tagRomanceLove Under the Pergola

Love Under the Pergola


It’s springtime, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, time for love thought Fran to herself as she looked out the kitchen window and saw that her man was busy tinkering with the truck. She then laughed to herself.

“Damn girl, you got sex on the brain” she told herself.

Since they had moved in together, they made love so often that it wasn’t so much a matter of on the mind but certainly on hand. Definitely not what she was used to with her ex. She smiled to herself content and happy with her life.

“Pull yourself together and get stuck into that fridge” she chided herself.

Of course as they had been so busy in the bedroom and most of the other rooms of the house, the cleaning had slipped a little behind and Fran had decided today was for cleaning or at least the morning.

She had emptied the shelves of the fridge and was now bending in there cleaning the shelves. That was how he found her when he came into the kitchen for a drink. Watching her, watching her arse wiggle, he felt that all too familiar sensation course through his body. Then he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Not even her usually gstring under her summer dress.

Forgetting his thirst, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his now rigid organ. Feeling his hard cock pressed into the crack of her arse, Fran stood up, pushing herself back into him. She took his hands from her hips and placed them on her breasts and bent her head to the side knowing full well he would start kissing and biting her there.

“Thank you Lord” she said with a smile as his hands fondled her nipples.

Turning around into his arms, she looked so deep into his eyes that she thought she would drown in them. Cradling his face in her hands, she kissed him longingly, opening her lips to invite his tongue inside.

“Mmmmm that tongue” she thought to herself as she sucked on it while they kissed.

He broke their kiss for a minute to ask, “How strong is that chair under the pergola?”

Fran laughed knowing that the pergola was one place they had yet to christen.

“I am sure it could hold two” she answered him with a mischievous grin.

Then thought to herself she was glad she had planted those vines beside the pergola.

“At least it will allow some privacy.”

He pushed the fridge door shut, took her hand and led her out of the house to the pergola. She, of course, followed willingly, happily. Once there, they came into each other’s arms. His tongue licked along her bottom lip as his hands once more found her breasts. Her nipples were diamond hard as he twirled them between his fingers.

“This dress must go!” he said as he lifted it up and off her.

She smiled at him and started to strip him down as well. When they were both standing there naked, he pushed her back onto the chair. It was a wrought iron chair with no arms. Part of an outdoor setting that she had purchased recently. She had made cushioned seat pads for them all and they were quite comfortable as well as being sturdy. He stooped down to her kissing her sensually as his hands once again teased her hard nipples.

Kneeling, he parted her legs as he started to kiss his way down her body. By the time his knee reached the ground, he had licked, sucked, teased and taunted all her torso. Starting from her neck and taking a few minutes to suck her nipples before traversing her stomach probing her navel with his tongue. He was now at the crest of her snail trail. But he pulled his face away to take her leg into his hands and started kissing it tenderly on the inside of her knee. Travelling up her inner thigh with his light kisses he finally came to her outer lips.

Parting them with his tongue, he started to tease her clit with light flickers as his hands pulled and pinched her nipples gently. As he tongue continued its assault on her now engorged hard clit, he felt her body jerk and tremble with its oncoming orgasm. His tongue jabbed into her entrance, sliding through her wet pulsating pussy, he started sucking as her juices flooded from her. They coated his mouth as they continued to gush from her. Her loud moaning broke the singing of the birds. He sat back on his heels and smiled at her.

Fran’s heartbeat was racing as she smiled back at him. She stood up and pulled him to his feet. Turning him round and pushing him back on the chair, she told him it was her turn. She zoomed down to his face and sucked his bottom lip before letting go to kiss him, her mouth seeking his. She nibbled at his ear lobe and then left her mark on his shoulder, to show the world he was hers. She knelt between his legs, and using her tongue, she traced the outline of his balls through his sack.

She looked at him smiling and then at the tip of his hard member. Seeing the precum already forming there, her head zoomed down and her tongue lapped at it like a hungry kitten. The tip of her tongue jabbed at the eye, looking for the last drop and then proceeded to tease and taunt his eye his knob. Fran’s lips wrapped themselves around the head as her hands gently kneaded his balls. Sucking slowly she took all of him into her mouth and deep into her throat before coming back up to lick at the tip. She started to suck him slowly but as he became more excited so did she. She soon abandoned all ideas of teasing him leisurely and her head started nodding up and down faster.

Weaving his fingers into her hair, he pulled her head up gently and said, “climb up on here my love. I want to cum inside you. I want to fill you full of my love.”

She smiled and climbed up astride him, guiding his stiff cock to her hot wet waiting pussy. Slowly descending on him, she flexed the muscles in her puss, making them contract around him tightly. Her hands on his shoulders, Fran leaned forward rubbing her nipples on his chest, kissing him passionately. She started to ride him. Soon picking up speed as she felt herself reaching so closely towards her climax. His hard cock impaled her again and again as she rode him like a bucking bronco.

Her body trembled and then shuddered as she came all over him. Her love juice poured covering his pubic hair and balls. And as she did, he allowed himself to let go and spurted her insides so that their juices combined to soak him even more.

She leaned into his arms, resting her head against his shoulders and told him how happy she was for him to be with her. Then sitting back to look at him, she noticed that her breasts and most of her body had greasy marks all over it and she picked up his hands looked at them and laughed.

“Now you owe me a shower or bath. Your choice love.” she told him.

Then as she was gazing over her shoulder she noticed something.

“Looks like old Mrs Spargo may get lucky tonight hun.” she said.


And she whispered into his ear that they had a spectator.

He laughed and said, “Well I hope he appreciated the show as much as I loved performing.”

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