tagGroup SexLove Thy Neighbors Ch. 02

Love Thy Neighbors Ch. 02


The Browns

Across the table, next to his wife, Joan, Kara Brown winked at Robert Crane. They were among the eleven neighbors who made up their dinner club. This was the group's first formal gathering since it had been formed.

Kara and her husband, Don, were the fourth residents to move into their exclusive new subdivision that consisted of only 25 homes. The Browns and the Cranes had become fast friends. Robert wished he was sitting next to Kara, a hot blonde, instead of Roxanne Bullock.

Roxanne was a gorgeous brunette. She and her husband, Brad, were the first neighbors the Cranes had met, even before their houses were completed. They had become friends also, they went to dinner together from time to time, and, every second or third weekend when Joan went out of town for the weekend to take care of her aging, ailing mother, the Bullocks invited Robert over for an ostensible dinner, but the truth was, unknown to anyone else, was that the three had become fuck buddies. It turned out Brad liked to watch his wife having sex with another man and occasionally participate in a threesome. The problem was, Roxanne was so wild and insatiable, Robert always feared that in the presence of others, she might inadvertently give up their secret. Of course, the safest course of action would be to just end it, but she was an incredible fuck and, to boot, her husband let them do it!

Robert was not a heel or a cad; he was, by most accounts, a pretty decent, well-liked guy. Before Roxanne, he had never cheated on his wife, with whom he'd had and active and wild sex life. But over the last few years, since hitting their fifties, they both seemed to have had waning interest in sex. They had just chalked it off to the fact that they were older and didn't need all of the wild sex they once had. They still did it, albeit infrequently, but they were still good at it and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for Robert. It had been hard to resist Brad Bullock's request to fuck his wife while he watched. The fact that she was so good in bed didn't help either. Now, it was a regular thing with them.

Kara and Don, on the other hand, came across as religious types, and it turned out that they were. But they also had another side.

Robert was a web designer and he managed a number of websites for his clients. He worked from home. As his business grew and web design became more graphic, he expanded his repertoire to photography and videography to provide his customers with full service for their websites. The Brown's traveled extensively, and when they learned of Robert's skills, they sought his assistance with the many pictures they took on their trips. It had been difficult to resist the allure of the beautiful Kara, and as it turned out, their photos needed considerable help to go from snapshots to fine art. Their objective was to hang the better photographs on the walls of their home.

The first time Robert went over to the Browns' to look at their pictures, Joan went with him. That began a close friendship between her and Kara because they shared interests in crafts and decorating. However, when it was time to begin the actual work, Joan didn't want to just sit around and watch, so she stopped accompanying her husband. Always looking for something to do on the weekends that she went to her mother's—aside from his Fridays with Roxanne and Brad—Robert agreed to work on the photos on Saturday afternoons (he needed the mornings to recover from those Friday evenings).

This turned out to be more acceptable to the Browns than they originally let on.

The first weekend they actually worked on the photos, which consisted mainly of just cropping and Photoshopping. Kara was dressed casually in a white V-neck T-shirt dress, mid-thigh length. She wasn't flaunting herself as Roxanne would have done. She was merely quietly alluring. Like any white T-shirt, the material was see-through. Underneath, she wore only a bra that barely contained her medium sized breasts and bikini panties. Robert couldn't help wondering why she was so revealingly attired. She'd never dressed so when Joan was with him. However, as attractive as she was, he couldn't help but quietly and discreetly observe. As a result, it was hard not to joke and be playful with the couple, who responded in kind.

Robert couldn't help but make some comparisons between Roxanne and Kara: two extremely attractive women, one, an exhibitionist with a hard body who needed to show herself off to gain approval and acceptance; the other, a natural beauty who could be incredibly enticing just being herself; one, a no-holds-barred sex addict; the other, a borderline holy roller, but not so much that she was afraid to show a little of herself. He often thought that Roxanne had the kind of body that looked naked. When he saw her totally nude, she looked natural. While he had not seen Kara naked, what he could see given her attire, which was pretty much everything, her body had that pampered look with skin so soft, she was probably perfect to cuddle with. Edgy and gorgeous versus classic beauty.

So, while Roxanne would have been all over him like a cheap suit, all he could do was enjoy watching Kara flit her sexy body around and absorb her femininity when she sat close to review photos.

Two weeks later, it was a different story. They worked on the pictures briefly, and then Kara excused herself to fix dinner. She was dressed exactly the same as the time before, and Robert thought that maybe it was her weekend, lounge-around clothing.

Once she was out of earshot, Don became somewhat edgy, then finally said, "We really appreciate all your help with this."

Robert couldn't imagine why his neighbor was nervous to say that. "My pleasure."

"Yeah, but you're giving up your Saturdays."

"I'm actually glad to have something to do when Joan is away."

"Well, that's good because I have another favor to ask."

"What's that?"

Don cleared his throat. "I'm not quite sure how to put it."

"Just say what's on your mind." Robert was not particularly religious, Don knew it, so the former wondered if the favor had something to do with their church or something along those lines. If so, he wasn't sure he would be interested in granting the request.

"I—we—were wondering if you might consider . . . we really like you and trust you and feel that you are one of the few people we would feel comfortable asking this, but, well, and of course, you're under no obligation . . . but we would like to know if you would be agreeable to taking pictures of Kara?"

"What kind of pictures?" Robert felt he had to ask.

"Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, Kara is a very beautiful woman," Don proudly pointed out. "I'm so lucky to have her."

In Robert's opinion, Don was a great guy, one he was proud to call a friend, unlike the many asshole men he knew. "I'm sure no luckier than she is to have you."

He smiled. "Thanks. I know a lot of people think we're these Holy Roller types, and while we do embrace our religion, it's more because Kara's uncle is a minister and well known around town."

"I didn't know that." He didn't.

"Yeah, so in public we feel like we have to act the part. But the truth is, we're just regular people who like to have a good time like everyone else."

Having a sneaking suspicion where this was going and to reel Don back in, Robert repeated, "What kind of pictures?"

"Well," Don cleared his throat, "you know, something provocative, edgy, sexy."

"I was wondering why she was dressed . . . like she is."

"Yeah, she could never go out in public like that, even though there are a lot of women who would."

"I can think of a few."

"We feel like the only way we can espouse our—shall we say—anti-religious side is through private pictures. Kara and I just want to see ourselves in a different light, so to speak."

"I get it," Robert said. "I don't have a problem with that. And I'm certainly not one to be judgmental."

"Good. Then how would you feel about her in bikinis, negligees . . . perhaps even less?"

"Less?" Robert's suspicions were homing in, but he wanted to hear Don say it.

The other man shrugged. "Maybe topless, maybe even—"


"I don't want you to think that we're weird or strange or perverted or—"

"I don't. As I said, I don't judge." Robert was trying hard to contain his excitement over the possibility of seeing Kara nude. "Are you certain you're comfortable with another man seeing your wife completely naked?"

"Despite what we might seem, we're not prudes," Don stated boldly, almost defensively.

"I never thought you were."

"And the answer is no, I don't mind. I'm actually almost eager for someone to see. I'm very proud of my wife. Not only is she a good person and a loving wife, she is incredibly beautiful beyond compare."

Robert wasn't willing to go that far, but he understood and appreciated his neighbor's pride. "Well, then, let's see what we can do."

Conveniently, dinner was ready when Don and Robert finished that conversation, and the latter suspected that Kara had probably been within hearing range throughout most of it. Robert was amused to glimpse Don's ever-so-slight nod to his wife as they took their seats at the table.

It was a round dining table which allowed Robert to notice that most of Kara's legs showed when she sat down. She either thought he couldn't see or didn't care that he did, or maybe, wanted him to notice, but she made no attempt to fix herself. He also found it comical that, now that he had agreed to their request, and she secretly knew, they were both quite obviously nervous; almost as though wondering what they might have gotten themselves into. But if nothing else, neither seemed to know what to say.

The further irony was that up until a few weeks ago when he started being Roxanne and Brad's play toy, he was no more adept at any of this than they were.

"These pork chops are really good," Robert commented to stimulate conversation.

"Thanks," Kara said. "I love to try new recipes."

"You like trying new things?" He kept the question general to let her choose a direction.

"Sometimes." She bowed her head as though to hide any embarrassment. "But I guess you're referring to . . . what we . . . want to . . . do."

"I'm just making conversation. But if that's what you want to talk about."

Kara was hesitant, but finally asked, "I hope you don't think we're perverted for wanting to do something like this."

"Not at all. We all have our secret desires, our fantasies. There's no law that says we can't make them a reality."

"Wow. That was nicely philosophical. And so true."

"So, when did you want to do this?" Robert asked, he hoped not too eagerly.

Husband and wife both shrugged, but it was evident they knew their answer.

"Tonight too soon to start?" Kara asked.

"To start?"

"Well, I'm not sure how far I might want to go tonight," Kara replied. "I guess it'll all depend on how long it takes me to get comfortable with it."

"Fair enough."

They lapsed into silence to finish the meal. When they were nearly done, Kara asked, "I'm not quite sure how to ask this, but what about Joan? We've become pretty good friends and wouldn't want to mess that up."

"Joan is a terrific wife, my best friend and I love her more than anything," Robert explained honestly. "However, having said that, I'm not sure how she might react to this." He wanted them to make the decision to do this behind her back so it wouldn't reflect badly on him.

"So, we should not tell her?"

"I'll leave that up to you," he suggested, hoping he was leading her down the right path.

"And if we decide to just keep it amongst the three of us, will you have a problem with that?"

"Some people might question the ethics in what you want to do and what you're asking of me. I don't think we're doing anything wrong. Just taking a few pictures. There's a lot of things I have to do in my line of work that, well, as long as it's not illegal, I do it, and like many people I know, perhaps including the two of you, spouses just don't discuss every aspect of their job. There are a lot of things about Joan's job that I don't know and she doesn't talk about."

"Okay, well, I think we're all on the same page."

* * *

Don and Kara were more anxious than their nervousness indicated because they wanted to start without even cleaning up after dinner. Robert excused himself to run home to get his own professional grade camera and a spare memory card that he intended to leave with the Browns. He didn't want it anywhere around his house to be accidentally found by prying eyes. He was also careful to make certain he wasn't seen by the Bullocks; he wasn't sure why, it just seemed prudent.

However, he didn't notice Maude Burke until she called him. "Hi, Robert."

He stopped. "Oh, hello, Maude."

"Joan out of town again?"

Robert smiled and nodded.

"Come join us for a glass of wine."

"Oh, sorry. I'm in the middle of helping Don and Kara with their photos. Rain check?"

"Sure," she said with a forced smile.

* * *

Before he left, Don had told Robert to just come in when he returned. He heard them in the bedroom, and walked in quietly not wanting to catch them in a compromising situation. Kara was sprawled on the bed with her husband standing nearby, so Robert started firing off shots.

Kara giggled embarrassingly when she saw their neighbor, but quickly began posing provocatively, but not in any sexually suggestive way, nor did she show any more than her legs.

It wasn't until after about fifty photos that they returned to the computer to view the pictures. And here Robert saw just how incredibly gorgeous a woman Kara was. Photogenic didn't begin to describe it. Don may have been correct: her beauty may be beyond compare.

They agreed to each pick their two favorites to Photoshop, but they ended up with only five because there was one that all three of them selected. In it, Kara was sitting upright on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, legs crossed, her short dress showing considerable thigh, her elbows leaning on her lap, her head bent and turned to face the camera.

Robert almost wished he could keep a copy of it, but he resisted.

The remaining shots were all good and he departed when he finished touching them up.

* * *

Two weeks later, Kara wore the T-shirt dress yet again, but this time with one surprising difference: no bra. It was difficult sitting through dinner with her nipples stretching the thin cotton material making it even more see-through than normal. It was obviously arousing to her because the nipples remained hard the entire meal.

After a couple of dozen shots, Kara excused herself to change into a nightie. It was sheer, to be sure, more so than the dress, except for the matching panties that went with it. She obviously felt sexy in it because her poses were more tantalizing. Of course, it didn't hurt that Don was encouraging her to be so.

As he feared he would, Robert was aroused by now seeing more of her perky breasts and her great legs. He found her much more desirable than Roxanne, possibly because she was not available, whereas he could walk over to the Bullocks' right now and fuck Roxanne's brains out. But strangely, with Kara, it was really less about the sex than it was the enticement. Sometimes, being horny was more enjoyable than the fuck, or as they said, the hunt was more exciting than the kill.

He tried to reel himself back in and remind himself that the arrangement with this couple was different. It wasn't about sex. Still, he couldn't help it that Kara turned him on.

Interestingly, when it was time to head to the computer for the picks and touch-ups, Kara didn't bother changing or cover up. Robert could only think that since he had already seen her so attired, she saw no reason to put something else on. It was good that she felt so comfortable around him, but then, huddled between her and Don at the computer, she was constantly brushing against him. And that was lustier than taking the pix had been.

Naturally, his hand fucked him good when he got home.

* * *

Fortunately, Joan and Kara were such good friends that Robert's wife had no issues about him going over to the Browns' when she was gone, not like she did with the Bullocks. Although, at his urging, Roxanne had done some buddy-buddying with Joan and that seemed to have calmed her down a bit. They'd even had a dinner out with the Bullocks in which Roxanne dressed quite tastefully and that went a long way.

The Browns, on the other hand, were perpetrating quite a deception as the wholesome, spiritual couple while shamelessly displaying their other side to Robert. Kara even went so far as to show Joan some of the photographs of their trips that Robert had Photoshopped, all without raising the slightest suspicion, nor showing any remorse.

And of course, as always, the plot thickened.

* * *

So, the next time Robert visited the Browns, both were alight with excitement about their latest session. They'd spent considerable time looking over all of the previous pictures and, though neither came right out and said it, Robert got the impression that the photos boosted their sex life. The two just had this glow and eagerness that he surmised would lead to some heavy lovemaking after he left that evening. This was underscored by Kara's attire. She wore a very short (inches from her crotch), form-fitting, low-cut, thin-strapped black and pink dress. Of course, her toned, shapely legs were nicely displayed, but the garment also seemed to shape and uplift her breasts, which was remarkable because there was no evidence of a bra.

In fact, in the first few shots Robert took, Kara cupped and pushed her tits up, then rubbed them, whereas before she had never even touched them. She then similarly dragged her palms up and down her thighs, going inward and upward, but not so far as her pussy, though he would have bet she wanted to. Her facial expressions were quite sultry and she licked her lips and teeth slowly and seductively. Now, she pushed her breasts together and ran her hands down her sides and across her abdomen pointing one set of fingers toward the top of her vaginal area, but again, not quite going there.

Watching this performance, Robert wasn't certain whether she was playing to the camera or him. He let her carry on, but reduced the number of times he pressed the shutter because he was more interested in looking at her than through the viewfinder. He was captivated, she knew she had done that to him, and he knew she knew. So, she stepped it up, forcing Robert to resume shooting.

Kara slowly lifted the dress up to reveal a pink thong in a shade that matched the same color on her dress. She then danced around, turning to display her perfectly rounded buttocks, grabbing them with her hands and spreading them enough just to tease not really show anything. She even slapped one cheek, but not enough to make a mark.

Robert stole a glance at Don sitting on the sofa in the corner, who was grinning wider than a Cheshire cat. Catching the photographer's eye, Don asked, "Can you do video?"

He nodded with raised eyebrows.

"Sweetie," Don said to his wife. "How about you start over so he can video it?"

A wide grin formed on Kara's lips and her eyebrows went up. She then fixed her dress back and started over.

Robert switched his camera over to video and filmed her routine once more. It was no less enticing the second time. Or perhaps it was more so because she might have stepped it up.

And then, as though there were some magical incentive from video, Kara didn't stop where she had previously. She went on, whether willingly or uncontrollably. With the bottom of her dress again around her waist, where they'd stopped her last time, she went on with what Robert thought she'd wanted to do then and shoved her hand down the front of her thong and caressed her pussy.

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