tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor


Unloading an armful of groceries, Paula glanced across the parking lot to her next door neighbor who had just pulled into a space. She forced a smile on her face. Her neighbor was a single Asian man in his mid-40s. He stood about 5'4" and played his piano at all hours of the day. It was all she could do to resist cursing him out in the parking lot. Just the other day, he had disrupted her evening with his incessant playing that, at one point, she could hear his music all the way in her back bedroom.

She headed up the stairs as her neighbor walked behind her. She could feel his eyes on her butt, which was taut from the spin classes she'd been taking.

Paula was a fitness instructor at her local gym. She'd worked there for 3 years ever since she split from her boyfriend. It was her way to get back at him by looking phenomenal should she ever have an occasion to run into him again. She was 5'8", slender legs, and small waist with a 34E bust. It was her best feature, aside from her chiseled jaw-line and full lips. As a black woman, she was hit on by men of all races, which she appreciated, especially since her 41st birthday was just 2 months away. She'd tell herself each time she'd get a cat-call from a good looking man, "I still got it!"

Her arms were full with groceries and she knew she'd be a while walking up three flights of stairs; she stepped aside for him to pass. Without even a glance, he walked by her and headed up the stairs. "What an asshole," she thought to herself. He's a selfish man, who never, in all the years she's lived there, helped her with groceries or assisted her with packages. He was a miserable person and she made sure not to give him the satisfaction that she needed his help.

Once inside, she put the groceries in the fridge. It was a Friday evening and she had no plans. She headed to her room to take a much needed bath. On her way to the bathroom, yet again, she could hear the droning noise of her obnoxious, piano playing neighbor.

Paula took the time to brush her hair and put moisturizer on after her bath. She was sure that her looks would fade if she didn't maintain her beauty routine. With 4 squirts of her favorite citrus perfume, she threw on a white tank top and slid on a pair of grey yoga pants.

She opened a bottle of wine and turned on the radio while she read her favorite magazine to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. Interrupting her evening was her neighbor's banging. She tried to drown out the noise and pretty soon she was into an article.

The phone rang, startling her. It was her friend Marney. She met Marney 8 years ago while on a job. She was the first to introduce herself on her first day and they remained friends ever since.

Marney asked if she wanted to go out that evening. Paula was not up for a night with the girls debating "where are the good men". Instead, she just wanted to decompress from the crazy day of workouts and whiny clients, choosing an evening of quiet. Marney understood and knew she'd be raring to go Saturday night.

Hanging up with Marney gave Paula second thoughts on her decision to stay home. Her neighbor's music seemed to be the only noise drumming in her apartment. "I can't stand this!" she yelled. Paula walked to her door and opened it to see if anyone in the building was bothered by it. She couldn't believe she was the only one aggravated by the clamor.

Paula stood in the hallway, across from her neighbor's door. She shut the door behind her and decided she would be bold for the first time and confront her neighbor. Why not, he was a single man, lived alone. Plus he was 4" shorter than her so if things got too heated, she knew she could defend herself.

Paula walked up to his door; she could hear the piano blaring in his apartment. Classical music, which she enjoyed to a certain extent, but this was obnoxious. She knocked twice with no answer. Paula started to turn away, but thought why should she put up with this insanity any longer. With her adrenaline mounting, she rang the doorbell twice.

She could see her neighbor looking through the peep hole. Paula stood back from the door so she didn't appear confrontational.

The door opened. Paula smiled then realized by his gaze that she had not dressed for the occasion. She just had on a tank top, no bra, and her breasts had filled out the top, even spilling from the sides. Paula crossed her arms and said "hello". He nodded still looking at her breasts then back up to her face.

"Sorry to bother you. I live across the hall and I was just wondering if you could keep your music down a bit," she said softly.

He looked at her, then looked at his piano, which was placed against the adjoining wall he shared with her. He shook his head and said he has to practice.

Paula asked again, "Since it's 9 p.m., do you think you can play a little softer? I don't want to disturb you, but I'm not able to concentrate with the music so loud."

He stared at her, then looked down again at her breasts. "What will you do for me if I stop?"

Paula paused, she was sure she knew what he meant, but was stunned by how forward he was being. This was the man who never smiled or talked to her in the hallway, but was now propositioning her.

In order to appeal to his greed, Paula asked "What do you want?" She let her arms drop allowing him to take a full view of her 34E bosoms and her small waist.

He took his time helping himself with his eyes ogling her tits, her stomach, down to her legs then back up again. He clearly wanted her and Paula was desperate to do whatever it took to stop the noise.

"You come in, take your shirt off for 30 minutes and I stop." He said with a straight face.

Paula was stunned with the idea of being in his apartment topless. She was about to say no, when she felt a rush of power wash over her. Paula looked at him, his gaze all over her body. She kept her hands behind her back in order for him to get a good view of the goods. Paula was determined to turn this situation in her favor.

"I'll come in and stand topless for 5 minutes."

"No, no." He said. "25 minutes or I continue to play."

Paula felt she had no other choice. Twenty-five minutes seemed like an eternity, but his loud piano playing would stop if she did.

"Okay, twenty minutes only. No touching."

He agreed.

Paula stepped inside his apartment. It smelled like mothballs and starchy rice. The odor was so strong, she swung her head to avoid the smells as she entered.

He stood in front of her waiting for Paula to take her tank top off. He was just a foot away while Paula reached for the hem of her tank top and pulled it up and over her head.

Her breasts were exposed. He was so close, too close, but there were no rules about that.

He stood there looking at her breasts smiling to himself and licking his lips. Paula was feeling a little aroused. She wanted him to touch her, but she wasn't going to let him know that.

She moved to the side to release his gripping stare. He followed and grabbed her arm almost grazing her left breast as he guided her to the couch. Paula followed.

He sat her down with him next to her. He touched her shoulders to turn her toward his direction. He wanted to make sure he could see her breasts as they sat. As his arms came down from her shoulders, he moved them to her breasts. He held both tits in his hands, grabbing under the round mounds and squeezing them as he caught her gaze.

Paula was frozen with desire, but repulsed by the sight of him. His thumbs played with her nipples. Paula bowed her back ready to move away. His hands just followed squeezing her breasts harder bringing them closer to him.

He leaned down and quickly wrapped his tongue around her right breast sucking and nibbling while his left hand kneaded the other. Paula's head went back as he massaged her tits. He was feasting feverishly with each suck and tickle. He was enjoying the control. He pinned her against the couch then got on his knees still groping her boobs.

"Uhhhhhhh." Paula moaned. He was so hungry and was taking every opportunity to seize what she had given him. He worked his body between her knees, then moved one hand down her pants touching her wet pussy. Paula pushed her hips toward his fingers. She wanted him to take her. She grabbed his head as he sucked away at her nipple and spread her legs open while he slid two fingers into her gash.

Each heavy breath she could smell the strong order of his stale apartment, which took her out of the moment. But then she'd rock back with him as he moved from one breast to the other then he began pulling her pants down to the floor exposing her wet and open pussy. His mouth moved down quickly to lap up her wetness. Paula pushed her hips forward, his mouth exploring and licking frantically.

His tongue was licking and sucking her clit then moving down between the folds. He was thorough and amazingly adept at hitting the right moves to make her moan and groan with each stroke. Paula pushed his head deeper into her snatch; she wanted him to taste every drop. If this was what he wanted, she was going to make sure he sucked every drop and lapped up every bit of her juices.

She moaned as this was the loudest she had ever orgasmed. His touch was just right and he knew how to eat. Her legs fell open as he lapped up the last bit of her cum. She was spent and time was up. She was glad she didn't go out with Marney that night.

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