tagIncest/TabooLove Storm

Love Storm


A sharp clap of thunder woke Emily from a sound sleep. She kept her eyes closed, but her heart was pounding from the sudden loud noise. The rain was pelting the window like small stones and the wind was howling. After several minutes, she tried to get back to sleep. She was disturbed a second time by a gentle tapping on her bedroom door. Emily reluctantly left the warmth of her bed and open the door. Her sister Kate was holding a worn stuffed teddy bear and her pillow. With a smile, Emily silently invited Kate in. The storm, it seemed had frightened both girls. Back to back, they snuggled into the warm covers, and tried to sleep.

Emily and Kate Henson had shared a bed many times when they were younger. But since high school when they each got their own bedroom, the times were fewer and fewer. Now, with high school behind them, the sisters, both eighteen, had their own interests. Emily, the oldest by almost two minutes found it hard to get back to sleep, but eventually both girls nodded off.

Sometime during the night, Emily rolled over and put her arm around Kate's waist, holding her close while it continued to rain. Without waking, Kate put her hand on top of her sister's. Another loud clap of thunder, and Kate turned to face her sister. They hugged each other for comfort. As the storm outside ragged, a flash of lightening momentarily lit up the bedroom and another clap of thunder echoed in the night. Both girls open their eyes staring at one another. Their bodies pressed tightly together. They hadn't been this close in years.

With their eyes wide open, Emily moved forward until she just brushed her lips against her sister's. Or maybe it was Kate that extended her head. It really didn't matter. The storm outside that had awakened the girls was nothing compared to the storm that started between them that night. A storm of lust and passion. A storm of secrets and tender moments. A storm of love.

"Its quiet now Katie. You can go back to your room." Emily said in a whisper, sometime later.

"I like it right here." Kate said, whispering like her sister.

"Why did you kiss me?" Emily asked, still whispering softly.

"I thought you kissed me." Katie said.

Almost as one, the girls kissed again. It started as a quick, friendly kiss. And ended much more passionately. Both girls giggled as only sisters with a secret can, pulled the bed covers over their heads, and kissed again.

For the next three days, to the casual observer, nothing seemed out of the ordinary between Emily and Kate. Even their parents didn't notice the subtle changes, or at least didn't say anything. The innocent touching of fingers while they washed dinner dishes. The looks and smiles. Sitting a bit closer together while watching television. The whisper when they thought no one was looking. But there was a difference. It grew and blossomed in both girls. Perhaps it had been there all along, lurking just under the consciousness level. Maybe it was fate.

"I'm going up mom. I've got a little headache." Emily said, as she got off the couch.

"Ok honey. Get a good night's sleep. You're on your own for breakfast. Dad and I are going out early." Mom said.

"I might as well go too." Kate said, "I can use an early night."

Both girls waited patiently. Listening. It took the better part of an hour for Kate and Emily's parents to turn off the television and head to their own bedroom. When Kate heard their door close downstairs, she stood up and slipped on her robe. She opened her door as quietly as she could, and tiptoed across the hall to Emily's room. She didn't have to knock. Her sister was waiting.

"Do you think we waited long enough?" Jill Henson asked, whispering to her husband.

"You tease the girls just like you used to tease your sister when you were their age." Her husband David answered.

"Kim and I haven't fooled around like that in years." Jill said.

"Well if you two ever want to relive your youth. I'm willing to help." David said smiling.

"You're a pervert." Jill said, keeping her voice low and smiling.

Emily closed her bedroom door quietly and locked it. She was naked. The girls faced each other. Emily reached for the sash of Kate's robe and untied it. She pulled it open enough for her to slip her hands inside, wrapping then around her sister's waist. She pressed closer, pulling Kate towards her until their bodies were touching. Both girls felt a tingling, almost electric sensation. Their tight young bodies trembling at their closeness. Kate stared into her sister's eyes, remembering the storm. She parted her lips slightly and leaned her head closer. She didn't close her eyes until her lips touched Emily's. With a sigh, the girls stood there, kissing tenderly in the dim light.

Emily was first to break the kiss. Almost reluctantly, she stepped back.

"We have all night." Emily said softly as she took her sister's hand and led her to the bed.

Downstairs, in their parent's bedroom, the girl's father was busy sucking on his wife's pussy. Jill's legs were spread and there was a pillow under her ass. She moaned softly as David teased her sensitive clitty with his tongue. He licked and sucked, teasingly. When Jill whispered that she was getting close, he pushed his fingers into her hot, wet vagina. Jill moaned, louder this time, and started moving her hips under David's face. All at once she gasped as her orgasm exploded, sending a spray of her juices into David's mouth. David raised himself up and moved on top of his wife. His cock slipping easily into her hole. David started pumping in and out, masturbating himself with Jill's pussy. It didn't take long until he flooded Jill's hole with his own spray of cum.

"Your pussy is still as tight as it was before we got married." David said in his wife's ear.

"And you're still thinking about me and Kimmy aren't you?" Jill said smiling.

"The two of you, just like our girls upstairs. I guess it just runs in the family." David said as he crawled up next to his wife.

Kate stretched out on Emily's bed. Her long, dark brown hair covering the pillow. Emily looked at her sister's body. Almost a duplicate of her own. Small, firm breasts with dark nipples and a flat toned tummy. A slightly rounded pussy mound covered in a thick patch of dark curls. Emily reached over and started running her fingers through her sister's pubic hair. Kate inhaled sharply and closed her eyes, enjoying her sister's touch. When Emily's searching fingers brushed Kate's clit, her entire body twitched. For a brief second, Kate opened her eyes wide as a surge of pent up pleasure shot straight through her. She closed her eyes again as her sister delicately massaged what she called her 'love bud'. Kate felt Emily move on the bed, but those tantalizing fingers kept caressing her clit.

When Emily's mouth closed over Kate's nipple, she twitched again and a long deep sigh escaped her lips. Kate smiled and cradled Emily's head in her hands, savoring the sucking and licking sensations. After several minutes, Kate gently lifted her sister's head to enjoy another kiss. Emily's tongue, now without a nipple to play with, concentrated on her sister's tongue, but her fingers continued pinching and caressing Kate's clitty.

"Harder." Kate whispered as she pulled her mouth away. "Please."

"Can I?" Emily said and glanced down towards where her fingers were still busy.

"Oh yes." Kate panted, now unable to stop her hips from moving in rhythm to her sister's fingers.

Emily inched down and got between her sister's legs. As she lowered her head, she smelled the earthy, musky aroma of Kate's pussy. Even in the dim light, she could see tiny, shimmering drops of moisture on the tight curly hairs. She could see the pink, swollen lips, and the protruding tip of Kate's clitty. The sight and scent was over powering and alluring. Using her fingers, she separated the lips and bent her head. For the first time in her life, she closed her mouth on another woman's most sensitive spot. She sucked Kate's clit into her mouth and caressed it with her tongue.

Kate moaned loudly, putting her hand over her mouth to muffle the noise. She spread her legs, giving Emily more room. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift, savoring the pleasure her sister was providing. The tingling, itchy sensation deep in her belly grew rapidly. Waves of hot, intense pleasure rose to engulf her. Kate's entire body trembled as her orgasm peaked and slowly faded. She lay quietly for several minutes. Her breathing slowly returning to normal.

Kate looked down at Emily who was kneeling between her legs. She urged her sister on top of her. She smiled.

"That was incredible. I love you so much." Kate whispered.

Emily got up and opened the small refrigerator under her desk and returned with two bottles of water. As she handed one to her sister, a loud clap of thunder startled them both.

"Not again." The girls said almost simultaneously.

"Well, it worked out the last time." Emily said, smiling.

"Yes it did you naughty girl." Kate replied grinning broadly.

As the rain started beating on the bedroom window, the girls snuggled together in the middle of Emily's bed. They kissed for several minutes until Kate pushed her sister down and settled on top of her. Emily raised her knees and spread her legs, letting Kate get closer. Still exchanging soft. Quick kisses, Kate started moving her hips, grinding her pussy into Emily's. Up and down she moved, rubbing against her sister.

"I think you're the naughty one." Emily whispered, as she reached down to hold the cheeks of Kate's ass, encouraging her.

Suddenly Kate stopped. She looked into Emily's eyes and leaned back on her knees. She started to push her sister's legs up and back. Emily helped by grasping her own ankles and lifting her hips slightly. Kate looked down at the thick, dark curly hair covering her sister's pussy. Kate lowered her head and savored the tantalizing site and the heady odor. She dropped her head lower and tasted her sister's delicious pussy.

Emily put her head back and sighed, feeling Kate's tongue beginning to explore. In only a few moments, she was moaning softly as Kate probed with her tongue.

Kate extended her tongue and licked from Emily's ass to her clit and back again. She pressed her tongue between the puffy pussy lips and sucked first one and then the other. She found Emily's clitty and teased it out of its sheath. As it stiffened, she sucked the sensitive bud into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue and nipped it with her teeth. Emily gasped, not in pain, but in response to the electric like shock that coursed through her body. As Kate continued sucking and licking, she started exploring by pressing a finger into Emily's soaking wet pussy.

Emily couldn't stay still. She shifted her ass to the side again and again. Each time her sister's finger plunged in, she twisted her butt. She knew she couldn't hold off her approaching orgasm, and she didn't try. Her eyes wide open now, panting, she reached up and touched her own small breasts and pinched her nipples. A tear formed in the corner of her eye as her orgasm washed her body in exquisite pleasure.

Kate stopped and sat back, watching Emily twist and turn on the bed. After a few moments, Emily lay quietly once more. She opened her eyes and looked up at her sister. She gestured Kate close, and as the storm continued outside, the two sisters settled together, hugging and kissing gently.

It continued to rain, but the worst of the storm moved on. The pitter-patter of raindrops on the window lulled the girls to sleep. They didn't hear their parents when they left the following morning. Kate was the first to wake up. She put her arms above her head and stretched, arching her back. She sat up, dangling her feet over the edge of the bed. She stretched again and ran her fingers through her dark, silky hair.

"You look pretty damn sexy doing that." Emily said, turning her head on the pillow.

"And you look good enough to eat." Kate replied, looking back at her sister.

"Maybe I'll let you." Emily said. "But not before I get into the shower.

Both girls grinned mischievously. Emily got up and both girls headed for the bathroom they shared at the end of the hallway. For the next half-hour the sisters soaped and rinsed each other, giggling happily under the warm water. Dry and dressed, Kate and Emily went down stairs. They tried to decide on what to do with the morning that didn't involve going back to bed. They failed. The excitement of their new relationship was too new. Cereal dished washed, they started back towards the stairs, when Emily stopped. Instead she turned towards their parent's bedroom.

"What are you doing?" Kate asked.

"Last year I saw mom put something in her dresser. I didn't remember until a second ago." Emily said as she opened the bedroom door.

Kate stood in the doorway; unsure what to do while Emily opened first one dresser drawer, then another. She didn't move anything, but she stopped and called her sister. Together, both sisters looked into the drawer.

"Don't touch it or mom will know." Kate said.

"Do you think mom and dad, ah, er, use it?" Emily asked.

"Well, mom anyway." Kate said.

"Would you?" Emily asked her sister.

Kate didn't answer. She pushed the drawer closed, took Emily by the hand, and led her out of the room. Back upstairs, the girls changed the sheets on Emily's bed and sat down.

"You didn't answer me." Emily said.

Kate looked at her sister for almost a minute before she spoke.

"You're damn right I would." Kate said. "Where can we get one?"

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