tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove Thy Enemy Ch. 02

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 02


The dogfight had been brutal. The flight of four Falcon class heavy fighters over NZ8-257 were spotted by long range probes and investigated by a pair of Valkyrie class interceptors piloted by Lieutenant Jason "Friday" MacKenzie and Lieutenant(J.G.) Ryan "Rash" Rasher, who took them down in a heated battle.

During the skirmish, the Romulan flight leader sent a distress call to the cloaked Romulan Carrier hiding in the Neutral Zone, and was answered by Commander Delaara and her wingman in two Kestrel class light fighters. They arrived just as Jason blasted the last falcon out of the sky, and engaged the Valkyries in a pitched fight. Rash's ship was severely damaged during the fight, and Jason sent him home while he dealt with the last Romulan. Their game of Chicken ended with both pilots being shot down in the upper atmosphere of the planet, crashlanding on a deserted island....


Rash stomped down the hall to the Captain's Quarters in a rage. His blond hair still a mess from the flight helmet he carried under his arm. Without even bothering to knock, he barged in on Captain Rachael Thatcher and glared at her as she sat at her desk.

"Captain, with all due respect, we have to go back for Friday! At least give me a few Valkyries as backup!" Rash nearly yelled at his C.O.

Captain Thatcher turned in her seat and eyed the young pilot from head to toe. She stood and after making sure her door was secured, stated "Stand down, Rash. We're needed in the Belaeus system. We've engaged Warp, and we'll come back as soon as that mission is over."

Ryan hung his head. He closed his eyes and asked "How long until we reach Belaeus?"

"ETA is 21 hours at maximum Warp, Rash. Don't worry. We'll come back for him as soon as possible. He's a big boy and can take care of himself." Rachael smiled at him. Rachael Thatcher was a beautiful woman, but had been given command of one of the Federation's newest Carriers on her merits as an officer. She ran a fairly informal ship, and didn't mind if the crew fraternized with each other.

Ryan looked at her and smiled back into her bright green eyes. He knew what she said was true, and said "Permission to kiss the Captain, sir?"

"Permission granted, Ace." She knew he loved it when she called him that and slid her arms around his neck as one of her most junior officers kissed her deeply and lovingly. They both knew that this was a fling, and just enjoyed each other while it lasted. During times of war, stress had to be released. Ryan and Rachael just found a tried and true method and stuck with it.


Jason and Delaara sat on the beach on their shared Federation sleeping pad and laughed as they talked about everything under the stars.

"So Rash goes up to the Captain and said 'I wonder if the Klingons know you've escaped. I hear they like to capture angels' so she smacked him so hard every guy in the bar could feel it." Jason laughed as he recounted his wingman's failed attempt to seduce their Captain in the 11Forward bar onboard the Nimitz.

Delaara laughed and snuggled into her new lover. She thought back to how they had met and had to mentally shake her head. She knew as soon as she saw him that she had finally found a worthy mate, even if it took him longer to see it in her. Little did she know that he had felt the same way since he pulled her from her capsized and rapidly sinking fighter. He had performed standard rescue breathing on her to stop her from drowning, and they had spent the rest of that day talking, arguing, and finally fucking their brains out as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Having no moon to control the tides, NZ8-257 had no high or low tide, and very little inclement weather in this part of the western equatorial hemisphere. If it wasn't so close to the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Federation probably would have colonized it and given it a real name by now.

"Well, when I first got promoted to Centurion, our ship's Subcommander came up to me and propositioned me. I looked him square in the eye and told him that he wasn't man enough. He raised his hand to strike me, but our Commander stopped him and executed him on the spot." She laughed at Jason's expression at that. "Just kidding. You don't know much about Romulans, do you?"

"Well, I know that you are related to Vulcans on a genetic level, but embraced emotions instead of suppressing them. Other than that, not much." He shrugged and said "But I'm enjoying learning more" and kissed her.

They sat together for a bit longer under the stars and snuggled close.

"Delaara, what was your wingman's name?" His question caught her offguard a bit.


"Was he a good man?"


"I'm sorry."

"This is war, Jason. We did what we had to do. You saved your friend by killing him. But unless anyone comes looking for us, this war is going to pass us by." She did feel a bit of sadness for the loss of her wingman and friend, but these were extraordinary circumstances, to say the least.

"True. If I know Rash, he's probably yelling at our Captain right now, trying to get her to send a rescue team." He chuckled "Or more likely, he's now giving it to her long and hard." Jason knew about Ryan and Rachael, even if the other members of the crew didn't.

Delaara looked shocked. "I thought you said she shot him down!"

"She did. Shot him down faster than you shot me down, in fact." He grinned at the analogy. "But the next thing I know, they're making out in the turbolift on the way up to the Captain's Quarters. She'd completely forgotten about me and my duty roster that I was to deliver to her."

"By Romulus!" She laughed her melodious laugh at that. "You caught them in the turbolift??"

"Yeah. You should have seen the looks on their faces! Priceless!" Jason grinned ear to ear and joined her in laughing hysterically at the comedy of the moment.

"Oh, I've been meaning to ask you why you got the callsign 'Friday', and how that has anything to do with your given name?"

"Well, that one is a little harder to explain. I mean, you probably know by now that I'm pretty insane behind the stick, right?" He looked at her and she nodded emphatically. "Ok, well the name comes from 'Friday the 13th', which is an old flatvid horror movie series from a few hundred years ago. Some smartass in flight training gave me that callsign. He loved the old 20th century movies, and after a screening of a few of them for our squadmates and instructors, the name stuck." He shrugged.

"Well, you shot me down, and I've been the top starfighter pilot in the Empire for 3 years in a row." Delaara couldn't help but feel some pride at that achievement.

"It takes the best to beat the best. I was the best too, and you shot me down." Jason grinned again at her. They had shot each other down. They'd fallen from the sky, and they had fallen in love with each other.

"Well, we'll have something to tell our children after the war is over." She grinned with that naughty gleem in her eye again.

"Delaara, I would love to have your babies." He watched her expression of shock and tried very hard not to laugh.

"You utter bastard!" She hit him on the shoulder and then mounted him, pushing him into the mat.

His erection was at full mast, and her pussy was dripping as she reached down and guided him inside her. She started to ride him, and he reached up to hold her beautiful breasts. She leaned down and whispered in his ear "You fucked me last night. Now it's my turn to fuck you, hotshot."

Her pussy was so wet and tight, Jason nearly came when she whispered in his ear with her smokey voice. They got into a slow steady rhythm of lovemaking. She sat up on him and placed her hands on his chest. He looked down to the neatly trimmed triangle of hair above her pussy, and watched as she controlled the action, this time. He could see the sheen of her juices on his cock as she slowly fucked him, moaning as his hard throbbing cock invaded her sweet wet tight love hole. He thrust up into her as she came down, and saw her head go back as her orgasm built to a crescendo. He felt her pussy clamp down as she came, moaning loudly, and nearly came himself. As she collapsed on him, he gently rolled them over and kissed her lips, neck and breasts slowly.

"I'm going to make love to you, Delaara. Nice and slow." With that, he started moving in her, rotating his hips with each slow steady thrust. He could feel her wetness as she moaned softly into his ear and whispered "I love you" to him. He whispered "I love you" back to her as they both felt the heat rising. She felt his balls tighten as her own orgasm loomed. He looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply as she came, and his own cum shot deep inside her. One pulse, two, then three. As their bodies tensed up, they could feel themselves become one with the other.

Some Romulans, like their Vulcan cousins, have limited telepathic ability. It's rare, but Delaara was one such example. She could feel his emotions as he felt hers, and it amplified their feelings even more.

"My God, Delaara! I could feel you and see what you were thinking." Jason couldn't believe it, but it had happened.

Delaara was just as surprised as he was. "I saw yours too, love. I could feel your love just as you felt mine!"

The feeling of their pseudo-mind meld left them both speechless and a bit overwhelmed. He held her close as he slowly slipped out of her pussy and pulled her to his side as he rolled off of her.


Ryan looked at his Captain in bed beside him and realized that he was in love with her. She looked beautiful, sleeping there. By his chrono, they still had about 2 hours before they got to Belaeus, and he just gazed at her beauty. She wasn't a drop dead supermodel, but she was definitely a MILF. He grinned as he thought about that term and how it meant any older woman, not just mothers. She was 44, but looked 10 years younger. Her long chestnut hair was worn down, and she had perfect lips. He grinned even wider when he thought of that old flatvid movie "A Few Good Men", and couldn't help but agree with old Jack Nicholson when he said "You haven't lived until you've had a blowjob from a superior officer."

His Captain smiled to herself as she continued to feign sleep while Rash looked at her lovingly. Rachael Thatcher had never married, putting her career and crew before a personal life. She had had trysts and flings with other single officers, usually of the same rank. During a drunken party the night she had promoted Rash from Ensign to J.G., he had propositioned her with the worst pickup line she had ever heard. She smacked him silly, then told him in a whisper to go up to her cabin and wait for her. She then told him loudly enough that everyone in the ship's lounge could hear to go sleep it off.

She also told him that if he told anyone, she would kill him herself. So far, the only other person who knew was Friday, and he would never tell. She winced when they had broken a liplock in the turbolift and turned to see the crazy bastard standing there with a grin from ear to ear. She knew his reputation for insane risks behind the stick, but she also knew that he would never jeopardize his best friend's happiness or hers. Every member of the crew loved her, and most of the male members of the crew fantasized about her. She knew everything, since she was the Captain, and was very good at her job.

One thing she couldn't believe was that she had fallen head over heels in love with a man over twenty years her junior. The phrase "robbing the cradle" came to mind briefly, then she thought about how good he was in bed for one so young.

Ryan was thinking the same about her as she opened her eyes and looked at him. "How long do we have, Lieutenant?" She asked, sleepily.

"A bit less than two hours, Captain."

"Good. Now fuck me and make me come, baby!"

"Yes, sir, ma'am!" and with that, he kissed her lovingly as he moved on top of her between her silky thighs....


Dawn broke on the far side of the island as Delaara awoke to find her love still sleeping. She snuggled into him and smiled.

Jason felt her move and woke up, slowly moving his arm from below her head. He sat up and grabbed his flight suit and boots.

"Come back to bed, baby", she moaned softly.

"Delaara, we need to actually get up and find some fresh water and food today. We're out of rations and water tablets to turn this salt water into fresh. On the bright side, we can explore this island paradise together." He leaned down and kissed her lovingly. "Does your disruptor pistol still work, or was it damaged in the crash?"

"It was a bit waterlogged, but should be fine now", she replied.

"When you get back home, you should tell your people to waterproof their weapons, sweetheart." He winked and grinned as he said it.

She smiled back, pulled her pistol from its nearby holster on her flight pants, and fired a shot into the water. "It works", she grinned back.

"Good deal. Now, as much as I enjoy looking at your beautiful body, and as much as it pains me to say it, get dressed, Commander!"

"Fine, Lieutenant. You know I'll have to punish you for insubordination later." She winked at him as she said it with a downright wicked look.

To Be Continued...

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