tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor


All characters and names in this story are purely fictitious. Any resemblances are purely coincidental. The story itself is a work of fiction.


Raj and Suma have been happily married for fifteen years. Raj is thirty nine and Suma is three years younger. They have a ten year old daughter named Sudha.

Raj is an electrical contractor who is self employed and runs his own small business that specializes in providing electrical wiring & switchgear in homes and offices. He employs about ten people and runs a fairly successful business.

Suma is a qualified teacher and has been working for the past twelve years in a reputed private school. She teaches Mathematics and Science.

Raj is tall, fairly well built and handsome. Suma is around 5'4" in height, slightly overweight but still very pretty. Among their friends and relatives, they are always known as a 'made for each other couple'.

They love each other and enjoy their sex well; though the frequency has come down to about twice a week. There was never any thought or need to transgress outside their marriage. They are a happy couple.

They lived in their own home in a middle class neighborhood. It is a comfortable two storied house. They lived on the first floor and they let out the ground floor on rent to a Gujarati family.

Mr.Patel is a sixty four year old small businessman; a distributor of agricultural pump sets. Mrs. Patel is a sixty year old housewife. With them lived their daughter, Radha, who is nearly thirty and not yet married.

Mr & Mrs. Patel have two older sons, both successfully settled in the USA. Unlike her brothers, Radha never did well with her studies, being of an average intelligence. Her father too ran out of steam funding the higher education of his two sons and had little time for her education.

Radha had another problem. She was not pretty. Some even rated her below average. Her main problems were her face and her complexion. She had a face that never attracted a second look. When she became aware of this as a teenager, she stopped smiling. That hadn't helped either.

Add to this the complexion factor. In a country that is perhaps most obsessed with 'fair complexion' and where everyone expects 'fair sex' to be 'fair complexioned', Radha's complexion is dark brown. Even her mother didn't help her daughter by clothing her in loose fitting dresses of hideous colors.

With her education and her looks (or the lack of it), she attracted no suitable matrimonial alliances. Neither her parents nor her brothers made special efforts and now, at thirty, her chances of getting married diminished greatly.

Her daily life comprised of assisting her mother in domestic chores. She dressed in drab clothes that her mother chose for her. In her free time, she watched TV channels that her mother selected. And she hardly read any books. She lived like a frog in the well; reconciled to her fate.

Suma befriended Radha. She sympathized with Radha's plight and tried to help her with little things. And Radha found a friend in her after a long time. She felt overwhelmed by the attention that Suma paid to her. Radha addressed Suma as didi (elder sister) and worshiped her.

Radha was an expert cook and she taught Suma how to make nice, thin pulkas, dhoklas and other Gujarati delicacies. Suma, being a working woman, appreciated Radha helping her occasionally in the kitchen. Raj too appreciated Radha's culinary skills.

Both portions of the house, the ground floor and the first floor, were identical. On the right wing were a drawing room, a dining room behind that and a kitchen further behind. The left wing comprised of a bed room, a short corridor and another bed room. The corridor opened to a bathroom and a toilet.

A staircase on the left wing connected the ground and first floors. Due to the constraints of space, a second, narrower, spiral staircase connected the first floor and the open terrace at the top. The use of terrace was not restricted and both families used it, as needed.

Radha used the open terrace most because that is where she dried the various ingredients of mango and other pickles, papads etc. She also hung the clothes that she washed daily, on the terrace; a very effective usage of solar energy.

This was the state of affairs and both families lived in perfect harmony. The story starts in the month of December. With her school closed for Christmas, Sudha was away at her maternal grandparents place in a nearby town. Suma's school was however functioning and would only close for pongal later in January.

It was ten am and the sun was already hot when Radha started going up the spiral staircase. She carried a bucket load of washed clothes for hanging on the cloths line on the terrace. As she paused midway on the stairs to re-grip the bucket tightly, a movement on the periphery of her vision caught her attention.

From her position on the staircase she was able to look into the master bed room of Raj and Suma because the top half of the window was open. What caught her attention was Raj.

Suma had left for the school at nine am sharp, as usual. With Sudha away, Raj was all alone. He just finished his bath and walked into the bed room when his movement caught Radha's attention. His body was still a little wet and he was clad in just a towel.

When Radha saw him thus, she felt a surge of electric shock run through her body. Her legs went weak and she was scared of her own reaction. She went up a further two steps and sat down. From there, in her sitting position, she was virtually invisible. However, through the gaps in the staircase railing, she was able to look into the bedroom.

She could see a part of his body but not his head. It also meant that he couldn't see her either. From her vantage point she looked at him. He stood right under the ceiling fan and he had nothing on except the towel.

The first thing she saw was his naked broad chest covered sparsely with black hairs. His chest was muscular and his nipples were big. His abdomen was flat with a big navel. From there she could see a trail of black hairs going south.

Radha watched, mesmerized, as he moved to the cupboard with his back to her. The cupboard door opened and then closed quickly. Moving back to the center of the room and under the fan, Raj removed the towel draping him and dropped it. He stood naked for a second, unknowingly exposing himself to Radha.

Radha was in a shock. She never saw a man naked in all her life. She only dared to think and visualize in an occasional and rare fantasy. But, here at close quarters, was this handsome hunk of a man who now picked up the towel from the floor and toweled his penis and his balls.

Raj was well endowed and well hung. Radha saw clearly the thick, jet black pubic bush and the beautiful penis that was impressively long even in its limp state. It was light brown in color, long and thick. The helmet was pink and a tapering cone.

His testicles were medium sized and full. They looked slightly smaller in proportion to his big cock. As he wiped the length of his cock dry, to her amazement, it sprang up a little. His right hand reached for it fondly and stroked it lightly. The result was even more amazing.

It lengthened a little more like a serpent uncoiling itself.

Next minute he pulled up the Jockey briefs ending the show. As he turned and adjusted the elastic band, she saw his smooth, strong buttocks and tight ass. He walked up to the dresser and picked up a tin can of talcum powder. He sprinkled it generously on his chest and rubbed it liberally.

His arms were muscular, with the fore arms covered with sparse black hairs. As she continued to watch, he put on a white sleeveless vest. Her gaze shifted to his thighs and legs.

His thighs were hairy and muscular and tapered off to strong legs. When he turned around, she saw and was fascinated by the big bulge in the front of his briefs. She thought it was the most beautiful sight to behold.

As Raj started pulling up his trousers, Radha knew that the show had ended. Without making any sounds, she cautiously went up the remaining steps on to the terrace where she hung the washed clothes on the line.

Her body felt very agitated; a kind of feeling she was not familiar with. She also felt wetness between her thighs and every time she moved her legs she felt a tingling 'there'. Her face reddened with shame at what she had witnessed.

That night she tossed in bed as sleep wouldn't come. Her mind recalled, again and again, the erotic images of Raj -- his thighs, his chest, his balls and his big cock. Yes! His Big Cock!!!! Even as she thought of it, her body shivered with pain and pleasure.

She felt a strange pain in her breasts. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse to see what was wrong. It appeared as if her breasts have swollen and the tips felt very tender. Slowly she touched the forefinger of her right hand to her right aureole and massaged it.

Her finger tip touched her nipple and a shock went through her. As she rubbed the tip tentatively, the nipple lengthened and hardened. Her thumb joined the fore finger and tweaked her nipple and she felt a shock again.

Radha felt wetness between her thighs. The room was dark and her parents were sound asleep in the other bed room. She was certain of her privacy. Her left hand took over the nipple tweaking while her right hand went under the petticoat.

Her hand reached the cotton panties and she felt them damp. As her breath quickened, her fingers slipped under the panties and into her wild pubic thatch. Her fingers searched and found the little button in her soft folds. She held it and massaged it, rolling it with her thumb and forefinger.

Her middle finger brushed against the wet slit between her nether lips. Tentatively, she pushed it into her pussy up to the first knuckle. Her fingers moved in tandem and the middle finger slipped in up to the second knuckle.

With her eyes shut, her left hand fondling her left breast and her right hand finger fucking her, Radha recalled the image of Raj's big cock nestled in his black bush and the well hung balls. Her breath came in quick gasps as her passion mounted and reached a crescendo.

Her suppressed moans became louder, as she had a mammoth orgasm of high intensity that raked her body in spasms. She cried from the pleasure of it into the pillow, muffling the sounds.

Next morning she watched Suma leave for school on time. Ten minutes before ten, she went up the staircase with her bucket load of clothes and settled on her vantage seat. As it happened the previous day, Raj came into the room draped in a towel from the bath, his body glistening wet.

However, as he moved towards the wardrobe, on the periphery of his vision, he saw a very light flutter of dark green. He slightly turned his head and looked carefully at the staircase. He saw the dark green kameez through the gaps in the stair railing and his mind instantly linked it to Radha.

From where he was, he couldn't see her face. It also meant that she couldn't see his face either. So he observed carefully. It became obvious that she was seated on the steps and looking into his room. The poor girl was watching him!

Raj knew that his wife Suma liked this girl and sympathized with her plight. He shared his wife's feelings. Life can't be much fun for a girl of her age with no prospect of a marriage or sex. His heart went out for her.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Why not let her have a little fun! She was obviously watching him and looking at his body. May be she had been doing it for a few days now! May be she had seen his cock too!

Okay Radha, you will have a special treat today. Something unforgettable! He said to himself

He went back to the middle of the room and stood under the fan. Slowly, he removed the towel around him and started wiping his buttocks and ass while his front faced the stairs. He was certain that the girl was getting her eyeful of his cock and balls.

Dropping the towel to the floor, Raj let his right hand drop to his cock. Holding it gently in his hand, he started stroking it slowly.

Radha watched, enthralled. His cock sprang up majestically and grew longer, as if by magic. It swelled too in girth. She now looked at the fully erect phallus of Raj that appeared to be over seven inches long. She could feel it jumping in his hand with energy of its own. She thought she saw a few glistening drops on the pink tip.

Her hand went to her mound, involuntarily. She cupped her palm and squeezed her pussy through all the layers of clothing. Her other hand went to her erect and sensitive nipples.

Raj sensed rather than saw the activity on the stairs. He started stroking his phallus faster, conjuring up images of Radha's virgin pussy. She may not be beautiful to look at, but a virgin is a virgin and her cunt would be extremely tight.

Suma is beautiful but after all the years of relentless fucking and child bearing, she is not exactly tight. Just imagining his big cock rampant in Radha's virgin cunt set him on fire and he stroked faster and faster till he ejaculated with a big spurt, shooting his cum into the towel he held in his left hand.

When she saw his big cock spurting all that semen, Radha climaxed with a deep sigh. Her body shook with violent tremors. She was amazed at the big jet of thick white cum and wondered how it tasted. Would she ever taste it! Would she ever receive that rich flow into her virgin cunt!

Raj felt greatly relieved after the ejaculation. He liked doing it for his secret admirer and watcher. A strange urge took over him. He walked closer to the window, still naked, looked at the staircase, gave a big smile, quickly turned around and went to the bathroom to clean up.

It took a few seconds for Radha to register that smile of his and its significance. Oh God! Raj knew! He knew that she was there! He knew that she watched him! She literally ran up the rest of the stairs to the terrace with her bucket load of clothes.

She was overcome with shame. What did he think of her? She had been caught peeping into his bed room and watching him naked and masturbating. He must have thought of her as a shameless woman.

But that big smile! What does that mean? Obviously he is not angry or upset, because, then he wouldn't have smiled. Does it mean he liked it? He liked her watching and approved it? She was still confused when she went to bed that night.

Raj and Suma relaxed together on their couch after dinner. This was their normal routine. They would chit chat for about half an hour and then retire to bed. That night, Raj started the conversation.

"Suma, I know you feel sad at the plight of poor Radha and I too share your feelings. Life can't be any fun at all for that girl," Raj said.

"Yes dear! It is so frustrating to see some lives wasted away thus, so tragic."

"Something happened today, Suma. I think she saw me naked; she watched me." He let it out.

"Oh, How, when, where?" She was instantly curious.

"Well! She peeped into our bed room from the staircase while I changed after bath."

"Are you sure? It was probably accidental."

"No. She sat on the steps and watched without showing up herself."

"Oh! Did she see you totally nude?" She was really curious.

Suma was strangely excited and moved closer to her husband. Raj sensed it too.

"Yes, honey, she saw me totally naked. She saw everything."

Her hand reached out and found his bulge in his pajamas.

"Did she see your phallus?" there was a catch in her voice.

"I am sure she had seen it," He felt his penis hardening.

Suma quickly undid his fly and through the opening in his briefs pulled out his hardening cock.

"Oh! Isn't he really excited now?" She said as she stroked his hardening cock.

"Yes, Honey, your hands are doing that and all the talk."

"May be you should show her your dick like this, all hard and vibrating. She would swoon." her breath quickened a bit as she said.

Raj didn't tell her that Radha had already seen his hard phallus or he masturbated for Radha. He felt, instinctively, that his wife wouldn't like that, yet.

Aroused, they quickly moved to the bed room and undressed. He was already hard and Suma was very wet and aroused. No foreplay was necessary.

When she opened her thunder thighs wide, her cunt opened up to him. His hard cock went in smoothly, all the way in and he lay buried to the hilt.

"May be she could watch us fuck. Poor girl would enjoy that." Her breath quickened.

"Would you like that?" He was excited too.

"I like the idea. It excites me a lot. Knowing that she is watching and probably fingering herself while we fuck royally, oh my god, we would love that, wouldn't we?"

"Yes, of course, it excites me too," he said as he started fucking her with small strokes.

But Suma raised her ass in counter thrusts and said, "Come on! Stroke me deeper and harder, I am almost there." Her voice shook with passion.

Raj quickly increased the pace wondering how his wife was so horny today. In an instant he had the answer. Of course, all the talk of Radha the voyeur excited her! As he drove her to a big orgasm, his own dam busted and he ejaculated deep into her hot cunt.

"Wow! That was really good." She said a little while later during their post coital pillow talk.

"You were very horny today, love. That talk had affected us positively." Raj smiled.

"You are right. I think we will make her happy by letting her see us fucking, secretly of course. Would you mind that?" she asked hesitantly.

"Not if it makes you happy, Suma." He replied.

They left it at that and slept soon.

In her bedroom, Radha was restless and unable to sleep at the end of the most exciting day in her dull life. She got off from the bed and checked that her parents were sound asleep and the door to her bedroom was firmly shut. She stood in front of a small wall mirror and removed her nightie.

Her breasts were small, conical in shape like mangoes but firm. Her nipples were light brown pointed and her aureole the size of a rupee coin. Her waist was slim and smooth and it curved. Her waist flared to small hips that made up her pert bottom. Her thighs were slim but strong and smooth. She had a wild thatch of unattended pubic hair covering her mound.

There was nothing wrong with her body. It was young and pretty. The only problem was that it was always hidden behind drab and ill fitting clothes and it was not attended to properly. With a little care and good clothes, she would certainly look a lot better.

Radha massaged her breasts as she thought of Raj, his majestic cock and its ejection. Her nipples stiffened and became very sensitive. As her right palm cupped her mound, a deep sigh escaped her.

Quickly she fell on her bed and opened her legs wide. Thinking of Raj's cock, she pushed first one and then a second finger into her wet, hot and very tight cunt and fucked herself to a frenzied orgasm. She literally passed out from the intensity of it all and drifted into sleep.

Next couple of days she didn't dare to go up to terrace in the usual time. She was too scared to repeat her peeping act and getting caught by Raj again.

On Sunday evening when Raj was away, Suma asked Radha to come up. They had tea together and then Suma suggested that as the Sun had set, they could go and sit on the terrace where it was more pleasant with a cool breeze.

When they settled down comfortably on the terrace, they started chatting. During the conversation, Suma casually said that the next day was their wedding anniversary.

"Oh! didi! Congratulations in advance. What are your plans?" Radha asked.

"You know it is a working day, so nothing special. We will go out, have dinner in a nice restaurant and get back."

"No movie?" Radha inquired.

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