tagRomanceLove Turmoil Ch. 06

Love Turmoil Ch. 06


Sorry, this chapter took longer for me to come up with! Hope it satisfy all!!

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Lisa could only stare at Dominic, shocked by her actions. It was the first time she ever did slapped someone but then, it was the first time someone had affected her so deeply. The man was married! How could he come after her and talk to her as if nothing?

"Get out of here!" she murmured weekly, trying hard to suppress the tears threatening to overflow at any second now.

His eyes were flashing greyish fire and Lisa gulped from the sheer possessiveness in his gaze. An unknown barbarian side seemed out in full force and it was an effort for her not to quake. When he spoke, his voice was deep and hard, rumbling up from the depths of his chest.

"Quite the swing, Princess" said Dominic, with a dangerous smile. "But am certainly not leaving here until you listen to me," he continued with deadly calm.

"I dn't want to listen more of your lies," replied Lisa, shaking a little.

"Princess, I know you are upset with whatever has hap..." he began.

"That's none of my business and really, I have no interest in whatever happening in your life," she said, struggling to sound cool and composed. "The truth...ha, it's certainly not what am expecting from you and the name is Lisa...Liiiiisaaaaa!!!" She glowered. "What do you care? It's not as though I mean anything to you, please, just leave. You are married for God's sake! What the hell are you here for?"

"I'm just a man who knows what he wants," he replied, "and I want you."

"Dominic, don't!"

"I do want you," he said implacably, "I've thought of nothing but you for the past three months."

"God you disgust me! How can you say these things when we both know that you didn't lose time to get married after I left the hotel, yes, marriage! It may not seem important to you but a married guy is not suppose to chase their one night stand fuck, that's what am I, right? What is the matter, Dominic? I left before you had a chance to ask me to leave? You are used to getting what you want, well, I'm not going to play the game, Dominic! Congratulation, you won. You had your time and broke my heart but am immune to you now," she lied, "so say whatever you want, because it won't work!!"

"I came here to make a deal"

"Deal? Is this a new game of yours?"

"It depends if you think of your father's business being taken over as a game."

Dominic had her full attention at that. His dark unreadable eyes held her to the spot as she waited for him to continue.

"What has my father got to do with all this?" she finally asked impatiently.

"Your father has not told you yet? He asked, seeming surprised.

"Stop the riddles, speak, will you!"

"Well, Uncle Al has invested in many unfruitful projects lately and to be brief, he is short to be completely ruined. It is the reason why he stayed back after you had returned to Small Greck. He asked for my assistance to have an overview of what has to be done."

"And, what can be done?"

"It's so cold out," Dominic said, "You could at least invite me in for coffee."

"Oh, for God's sake," Lisa said huffily, walking into the apartment without waiting for him. He followed her and she was aware of his eyes on her the whole way inside and was thankful that her long alpaca coat shielded her from his gaze.

"Coffee or something else?" she asked, turning to him.

"Definitely something else," he replied in a low voice, leaving no doubts about his intents.

"Will you please stop this? Let me make things clear, am only tolerating you because of whatever you have to say about Daddy's business."

Lisa turned to the kitchen and returned with two cup coffee to find Dominic lingering over the pictures on her wall.

"Your apartment reflects you" Dominic said when he saw her approaching.

"My father asked for your help?" Lisa asked, ignoring his comment.

"Yes, my advisors completed their report and am afraid the situation is worst that I expected."

"Have you spoken to Dad yet?"

"No, I thought of telling you first since you may change his situation."

"Me?" Lisa was truly confused now.

"I may go and speak to your father and let him know that the luxurious life he have had till now is over or..."


"Or you accept my proposition and I invest enough funds in his projects to make the business viable again and pay off all the money required to cover the bank debts."

"What proposition?" Lisa asked, trembling slightly.

"I will pay off whatever debt troubling your father in exchange of your presence in my bed."

Lisa could only stare at him, too shocked and appalled to say anything. She did not trust her voice for that.

"I can appreciate your nervousness but I can assure you this is a situation you will enjoy" he continued. "Say 'yes' and all the worries of your father and your's as a matter of fact, will evaporate."

"Get out of here, NOW" Lisa shouted, finally finding her voice back.

"Don't rush into something you would regret, Princess. How do you think your father will react when he realise he is ruined? Maybe you are thinking you could manage to raise the necessary funds to pay off the debts? With what money? L&C is surely a profitable business but you would never manage to get a loan with only that as guarantee and believe me, it's a lot of money. I can send the reports, for you to study and contact all the possible sources you might think of but believe me, am your only alternative."

"You want me to be your mistress to help your own uncle?!" Lisa's mind was still processing whatever he was saying. She knew that she had been 'hiding' during the past three months and not really available for her father since it was so difficult to talk about Dominic but she never thought her father would not confide his problems to her. Had she been so egocentric that she ignored the signs? Though she regularly talked to her father, she had been too engrossed in her own pain to feel something was wrong.

"Who said something about being my mistress? I want you to be my wife."

"Are you insane, Dominic? You are already married!" Lisa could barely believe her ears, though, she could not help the little flutter she felt upon hearing those words from his mouth.

"Am no longer married," he answered coolly.

"What?" admonished Lisa.

"Am no longer married," he repeated. Lisa expected him to continue but it seemed Dominic did not want to give any further explanations.

"Why do you want to get married to me?" Lisa felt exhausted, she was certain she would wake up at any minute now.

"Let's just say I have not been able to get you off my mind and you have no idea how hard it has been to try and forget your smell and taste. Your moans sounded so sweet as your honey practically flowed straight down my mouth as you came. For days, I swear, I could still taste you." He paused, a small glimpse of his tongue skimming across his lips as a small, impish smile appeared. "Sometimes, I still think I can. But, that comes second to the moments I was inside you. It gave me an indescribable need to be constantly inside of you"

"Stop!!" Lisa bit down upon her bottom lip to stem any sound that dared to come out of her throat. "People do not get married because of sex!!"

"Would you rather have me say how much I love you? How I yean to hold you tight in my arms and never ever let you go?"

"You barefaced liar. I would never believe your lies. Other woman might have been fooled by the eloquence of your speech but don't you dare assume that I would be one of them!"

"But then, you don't seem to have much choice now, do you? You wouldn't let the man to whom you owe everything down, will you?" Dominic asked cruelly. "Check the figures and situation yourself, Princess. Consider all your options but get one thing clear inside that gorgeous head of yours," he approached dangerously close to her. "I will have you one way or the other."

The tears, which she had been fighting to hold, rushed from her eyes as she released a sob. "I hate you."

"I know," he hoarsely mumbled against her skin, "but your body doesn't. You were mine the minute I got inside of you, Lisa and I won't let anyone have what's mine. I will move mountains to ensure you have no other choice than ME."

"Bastard!" Lisa hissed.

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