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Love with a Twist Ch. 05


Hello Readers..

First Thank you to my amazing Editor Cristal Bell, without her this story would have never made it this far. She is the most amazing person I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you...You Rock!

Second to my fans, I want to thank you all for your kind words...please keep the feedback coming, it keeps me writing...

I have more coming...lots more! So enjoy!! Chapter 6 should be up soon!


Robert sat at the computer typing in the last of their information into the airline website. He had booked two round trip tickets to Ohio with an open ended return day. He was not sure what was going to happen in Ohio. Both girls were getting ready; they had come home and relaxed for a bit, but now Sarah was rushing around trying to pack and get dressed at the same time.

"The flight leaves at 10:30am, so we will need to get up kind of early," Robert called over his shoulder as he typed in the password to his e-mail.

"Great!" Sarah called, quickly walking back to her room. "Terri! Have you seen my red heels?" Sarah called from her bedroom. Terri poked her head out from the bathroom; she had white toothpaste foam around her mouth, with the end of a toothbrush sticking out from the right side of her mouth.

"No! I thought you threw them out?!" Terri managed to gargle out.

"No! I didn't! I had them two weeks ago... that night we went out clubbing; you know the night that guy....fucking SHIT!" Sarah yelled as she stepped out of her bedroom. She raced through the dining room grabbing her keys, and turning quickly she dashed back to her bedroom, cursing loudly as Robert heard her shuffling stuff around in her room.

"What's wrong?" Robert slowly got up from the computer and walked toward her room.

"I threw them out cause some ass threw up all over them...I don't have any shoes to wear with my dress!" Sarah wailed as he peaked around the doorway to see her tossing the bed spread back to get at the purse she had tossed down when she came home.

Robert chuckled, watching her hurry about the room grabbing her sneakers and flopping down on the bed to pull them on. "Why not just wear a black pair or something?" he asked as Sarah laced up her white sneakers and stood up.

Stopping in front of him, she kissed him on the cheek with a smile, "Tiger, I love you, but you need a lesson or two in fashion," she snickered, pushing passed him and heading towards the door. "Be good you two, I will be back in a bit!" she called, slamming the front door.

Terri slipped out of the bathroom as Robert sat down on the couch. She was only wearing a pink fluffy robe, with her hair pushed back and spiked a bit at the top. She slowly crossed the room, giving him a seductive stare and climbing slowly into his lap. She placed her knees on either side of his thighs.

"Yes?" Robert smiled back at her, watching her reach down and slowly undo the knot holding her robe closed. The robe fell open exposing her still damp naked body to him. She ran her fingers through his hair leaning in close to him. She brushed her lips against his, and he could smell the mint from the toothpaste on her breath.

She purred quietly, brushing her lips against his. "You were teasing me earlier..." she whispered, her hands drifting down to his chest.

Robert giggled, feeling his manhood respond to the seductive woman in his lap. "Maybe I did?"

Her hands continued to drift, stopping on his belt. Yanking on it, she undid it quickly and fingered the button on his jeans while leaning in to kiss him fiercely on the lips, jamming her tongue in his mouth. Robert's hands slipped into her robe, grabbing her hips and pulling her closer as he felt her fingers yank the button free. She pulled hard on his shorts, forcing the zipper down.

Robert kissed back with equal force, running his hands back to her soft ass and giving her cheeks a gentle squeeze. Her breasts pushed against his chest, and he could feel her hard nipples through his shirt. He then felt her hand grab his shaft through his boxers as she pulled and fought with them trying to free the object of her desire.

He tried to pull away from her lips but this only seemed to incite her passion more, and she grabbed the back of his head, forcing him back into the lustful kiss. She pulled his manhood out which was already leaking precum on her hand; she inched forward on his lap hovering her dripping sex over him.

Terri pulled back from the kiss and looked longingly into his eyes. She had a cute but devious smile on her lips as she sank her hips down, driving him completely inside her. Roberts groaned out, closing his eyes as her wet slit enveloped his shaft completely, feeling her walls tighten around him.

"God fuck you feel so good!" she moaned out as she started to rock up and down on his shaft; quickly picking up the pace, her hands rested on his shoulders where he could feel her nails digging into him with each thrust. "Fuck me with your cock, you fucking tease," she moaned.

Robert grunted as he watched her beautiful breast sway and rock in time to their sex. Holding her hips, he rocked her back and forth feeling his head bump around inside her. She mumbled something as she leaned forward to rest her head on his right shoulder. He felt her kiss and nip at his neck, growling as she slammed her hips down driving him deeper inside her.

She bucked in his arms like a bull let loose in Spain, she was savage like a tiger, clawing at his shirt and nipping his neck. She moaned, sighed and growled in his ear, as she whispered, "You teased me so badly, I have been dripping since we got home. I am going to make you cum hard for me. I am going to make you beg me to stop and then I will just fuck you harder!"

Robert was beside himself in shock. He had heard Terri talk dirty before in bed, but nothing like the authority she had in her voice now. It was turning him on beyond reason; he felt his manhood stiffen, almost painfully inside her as she ground down on his hips. Robert growled in response to her commanding tone and pushed her onto her back.

Robert grinned as he stood up letting his shorts fall to the floor. He pulled his boxers off, and practically tore his shirt as he fought to remove it. He looked down at her amazing body, the glistening of the shower mixed with her sweat made her skin glow. She was breathing heavily., He knelt down on the couch, opening her legs to see her hand busy rubbing her clit; her fingers shined with her arousal. Reaching down, he grabbed her wrist to pull it away as he inched closer with his throbbing dripping wet manhood.

"Don't you tease me, Robert. I can't take anymore teasing, I need to you to fuck me Robert!" she growled at him as she twisted her wrist out of his hand, reaching for his hips. Robert shifted forward, pushing his head against her wet lips. He reached down, grabbing her hips and pulling her to him as he thrusted forward, driving himself deep inside her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth hung open. He pulled his hips back, just leaving his head inside her, before thrusting inside her again.

He hungered for her now. The dirty talk, the look of fire in her eyes, the sweat on her body and the feel of her warm womb wrapped around him, spurned his desire. He was driving inside her with wild abandonment as he felt her clench and release him with each move of his body. Her head thrashed around, her fingers finding her nipples to pull and rub the sensitive nubs.

"Ohhhhh Fuck me, you cock tease!" she moaned out; her hands drifted down between her legs to massage her now engorged and aching clit. Robert pushed her hands aside as he leaned over and drove harder; the couch squeaked from his rapid thrusts. Sweat dropped from his face and fell onto her chest as she hooked her ankles together behind him, pushing his hips and urging him deeper.

"God, you feel so good Terri," Robert whispered as he leaned down, kissing her on the lips, feeling her tongue dance along his lips as he fought to maintain his lips on hers.

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck!" she moaned out. Her womb contracted around him, pulsing with arousal, feeling her body quiver and shake under him. She grabbed the back of his head pulling him to her, leaning forward to hoarsely whisper in his ear. "I....love...you...Robert..."

The world seemed to slow to a crawl as he pulled away from her grasp, intently studying her face. He watched as beads of sweat rolled down her cheek, or were they tears? He was shocked to hear her say such a thing. He watched her back arch up as her hands clutched at the cushion on the couch, her eyes were closed tight, her mouth hung open. Her body shivered as the immense orgasm continued to wash over her, her body twisted and bucked on the couch, her breasts swayed violently and her knuckles turned white from gripping the couch.

Her vice like hold on his shaft quivered, sending jolts of electricity up his shaft and making his head spin with desire. He felt the pressure building like a surging wave just before breaking against the surf. He grunted softly, trying to keep up the madding pace he had set. He leaned down over her, their mouths inches from each other, her eyes fluttered open, meeting his intense gaze with hers.

"I....love... you... too..." Robert whispered as he felt the mental dam that was holding back his orgasm break, sending a shiver through his body and feeling his cock buck inside her, emptying his desire, spraying thick ribbons of cum, coating her insides. He felt it pulse and throb inside her, staring into her eyes, he could see they shined with a new light, something was different in her look. He leaned down and kissed her fiercely as the last bit of his seed spilled out to fill her to the point that it was leaking out around his shaft. She returned the kiss and he felt her fingers brush through his hair, tickling the back of his neck.

Slowly he pulled away from her intoxicating lips, sitting back on his knees to take in the beautiful woman before him. She looked so sexy; her skin glowed in the afternoon light. He watched her hands drift about her body, sensually touching her skin, as she tried to make the pleasure of her orgasm stay longer. His thoughts darkened as he realized what had happened moments ago. That was not just causal sex they had, it was primal lust that started it, but true unrelenting emotion brought them both to their pleasurable end.

His head began to swim as he realized again what he had said in the mists of that passionate love making. He admitted the one thing to her he had only spoken to Sarah. He must have had a worried look on his face, because when he looked back down at Terri she was nibbling on her bottom lip, slowly pulling her robe back around her naked form, and sitting up on the couch.

They sat in silence staring at one another, he watched dumbly as she continued to nibble on her lower lip. The look on her face was pleading him to say or do something but his mind was blank, only the echo of his heartfelt admission could be heard.

"Hey! You two better not be fucking without me!" Sarah cheerfully called as she entered the room with a large bag in her hand. She stopped as she saw the two of them in their various stages of undress; both of them turned quickly, looking equally white and shocked. "What's wrong?"

Terri slowly stood up from the couch, and retired her robe, glancing at Robert before she walked over to Sarah and hugged her tightly. "I am so sorry Sarah..." she whispered as she turned away to her room with a look of shame and regret on her face.

Sarah looked to Robert who had dropped his own gaze to the floor as he reached down to gather up his clothes. He felt sick inside, he knew that he had crossed a line with his admission, but what scared him more was how easily it flowed from his lips.

"What happened?" Sarah asked as she crossed the room and knelt down in front of him. Robert looked into those amazing eyes and felt even more guilt and shame for what he had done. He hung his head, feeling his stomach clench. He knew he was going to have to tell her, he just was not sure how he was going to say it. "Just tell me what happened." Sarah softly spoke as she reached for his hands, holding them tightly.

Her soft touch and voice did not help his guilt, but he couldn't live with lying to her. Taking in a deep breath he pulled her onto the couch and quickly ran through what had happened. He didn't describe the sex, but had finished with his admitting what he had said. He watched her expression intently. It remained very calm despite what he had just told her. He felt her hands pull away from his. He knew what was coming and hung his head, closing his eyes, waiting for the inevitable explosion from her.

"Did you mean what you said?" Sarah asked quietly in a strangely level tone.

"Yes...kind of..." Robert replied as he looked up at Sarah who was now looking down at her own hands. Her hair hid her face so he was not able to see her expression.

"Kind of?" Sarah asked, looking up at him.

"Sarah, I love you, with all my heart and soul. You make me feel whole, complete, like a final jigsaw piece that I have been missing all my life. Terri, I care about as a friend, but it feels deeper than that somehow...like a best friend, someone you have known all your life, yet could never imagine not being around," he pleaded as he tried to reach for her hands. She let his hands slide into her own, she looked up into his eyes and he could see tears cradling in her lower lids.

"I love you too, but now you understand how I feel about Terri. She is the one person in my life who is so much more than a friend. I am happy you two get along so well, but I need you to know that, you are the final piece of my life, you are the other half of my soul..."

"So are you mad?" Robert asked as he squeezed her hands.

"No silly. I am happy you both care for each other so much, I too love that girl, even if she doesn't always deserve it, but I need to know that I am the reason you are here, that I am the person you want to be with."

Reaching up, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into his arms. Holding her tightly, he felt her hands wrap around his neck. "Sarah, you are the only reason I am here, I love you so much!" he whispered into her ear.

Sarah pulled back from him and kissed him deeply on the lips a kiss of passion and love: the joining of two souls becoming one. Sarah quietly pulled back from his embrace. She smiled softly as she told him to shower and get ready, she wanted to speak with Terri.


Robert paced the living room in his tuxedo. Sarah had been in with Terri for almost an hour before coming out and quickly heading into her own room to finish changing. Robert tried to ask her if everything was ok, but she shook off his questions replying that things were ok and she needed to get dressed.

The soft click of a door caused him to stop and look up to see Terri standing in her long black dress. It took his breath away. The dress ran to the floor and clasped around the neck exposing her back. It had a teardrop opening in the front, exposing enough of her cleavage to give anyone looking a wonderful view. She slowly turned around holding her arms out as he saw that the back of the dress was very open: it seemed to stop just at the top of her ass.

"Wow! You look stunning," Robert whispered as he crossed the room to her. She blushed slightly as she smoothed out the front of the dress.

"Thank you," she whispered back. She looked him up and down and smiled. "You look very sexy in that tux."

"Thank you." Robert reached out and pulled her into a warm embrace, she resisted at first but slowly she wrapped her arms around him and hugged back. "No matter what, you are my friend and I care about you, ok?" he whispered into her ear as he felt her softly rub his back.

"Thank you. I feel the same," she whispered back as she pulled away from him. Robert looked up to see Sarah standing in the doorway of her room. She was wearing a strapless red dress that flared out from the waist; her brown hair flowed around her shoulders as she stepped into the room. She was wearing matching red gloves that extended to her elbows and a very small slim necklace with a gold cross hanging from it.

"Tiger, close your mouth," she giggled as she walked over to stand next to Terri. Terri laughed as Robert blushed and turned away from them both. A loud knock came from the front door and Terri quickly made her way across the room. Sarah shrugged at Robert when he gave her a questioning look; he reached out and took her hand and they walked across the room to the dining room window. Terri was talking to someone at the door, but as Robert looked outside he knew it was the driver for the black limousine parked at the curb, in front of condo.

"Could you just give us one minute and we will be out," Terri told the driver, as she stepped away from the door.

"I will be with the car then ma'am," the driver replied. They watched him walk back to the rear door of the vehicle. Terri turned to Sarah and Robert who both had a look of shock on their face.

"Yeah, my company loves the shit out of me!" Terri said with a large grin and she quickly grabbed her purse off the table.

It was not his first time in a limo, but Robert felt as thrilled as he did the first time he rode one. For his sixteenth birthday his mother had rented a limo for him and some friends to cruise around in before meeting her at a restaurant for dinner. It was a lot of fun then and a lot of fun now. Looking over, Sarah and Terri were both beaming at each other as they talked excitedly about how they looked in their dresses.

The party was being held at a dinner hall with an amazing view of the ocean and as they pulled up, Robert could see several other limos as well as some very expensive looking cars in the driveway. The driver pulled right up to the front door and quickly opened the door for them. Robert was the first to get out and offered each lady his hand to help them out of the vehicle as well. Bowing his elbows with a lady on each side, they walked arm and arm up to the doors of the building.

They entered the hall hearing the quiet music coming from a small orchestra that was playing in the center of the large banquet room. There was already a large crowd of people milling about and talking, most of them looked to be business associates as Robert could see the fake smiles pasted on everyone's face. Terri waved to a few people and smiled at others as they made their way over to a large bar on the opposite wall.

Sarah and Terri ordered a couple of mixed drinks and Robert ordered a soda. Terri excused herself from Robert and grabbed Sarah, inviting her to come speak with a couple of friends from work. She gave Robert a worried look but he smiled and whispered for her to go with her friend as he leaned back against the bar.

It was a typical work social, everyone walking around acting like they enjoyed the party, but each one was quickly trying to find a reason to leave. Robert had been to these before and it always amused him greatly at how much people will kiss some ass to get ahead.

"Stupid piece of shit!" a man beside him grumbled. Turning, Robert saw that the man was struggling with his phone. "Barkeep, get me a Scotch on the rocks!" As he continued to fumble with the phone, Robert chuckled and turned to the older looking man.

"Got to love technology right?" Robert chuckled as he placed his drink on the bar.

The older man looked at him and chuckled, tossing the phone down on the bar and taking the drink from the bartender. "Well my techs sent me an attachment in an email and I can't seem to pull the damn thing up."

"Do you mind?" Robert said as he pointed to the phone.

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