraveled herself from her quivering ball and put her hand on the doorknob. She entered --- and blinked. Her eyes had problems adjusting to the bright lights. She couldn't focus on anything. But another glance around the room was more than enough to make her nervous. Silk Scarves. Leather cuffs. Small shimmering silver chains with silver clips. And to top it all, a video camera was pointed right at her! She wondered if it was turned on, capturing the bewildered, worried look on her face. Next to the camera was the silhouette of her master sitting in a large, overstuffed chair.

She gulped, and said, "Master...what..."

"Silence!" he commanded. "You already know that speaking without being spoken to will result in punishment! But I may let you off easier on good behavior, if you do exactly as you are told. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes master," Jennifer replied obediently, standing a bit straighter

"Jennifer, I have some additional items on the credenza behind you. Fetch those four leather cuffs, and return here next to the coffee table!" As Jennifer turned and walked to get the cuffs, she could feel his eyes (or was it the camera) on her perfect ass and long tanned legs. She took small steps in the strappy heels she wasn't used to wearing. She returned, and stood directly in front of the camera and lights again.

"Put them!"

Jennifer was shaking so badly, she nearly fell in her platform heels, as she bent down, and began attaching the cuffs firmly to her ankles. Her short skirt was now hiked higher yet, exposing black satin thong panties. As she rose, she feebly straightened her skirt, in an awkward attempt at humility. She then attached the other two cuffs to her wrists, and stood, eyes lowered, awaiting her next command.

"I want you to strip for me, slave, slowly, and slutty." He said. "As much as I like seeing you in those tight clothes, seeing you naked is much, much better. And the camera –is- turned on, just in case you were wondering."

"I wasn't...I...yes, Sir..." she stuttered. She was normally shy in front of cameras, and this time was no different, as she blushed, her heart pounding. She bent her head down and looked up at Him demurely, searching His face for approval, amusement, anything. He showed nothing. Almost in a trance, button by button, she self-consciously took off her top, trying her best to look like a sex-kitten for her Master. When the last button was undone, she silently took a deep breath, shrugged off her nervousness, and freed her cute, pert breasts from the confines of her tight blouse. As her arms went rearward to let it slide off of them behind her, her breasts lept out, begging for attention, he aureoles like silver dollars, with erect nipples like small strawberries centered on each one. Then her hands went to her slender waist, and pulled the thin black spandex skirt slowly down her thighs, until it fell, in a pool, at her feet. She tried to be sexy, and hoped for acceptance, but still, His intent gaze told her nothing. "Now...turn around, slave....very slowly!"

While appearing cold on the outside, inside Rick was doing everything possible to keep himself from pouncing on the perfect girl and fucking her brains out. There was no hurry. He had all night to do with her as he pleased. So he sat back in his chair, and soaked her in. As she started her slow turn around, Rick admired her perfect form. Her long tapered legs in those slutty black platform heels. A pair of black strappy thong panties, with a solid patch barely covering her blond pubic hair. The black patent cuffs on her wrists and ankles to compliment the black choke collar. As she turned, her buttocks flexed with each step, framed by the little black triangle of the thong back on top, as well as a dimple above each cheek. As she came back about, her flat tummy and tiny waist accentuated her perfect breasts, not terribly large, but absolutely defying gravity with their firmness. She could feel her erect nipples poking out like two strawberries, gasping for air, begging for attention. Her blond hair looked almost angelic in the bright lights, framing her almond shaped blue eyes, pert little nose, and luscious red lips.

"What would you like to do now, Slave?" he asked, eyes riveted to her trembling body.

"I wish only to please you master. Can I make you cum?" she implored, feeling confident she had given the correct answer.

"There will be time for that, slave, but first you must receive your punishment for speaking without being spoken to," he replied.

This answer took Jennifer by surprise. She had forgotten he mentioned punishment earlier, but obviously, he had not...

"Kneel on top of the coffee table next to you!" he commanded. There was a round leather top coffee table next to her, almost four feet across, about knee high. Jennifer was surprised she hadn't noticed it before, but not wishing to risk additional punishment, she quickly climbed up, on all fours. The table surface was extremely comfortable. Obviously, there was some sort of dense foam padding underneath the leather. The young girl was surprised, and thankful of this. Apparently, she thought, she may be up there for awhile.

"Now stretch your arms, down between your thighs, and try to touch the inside of your ankles," he said. As Jennifer's hands stretched to the inside of her ankles, Nick slowly came up behind her, and attached two short chains with a mechanical 'click', securing each wrist to an ankle. This left Jennifer in an extremely vulnerable position. Her ass was pointed skyward, totally open, while her head and shoulders were pressed down against the soft leather table top.

Nick then unlatched something on the table below her, and the entire top was now able to rotate around with Jennifer on it, like a giant lazy susan. He turned it slowly, making sure the video camera captured the darling girls compromising position from every possible angle. He stopped, and re-locked it with Jennifer's ass pointing back toward the camera, yet it still captured her side and face, as she rested her head on her left cheek, nervously wondering her fate.

Nick walked to the credenza, and brought back a black thin haired whip. It looked like a horse tail attached to a hard plastic handle with a flange at the base. He cracked it hard on the table next to Jennifer, startling the trembling girl. Then he tore off the wisp of material that had been the black strappy thong, exposing her blond trimmed pubic mound, a very wet vagina, and the tightest asshole he had ever seen. "So, slave, are you prepared to receive your punishment?" he asked authoritatively.

"Oh, please Master... I will do anything for you... but, p-please don't whip my behind", she stuttered, tears welling in her eyes. Nick came around to her backside, gently rubbing the upturned globes of her ass cheeks. They were so perfect, and looked so inviting; Nick decided perhaps she was right. Why redden those lovely cheeks for the camera. He had a better idea.

"Very well my pet. If you do not wish the tassel side of the whip, perhaps the handle will be more to your liking." It was then that Jennifer took a closer look at the handle. It was about 5 inches long. The tip had a rounded point, which increased to about one inch in circumference, then got thin again, only to be following by another 'knuckle', slightly larger than the one before it. There were four knuckles in all, followed by the flange.

Nick pulled up a chair directly behind her, being careful not to block the camera. He sat down, bent forward, and ran his tongue up the backside of her left thigh, leaving a very wet shiny trail, stopping just short of her vagina. He then repeated this on the back of her right thigh, and inhaled the musk of her womanhood. He wanted to dive deep into the middle of her begging vagina with his tongue, but decided to make her wait longer for her release. He raised his head slightly, and began softly caressing her anus with the tip of his tongue. As he continued, he increased the pressure and speed, swirling his tongue around the entrance to her ass. The then stuck his tongue out as far as he could, and slowly began fucking the darling girl's asshole with it, trying to work as much spit into it as possible.

"Ohhhh Master...", the young girl sighed, her eyes tightly shut, her mouth pouting open. Jennifer couldn't believe the way her body was responding, her blond body (peach fuzz) hair raised as if she was being electrically charged, tingling from her scalp to her toes. Rick knew she was very close to orgasm, and noticed a bead of pussy juice had traveled down the inside of her thigh, and had almost made it to her knee. He sternly said, "Remember Pet, you are not allowed to cum without my permission!"

Rick retreated slightly, grabbed the whip by the base of the tassel, and pressed the tip of the black handle into the entrance of her vagina, being careful not to touch her clitoris. Despite being locked in her position, Jennifer tried her best to push back onto the tip. But Rick denied her that pleasure, instead moving the tip higher up, pressing it against the tight entrance to her ass. "Oh God", Jennifer thought. She had never had anal sex, and was terrified of the pain it would cause. She wanted to tell Rick to go slowly, but knew she would incur more punishment, if she spoke.

As if reading her mind, Rick whispered softly, "Relax your muscles, Pet, I will go slowly." The young girl was so overwhelmed with her master's compassion, she smiled ever so slightly, gave a big sigh, and accepted her fate. Sensing this, Rick slowly pressed in and out, allowing the conical tip to burrow about halfway to the first knuckle. Her tight elastic virgin anus began to relax, little by little, yielding to the increasing pressure being applied with each slow forward push. Just as the young girl began to worry the pressure was getting uncomfortable, her tight anal ring closed around the first knuckle, and it was in. Rick paused, twisting the handle slowly, allowing her ass to accustom itself to the intrusion. He then slowly pressed forward again with the whip handle. It began to part her restricting ring again, and with Jennifer concentrating on relaxing her muscles, her sphincter clasped down around the second knuckle. Now the handle was far enough in, Rick no longer had to hold the tassel. He leaned back in the chair, allowing her ass to absorb and relax, while the horse hair tassel tickled the back of her thighs.

Confident he had allowed her enough time to adjust, he sat forward and began slowly working the next knuckle against her nether hole, working back and forth, between the two knuckles. Obviously, Jennifer was concentrating on relaxing, now almost beginning to welcome the intrusion, as her asshole gulped down the third knuckle with a shudder. Rick notice two more rivulets of pussy juice running down the inside of her thigh. Needing no further invitation, he pushed forward with the last knuckle, waiting for resistance to wane, and slowly pushed it in. Jennifer's entire body was shaking now, eyes still shut, mouth open, a look of passionate rapture on her face.

"P-P-Please Master....I beg you...may I come now???"

Rick got on the floor directly behind the darling girl, flipped the tassel up over her buttocks so it spilled down her back. He put his hands underneath her shackled ankles, and bench pressed her posterior even higher. With his mouth a centimeter away from her dripping pussy, said "Yes, my Pet... You may come for me now." And with that, he lowered her knees back onto the table, and her pussy directly onto his mouth.

The minute his mouth touched her vagina, the young girl screamed and exploded into a million pieces! As he licked, sucked, and swallowed, his head twisting back and forth, his face buried deep in her crotch, her entire body shook. Jennifer had never experienced multiple orgasms, but she was coming again and again. And with a final, gut-wrenching scream, louder and longer than the rest, her senses on overload, the poor girl passed out.

Rick slowly pulled his face back, her juices dripping off of his chin, and admired his work. He knew he had complete control over her now, and Jennifer would do anything he asked. He released the clamps holding her wrists to her ankles, and slowly rolled her onto her side to recover. He then got up, walked back to his chair next to the camera, poured himself some 18 year scotch, lit a cigarette, and waited for Jennifer to regain consciousness.



As Jennifer slowly drifted awake, she wasn't sure if she had been unconscious for minutes, or hours. All she knew, is she had never experienced anything quite so exquisite in her life. Her body, even her life seemed totally fulfilled. As her eyes fluttered open, she saw her master sitting in his chair, looking back at her. She wanted so much to please him. To give him back what he had given to her.

"Come here, slave, crawl to me" her Master commanded. As she began to move off of the table, she realized the whip handle was still buried deep in her ass. It felt a little tight, but good. As if reading her mind again, Rick said, "Leave the whip where it is at, or I shall use the other end on you. I want your ass to become accustomed to it's size," he said. Wanting to please him, Jennifer put a sultry look on her face, and slowly crawled over to him on all fours, the tassels sticking out behind her like a horses tail. As he reached out and turned the camera to point more directly at his chair, he said, "Tie your hair up with this," giving her a small elastic. "I want you to be visible, and I might just need a ponytail to hold onto." Wondering what he was talking about, but knowing better than to ask, she did as she was told. She hadn't worn her hair in a pony tail for two years, since her high school cheerleading days. Once finished, she sat kneeling in front of him.

"You know Jennifer I now realize in all this excitement, I haven't paid any attention to those pouting nipples of yours. Climb up on the arms of this chair, and let me give them the attention they so deserve." The young girl slowly climbed up on the chair, putting a knee on each padded arm, resting her elbows on it's high back. She looked so hot, wearing nothing but the black strappy heels, her wrist and ankle cuffs, the black earrings, and the black choke collar. Her blond pony tail length matched the length of the tassels from her ass, now tickling his groin as she perched over him. Her breasts were directly in front of his face, her nipples fully extended, like strawberries, begging for attention.

Nick breathed in her intoxicating smell, and slowly licked around and around one nipple, then the other. His wet saliva glistening on them made them stand out even further. The only sound that could be heard was her heavy breathing. She gasped as he now put his full mouth over each one, taking turns. Her nipples felt like smoldering charcoals on her breasts. She hoped He didn't notice the glistening wetness that was again gathering between her legs because of it. She was embarrassed, being so exposed, but extremely turned on.

"OK, my Pet... it's time for you to please me. Remember to do exactly as I say. Now get back on your knees on the floor, in front of me."

Jennifer was so hot, and wanted to please him so badly. "What if I can't please him like he pleased me?" she thought to herself as she kneeled in front of him. "It would be so embarrassing if I couldn't...I don't want to disappoint him." He reached down with the two small chains, and this time shackled her wrists to the outside of her ankles. With a soft kiss on her mouth, he whispered, "You must only use your lips, tongue, mouth, and throat, Pet, and do everything I say, do you understand?"

"Yes Master, I will do everything you say," the young girl replied. "Good. That's a good girl. Now make sure you're clearly seen in the camera. You do know I'll be showing the video at the party tomorrow?"

Damn. In all her excitement, she totally forgot there was a camera there. And who did he plan to show it to? What party? She started to become self-conscious again. Her eyes shut tight, she quivered and her stomach began to clench as He stood up in front of her.

Her Master removed his robe, and His enormous cock sprang forward, almost poking her in the eye. He then turned around, and kneeled on the padded arms of the chair where Jennifer had been a moment before, stuck his ass back toward her face, and whispered, "Clean me."

The embarrassed girl hadn't been prepared for this, but she remembered how good it had felt when he did it to her. She looked up and gulped, trying to forget the camera. She thought to herself, it wasn't so bad, really...and besides, it was only fitting to return the pleasure he had given her, and she looked forward to seeing the end product on film later. But who else would he be showing it to? Hmmm...

"Start with my balls, work your way up, and remember, wetter, is better," he said, as he arched his back to expose his testicles further."

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