tagLoving WivesLove Thy Neighbors... Often

Love Thy Neighbors... Often


I froze at the sound of my wife calling my name. My neighbor, Cheryl, was pinching the head of my cock with her tonsils. She knelt before me with both hands on my ass pulling my cock deeper into her throat. She loved it rough like that. The hedgerow that blocked her from view came up to my chest. My short but round wife could only look up at me from our yard.

"Jim how much longer are you going to be over there? I'm heading downtown for a cut and color. I have bread in the oven and it needs to come out in 30 minutes. Can you remember that?" she asked walking over the hedge.

"I'll take care of that. I only have a few more minutes here depending on Cheryl. Mike was out here just a few minutes ago but went in to get more tools. Do you want to come over and say Hi?" I asked. Cheryl was trying to swallow my cock and lick my balls. She had me completely in her throat and I could feel the tentative licks of her tongue on my balls. If Cathy, my wife decided to say Hi to Mike it would take us completely out of view. Cheryl had been teasing and sucking me for almost an hour and I wanted to cum down her throat. My fat, frigid wife would have a fit if she knew what was going on.

"No. You know I don't like them very much. They just seem odd to me. They're both too touchy-feely." Damn right they were, I thought to myself. "Just don't forget the bread." she said waddling away.

Cheryl pulled her face off my cock and gasped for air. Her eyes fixed on my throbbing cock and after two full breaths she buried it back in her throat. Her hands caressed my balls coaxing the cum from them. I threw my head back and moaned while thick jets of cum shot into Cheryl's throat and I heard my wife's car start. My hands dropped down to fondle Cheryl's inch long nipples while I pumped hot sticky spurts that she greedily swallowed. Knowing my cock she gently sucked the length not trying to overload the senses. My cock was always instantly over sensitive after I came and Cheryl had swallowed more of my cum than any other woman including my wife of 5 years.

Cheryl licked at my still hard cock then reluctantly stood up. Her nipples clearly stood out on her apple sized breasts. She was nearly six foot tall and looked me in the eye. Her soft lovely features were nearly angelic. The sprinkle of freckles across her face and body gave her that "girl-next-door" look. I was putting myself back into my shorts when the backdoor banged open.

"I heard the car next door leave. Was that Cathy?" Mike called out. Seeing us near the hedge that separated out yards he came over to us.

Looking at Cheryl's chest he asked, "Was she sucking you off?" Cheryl smiled and wrapped him up in a big hug and kissed him deeply. They continued for almost a full minute while my cock gradually softened.

Mike pulled away first, "He really does taste good. When can I get a taste directly from the source?" he asked looking at me.

Mike was a good looking but slight man. He slim and not much over 5'5".

I laughed.

"Jim I've been licking you out of her pussy, ass and mouth for how long now? What difference does it make?" Mike asked.

"I should have taken the chance when I had it." he said.

He was referring to the incident which started our "arrangement". They threw a party where the alcohol flowed in epic proportions. I got to the party late and everyone was pretty well snockered including my wife. I helped her to bed then went back to the festivities next door. Cheryl and I were flirting like mad and after the guests had gone home I took her from behind in her kitchen. I didn't last very long since it had been more than a month since I had any pussy. The cum ran down her leg as I pumped my cock into her. She grabbed a tissue to hold the rest inside then awkwardly ran down the hall. I sat down in the dark living room on the couch and the combination of booze, the late hour and a fantastic orgasm had me drifting off. I felt a nuzzling at my crotch and without opening my eyes I felt Cheryl pull my cock out of my pants and suck on it. I was just getting completely hard when the light in the hall turned on and I heard Cheryl's voice.

"Mike I told you not to DO that!"

I opened my eyes and looked down to see my neighbor, my MALE neighbor with his mouth full of my cock.

"You should have asked him first. Besides, haven't you had enough?" she asked. She looked at me. "After you came in me I found him half asleep and I sat on his face. He licked every last drop out of me. I came three times."

I was stunned by her matter-of-fact attitude. Like the fact that her husband just sucked a 5 week load of cum from his wife's pussy was an everyday thing.

"Look we've been talking about doing this since you moved in next door. We've never done anything like this before but we talk about it all the time. I've always wanted to have some fun with another man in our bed. If your wife wasn't so mean we probably would never have said anything." Mike had explained.

I'd been fucking Cheryl every which way ever since. Mike's favorite was me taking her while they were in a 69. He liked to run his tongue over my balls or my ass while I was stroking in and out of Cheryl's pussy. I just started putting my cock in her ass when we were like that when she screamed out her orgasms so loud we had to shut the windows. After I shot my load in her ass I'd sit back and watch him lick and suck her well used backdoor to get all the cream from inside. Nastiest thing I ever saw and I was incredibly turned on. But Mike had never actually sucked me since the first time on the couch.

Standing in the backyard looking at the two of them I couldn't resist hugging them both. "Cathy will be away for at least three hours. Who wants to be my love slave?" I asked.

"Me!" they both said like school children.

I laughed and led them into my house. I had this huge sectional couch that took up most of the living room. The coffee table was an immense affair of wood and glass. Taking a pillow from the couch I lay Cheryl down on the coffee table and put the pillow under her head. Then I peeled her shorts off and knelt between her thighs. Using my hands to pull the folds of her pretty pussy apart I flicked my tongue gently across her clit. She sighed in pleasure then opened her mouth for Mike's dick. I ate her to two orgasms while she sucked and licked her husband's dick.

"Alright you two on the couch. 69 time with extras for Cheryl." They both got into position in a flash. Mike's lips glued to Cheryl's well licked pussy and Mike's cock in her throat. Putting my hands on the beautiful ass in front of me I pulled the cheeks apart then crammed my tongue into the sweet brown pucker. Cheryl moaned out her pleasure never taking Mike's cock from her mouth. Mike and I worked Cheryl's ass and pussy into another orgasm. This time her leg quivered so much she smacked her husband in the head several times.

"OK my turn. I'm on top, Cheryl." We moved into position. Carefully I placed my cock in Cheryl's mouth. Reaching under her I pulled her legs way up exposing her asshole. Pointing my tongue I jammed it stiffly into her asshole. I ground my chin into her pussy gently making her cry out. I sat up after a couple of minutes to see Mike staring at my ass.

"Do it, Mike. You know you want to. Lick my asshole." I told him. Needing no further encouragement Mike grabbed my asscheeks and enthusiastically began tongue fucking my asshole.

Cheryl kept her slow movement of her lips and tongue all the way from the tip to the root of my cock. When I felt my asshole quivering I knew I couldn't take much more of this.

"WOW! OK enough you two! I'm gonna blow my load any second!" I exclaimed. I had other ideas for where I was going to cum. I got up off of Cheryl then had the two of them kneel in front of me. They took turns sucking my cock.

One would suck the head while the other licked the length. Then Mike took as much of it into his mouth and throat as he could and Cheryl sucked my nuts. I was in absolute heaven. Mike was in such a state his dick was rock hard jutting in the air.

I took pity on him and had him lay down on his back. His cock, about my size but a little thinner, stuck straight up. I helped Cheryl lower her sopping wet pussy down over it. She looked incredible. Her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. I just had to suck one into my mouth. She gasped as I raked my teeth gently over them. Moving away I straddled Mikes face. He lapped at my balls then shoved his tongue into my ass. Cheryl leaned forward on him taking my cock into her mouth. We all thrashed about waiting to see who would cum first. I had thought I was about to lose when Mike thrust into Cheryl deeply and pumped her pussy full of his semen. Cheryl let up on my cock giving me some time to calm down. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Wanna give Mike what he's been dreaming about?"

Her eyes met mine and a smile played about her lips. "Only if you do me after you do him."

I winked to her my reply.

"Get up on him and let him lick your pussy clean." Cheryl plopped down on her husband's face and I saw a big glob of cum fall into his mouth. I went to my bedroom for the lube and quickly returned in time to see Mike's cum and pussy juice covered face between Cheryl's ass cheeks. She purred under the ministrations of Mikes tongue. The man really knew how to lick your asshole!

I poured the lube into Cheryl's hand. She applied it to the length of me being careful to coat my cock well but not to jack me off. I moved around in front of Mike and she pulled his legs up by the back of the knees. Thinking she was going to 69 again he hoisted himself up and when he did she caught his ankles and pulled him up even higher. Mike lay completely exposed to me. I knelt down between his legs and put the head of my cock at the entrance to his asshole. Cheryl grabbed his dick in her slick hands and began stroking him. Mike held his own lower body up but soon his asshole was slowly pressing down on the slippery head of my cock. Cheryl and I both watched as his asshole opened accepting the head inside. Mike was gasping and breathing hard but made no move to stop. Inch by inch of my throbbing dick slowly disappeared into his hot tight asshole. I could feel his rectum struggling to accept the length and girth of me. When he finally came to rest with my entire cock inside of his struggling asshole he gave a cry from under Cheryl. Cheryl was fascinated by the entire thing and slowly jacked and sucked her husband's semi-hard cock.

I knew I had no chance of holding off. The strangeness of being inside a man was completely offset by the hot tight asshole that was working the length of me with squeezes and pulsations. I had better do this as slowly as I could manage. I leaned back beginning to withdraw. Mike gasped at the movement but said nothing. Cheryl gasped from the movement of Mike's lips on her asshole and she held his cock more firmly. Soon only the head was still inside of him and I leaned forward. Again Cheryl savored the site of my cock disappearing into her husband and she began stroking his dick in earnest. Soon I was fucking Mike's ass slowly but steadily letting him get used to being violated. Not two minutes had gone by when he shouted out from Cheryl's pussy, "I'm coming. OMIGOD I'M CUMMING!"

Cheryl slapped his cock into her mouth and I fucked his ass like I would her pussy. His asshole was so very tight and it milked the length of me. He clamped down hard on me causing exquisite pleasure and I joined him in orgasm. For every pulse his asshole did around my cock I answered with a jet of cum. I pumped and shot into him until my own balls were dry. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had in years. Cheryl had climbed off of him to watch us cum. I held Mikes legs up and pumped his asshole until I was completely spent.

Recovering my breath I looked at Cheryl. The sluttiest look was on her face. "I think it's time to pay back Mike for all the times he cleaned you up." I told her. She looked startled for a second. Then she lowered her eyes and climbed down between Mike's legs. My cock was still embedded in his ass. She stroked his cock and fondled his balls. Then she fondled mine and wormed her hand down my belly until she held the base of my cock. I leaned back and she guided my dick from her husband's worn ass. The head slid out leaving his asshole yawning open. Cheryl gave a tentative lick at his ass. Mike moaned his pleasure. She licked a little more than tasting nothing she hadn't before began licking his asshole for my cum. I lay back and watched the wife pleasure her husband. Cheryl licked and sucked at Mike's ass until it began to close. He purred like a cat the whole time she licked at him.

"That was amazing. It was everything I thought it was going to be. Thank you for being so gentle when you took my ass cherry." Mike said to me. I laughed and helped him to his feet.

"Cathy is coming home in a little while and I want to get the smell of ass out of the room. Let's go back to your place, OK?" I asked. Then I remembered the fucking BREAD!

Running into the kitchen I pulled a slightly overdone loaf of what my wife called bread from the oven. The crust was dark brown and perfect but it weighed a ton. I sure as hell wasn't eating that.

I left it to cool on a rack on the counter and followed Cheryl and Mike to their house.

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