tagGay MaleLove Unexpected Ch. 04

Love Unexpected Ch. 04


If you are under 18 years of age, this is not for you.

If you are offended by male/male relationships, then do not read this work.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

To my editor Colandra, thank you so much for all your help!

This is a copyrighted work of fiction. All right reserved.


Paul carried Derek piggyback up the stairs to the dorm room, setting him down before unlocking the door and letting Derek step inside first. Paul was surprised to find John inside the room reading a textbook. John looked up to regard the pair with a knowing smirk. "I see you didn't come home last night," he said while smiling at Paul and waggling his eyebrows. Paul began to get angry not appreciating John's mocking tone, and afraid that John would embarrass Derek. Paul had never once mentioned the times John stayed over at one chick or another's place.

When Paul heard Derek ask, "Jealous?" in a coy voice and saw the sexy smile his boyfriend aimed at John, he got angry for a different reason.

Paul watched John blush profusely and quickly dive back into his book before turning to notice the smile on Derek's face had disappeared. It was replaced with a scowling, almost angry look; Paul immediately realized how stupid his misplaced jealousy was. It seemed Derek had his own way of dealing with people who went too far. Paul watched as Derek rolled his eyes, sighed and turned his attention back to Paul. Paul nodded toward his bed, and Derek plopped down to wait. Paul picked out some clean clothes and stepped into the bathroom, conscious of John's presence in the small room.

Paul pulled on a fresh pair of boxers, faded jeans, and a tight black tee shirt that showed off his muscled body. He already knew that Derek liked his build, so he was going to use it to his advantage. Paul smiled as he realized it had been a long time since he had dressed with someone else in mind. He finished off with deodorant and a spritz of cologne. He wondered if he should shave when he noticed his stubble. He decided he didn't have time, because he didn't want Derek to be uncomfortable since he was stuck in the room with John. After one last check in the mirror, Paul exited the bathroom. Paul tossed his clothes in the hamper on his side of the room, slipped on his sandals, and put on a belt. He looked at Derek, who was still sitting on the bed, and said, "Alright Babe, if you are ready, I guess we can head out. I'm getting kind of hungry."

He held out his hand to Derek, and Derek took it, allowing Paul to pull him up from his sitting position. Paul waited until they were in the hall to drop down where Derek could get on his back again before they headed towards the stairs. Paul stood, Derek once again piggyback, and turned to pull the door closed behind him. John was grinning from behind his textbook and gave Paul a big thumbs up. Paul sighed and shook his head, pulling the door closed, trying to hide the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. It seemed John was over his earlier chastisement from Derek and back to his playful self. Paul had to admit that he really treasured John as a friend.

"So, what is the plan for today?" Paul asked Derek.

"What do you think about having lunch in the park today? We could get some sandwiches from the sub shop and buy some drinks and chips at the gas station."

"Perfect," Paul said.

They reached the truck, and once they were both settled and buckled in, Paul headed to get them some food. The sub shop had a drive-thru, so Derek didn't have to worry about getting out. Paul just asked him what kind of drinks and chips he wanted to keep him from having to get out at the gas station. Once they had their food he drove them towards the park.

"I noticed some nice, shaded spots at the park yesterday," Paul said.

"Near the stream?" Derek asked.


"They were down a little bit of a hill. I don't know if I should risk that in my brace."

"If you can hold onto the food and blanket, I can carry you down the hill." Paul said. He was actually enjoying being able to carry Derek around. It ensured that anyone who saw them together would know they were a couple. When he looked at Derek and noticed his small smile, Paul realized he had been found out. He smiled to himself as he pulled into a parking spot.

A few minutes later they were spread out on the blanket, right next to the stream. Paul had kicked off his shoes and Derek followed suit, starting with his Converse and then gently pulling off his brace.

"Are you allowed to do that?" Paul asked.

"As long as I don't put any weight on it, it's okay. I was thinking about putting it in the water when we are done eating."

"That sounds good."

Paul spread out the food so Derek could easily reach it and they ate picnic style. Paul chuckled at the different amount of food that they had, Derek had ordered only a six inch sub while Paul had ordered two, twelve inch subs. Paul gathered the trash when they were done, and walked to the nearest garbage can to throw it away before retuning to lie down on the blanket. Derek was already stretched out on his back with his eyes closed.

"You better not go to sleep," Paul teased. Paul laughed when Derek only opened one eye to look at Paul. "You said you were twenty, right? So are you in your second year here?" Paul asked.

"Nah. It's my first semester. When I graduated I went with my parents to Europe for a year, they were working there at the time. I decided to go to school here because they have a killer Biology department, and it's my dad's alma mater."

"You lived in Europe for a year? That's pretty cool. I just came here because they offered me a great scholarship. There aren't too many of those for rugby, you know. They have a really good athletics department here, too. I always thought I would enjoy being a physical therapist, so that's what my major is," Paul said.

"That seems like something that would fit you," Derek said before asking, "What do your parents do?"

"Well, my mom owns a dress shop back home. She rents out tuxes and does a lot of alterations. Every now and then she will design and make a wedding dress. She really loves doing that, and she always says that she would do that exclusively, if the dresses weren't almost always attached to a pain-in-the-ass bride. With the dress shop and everything, I think she was hoping I would be a more stereotypical gay son." Paul laughed. " I've always liked guys, even when I was little. I guess I came out when I was in the first grade, because that's when I told my parents about the crush I had on the new kid at school. My parents are really great, they never once treated me like there was something wrong with me. I didn't really appreciate how amazing they were, until I got older." Paul paused, not sure if he should ask what he wanted to or not, Derek spoke before he got the chance.

"My parents took my coming out pretty well, too. I didn't come out until I was fourteen. It wasn't that I was ashamed, I guess I was just confused. I always liked girls, and I liked to hang out with them, I still do. I was never attracted to them sexually though. Now that I look back, I guess I liked then the way you might like those expensive porcelain dolls that people collect; they can be extremely beautiful and although you might like to look at them, you don't pull them down and play with them." Derek paused, "Also if you are up close and personal with them too much, they can be a bit creepy."

"That's actually a pretty good analogy," Paul said, laughing. Derek chuckled and continued talking.

"I realized I was gay when I went to see a friend play at a garage band contest. I remember thinking that even though they sounded horrible, there was something about the way Jay was sweating and dancing on stage. Looking back, I realize I was just attracted to him sexually, but I thought it was love. It turned out that he was bi and we dated for a while, we broke up when I got tired of him just calling me when he wanted to mess around. I decided to come out to my parents after that, since I hated the sneaking around. I had really worked myself up for the worst. It was anticlimactic really, they just told me that they loved me. Then my dad said he better not catch any boys in my room. We all burst out laughing, even though I think he was serious." Paul watched as Derek grinned at him widely. "I probably shouldn't tell him that you are spending the night with me now, he might try to beat you up. He's even shorter than I am, but that wouldn't stop him."

The two men laughed.

"If you were my son," Paul said, "I'd make sure that whoever you were dating was treating you right, too. Hopefully your dad will realize I'm not messing around when I meet him." It wasn't the subtlest hint Paul had ever given.

"I know he will, and yes, you can meet them when they come into town." Paul could hear the smile in Derek's voice. "My Dad only said something to me once about being gay, I was eighteen and had just graduated high school. The guy I had been dating had broken up with me because I told him I wasn't ready to have sex yet. He wasn't even willing to admit he was with me because he was still trying to act straight. I really cared about him, and when he dumped me I was devastated. I locked myself up in my room and refused to come out. After two days Mom got Dad to take the door off the hinges. Once he got it down he took one look in my room and he told Mom to go back downstairs. He came in the room with me. I was laying on the bed, just like I had been for days. He looked at me and said, 'Derek, just because you're gay, it doesn't mean you have to settle for whatever crap comes along. You are a man, have some pride. It's okay to hold out until you meet the right person. I know it may take longer than if you were straight, but good things are worth the wait. Now, for your mother's sake, get up get a shower and eat something. In that order.' When he was done talking he just walked out of the room and put the door back on its hinges. That was the last time I dated. I know my Dad will like you, especially when I tell them you are the same guy who rescued me."

Paul squeezed Derek's hand before saying, "I'd like it if you came home with me during our next break and meet my family. I know my parents will love you, they told me a long time ago that they would love who I loved, as long as that person loved me, too."

Paul looked at Derek, and Derek looked at Paul. When Derek scooted next to Paul and propped his head on Paul's arm like a pillow, Paul knew that all the pains from the past were through. He knew that life was never without struggles, but he felt ready to face anything with Derek at his side. He knew in his heart that Derek felt the same way. Paul absentmindedly played with Derek's hair and enjoyed the perfect moment he had been granted.


A nudge in Paul's side caused him to wake up. Derek was smiling down at him.

"We both fell asleep," Derek said. "It' almost four o'clock now. I wanted to go put my feet in the water and I need some help, since I can't put weight on my foot without my brace on. Want to go wading with me?"

Paul leaned forward and kissed Derek before standing up. He yawned and stretched out, raising his arms over his head as he leaned back and popped his neck. "I'm a little stiff from laying on the ground," Paul said after he was finished. He looked down to see Derek staring at him from his seat on the blanket, with a look on his face that made Paul surprised there wasn't drool coming from Derek's mouth.

Paul suddenly felt...Sexy. He had never been looked at like that before that he could remember. Paul really wished that they weren't at a public place so that he could act on his sudden urge to pounce on his lover. He settled for scooping Derek in his arms and walking to the stream. He gently deposited his small cargo on the bank and sat beside him. Paul rolled up his pant legs so he could dangle his feet in the water. Derek rested his head on Paul's shoulder as they sat and swished their feet in the cool water.

"I really like this park, I come jogging and ride my bike here pretty often." Derek said after they had sat for a few minutes.

"We should exchange schedules, that way we can see when we can hang out," Paul said. "I don't have a bike, but I jog on days I'm not working out in the training room. I wouldn't mind getting a bike so we could ride together, I actually think I would really enjoy that."

"That would be nice. Of course, I have to wear the brace for a while longer, I'm going to be a bit out of shape when I can get rid of it in a month." Derek said.

"I'm sure we can find some way for you to get exercise without using your foot." Paul smiled down at Derek's blushing face.

"Yeah. I guess we should go get that stuff I was talking about before." Paul suddenly felt like I was very hot as Derek buried his blushing face into Paul's shoulder. "I haven't really had any use for them before."

"Me either," Paul said. "I have done quite a bit of, um, research."

"Me, too." Derek's voice was now muffled from the cotton of Paul's shirt. "I've read a lot, and...other stuff."

Paul's brain was suddenly filled with what exactly that "other stuff" meant. Images of Derek pleasuring himself had Paul feeling like he should be soaking his head in the water, instead of his feet. He wondered if he could get Derek to show him that "other stuff" sometime.

"You ready to go do some shopping?" Paul could hear the huskiness in his own voice.


That was all Paul needed to know. The pair was back in Paul's truck in record time.


The nearest adult store, Exotix, was a half hour drive from the campus. Paul had to force himself to drive within the speed limit.

"Have you ever been to..." Paul trailed off, uncertain what term he could use besides 'sex store.' He was relieved when Derek answered the unfinished question.

"Yeah, I have gone in one once before. I was curious, but because I was there alone I just felt awkward." Paul listened as Derek added in a small voice, "And the one I went in was kind of creepy."

"I have gone in some before," Paul said, "but I haven't ever actually bought anything. I've never been to this one, though. It looks really nice from the outside, and I overheard one of the rugby girls saying the people there were really helpful."

"Yeah, I actually have some friends that talked about it, too. They go there pretty regular," Derek said. "It's definitely gay friendly, and they have invited me a few times, but I just didn't want to go shopping someplace like that with my friends." Paul glanced at Derek to see him shifting in the passenger seat nervously.

"Well, now you can go with your boyfriend instead."

Paul felt like they were taking a big step as a couple. He was glad that they could be open and honest with each other. Paul tried to make small talk, but the closer they got to the store the quieter it became in the truck's cab. By the time Paul had parked, helped Derek out of the truck and the pair had walked towards the door, neither were looking at each other or speaking. It was a big step for them, but for some reason Paul knew they were each feeling a bit embarrassed. Paul took a deep breath and stepped in the door behind Derek.

There were mannequins everywhere. Paul was almost overwhelmed at the different costumes and lingerie options on display, most for women, but there were several set up for men, too. Paul's envisioning Derek in each one was interrupted by a voice.

"Can I help you gentlemen this afternoon?" The speaker was a smiling, middle aged woman, dressed in slacks and a tee shirt that had an Exotix logo on it. Something about her seemed open and friendly, and she put Paul at ease.

"We were just looking for condoms and lube," Paul told her. Derek had an extremely embarrassed look on his face, but the woman just smiled and nodded. Soon they were looking at an entire wall of various types of lubrication, and a seemingly endless condom display.

"This section right here is probably more of what you are looking for," she said as she indicated a specific area. "These are a bit thicker, but still perfectly safe for use with condoms. If you need any help, or have any questions please feel free to ask me." With that she left them to ponder their choices.

Derek stepped up to the assortment of vials, bottles, and boxes to study them closely. Paul thought it was adorable the way Derek carefully read each one he picked up. While Derek looked, Paul began to peruse the collection on his own. He was really surprised at how many options there were. He looked at the possible choices: flavored, some that heated, cooled, tingled and even some that numbed to help with endurance. He couldn't decide.

"How about this one?" Derek asked, holding out a box to Paul. Paul took it and saw that it was an assortment of several different kinds, some of which he had just been looking at.

"Perfect." Paul said to Derek before handing the box back to him.

"One down," Derek said as he took back the box. They walked to look at the wall of condoms, where once again Paul was astounded at all the choices: boxes of condoms, individually packaged condoms, condoms that glowed in the dark, colored condoms, latex free condoms, flavored condoms, condoms with studs, condoms with or without lube, and at least ten different shape options. He suddenly felt that the research he had worked so hard on wasn't much use. The only thing Paul was sure of was that they didn't need the condoms that were spermicidal. While Paul was staring, obviously unable to choose, Derek once again made a selection and offered the box to Paul. It was what Paul would call a normal box of condoms, except they were the extra large size. Paul smiled at Derek and picked a matching box in the regular size.

The look Derek was giving Paul was one of sheer panic, his eyes were wide and he was shaking his head frantically. Paul couldn't help himself; he laughed. Paul leaned down where only Derek would be able to hear him before whispering, "It's for the mess, Baby. I'm not asking you to top if you don't want, I'm fine with that." The look of relief on Derek's face was almost comical. Paul chuckled again and kissed the top of Derek's head.

"Want to look around?" Paul asked Derek.

"Sure." Derek reached out and took Paul's hand.

They walked through the store, stopping now and then to look at different things. Paul was a bit intrigued when they came across a section with an assortment of restrains for bondage play. He looked questioningly at Derek before moving in for a closer look. When Paul saw Derek's hand reach out and stroke the inside of a soft looking pair of cuffs on display, he added another package to the items they already had. They continued around the rest of the store, sometime laughing at what they saw. When they didn't find anything else they went to the register, which was when they noticed a door that had a sign on it saying you must show I. D. to enter. The same woman who had helped them earlier was behind the counter now, and asked if they were interested in the DVD and toy room. Paul was interested, but he didn't think he or Derek were ready for that yet.

"Maybe next time," Paul said before laying their selection on the counter. Paul wanted to object when Derek took the lube and the extra large sized condoms, obviously intending to pay for them, but the look on Derek's face shut him up. Once Derek had paid, Paul stepped up and bought the rest. Their loot was placed in innocent looking bags and they exited the store with a friendly 'have a good evening' at their backs.

Paul thought it was obvious that they did, indeed, plan to have a good evening.

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