tagGay MaleLove the Way You Look

Love the Way You Look


Wilfred took a peek inside his daughter's bedroom. Thankfully, Gladys and her boyfriend didn't do anything naughty. In fact, they had already finished their homework assignments for math class. But that was not what intrigued Wilfred at the moment. Gladys currently spent her time giving her boyfriend Oliver a fresh perspective. She had finished examining his new appearance.

She smiled. "That looks so good on you."

Oliver, an eighteen-year-old senior in high school, did indeed change. Gladys had mentioned to her father that she wanted to mold her boyfriend into someone that she would be more comfortable with. As a result, she gave Oliver a feminine makeover. He had cut his brown hair to a style commonly associated with today's pop stars. He wore a bright red t-shirt and a pair of tight black jeans. He used to look like a standard nerd at school. But Gladys had slowly transformed him into a feminine young man. She had become successful in her personal endeavors. Oliver had grown a more womanlike stance in terms of his body and mind.

However, he didn't seem too sure of this. "I don't know, Gladys. I'm just not feeling it. Am I really looking good like this?"

Gladys laughed. "You're fine. You're just the way I want you to be. You should feel the same."

Oliver scratched the side of his neck. "I'm not there yet, to be honest."

"Oh, don't feel so bad. Everyone in math class will admire you more because of me."

Oliver sounded as if he tried to fake a laugh, but failed to do so. "I hope you're right."

Wilfred stayed silent as he observed the progress initiated by his eighteen-year-old daughter. Her smartphone started to vibrate and she picked it up to see who called. After a brief conversation, she hung up and told Oliver that she would be paying one of her friends a visit.

"Her house is just a few blocks away. I'll be gone in about an hour or so. Just stay here and start your science homework without me."

Oliver nodded. "Alright, I'll stay. I'll be good. I promise."

Gladys kissed him on the cheek and grabbed her notebook from her desk. Wilfred had already left for the living room in silence as she exited her bedroom. She told her father the same words that he had just listened to.

He replied, "Stay safe out there."

As soon as she left the house, Wilfred crept back into the hallway and, once again, took a peek inside his daughter's bedroom. Oliver was now standing in front of the mirror hanging on the wall. He slid his fingers across his short hair. He still didn't appear to grasp any sort of confidence regarding the outcome of Glady's intrusion.

Wilfred would be the exact opposite. In fact, he couldn't stop staring at the newly feminine twelfth-grader standing in Glady's bedroom. At first, he did have doubts whether or not his own daughter would pull it off. And by the end, his skepticism had faded away. He admired her dedication. Her most passionate objective had eventually become something that Wilfred would never want to overlook.

Oliver, while still unaware that someone was watching, gazed out the window. The beach had grown tranquil during the sunset. Wilfred's two-story house stood on the coast, with the sand standing between the water and the neighborhood. The city of Oxnard had died down from the standard suburban hustle and bustle. Civilians finally had the chance for some sweet repose after a hard day's work. The rainy season had finally ended in Southern California, and now in the middle of March, everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a calm and cool weekday. The first day of Spring would be approaching soon.

Oliver had folded his arms across his chest as he examined the few remaining beachgoers that roamed the coast. The last rays of the setting sun blended well with the partially cloudy sky. It was a sight that Wilfred himself had grown fond of ever since he moved his family here. And now, he found yet another image that lured him directly into a sense of bliss. He eyed Oliver from top to bottom. The young man was skinny and short, just barely an inch taller than Gladys. His new appearance made him more adorable than ever. And Wilfred gained a better appreciation for Oliver's presence in the house.

He could stare at Oliver all day and night. His newly feminine style was quite alluring to the middle-aged eyes. At forty-two years of age, Wilfred had never met someone who was so handsome. He couldn't stop smiling. He could feel an erection forming behind his pants. He had forgotten his wife as he remained fixated with Glady's project.

"You're looking good."

Oliver turned around and gave Wilfred a little smile. "You really think so?"

Wilfred stepped forward. "Glady is right. This really suits you. You shouldn't be ashamed for what she's done to you. The old you is gone, and now we have one that really makes me proud."

Even Oliver's light chuckle sounded more girly than usual. "I'm glad you like it. I was nervous about this the whole time."

Wilfred stepped even closer. "It's a damn good job."

He now stood in front of Oliver, who appeared slightly surprised by how close the older man was. Wilfred leaned in and smelled Oliver's neck and shoulder. The scented aroma made his exhale heavily through his nostrils. He even enjoyed the smell.

Oliver cleared his throat. "Is there a problem?"

Wilfred whispered, "No, not at all. You are incredible, you know. She made you extraordinary."


Wilfred brought Oliver's arm up with his hands. The warmth and hairless skin made Wilfred want to take a step further than usual. He did the unthinkable by kissing Oliver's hand.

Oliver didn't move. His eyes had widened. He didn't know what else to do when his girlfriend's father had initiated a romantic gesture.

Wilfred kissed Oliver's arm twice. "How does that make you feel?"

Oliver took a deep breath. "Very confused."

"Don't be."

Wilfred took it further by kissing Oliver's forehead. Oliver's entire body shivered at the sensuous motion. Wilfred never stopped. He kept moving forward with his advances while already expecting the shocked reaction that followed it. He had forgotten about his wife and his daughter. They became fleeting memories when Oliver stood right in front of him. Wilfred brought the younger man's chin up with one finger. The kiss on the lips was official. Oliver didn't move. He just had Wilfred take control.

The kiss was warm and moist. There would be no errors that brought it down to a worsening condition. When Wilfred stopped, he immediately noticed Oliver's shocked expression. Gladys's boyfriend would have never predicted anything like this.

Wilfred whispered, "Take off your shirt."

Oliver asked, "Are you sure about this?"

Wilfred chuckled. "Don't question it. Just do what I want you to do."

Oliver, despite the uncertainty, stepped back and took off his bright red shirt before dropping it on the hardwood floor. Wilfred slowly licked his upper lip. Seeing Oliver shirtless made him more determined to start a brand new direction for their relationship.

He lightly growled. "Now, that is good."

Oliver couldn't stop trembling. "Now what?"

"Your shoes, your jeans, and your underwear. Take them off."

Oliver did exactly that. He got took off his shoes and got rid of the rest of his clothing. He now stood naked in front of Wilfred, who greatly appreciated the development that arose from Oliver's makeover. He was indeed a slim young man. Comparing him to the football players at school would be pointless.

Wilfred couldn't help but smile. "You are beautiful."

Oliver seemed to fake his own smile. "...Thanks."

And then, he realized his situation. Oliver quickly turned around in shame.

"Fuck, man! Why am I doing this?"

His embarrassment showed in his tone of voice.

Wilfred stepped forward and seized him by the shoulders. He whispered in Oliver's ear, "Don't be afraid. I really mean what I said. You're beautiful. Gladys did a wonderful job on you. I would never want you to back out of this. This really suits you."

"It does?"

"Oh, yeah. It does."

Wilfred kissed him on the neck. It was a light touch, but Oliver suddenly moaned from such a delicate act.

The older man looked down at Oliver's visible buttocks. He imagined himself engaging in a very meticulous insertion. But first, he reached down from behind and grabbed Oliver's erection with his right hand. He began to stroke it with his fingers.

Oliver shivered. The gentle caress gave him a reason to say, "Oh...you're really doing this?"

Wilfred replied, "Yes, I am."

He held Oliver with his left arm as he continued to move his fingers up and down the shaft. Oliver held on to his arm as he took deeper breaths. His hips moved to the rhythm of the fingers. His moaning grew a little louder. Wilfred could feel his own bulge growing underneath his pants. He brought Oliver closer to him and showed him that he had an erection as well. He thrust his hidden dick against Oliver's two cheeks.

"That feels good, doesn't it?"

Oliver gasped. "Yes...yes, it does."

Wilfred kept thrusting his hips against Oliver's buttocks while keeping his fingers at a moderate pace around the dick that he aimed for. A rush of energy had swept through Wilfred's frame of mind and provided an opportunity that he would never dare to evade. Oliver's obedience brought a new dimension to play with.

Wilfred's fingers accelerated. "You're such a gentle little man. I would never want to let you go."

He gave another kiss when Oliver turned his head to the side. It felt more magical than the first. Their embrace was a perfect addition to this new exploration. Wilfred's fingers were now swift as they gave Oliver a chance to release his load. The younger man breathed deeply as if the thought of ecstasy raced through him and ended up as a permanent style from within.

He moaned with the appropriate feminine tone. "Oh, it's coming!"

Wilfred's actions were justified. Oliver squirted his semen out of his cock and down on the hardwood floor. A small puddle had formed as Wilfred stopped stroking the cock. Oliver relaxed his muscles after finishing his ejaculation. Wilfred stepped back and observed his progress. So far, he admired the view from his daughter's bedroom. There would be no one else to replace Oliver. The result of his release was a pleasing sight.

Wilfred sighed. "You're the best."

Oliver, still shocked by this current development, kept his eyes wide open. His body still trembled, which made him appear more innocent because of his inexperience.

"What now?"

Wilfred was glad that he asked that. "You won't be the only one who brings his seed out in the open."

He took off his pants and boxer shorts. He flung them away and showed off his own erection. His long hard cock had been completely stiff for quite some time. Oliver stared at it in silence.

Wilfred gave simple instructions. "Get down on your knees."

Oliver didn't have any objections. He did indeed get down on his knees.

Wilfred stepped forward. "Now do the same for me. Stroke my cock hard."

Oliver's dick still had drops of semen still seeping out of its small opening. It didn't grow limp just yet. It stayed firm as Oliver reached out and grabbed Wilfred's dick with his hands. He caressed it with his own fingers, and now it was Wilfred's turn to feel the sensation. He took off his shirt, resulting in him completely naked just like Oliver. The younger man continued to move his fingers back and forth, the cock in the center feeling stronger than ever. Nothing would stop his performance. This was the sort of handjob that deserved five-star reviews. Oliver, despite his lack of experience, managed to perform so gracefully with a more subservient status.

He pointed the cock right at his chest. "Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this."

He leaned over and kissed the tip of the cock with his gentle lips. He even licked it without hesitation. Wilfred enjoyed the spectacle that he had started. Oliver's submissiveness was a welcome change to his usual self. His feminine characteristics suited him well. Wilfred would never dare to take him back to the normal and boring identity that he had been stuck with.

Oliver didn't quit. He stroked Wilfred's cock while still licking the tip. This seductive movement could have easily belonged to Wilfred's wife, but seeing as how she was out of the house, Oliver became a suitable substitute. In fact, Wilfred couldn't deny that Oliver seemed to do it a lot better than she ever would.

The older man whispered, "Don't give up on that dick. I want to see it splash on your chest."

Oliver's fingers picked up speed. A stirring sensation had come out of hiding from within Wilfred's body. He could feel the gears getting ready for the finale. Oliver kept the cock pointed at his chest. His willingness to be doused by Wilfred's ingredients prevented any negative attitudes that the latter could have picked up. The young man, still entranced by the massive cock in front of him, managed to keep things going. He made certain that the cock would be able to perfect its expulsion when the stimulus exceeded all expectations.

"Oh, I want it. I want it all on me."

Wilfred breathed through his clenched teeth. The adrenaline inside him experienced an overflow. He could feel the sensation from within growing more apparent.

"That's right. I want it all on you."

The climax became reality. His cock squirted warm and creamy cum, all of which landed on Oliver's chest and neck. Oliver stayed put. He gasped when the semen collided with his skin. It now started sliding down his chest and neck. Wilfred finished his ejaculation and finally relaxed. He looked down and discovered his latest creation. Oliver's overall performance paid off. The cum matched well with his bright and hairless skin. The eighteen-year-old servant appeared so innocent when he was on his knees. His womanly behavior would win anybody over if they ever wanted him to do their bidding.

Wilfred smiled. "Now that is amazing."

Oliver didn't touch the semen that stuck to his body. "I'm that good?"

"Oh, yes. You're fucking incredible."

"Well...that's good to know."

Wilfred wasn't finished. He still wanted to use the young man. He still had plenty of testosterone to utilize in the best way possible. He brought Oliver up from his knees and turned him around. He held him tightly as he inserted his erect cock deep inside him. Oliver moaned like a hybrid of a lady and a gentleman. With such a massive dick inside him, he had no other option but to receive it. And so far, he only held a positive reception. He didn't escape from Wilfred's embrace. Instead, he went along with it. He became the receiver once again. Wilfred thrust his cock in and out of him. He kept his hips in a steady rhythm. Both men engaged in a frontal dance made possible by their hips.

Oliver had so much to handle. He released his seed on the floor, collected Wilfred's own on his body, and now he had to feel the mixture of pleasure & pain when the cock inside him struck the right spots from within. Wilfred adored the compliance that Oliver had achieved today. There would be no other person that would do things right if it weren't for Gladys's willingness to change her boyfriend. Good luck had emerged from her personal program.

Wilfred and Oliver kissed each other. Their zealous embrace led them to delve further into their new relationship. Neither of them want to bring it all to a halt. Wilfred continued to thrust his cock deep into the hole.

Oliver, on the other hand, relished his brand new role in the house. "Yes, fuck me! Don't stop fucking me."

Wilfred remained steadfast in his forward propulsion. His acceleration proved to be successful as Oliver's moans grew louder and his movements grew more womanlike. The older man's cock grew fierce. The ravenous appetite from within could have burst at any second. His powerful thrusts made Oliver weak in the knees. The younger man had to take quicker breaths because of the unbreakable momentum that he and his companion had shared.

Wilfred pinned him against the wall, which made it easier for him to pound the twelfth grader with brute strength. He mustered up all of his stamina to produce the perfect infiltration. He wanted to fill Oliver up with his cum. He yearned for a major improvement in their relationship. He wanted Oliver to stay like this forever.

The feminine man turned his head to the side and showed his wide-open eyes to Wilfred. "Oh, it feel so good! Your dick feels so good!"

That was what Wilfred wanted to see. He felt his eruption being brought to life. He thrust his cock deep inside Oliver as his ejection became official. Oliver's hole was now flooded with human cream. A powerful climax ended with pure relaxation. Both men returned to a state of tranquility.

With his dick still inside Oliver, Wilfred whispered, "I like you better this way."

He kissed Oliver's neck once more. Oliver moaned, "I do, too."

They held each other as they shared another kiss. The room had grown silent. The cum on the hardwood floor, as well as the ones in and out of Oliver's body, would dry up soon. Wilfred expected a warm shower for the two of them. The entire encounter had become his favorite connection. He felt convinced that daughter had made the right choices, especially the one that made Oliver who he was today. He would never want Oliver to leave him. The two of them would most likely enjoy each other's company a whole lot more, and that was a big plus for him.

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More please

Please, please let there be more to this story. It's so beautiful and I'd adore knowing more of Oliver's new life as a femboy with Wilfred and Gladys, please.... Please?!

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I hope this continues into something more. Like dressing him more feminine!!!!!!!!!!!

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