Love So Pure


Tom was trying to create his niche in construction business, but did not let that come in the way and devoted equally on their beautiful daughter.

The ravages of breast cancer took Sara, before she turned thirty, away leaving a void in Tom's life that no woman had filled and there were many to keep his insatiable libido occupied. Lucy was just over eight years old.

Tom had brought up Lucy as best he could. They both were closer now then they would have been if Lucy's mother were to be alive. Tom changed his business ambition and working pattern to concentrate on his growing beautiful daughter fast becoming the split image of her breathtakingly beautiful mother with added bonus of influence from her exceedingly handsome father.

He relied upon and was lucky to have trusted senior employees to allow him the luxury of personally looking after his daughter.

Tom realised afterwards that he would never have acted on his growing desire for his daughter if fate hadn't provided him with an opportunity to find out that the feeling was mutual.

Tom and Lucy were staying with Angelo's sister. They had gone up to bed very late after seeing the bride and groom off on their honeymoon and, like tonight, Tom decided to take a quick shower to help him sleep. He gave his daughter a goodnight kiss at the door to her bedroom and went along to the bathroom.

The soft material of the towel felt good on his body and Tom involuntarily felt his cock stiffen. When he stepped out of the shower and was amazed to find his daughter sitting on the toilet, wearing only a tiny pair of pink thong panties round her ankles. She wore nothing and her voluptuous breasts were exposed and hanging with their own weight to give breath-taking shape. He could hear her pee splashing into the water below and could not hope to hide how much the sight and sound aroused him.

Lucy kept on pissing as she stared at her father's naked strong body and her gaze was locked on his huge, thick, long fast becoming very hard cock. For a fleeting moment the time was frozen. Both would remember the uncontrollable surge of lust that arose and did not subside with the realisation that they were father and daughter looking at each other's very desirable bodies.

The sexual aroma that her father's tall strong heavily muscled naked body exuded spellbound Lucy. She felt breathless at the sight of her father's massive cock.

The sheer intimidating size of his enormous penis was way beyond any wild imagination she might have indulged in. Lucy could not believe any man would possess a sex organ this long, thick and massive that defied all normal anatomical logic. The fact this was her father whom she loved beyond words, exulted in the warmth of his arms, felt secure by his side, made this discovery even more heart stopping. Her father was the first thought in her mind when she was happy and when she was hurt, sad or plain worried.

Major events in life can start from small but decisive moments--this was one of them.

Father and daughter looked straight in one another's eyes for a small fraction of time and locked their gaze at one another's sexual areas communicating their desires, wishes and lust which would tear asunder the fabric of conventional restrictions-that prohibited loving fathers and daughters from consummating their love as man and woman.

The air thick with anticipation, sexual tension electrifying in that modest bathroom left no doubt that this father and daughter were not going to be hampered by the baggage of social modesty and will explore the prohibitive, illicit path of incestuous coupling.

Tom's eyes left no doubt in his daughter's mind as to what he was thinking when he stared at her large breasts as she pissed noisily.

Nor could Lucy hide the desire in her eyes as she stared at her father's heavy huge cock and licked her lips. "Daddy, I," she started to say but Tom cut her off.

"No words, darling," he said, walking towards her and kneeling at her feet.

He bent and put his face into the material of her panties, inhaling the rich, warm scent. Then he slid his hands round the inside of her calves and very slowly and gently began to slide his lips and tongue over the soft skin, up over her knees towards her thighs.

"Oh, Daddy..." he heard his daughter gasp and he knew she was responding lovingly to what he was doing.

When he was level with the black curly down covering her mount, he very deliberately looked up into her eyes. They met his and, almost imperceptibly, she nodded. He pushed her thighs as wide apart as the panties would allow and covered her sweet, still-dripping with her pee, sex with his mouth.

Time and again he licked between the honeyed lips of his daughter's cunt, sliding his tongue deep into the hole and then back over the taut bud of her clitoris. She put her hands on his head and drew him close into her dripping sex, moaning softly with pleasure to avoid waking anyone in the house.

Never for a second interrupting his extremely skilled sucking of his daughter's delicious sex, Tom reached down and pushed the thong panties down her ankles and then off her feet. The he took her legs in his hands and lifted them up over his shoulders, opening her totally to his greedily suckling mouth. As he licked her over and over for long minutes, savoring her cunt like a rich, ripe fruit, Lucy could only groan weakly, her pleasure mounting inexorably to her first-ever climax.

Tom realised that this was not going to finish this simply.

He kept the expert licking of his daughter's cunt, flicking her clitoris with his tongue until she came with a whimpering groan trying her best not to scream her desire and gratitude as her father made her feel like a grown woman than she had felt any time before.

Lucy felt her orgasm to continue simmering because her father kept the assault on her cunt making her go wild with desire again. Lucy was squirming on her father's face with her hands on his head pushing his mouth onto her cunt, heralding her another orgasm.

Tempted as he was to bring her off again this way, Tom knew that the time had come to make his daughter a woman and he gently lifted his face from between her legs and lowered them to the ground. Then he helped her to her feet, turned her round and whispered to her to stand with her legs apart, bracing herself against the cistern. Lucy smiled at him and did as she was told. She turned around supporting her hands firmly on the cistern her back bent forwards, she found herself looking straight down into the toilet where she had finished pissing and the aroma of her pee filled the bathroom invading the senses of both father and daughter and both found the smell exciting.

Tom looked down at his daughter's magnificent ass. Very curvy, firm and full, it was already ripe for fucking, the rosette of her asshole a delicate pink, quivering with Lucy's excited anticipation at what he was about to do to her. A lifelong devotee of anal sex, frequently ass fucking women on the first date, Tom wondered if he would be able to take both her virginities at once, but knew that it would be too much, too soon and put it, reluctantly, out of his mind.

Tom lifted his humungously thick twelve inch long monstrosity in his hand which barely went around two third's of the girth and felt a pang of tender love and concern that he would use this giant cock meat to invade his loving daughter virginal pussy.

"Luce, baby -" he said, softly with bottomless love using her pet name.

"Do it, daddy. I want you to," she whispered fiercely feeling warm and safe responding to her father's love filled concern of violating her.

Tom took his incredibly, extremely stiff, massive cock in his hand and placed it carefully against the slippery lips of Lucy's vagina. Then he started to straighten his legs, pushing the bulging massive head of his huge cock into her cunt spreading her cunt lips to an obscene limit making Lucy hold her breath with a sensation she had never felt before and had no one to prepare her how to handle it as she did not have her mother around to tell her about sex. Her implicit trusting love for her father made her naïveté about sex redundant.

Tom felt his daughter's back muscles go into strong contractions in response to her vaginal invasion by his huge cock head, he continued the pressure to push his whole cock head inside the vaginal ring of his daughter's cunt as she gasped and took long gulping breaths through open mouth.

Lucy felt faint at the intensity of sensations emanating from her cunt, which ranged from agonising sexual lust to distending pain. Her breathing was ragged and she had to keep herself from screaming come what may otherwise both father and daughter would be found out by the house full of relatives.

Lucy tried to bite on her lower lip to keep her scream buried inside her throat as she felt constant pressure of another massive, thick cunt ripping inch of her father's giant cock forcing its way inside her cunt.

Lucy felt the massive cock head resting at the tight entrance of her hymen sending painful signals through her whole body.

Her fear of her father's enormous cock was only allayed by her immense love for him, his for her and that she would not let go of this god sent chance, by serendipity, to become close to her father in every imaginable way.

Tom felt the rising animalistic surge of desire to plough his monstrosity inside the delectable cunt impaled on his huge meat-pole but the love for her daughter held the man-animal in check.

Lucy by now had realised the agony of accepting her father's huge cock awaiting her, which would also open the doors of a new era of their relationship they both would cherish all their lives.

Lucy gritted her teeth as she tried to speak, "Daddy please are too big."

Tom gently massaged his daughter's back to soothe her burning cunt, "Luce darling we do not have go through with this."

Lucy groaned quickly, "No daddy, I want us to do this. Please do not stop whatever happens. I will take all of your cock please do not stop. I really want you to do this.... please."

Tom felt ten feet tall as he heard his daughter's unbridled desire for him and his monstrous cock. He knew the set up of their first copulation would keep his daughter from screaming as she accepted his hugeness in her tiny cunt, which will become his to take henceforth.

Tom pulled his immensely large cock a fraction and levered as gently but firmly inside his daughter's cunt bursting through her hymen as he pushed about six inches of monster cock inside his daughter's virgin cunt.

As her father tore through the thin membrane to fill her cunt with the hot hard length of his immensely thick prick Lucy felt an unimaginably sharp and dull pain at the same time. It took all her mental and physical strength to prevent a bubbling scream at this monstrous invasion of her virgin cunt, which had not felt anything bigger or broader than her slender finger.

She bit on her lip as tears welled in her deep blue eyes. Her open mouth drooled saliva in a constant dribble on her chin and into toilet. Her breathing became more gasping and wheezy as if she was struggling to breathe in air like someone afflicted with asthma.

Lucy sensing her father may pull out his monster sensing her state pleaded in a gasping voice, "Daddy, your cock is so huge, please if you go slow I will be able to take it all."

Tom pulled his massive invader of his daughter's freshly deflowered vagina out by two or three inches which were covered with a film of red fluid and pushed it steadily back in feeling the shivering muscles of his daughter's back and hips, he could sense her daughter's thighs fluttering. He felt his daughter's vagina trying to squeeze out his cock in a feeble attempt, which in fact seemed to grasp his thick sheath.

Both father and daughter seemed to lock in a combat as father slowly and steadily aimed to impale his lovely daughter on his monstrosity and his beautiful daughter was trying to accept her father's inhumanly large and thick cock without screaming the house down.

Tom took a firm hold on his daughter's hips to steady her and gently but firmly screwed in his massive cock to open his daughter's virgin vagina wide apart with his monster. Lucy was groaning incessantly making small grunting sounds as if she was choking with each invading millimetre of her father's giant cock.

Tom made slow but steady progress of introducing his abnormally huge cock inside his daughter's trembling body stretching her virginal cunt passage to a painful bursting limit. His cock never felt bigger and more threatening than it did that fateful day of father and daughter's first copulation.

Lucy moaned her way through tears and hard bites on her lower lip to steel herself to accommodate her father's massive cock. She had no idea how any girl could take cock of her father's size and survive. She could not believe any woman could feel this wide open and filled with so much cock meat and any man could have more to shove in, as her father had.

Lucy left herself at the mercy of her father and simply responded with her suppressed moans as her father inexorably impaled her on his monstrosity with every passing minute of this wonderful illicit coupling between father and daughter.

Lucy what seemed like hours felt her father's pelvis meet her bottom in a soft thud as he managed to push all his twelve inches inside her vagina pushing into her vaginal vault and distorting her cervix sending never felt sensation inside her lower belly. She felt as if her father has stuffed her belly and her painfully distended cunt.

Tom allowed his daughter to accommodate his monster and stood still luxuriating in the wonderful warmth of his daughter's tight cunt completely sheathing his huge cock. He could feel his daughter's trembling belly muscles with the strain of accommodating his thickness.

Tom felt his daughter's sobs to slow down and he started slowly pulling his cock out of his daughter's defiled cunt. Lucy felt as if her cunt lining would get pulled inside out with her father's retreating cock so tightly was his cock wedged inside her cunt. She never could believe a new feeling of emptiness inside her cunt as her father vacated enormously stretched vaginal cavity as slowly as he had filled it.

Lucy drooled and moaned again at the loss of the massive cock leaving her vagina, which was only a little while ago trying to kill her with its enormous size. Lucy whimpered in a pathetically weak whisper, "Daadee yoooouuu are sooo beeeeg..." no sooner she had bemoaned the loss of the giant monster about to rip her cunt, her father started to push back the monster slowly to fill his daughter's vagina to bursting new limits now gleaming with a red wet film declaring his daughter's loss of virginity.

Lucy gasped and sobbed and her father slowly, gently but without stopping, firmly kept the agonizing pushing and pulling of his giant in and out of his daughter's deflowered cunt with a patience of a saint. Lucy would only realise much later what degree of self control her father had to exert on his desire to take her with gay abandon with his massive cock as any man would have.

Lucy would not have loved him any less if he had fucked her ripping her cunt in pieces.

She loved and cherished this night after the realization that her father took her virginity and introduced her to fucking in a gentle mind blowing manner that a teenage daughter would never forget.

Tom had tremendous control on his libido and wanted his daughter to get used to his cock and her loss of virginity. He wanted her daughter to want him to fuck her harder and he would have waited as long it took for that to happen.

Tom continued to slowly pull all of his massive cock out and push it back equally slowly until he hilted to his pubic hair. He ground his cock gently and started the slow dance of snail like fucking.

For the next twenty minutes the bathroom was filled with grunts from Lucy impaled on her father's cock and deep breathing from both as father and daughter grappled with different needs initially--both ultimately desiring the same culmination.

Lucy felt a tightness from nowhere in her breasts even though they were dangling free and swaying gently with her shivering body from the alternating sensation of being impaled on her father's giant which inexorably filled her vagina to inhuman limits and then left her vagina feeling inadequate and hauntingly empty.

Her first orgasm on a cock buried inside her cunt took Lucy's breath away it exploded from her breasts to her lower belly and felt as if her cunt was on fire. She wanted to scream but the poor girl had to make do with muffled grunts and snorts, "Daddeee, I am cumm....nnng fuuuCCKK." Her head dropped down and the dribble of her saliva became a steady leak.

Her body felt weak and it took her father's strong vice like grip on her hips to keep her upright as he buried his giant cock to the hilt and allowed his daughter to ride out her first cock induced orgasm. Her cunt juices gushed out and would have dribbled on the floor but for her father's huge cock plug.

Both father and daughter were suspended in time as Lucy gurgled and moaned and Tom felt and suppressed an ever-increasing desire to fuck his daughter to more of these mind-bending body-wrenching orgasms.

It took almost five minutes for Lucy to come around as she made contact with the world where her hands were tightly gripping the cistern her back was arched over the toilet with her piss adding to the aroma of her sex emanating from her cunt stretched almost painfully by her father's monster cock buried to the hilt.

Lucy whispered in thick lust filled voice, "Daddy please fuck me more," and tried to move her ass over her father's massive cock and found she could barely move anywhere with that superman meat pole keeping her glued to her father's pelvis.

Tom pulled out his cock and found the flowing cunt juices made his daughter's pussy slicker and his cock slid out with relative ease and he pushed his horse cock with more purpose, with careful speed back and forth. He started to fuck his daughter, as she deserved to be fucked by a man who loved her more than anything and anyone on the face of this earth.

Tom fucked his daughter to ensure she would remember this fucking forever as his wife, Lucy's mother had.

Lucy quivered and shook in passion, enjoying every second of her first fuck, every movement of her father's shuttling monstrous cock as he buried it repeatedly balls-deep inside her tightly clasping cunt, now exciting slippery with sex-juice from her spasming pussy walls.

Lucy started to moan incessantly as she felt a steady rhythm of her cunt being impaled by her father's monster penis. All of a sudden she wanted to move her pelvis back on to meet her father's invading giant cock and found she could. Her cunt though still feeling stretched to enormous limits sent different kind of message that sent her mind reeling.

Lucy wanted and wished her cunt to be ripped by her father's massive cock. The awareness of the enormous size of his cock did not worry her about the well being of her cunt but sent a raging desire to be impaled by her father's giant so that her cunt could feel stuffed time and time again. Lucy felt her cunt was tormenting her and she wanted her father to punish her tormentor with his monstrous tool.

Tom lovingly used his massive girth of twelve inch cock to fuck his daughter in a slow loving but steady pace making her feel like a woman being fucked by a man but at the same time caring for her well being as her father, despite her rising lusty desires to be fucked harder.

Tom felt exactly as he did when he taught his daughter to ride a pedal bike and Lucy wanted to start pedalling away before she got the full control of the bike. Tom allowed her to feel she was in control but ran all along to support her if she were to lose her balance.

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